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"'You see this cool stuff.....Yeah I made it"
– Death

The Reaper, is the owner of Ākai Ākai no Mi. Touch it without his permission and your soul will be forfeit.

The Ākai Ākai no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows the user to gain a book that can do many things that are knowledge based. It is said to be one of the most powerful devil fruits in existence.

Appearance Edit

Strengths Edit

This devil fruit allows the user of it to summon a book called The Archive. This book has a few abilities that can help the user immensely. The first ability is that they can scan anyone and learn of their devil fruit powers and weaknesses. Scanning will also add an entry page on that devil fruit in the archive. Once the fruit has an entry in the archive the user can absorb attacks from that fruit. They are however only limited to one technique per fruit. That attack will then appear in the archive. When selected an image of the original user will appear and use the attack. For zonan devil fruits the user must touch their form and it will create a entry on the transformation in the archive. This transformation can be summon to fight for a 5 minute maximum.

This fruit also gives the user a boost in intelligence and quick thinking. The archive also contains information on various other things such as weapons, bounties, places, people, and fighting styles.

Weaknesses Edit

Aside from standard devil fruit weaknesses the book the user holds seems to share their life force. If the book is damaged they are damaged and vice versa.

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Trivia Edit

This devil fruit is for a personal story by that author and will not be in the main fanon canon along with it's user unless it is allowed there.