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ACE are Artificial Devil Fruits (人造悪魔の実, Jinzō Akuma no Mi), specifically, those of the Logia-type. The formula of the same name was created and perfected by Drakengar D. Shiva, during her time as Kiesler Love's partner, and is currently the only known manufacturer of successful Artificial Logia-type Devil Fruits.



JOKER, Love's attempt at creating Artificial Logia

Like SMILE, ACE is unlike the typical Devil Fruit. All ACE fruits are in the shape of grapes, a batch of pinks, transparent grapes with colorful, rainbow-esque diamonds within each independent grape, which reflect light to a degree. They also possess a stem, with two outstretches growing on the tip, almost resembling a T as a result.

The JOKER, Love's attempt at mimicking Shiva's formula, are more traditionally "fruit-like", albeit non-specific, but resemble peaches the most. JOKER share ACE's pink color, but is brighter, almost glisening against light like metal, and are vaguely heart-shaped. Even their stem, which connects them to a tree with heart-shaped leaves, is pink.


ACE are Artificial Devil Fruits of the Logia-type, whose formula was created by Shiva, after getting her hands on Love's formula for Artificial Zoans, modifying and improving upon it for years to come. Eventually, it resulted in an all new formula that can create the Artificial Logia, through an egregiously long process, that produces only two fruits a month.

Like the normal Logia, it allows the user to create, control and transform into an element at will. "Element" refers to, more often than not, natural forces of the world, from fire, to lightning, stone to sand, but can also encapsulate things like mochi, which are found in plants. The element remains unchanged no matter how much the user masters the fruit, thus cannot turn one element to another, even if they are related, even if loosely, such as fire and lava, but the user's style of utilizing the element is what makes them stand out from one another, as each individual can utilize their element in their own unique manner, in addition to discovering new uses for it, in and outside of combat.

As Artificial Logia, it means two fruits of the same element can exist at the same time, but Shiva herself doesn't engineer what element a fruit holds, admitting it's all up to fate what it is, and due to all of them looking the same, she cannot distinguish them, nor find anything that would make them differ visually. 

Side-Effects & WeaknessesEdit

While the existence of Artificial Logia that can seemingly be mass-produced seems like a miracle and a true divine gift, it does not come without weaknesses, ones primarily coming purely from the fact they are artificial. The primary side-effect of consuming an ACE is the fact a user can die if they possess weak wills and/or weak bodies, due to the strain of the fruit changing their bodies into "elementals", forcing them to endure several minutes of agonizing pain all over their body. After the pain is gone, it is not over, as the process after consumption can result in some potential damages to the body or mind, from minor changes to one's pigment, hair and eye color, to suffering disabling symptoms such as blindness, paralysis, deafness and so on, to becoming mad and insane as their psyche became ruined by the pain they endured. These are not guaranteed, but are common, minor or severe.

Moreover, the consumer's lifespan is cut by a few years, a phenomenon which Shiva explains off-handedly with the fruits being "unhealthy", cutting down one's lifespan by a minimum of 10 years, to a maximum of 50, a grave sacrifice, especially for those already of sufficient age. Some die as a result of this, even if they did endure the pain prior.

It should be noted the JOKER do not suffer these side-effects, despite being "failed imitations" of Shiva's "successes".

Other than that, the ACE fruits still possess the standard Devil Fruit weakness. 




  • According to Shiva, she named the formula and fruits "ACE" due to believing they would be her "ace in the hole" in her goals, as well as a direct reference to Portgas D. Ace.
    • Love's reasoning is derived from the JOKER being her "wildcard", something that could be unpredictable and have any number of potential results, as well as a direct reference to Donquixote Doflamingo, who dealt with Artificial Devil Fruits in the Black Market in the past, under the alias of "Joker".
  • The idea and concept have been approved by User:DazzlingEmerald