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A terrible stormEdit

A catastrophic scene was about to unravel before The Crooked One and his notorious crew. Clouds churned in dark pastels of grey, the pale moon that once glistened brightly now cast a more ghostly glow. The boat heaved, the creaking of wooden planks squaked as silver strikes of lightning painted the sky, following by the loud clash of thunder...and slowly, the sky was wrapped in a black cloak. The rain-shroud passed by and began to pour, each drop stang the crew members as they yelped.

The boat began to tilt downwards as the salty sea hissed and spat salty sprays, as the crew stumbled and some unfortunate ones flew overboard. The whole boat creaked and shuddered now, a whirlpool swelling underneath the boat. An overwhelmed crew member scrambled to the tiller, a pair of bleeding hands gripped tightly, an aghast face with wide eyes screamed. His hands slipped, and he plunged into the cold waters with the wind howling his doom.

Meanwhile in the cabin, rested an unfazed Baltazar, having a severe case of boredom whilst laying on his fraying hammock. He stifled a yawn, and proceeded to rubbing his eyes. He sighed, as he abhorred every somber moment. He tilted his head to look out the window at the roaring calamity, but found more interest in digging the gold in his pair of nostrils.

"Meow" echoed through the ship chasing the storms, The Ship revealing to be Black Paradise, home of the infamous Trojan Pirates commanded by the Puppeteer from Hell, Taiga. The brave Pirates busy tackling the storms and keeping an eye out for treasures.

"Taiga-kanchō, I see a man being washed by the water towards our home," A voice burst from the top of the crow's nest. The captain of the ship, made his way to his cabin, as he heard the voice, "Alright-nya, Save him from the water-nya", Taiga spoke as he munched on his favorite fish fried by one of the best cooks he had employed on his ship. Amidst the storm, and raging waves, many protested against saving the man, but none were brave enough to question him, and started the operations of getting the man on-board. After minutes of fighting, the man was rescued. The Pirates quickly looted that little coins he had under his possession. "Kanchō, he appears to be a pirate and is unconscience, ?" Liam spoke, as he checked the body for pulse. The attention of the Crew members was however diverted by a ship that mysteriously appeared to the side of Black Paradise. The ship had the sign of the Halbeard Pirates jolly roger painted on its sides. Taiga quickly appeared to the decks to see order his crew to be on standby.

To the surprise of the crew, it was the captain himself comically snoring through crashing waves. He lay on a single plank, and seemed to have deserted his enormous ship. The psychopath popped a finger in his mouth and pleasurably began to suck.

As preparation for fire was underway, The person on the top of the crow's nest suddenly exclaimed, "A pirate from the ship is floating on top a plank and is nearing us." The Pirates in the deck along with Taiga rushed towards the ends to have closer view of the pirate.

Taiga immediately smiled at the enemy pirate captain, having retrieved a wooden plank he threw it into the sea and jumped on it, now on the same ground has the visitor. "Michael Baltazar! The Crooked One, The pirate renowned for his murder of the World Nobles, hat does he find interesting in here-nya ?" Taiga questioned Baltazar while munching on his fish which somehow hadn't lost its flavour being soaked in the rain.

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