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The seas were fairly calm on this fine day, as the wind had been delightfully breezy all day, a perfect atmosphere for a meeting amongst two of the sea’s travelers. A relatively small ship had been traveling through the ocean, enjoying the seas calmness today as it dropped anchor off the coast of a small winter island near the beginning of the grand line. The one who was presumed to be the captain of said ship then exited his cabin and made his way towards the hull of his ship, enjoying the sights for one of the few times in his life.

The captain of this ship was none other than the man feared by the world at large as the scourge of the seas, also aboard the ship was a treasure claimed by nearly every swordsmen amongst the known world, the “Strongest Sword in The World,” Yoru. However Jormungandr had decided to give the blade to one who was more of a fit for it than himself, thus he had arranged a meeting and was merely waiting for the blades new owner.

With his ship already resting along the coasts of the Grand Line, Elijah; captain of the First Division, stood at the forn railing of his ship, awaiting the appearance of the man he was set out to meet. Looking into the water below, Elijah could see the perfect reflection of his face in the sea. Taking various possess, Elijah winked technically falling in love with himself. It was then that the water began to move, messing up his perfect mirror making his face appear gloomy.

"Oi!" One of the men within the first division shouted waving his hand to get Elijah's attention. Elijah stood firm, he knew what the verbal command signified, the man he was set to meet was near, and quickly he called back. "Only myself and Iori will be present for this, got it? Everyone else should be tucked away in their cabins, except for the look out man. No matter how loud it gets out here, no one is to move from their position, got it?" The man nodded his head slowly but surely, taking off into the inside of the ship, nearly knocking the door off of it's hinges.

Iori emerged from the same door, looking at the man wonky. "Somebody obeys their orders."

Jormungandr had been able to precieve the event's that had taken place on the mans ship, through his prodigal talents in the art of Kenbunshoku Haki. "It appears they're expecting a fight"  was all he thought to himself, before turning back towards the cabin of his vessal. When he returned to the hull of the ship, his hand held the most sought after blade in all the seas, he had yet to take a stance of battle as the two approached his position.