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Aanya, commonly known by her alias Seraphim, is a very powerful and influential Marine Captain who is stationed at Mariejois as the acting bodyguard for the Gorosei as well as a member of the infamous CP-0 who operates under the alias of Shirohāto (白鳩 Shirohato?, literally meaning "White Dove"). She is also said to be former Vice Admiral Tsuru's Great-granddaughter and Protege and is a member of elusively rare Shandian tribe and once a strong believer of the Absolue Justice motto. She is the consumer of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nepirimu.


Aanya is a tall and slim exotically beautiful young woman with golden blonde short hair that has a long bang covering the right side of her face reaching just above her breasts. She has green eyes, with dark, wide stilted pupils and a light tan skin tone and has a large pair of light brown almost golden colored wings on her back show casing her Shandian heritage which she is able to retract and extract thanks to the Ability of her Devil Fruit. She is considered to be very beautiful by many people male and female alike, with her large perky breasts, long flawless legs and her very shapely figure people all across the world truly believe her to be an Angel sent down from the Heavens. She is always seen wearing different shades of lipstick and is sometimes seen smoking from an oriented pipe.

During her time as an acting bodyguard for the Gorosei, she is seen wearing the standard marine outfit.

Due to her being moved from Mariejois and placed into the active marine duty her attire now consists of a full white female suit, with a long sleeved white top with black motifs on the hem and a large neckline revealing her ample breasts, with a matching long skirt with a split going up her left side showing her long luscious leg and calf length high-heeled black shoes along with opera-length black gloves. Over this she wears a black and pink captains coat with a furred collar with a red rope holding it in place on her shoulders. She carries a cross shaped sword on her left hip.




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