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Akihiko ( , Akihiko) known around the seas of the world as the Shining Prince of the Oceans, is a Pirate and Former Marine Captain...




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  • Inspiration for Akihiko's incredible mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki is a derivative of Daredevil, a Netflix show that the author should probably get back to binging, and a singular application is based on an advanced technique of Nen, a similar concept in the show Hunter X Hunter to Haki in general, so much so that several techniques from such a universe can be applied to Haki if elaborated on sufficiently.
  • Akihiko's appearance is based on an artistic rendition of the Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and while not done intentionally, some portion of his origins, as well as his incredible charisma and perceived handsomeness is a derivative of that.
  • The names of several lore related concepts in Akihiko's backstory are directly taken from concepts and locations related to the author's home country, as the author's home country itself has been indirectly referenced by the plot line of One Piece, and the author thought it would be interesting to put in quite a bit more information. While Bagnara refers to an Italian municipality, Akihiko's home kingdom came from an Island Resort, situated amongst 365 islands within a single river, and has also derived a bit of it's epithet from this basis. However, the concept of the Dorado came more from the fact that the author's country was said to formerly be the home of the fabled treasure known as El Dorado, the City of Gold, as explorers homed in on the particular country as time went by. This City of Gold, referenced both in the One Piece: Gold film, as well as in the story of Montblanc Norland, formed the basis for the name of the lands of the Kingdom, said to be quite rich and similarly perceived as lucrative. The waters are named the Osimiri due to the presence of the Urusirima village, and the author basically just played with the sounds of the village name to make the Osimiri (which, apparently happens to be a real river).