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You must be new here ehh? Well let me teach you a thing or two. See our Captain here? He's usually a nice guy..until you piss him off. Don't. Piss. The. Captain. Off. Got it boo~?
— Belladonna Andreanna to a random civilian about Akihiko

Akihiko ( , Akihiko) known around the seas of the world as the Shining Prince of the Oceans, is a Pirate and Former Marine Captain said to possess an enormous amount of potential that rivals those who currently form the Three Great Powers of the World as we know it. After eating the Devil Fruit known as the Tenpi Tenpi No Mi, Akihiko became a Solar Human. Born as the son to two incredibly powerful Marines both born in the West Blue, Akihiko at a young age, while being attempted to be indoctrinated into adhering to the philosophy of a Marine , watched his parents ransack a small, unknown island, where he witnessed for the first time, terror, all for the sake of Absolute Justice.

Being told it would be fun to go on his first real voyage with his parents, Akihiko was surprised to find out that the island they had traveled to was naught but a small portion of a Kingdom in the West Blue, and in fact it was where he was born, the Kingdom of Bagnara on a yet unknown island. When his parents and their crew finally began to haul in the last bit of the island's treasure back to their boats, Akihiko would watch as his childhood friends scramble desperately to protect an enormous golden necklace given to them by a giant from the greedy hands of the crew members, where they were beaten and greatly injured. At that moment, something snapped within the young boy's mind and he became enveloped with rage, and while he huddled back to the ship, his mind began to completely eradicate what he believed to be the natural philosophy of the Marines, slowly turning it into the desire of freedom for all those that his parents and those like his parents had wronged. Sneaking aboard the cargo deck of the ship Akihiko took a bite of what might just have been the world's worst tasting fruit and took a small canoe to the shores of the Ilusia Kingdom, where he was taken in by Marines of all people.

Struggling to come to terms with what he was doing, Akihiko took his anger out on those he was sent after as a Marine. Quickly rising through the ranks due to sheer power, will, and intellect, (as well as, other factors) Akihiko demonstrated the ultimate power to overcome all forms of opposition placed against him by forces Pirate and even Rogue Marine, and admirable quality noted by each and every one of his superiors, placing him in the favour of admirals and even lesser Marines alike as he became an inspiring figure to the general public and to the Marines of Ilusia Kingdom. This ability to place himself so far out into the world of the Marines had many of his superiors believe that they could make a fine Marine out of him as they did his parents, following the Headquarters orders with no second thoughts and even enjoying vile acts of cruelty in the name of justice, but they were completely wrong.

As a man, who, since he was a young boy had his views on an imposed justice from a monopolistic worldwide government absolutely shattered, Akihiko could not accept that the Marines would dare intrude on his own personal freedom and the personal freedoms of others as much as they claimed Pirates did, the few people who actually managed to live freely in the world he lived in. As someone who was forced to be a follower of Justice, Akihiko quickly learned that not even the Marines are as pure as they say, and that Absolute Justice was inherently a system that was flawed, only serving to further solidify his point. Due to his policy of non-direct adherence to Absolute Justice, there had been occurrences in which Akihiko may have teamed up with Pirates to expose or discover secrets within the Marine Organization or the World Government they might have wanted covered up to not let the world know of it, and he capitalized on it to grant him leverage to actually leave the Marine Organization. Resigning from the World Government’s service as a Captain, Akihiko turned to a life of piracy, where he would begin the journey that would truly give him his alias. While yet unknown why Akihiko has not declared a last name as of yet, some believe it is because he has an important heritage. The truth is, maybe, but Akihiko couldn't care less even if he had one. Easily having the ire of the Marine Organization for first quitting the Marines after having learned so much about the Marines, and then for putting together an entire fleet, Akihiko is a figure that many fear as a result.



Akihiko's appearance, unmasked and undercover.

Hailing from the Bagnara Kingdom, a Kingdom known for consisting of 365 islands all bounded together by a larger sea known as the Osimiri (which is in fact simply the flow of the oceans throughout the Kingdom), the man who would soon call himself the Shining Prince of the Oceans has lived a life where his entire being was nourished and based on the blessings of the oceans, his appearance a derivative of healthy sea foods and the land animals grown on a larger scale by tourists. In a world where they lived so close to the sea on a regular basis to the point where the Bagnara Kingdom was said to be in constant good relations with Fishmen by merely existing, and by originally hailing from an island which was said to possess such a potent electromagnetic field that it caused subtle electrolytic properties to go throughout the water to the point that the seawater might no longer be considered sea in that area, Akihiko has developed a natural resistance to water in general due to living in the Kingdom. With retractable fins on certain parts of his body brought about by adaptations to their environment as well as ancient interbreeding with Fishmen, Akihiko does have parts of his body that may seem quite a bit inhuman, and despite his blood being diluted, the people of the Bagnara Kingdom still kept important traits and characteristics through natural selection.

Additionally, while over time, the people of Bagnara who constantly ate a healthier diet, were more active, as well as genetically superior to most humans grew more attractive/alluring as a result, Akihiko himself is perhaps not even included in just that selection, as his "handsomeness" has seemed to surpass that. An incredibly dashing young man, Akihiko, as a former Captain of the Marine Organization has caused many, both male and female to swoon after him at first glance, something the young man attributes to his infallible charisma. With glossy hair that arranges itself messily over the top of his head in such a manner that it fades away from cinnamon brown to a deep, alluring chocolate brown covering his right eye which is in turn covered in an eyepatch and one that repeats itself in both his eyelashes and eyebrows, only the top of Akihiko’s head is considered attractively already. To finish it off, a part of his hair that is usually hidden under his mess of hair, breaks into a vibrant red near the ends without ever dying it, said to be a remnant of a Fishman gene with a red hair allele still stuck in his Lineage Factor. However, when combining that with his golden eyes, distinct jaw bones and a scar across his face that seems to tell a story of past adventures, Akihiko himself considers his appearance to be one worthy of the title of a full blown Prince. Enveloping his lean, muscular figure, is a black suit outlined with a golden coloured, metallic-esque fabric in a similar manner to the metallic gold of his eyes, as well as a cape with a red interior which blends back into the black colouration of most of his external appearance. With a small Jolly Roger on the upper right side of his chest, Akihiko has truly broken away from the marines, and for several good reasons at that. With his good looks gaining him praise from many, both female, and male, the latter much to his dismay, it's usually hard for some persons to go against him to begin with.

But perhaps, for a man considering himself to be as dashing as he does believe himself to be, perhaps he requires a bit more explanation as to why he is considered that handsome. Drake's skin is naturally quite smooth, and shimmers of bronzed condition and a metallic glow; his eyes compared to the very sun his power makes him into, those who receive a glance from his eyes, more specifically Amaya for the first time relaying it to a bystander, claim that it is "the same as "the sun shining directly at you, several meters from your very face, relentlessly."

Formerly, however, Akihiko, as a Marine Captain, forced himself to wear a Marine uniform, and it looked as crazed as wearing it made him, having a complete tear at the back where the symbol for Absolute Justice should be, as well as multiple cuts and tears all over, and while that may have revealed some part of his physique that he may keep covered nowadays, that had absolutely no effect on the Akihiko of the past, despite the swooning he might have heard every time he was deployed.


Between his good looks and incredible intellect, or rather, knowledge, Akihiko is quite the charismatic individual, with the words leaving his mouth often inspiring those around him to believe and put their faith in him for inexplicable reasons at times, and is perhpas the reason why the original three members of his crew even got together in the first place. An eloquent speaker of human language when need be, Akihiko has demonstrated an amazing ability to motivate his allies and similarly demoralize his opponents using the power of his silver tongue, having slaves forced to fight him realizing just how terrible their predicament is and the fact that they are fighting against someone who is perhaps their one shot at freedom, and henchmen realizing that they are naught but pawns to the one they serve.

However, silver is not gold, and as a result, even Akihiko's silver tongue may fail before a golden will or an incredible amount of loyalty. However, as the self-proclaimed Shining Prince of the Oceans, Akihiko possesses far more than silver attributes, having a similarly golden mind, capable of thinking quite a bit of brilliant thoughts pretty much every second, seemingly predicting his opponent's next move completely on reflex, as well as coming up with battle plans for pretty much anything he can conceive, from overtaking Marine bases to steal resources and gain a foothold on the seas in the general area near him, as well as erase or subvert Marine presence in the area in an attempt to only further support freedom of ideas, actions and behaviours for all. In fact, Akihiko has taken many younger aspiring pirates into his ranks as his apprentices, many who grow up to be his allies and accomplishes in battle, all wanting to see his way of thinking in action, as well as his methods of managing large resources. With that being a move considered reminiscent of the Revolutionaries, it is obvious that Akihiko has more than one eye watching him at all times, especially since he possesses the knowledge of an incredibly studious Marine Captain, who even knows the great lengths to which the World Government screws over itself simply to keep the World Nobles in power at all times.

As a man not politically invulnerable as they all are, Akihiko feels incredibly emboldened by simply being a pirate, and having allies who believe as such in him and in similar goals inspires him in turn even further, as he is proud to see people pursue freedom in their own way, though this is not to say he will not impose his own freedom on them, as that is also his freedom. Akihiko's crew has even noticed on several occasions that the cold, calculating figure that Akihiko becomes during combat is nothing like the warmth he is capable of showing his crew should something be wrong, though he will absolutely not take traitors, and if one would even dare attempt to leave the crew without informing him, it is enough to attain Akihiko's ire. This is such because Akihiko, in believing that he has forced no one onto his crew, should have only crew mates assured that they can accomplish their dreams as a part of this crew altogether, as that is what it means to be a part of his crew to him, and is perhaps one of the few rules he has to his crew.

While usually a man who thinks about crushing all opposition to him and his grand fleet, Akihiko has been able to show on rare occasions mercy to Marines who prove themselves to have a desire for freedom deep down inside, and at times even jokingly offers them a place aboard his ship. However, apart from his strategic mind, silver tongue, and occasional compassion, Akihiko has displayed his leadership skills in other ways, creating small teams and squads among his crew to maximize the efficiency of each deployment of every individual crew member he has, and additionally, is willing to listen to any and all problems they may face, helping them as a friend, and those younger as him as their father figure. This has made Akihiko already quite a role model as a Pirate as he was as a Marine, and openly shares his dreams and goals with his cremates as he encourages them to do with him. With the vast amount of occupations available to a fleet as expansive as Akihiko's, the young man is happy to invite anyone who wishes to be a part of his Royal Entourage aboard once they have passed his tests, his most important being the test of loyalty, which is done at his own discretion and to any individual crew member who has not yet passed the test, allowing him to weed out potential enemies and infiltrators, apart from his uncanny ability to judge character.

The combination of all of these traits make Akihiko a truly beloved captain, but to an extent, Akihiko is in actuality, vengeful, though this has been quelled after forcing those who wished to seek vengeance upon into hiding, knowing that he will eventually meet them again, despite knowing where they are at the moment, his other dreams taking precedence over his will for revenge, as much as he wishes to be an inspiration for those on his crew. With his crew seemingly having a policy of only attacking those they deem corrupt, which happen to include the Marines, to an extent Shichibukai forces, and even at times rogue Marines and Pirates, Akihiko, and by his extension his crew, are always willing to lend a helping hand to any town they might stop by unless they are already on a mission to begin with, while staying cautious of the area to begin with.

Having complete faith in his crew, Akihiko has expressed his incredible determination and willpower on several occasions, with such a willpower allowing him to accomplish amazing feats, such as gaining the valiance to combat a vast amount of Haki wielders from the New World on his lonesome to save a single crew member knowing full well he was a Devil Fruit user, continuing to fight for an extended period of time after being severely injured, as well as even go up against persons easily more powerful than he was at the time for the sake of his dreams, his crew, and his crew's dreams, as they all are given sustenance and power by his own will and determination that he can succeed no matter the odds. With his mind and power, as well as the collective talents of everyone else in his fleet, Akihiko may be considered slightly arrogant, though this is in fact merely his confidence in the abilities of each and every person his senses and tests tell him he can call a Nakama. Disillusioned by the World Government at a young age, this place is the only place Akihiko can call home, his fleet, his family. It should be noted that Akihiko often plans for multiple outcomes, but at times, his strategies become quite adaptive, based on the capabilities and sub-commanders in each respective ship's crew.

On a more personal level, Akihiko's appearance and the high regard it is held in at all times grants the young man an incredible capability for attracting those around him, having the type of appearance that is usually considered in traditional tropes both incredibly handsome and dreamy and that usually has females depicted with hearts in their eyes. However, this observation by Akihiko has resulted in, quite a hidden personality trait, Akihiko can be quite, both flirtatious and promiscuous, interacting with some females in a playful manner. [1] This flirtatious nature usually seems to run completely contrary to everything else people know about him, and as a result, this personality trait, while not rare, is perhaps simply uncommonly expressed, as for example, he is not perverted and as a result does not have an inability to resist beautiful women, he simply may attempt to make a move on a woman sufficiently beautiful that is not a direct threat to him or his crew. As for being promiscuous, it simply means that he does this with several women simultaneously, but it is not known of Akihiko has actually had any serious relationships or taken them back to his bed mainly because of his slight fear of attachments beyond friendship, as love is a thing he has a hard time coming to grips with after shattering the first love he ever actually felt temporarily, parental love. All in all, Akihiko believes his personality, traits and character flaws included, make him worth his self-proclaimed title, and in fact, all of these traits have Akihiko seem like a prime candidate to join the Revolutionaries, though whether or not he is actually interested is up in the air.


Act 1 Scene 1: The Young Lad, Akihiko of BagnaraEdit

N.B: It should be noted that Akihiko is one of two individuals called "Golden Children", whose stories happen simultaneously and eventually interact. Any hints thrown to the other character is completely intentional.

Akihiko, was born as the oldest son to two Bagnaran "humans", both powerful Marines by the names of Anri and Kimihiro, who, despite their power and due to the strange politics between Bagnarans and the racist heads of the World Government, or World Nobles who viewed them as abominations of fish and man, never attained that high of a position. As if loving dogs of the World Government, the two would serve and carry out every command of the Marine Headquarters without question and with the utmost of pride for the cause they so utterly believed in, Absolute Justice, the same Justice that Akihiko would grow to absolutely despise, though not from the very start. In fact, from a very young age, the way that his mother and father carried themselves, the grand tales of adventure and splendour that they would tell, the slight peeks of occasional spars between his parents he would actually manage to observe, these things, and a culmination of a few other factors, had inspired the young lad to believe that if there was anything he wanted to become, it was to become a Marine. The Marines appeared to be these crystallized embodiments of justice that no other calling could ever truly attain; imposing what is right on those his childlike mind perceived as the bad guys (Pirates and Rogue Marines). Living in a small, homely village visibly constructed of mainly wood and stone, Akihiko, if he were any other child, would have perhaps spent most of his days playing Hide and Seek, or perhaps some other form of childhood game with his friends among the village. However, this was not to be, since as much as he called out for the sea, the sea also called out for him.

The young lad was noted to have a much different childhood from those his age, as while he was allowed to do similar things, Akihiko's studies were incredibly intensive in both his physical and mental aspects, a fact which helped to enable him in cultivating what would become his superior intellect in the present day. As soon as he became of literacy, he began to read all sorts and forms of books to the point that it became almost comically ridiculous how much money his parents actually began to spend on nothing but books. Of course, his parents were not actually there for him, usually being out at sea, but he managed to see them every now and then thanks to their relatively low ranking. Akihiko was even ostracized by children in his street to an extent for his seemingly unhealthy obsession for books at such a young age, for a while atleast, not even taking time off to play with those in the community. While as a child and social animal, he did feel the desire to talk and have friends; his ravenous desire for information was seemingly insatiable. Attaining and devouring literally whatever knowledge he could, Akihiko's knowledge slowly began to spread from the childish blank slate or canvas of an ignorant mind (albeit powerful), to learning about the World Government, the geography of both his Kingdom and the four Blues, and even managed to learn about other islands in his surrounding area in the case that he ever met a tourist. Every morning, Akihiko would get up, and speed-read through an entire volume of books while simultaneously retaining all of the information, or atleast enough to hold decent conversations about the topics with grownups in the Kingdom. While he always felt a strange insight into the situations that grownups he met were going through, as well as how they felt about it, his relatively reserved nature, as well as his only partially developed and therefore lacking social skills only served to discourage him from truly affiliating with others, only noticing their problems and saying nothing about it. Of course, this was no normal ability at all, as this was in fact what those on the sea would refer to as his Observer's Ambition. The young lad had no idea of the strange and mysterious power that he had awakened, coming naturally to him without him even realizing, resulting in him having a charismatic intuition into how to talk to, and how to comfort people when he actually spoke and interacted with others that left many in awe.

It would not be that until he was about to read once more did the young boy notice an elderly, blinded woman attempting to cross the road after reading a book on illnesses and diseases that his ability was quite unique, as while anyone and everyone could walk around to a limited extent in rooms they were ofay with, Akihiko noticed he could fully function in a situation where he had closed his eyes. Always just, assuming that he had left his eyes slightly open all along, or that everybody could have done it, just some better than others, it was only until Akihiko cheerfully held the lady's hand that he realized he considered fundamentally abnormal. That it was possible to not see, to not perceive something. It was unheard of for the young boy who could see and feel everything around him. Taking one hand and blocking his eye to ensure that his atleast that eye became completely blocked, more specifically, his right eye, Akihiko realized that his field of vision was for all intents and purposes, the same. Curious as to the depths of this strange ability, Akihiko covered his eyes with a blindfold and walked around the village. Children just thought of it as the weird kid being weird again walking around blinded, as well as the adults in the village just assuming something to that extent, finding it weird that the kid would just walk around, until they realized that he was coming directly to their location to explain to them. Calling it "martial arts training" when asked, though to be fair, Akihiko was still unaware of what exactly it was, the young lad would go from doorstep to doorstep, talking to random people to get a feel of their personalities before intuitively helping them with whatever their problem might be. A strange phenomena, but an incredible one nonetheless to those watching on, Akihiko began to draw intrigue to himself almost strategically, secretly doing this simply to increase his social skills as well as his prowess with his absolutely unaided vision.

Word of an incredibly young boy who spoke with the knowledge of a professional spread like wildfire throughout his small island, with Akihiko portraying such a degree of innocent humility that he was simply mildly puzzled as to why so many people wanted to talk to him now, (though he had the idea, he wasn't exactly expecting it to make such massive waves). This vast knowledge usually had many people in the neighbourhood asking the young boy for help due to him seemingly being capable of anything he put his mind to, only lacking the experience in the particular fields, and as a result, he slowly grew increasingly popular. Slowly Akihiko would notice that the children that once mocked him ended up coming to visit him and study with him, as Akihiko's rare explosive genius was such that parents hoped that his knowledge might rub off on the children.

As the children studied with Akihiko, Akihiko began to enjoy himself quite a bit more, having an incredible amount of fun studying as the children slowly bonded, his latent charismatic personality drawing the persons his age closer to him as he began to make friends with those he studied with constantly. Moving from the prodigious, helpful, but lonely shut-in of a child to a cheerful intelligent lad with quite a bit of friends in his community, Akihiko slowly began to make the friends he had not prior, with his vast intellect as well as surprising levels of athleticism making him a chosen pick in many children's games. Children would always ask Akihiko why he blindfolded himself, but Akihiko would simply tell them it was a secret. Playing with quite a few younger children, Akihiko's power would often manifest as he began to slowly become nearly unstoppable in any game related to finding persons, for example, a game known as the Join the Bunch game, quite unpopular in most areas, but different from Hide and Seek. However, Akihiko affiliated himself most with the children, the sons and daughters of poverty, four children who in his travels around the village he found in an alley he had never quite detected when actually using his eyes to see, but felt strong emanations of at bare minimum, sadness from the particular alley. The young boy, upon realizing they were beggars, slowly began to invite them over to the small house that he had, letting them bathe and eat with him, even sleep in the beds in his house. In two weeks, one could hardly tell that the children were ever poor, Akihiko taking such good care of them that he began to think of them as his best friends, as well as his siblings, aggressively defending them against any passive verbal remark about their original condition. Drawing an incredibly deep mark on his shoulder, marked vividly into the form of a Jolly Roger with a sun in it to appease the youngest of the four, Akihiko drew a mark which would become that which he uses up to this day, reluctantly of course, considering his end goal was to become a Marine. Akihiko, along with his brothers and one sister, would often pretend to be pirates, Akihiko wearing an eyepatch and red waistcoat picked out as fine merchant clothing by his parents on a day they were allowed to return home, and even with one of the four wearing a dress that looked oddly like the purple dress of the New Age's Shicibukai and Queen of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock.

Having taken care of his siblings for so long, Akihiko found it incredibly surprising that his parents had returned home suddenly, and for quite a longer time than usual. If he had said it, he would have been asked whether or not he was actually happy to see his parents, but the boy was not so sure he was. Despite his ideology that Marines were basically the best things ever , he had heard stories from his little "brother" of their awful deeds in the name of Justice, and would have had no reason to doubt it, if he didn't have precognitions of malicious events affiliated with his parents. It felt, cold, and terrifying, but almost like a warning. While Akihiko was getting the hang of his new power, it was incredibly difficult for him to choose his newfound powers over his parents, who were also Marines on top of that. Suddenly being put under immense training, Akihiko began to wonder if this event had something to do with his fitness. With their expectations being that for a child so academically inclined like Aki that physical training would prove to be incredibly challenging and strenuous, Akihiko demonstrated a powerful endurance that reminded his parents of their own, quite above the average level of stamina and even all-round physical capabilities of a Bagnaran his age. Everything from push-ups to cartwheels did his parents have him attempt to learn and master, something which he did every time without complaint, and with his striking test on an extremely large tree causing it to shake and reverberate as if it was a toppling building. Akihiko never quite understood what was supposed to be the difficulty in this type of training, but would accept his body getting stronger, believing that his parents had stopped him from reading as often as he would to exercise simply to strengthen both his mind and body.

This incredible amount of reinforcement led to Akihiko eventually looking quite muscular and well built for his age, his strong physique seemingly irradiating those who looked on at him with surprise and admiration, Akihiko emerging out of that training as a devilishly handsome man. Armed with a brilliant intellect, kind heart, handsome figure and a charming intuition, it was not long before Akihiko garnered attention, his only half-developed social skills belying the fact that he was "smooth", as even his little sister, while surprised at the dramatic change, noticed upon his random decision to talk about a mathematics problem in the midst of a conversation meant to be facilitating "catching up" that he was "the same old Aki." It was not like anyone actually considered that to be a problem, Akihiko having garnered so much attention to himself by this point that he was pretty much the talk and lifeblood of the entire community, with nothing but his yet untermed Kenbunshoku Haki enabling him to do all of this. From mere observations, Akihiko had set himself up at a place of importance within the village, something many noticed.

Act 1 Scene 2: The Foreboding of A Twist of FateEdit

Akihiko and his friends, while their occasionally mischievous endeavours could be seen and felt all around the small, still unnamed village, often found themselves in a particular region of the Dorado's rural grasslands that was close to the sea, known as the Everbloom, an area known to be in what appeared to be summer all year long. The flowers that grew were said to be a sign of the good will and hospitality of the Baganaran people which never faltered and was said to be created by the Goddess of the Earth and Fertility, Ani, the main goddess representative of the Dorado in the Bagnaran Kingdom and one of the most respected of the Divines. According to Bagnaran population mythology, the Goddess infused her own benevolence and blessing into the surrounding lands which had at one point never bloomed before, allowing the legendary First Men to arrive on the lands without dying of hunger shortly after. The fruits then in turn infused the Bagnaran's with a powerful sense of friendliness and kindness amongst each other, facilitating their settling down. Therefore, in a sense, it could be said that Akihiko and his friends often played and relaxed on sacred grounds, something which they all seemed to pay no attention or reverence to in the least.

Suddenly, breaking the omnipresent silence that pervaded the entirety of their surroundings, if one focused their hearing, they could perceive the incremental crescendo that was the engine of an approaching ship, it's constant progress across the seas causing waves to be pushed back with immense force, a testament to the sheer power of the engine that the vessel was outfitted with. However, with such a relatively slow speed for such a powerful engine, one would wonder what exactly this ship contained that caused it to move this slowly, as the ship seemed to only barely manoeuvre itself away from a nearby mountain. What could it possibly have been? A cargo ship?

As the skies broke apart to herald the coming of the ship it slowly began to become apparent that this mountain was definitely not what it appeared to be, as while it did have this incredible stature the figure and shape of such a formation seemed impossible, and far more represented the appearance of a human. Akihiko instantly shot up, his closed eyes that were previously reflective of his enjoyment of the warm summer breeze now seeing the oncoming presence of an incredibly large individual, their silhouette definitely not appearing to be human-sized. Warning his siblings, Akihiko watched as the first set of breakers broke the land barrier, the ship apparently docking itself. Despite the best wishes of Michael, Akihiko stepped onto the ship, assuming that he should be able to inspect what was really going on. It was there, that Akihiko truly witnessed the gargantuan scope of this ship first-hand, Akihiko almost wondering if he had transported himself into another country. This ship was large enough to fit maybe ten Goliaths, an innumerable amount of Davids, and even then some! However, breaking away his thoughts from the awe-inspiring scene that stood before him as well as how the sunlight refracted beautifully into his deep gold eyes, Akihiko, while he may have normally leaped down, took the seemingly endless staircase down to the deck of the ship, arriving upon a sight that would begin to put everything in his life up to the current moment into motion. A giant humanoid laid on the deck which dwarfed him in turn, as if there was meant to be even more of these people. The young boy had read about the races of the planet he lived on, but never had he seen one like this up was astonishing. However, his first physical specimen didn't seem to be in too much of a good condition, with similarly massive gashes and puddles of blood dotting his black garments as if a dress made with bloody polka dots.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Over the years, Akihiko has grown tremendously in power, from being just the son of two Marines, to possessing the power of a Marine Captain sent after beings as powerful as Supernovas on several occasions, to becoming the absolute captain of an incredibly grand Pirate Fleet known as the Brilliant Royal Fleet, a Fleet known for causing the World Government much harm, as it has utilized several of the secrets the Marines keep hidden from the general public to wreck havoc on the Marines themselves.Possessing an incredibly powerful Devil Fruit ability with comparable skill, and an immense mastery over the powers of both the spirit and the body, Akihiko may just have a greater destiny than even his arrogance lets on. Akihiko, as a fleet commander of his own crew containing persons of similar strength to his own swayed by his charisma is quite powerful in his own right, and is wanted by the World Government for a bounty of $???,000,000.

Physical AttributesEdit

Akihiko, as a fulblooded citizen of the Bagnara Kingdom, is inherently physical superior to most normal humans to begin with, but even regardless of his ancestry, Akihiko's raw physical strength at that specific young age is much greater than could be explained solely by that specifically, his incredible physical prowess manifesting in his ability to destroy furniture and move large objects during a tantrum at the age of one, as well as being shouldering a huge tree and causing it to shake at 4, as Akihiko grew his physical talents only improved. Akihiro possesses a naturally incredibly tough hide, only magnified by the harsh years of training which Akihiko was forced to be a part of to become a future Marine, as well as begin to show the inherited traits of both of his parents. As a result now, Akihiko's incredible durability has caused many to stop and stare, as a single man takes the full impact of an incredibly large cannonball head on, only to remove the smoke from his body to reveal that he was not injured at all, tanking attacks like that just to show his enemies how hopeless they truly are, before catching said cannonball with a single hand and throwing it back at its source, completely obliterating entire lockdown fleets with the sheer speed, strength and size of the cannonball's propulsion. In fact, Akihiko's natural strengths have been mistaken for his Rokushiki techniques, his striking power considered so vast that a punch can cause unexpected piercing damage almost as if it was one of the trademarked Cutting Air attacks of swordsmen, Akihiko in fact capable of utilizing his arms like such, a physical feat he learned to pull off specifically to have fun with the Commander of a portion of his Fleet. Akihiko's incredible power is so vast that his attacks can cause a massive shockwaves in a similar manner to the Hasshoken fighting style.

However, it would be incredibly remiss for one to go all this way to talk about Akihiko's physical prowess and not once mention his unrivaled speed, having a speed considered to be one of the, if not the fastest being(s) on the planet. Akihiko casually demonstrates a tremendous level of superhuman speed that enables him to fight off physically powerful superhumans with the utmost of the ease, even utilizing nothing but his speed with simple normal human strength levels to completely to take care of those he could not care about enough to put more effort, with Akihiko's speed almost seeming as if he simply teleported across the room. In fact, Akihiko sees the world around him in an almost depressingly slow movement speed due to his own incredible superhuman speed levels, that in fact are so vast that persons may believe that he has activated his Devil Fruit powers when he has in fact kept them locked away under lock and key. With Akihiko's already incredible speed that allows him to effectively fight against beings known for their speed also as well as seemingly create a vast multitude of afterimages, as well as generating sonic booms that follow his movements shortly after. In addition, endurance wise, Akihiko is said to be a completely different monster, as Akihiko constantly portrays an enormous amount of physical energy and stamina, his durability so great that it gives him incredible prowess with the ability known as Tekkai, his durability contributing to the term he refers to as his endurance, but apart from that, Akihiko's stamina is astonishing, fighting against entire squadrons of powerful opponents as well as fighting against those he is evenly matched with for three days, and potentially longer assuming that he is fully hydrated. Almost as if he was an Atlantean incapable of swimming, Akihiko can still augment his physical traits in a similar way to most regular Bagnara Kingdom citizens by taking in such vast quantities of water that he strengthens himself as it moves throughout his body, the basics of a fighting style unique to the Kingdom.

Having a uniquely powerful physical body, when serious, Akihiko is capable of going toe to toe with others in his direct area, as well as Andreanna, a woman who has consumed a Devil Fruit that grants her what can be considered the physiology of a goddess. As per Bagnaran physiology, Akihiko's body possesses the adaptation to water in the form of minor electrolysis when submerged, producing oxygen and hydrogen to facilitate breathing underwater, as well as an unnatural ability to breathe underwater due to lungs/heart much more powerful than other people. However, strangely enough, due to Akihiko consuming a Devil Fruit, he cannot make use of this, seemingly succumbing to the same problems as a Fishman Devil Fruit user.


Holding complete mastery over the element of light, Akihiko has demonstrated a capacity for vision that completely blows even most of those with enhanced senses completely out of the water, demonstrating an ability to see compared to that of a certain Paramecia type Devil Fruit said to grant the user the ability to see all things, and to be honest, for his case, one would not be wrong for assuming such a thing. Akihiko naturally possesses the uncanny ability to detect light of all forms and colours, demonstrating the ability to see even things considered to be so incredibly tiny that they might be invisible. Akihiko's incredible vision has been proven time and time again to be remarkably powerful, and has been hailed among the seas as one of the reasons why a single cannonball from his ship is said to be capable of sinking even Marine flagships. Akihiko possesses an uncannny level of vision to begin with, without even getting into the more absurd levels of his vision, as noted when even from several hundreds of nautical miles away Akihiko can see ants carrying a small bit of grape to their colonies industriously, and it is said that if one bathes in the general direction of his vision, he's probably already seen you naked, this particular distance known to be much less than his maximum range of vision. Witnessing the world around him with incredible detail, Akihiko is known for witnessing the incredibly miniscule vibrations objects make even when they are "perfectly stationary" and even each individual pore on someone's body simultaneously over quite an incredible distance. It is said that the limits of Akihiko's vision is unparalleled, as Akihiko has been seen observing incredibly thin razor wire while it is spin about at speeds should usually make it far too fast to be traceable by the human eye. However, Akihiko's eyes are not human eyes, and never exactly were to begin with, Akihiko's eyes demonstrating some of the capabilities of a fish's visual prowess to enable him to perceive even ultraviolet light before ever biting his Devil Fruit. With this vision being so powerful, it is said that Akihiko's glare can actually see into one's soul, ( and technically they would not be wrong). With his already vastly accelerated perceptions, his eyesight has been compared to "Hawkeye" Dracule Mihawk, in that opponents of tremendous speed are still somehow tracked down by his vision with the utmost of ease, even when travelling at speeds that break most human capabilities. [2]

However, as he has grown, and upon eating his particular Devil Fruit, he realized that in order to perceive himself in his Paramecia coating as well as his techniques, his eyes would have had to adjust to be capable of perceiving variable wavelengths of photons, which, upon Awakening his Devil Fruit, apparently occurred, as upon first utilizing infrared, he was capable of perceiving his usage of it, but others simply watched on as he boiled water seemingly invisibly. As a result, Akihiko has demonstrated the ability to see the heat presence of any target, as well as the heat of objects and the environment, allowing him to perceive exactly how hot something is without ever touching it or feeling it with extreme precision, and while many believe that hiding in heat or hiding within fire hides themselves from him, Akihiko's vision comes along with such penetrative force that the body's heat presence, which would be lower than the fire itself, stands out quite easily, allowing him to see beings within this level of heat. Of course, Akihiko can even see their relative lack of heat compared to the environment due to making note of the basic temperature of the area, as well as also pretty much see in the dark at all times and finding targets in an environment said to be completely lack visible light. In addition, Akihiko can see and sense the gamma rays in anything and anyone in the given area, seeing minute trace of this in everyone and boosting his power to perceive. In addition, Akihiko can detect most forms of bodily fluids in the area, allowing him yet another layer of sight, seeing the blood and even saliva of beings in his line of sight, even detecting chemicals in specific wavelengths. This allows Akihiko to see underwater and through precipitation, and even perceive fingerprints left on objects.

Other frequencies that he has demonstrated his visual prowess in are those of X-Rays, allowing him to produce a transparent effect to "penetrate" solid objects and see within objects, practically allowing him to see through walls and even clothing, as well as see through organic matter to detect an injury or disease, even physical weaknesses in combat, striking opponents in areas of their weakness and shatter his opponent's bodies and structures. Also, surprisingly, Akihiko can see radio waves and the messages contained in them, allowing him to technically tap into them, breaking into communications over the Den Den Mushi's and over "hearing" everything. Finally, Akihiko can, but not as well as his other perceptions, detect emanations of lightning with his eyesight. It is for this reason that Akihiko's Kenbunshoku Haki is said to be remarkably powerful.

Tenpi Tenpi No MiEdit

A common trait or characteristic between many powerful figures on the sea, a notable exception being an individual like the captain of the Black Sea Pirates,is that they for the most part all attribute some level of their notoriety or power to that bestowed upon them by the Sea Devil. These individuals are known to have gained these powers from these mythical and mystical fruits known as Devil Fruits, named after the popular belief that they contain actual devils within them who pass from container to container in a constant cycle. These powers form the backbone for most of the strongest figures in the world as well as the most imposing, with each of the Yonko and currently a grand majority of the Shichibukai currently possessing the powers of a Devil Fruit. However, this section does not intend to speak about the Devil Fruits of other characters, but rather the Devil Fruit abilities of the captain of the Regal Pirates, Akihiko of the Baganara Kingdom. Now, when one thinks about the captain of a pirate crew, one normally thinks of a person who embodies the ideals/ideologies of that particular crew, as well as such a name. With the members of the crew possessing a royal connotation due to their individual and collective history, for some due to their abilities and others simply the name of the crew, the captain of the crew should then therefore command a power that signified royalty and power, the true epitome of the power of the Regal Pirates and the counterpart to the Yin of his cremates.

Fitting, it is then, that Akihiko has consumed the Devil Fruit known as the Tenpi Tenpi No Mi and become a Solar Human, as not only does it satisfy the very Yin-Yang concept that lies in the heart of the organizational structure found within the Regal Pirates, but it also signifies the splendour and power that the crew needed a symbolic representation of. For centuries, mankind has been worshiping and praising the sun, as well as describing it's magnificence due to their need to understand the beauty and power of such a celestial body, and has had it been representative of the forces of heat, energy, passion, and life itself on many occasions and cultures. As a result, by consuming the Devil Fruit, Akihiko imbues his crew with the vitality, heat, energy, and passion they need to continue going forward, which is in turn transformed into a double symbolism if one considers the fact that it was the consumption of the Devil Fruit that partially ignited the embers of piracy within him. In the New World, there are many who demonstrate incredible powers, some might even consider ridiculous, but Akihiko personally believes his might end up taking the cake.

Due to consuming his particular Devil Fruit, Akihiko would soon discover that he would become an Esper, or Ability User, as a rare few in the Marine Organization would soon come to call persons like him, having become a Solar Human and an individual who had his Lineage Factor due to the consumption of the fruit. While of course, Akihiko was quite young and did not know immediately that he was a Devil Fruit user, his act of accidentally igniting a forest during his time in Ilusia had definitely thought him otherwise. Due to the years he spent in the Grand Line and the New World as a member of the Marine Organization, Akihiko has had quite some bit of time to hone and master his powers with this particular Devil Fruit, no longer causing catastrophic levels of damage because he was not sure how to control it's power. As a power considered derivative of having consumed this particular Devil Fruit, Akihiko demonstrates the ability to produce solar energy within a small sphere known as his aura (or atleast that's what he calls it), and absorb and store large amounts of energy and convert that into solar energy as well. This energy absorbed does not need to be solar in nature, as thermal energy and the thermal energy produced by kinetic energy still works , though it seems he cannot directly absorb anything produced by a Devil Fruit power, but he can absorb the energy produced by the element of an elemental Devil Fruit, i.e, if a Devil Fruit generates lightning, he cannot directly absorb that lightning but can rather absorb the heat generated by that lightning. 

Apart from this conversion, the true power of this Devil Fruit comes from the aura, which is known to be used by Akihiko in a number of unique and increasingly complex ways, from simple defenses to incredibly potent attacks.The aura, refers to a sphere surrounding Akihiko's body at any given moment due to the power of his Devil Fruit much in a similar manner to that of a mythological warrior who has trained their qi or their aura, being thusly named. This aura is invisible to most without directly employing Kenbunshoku Haki, or unless Akihiko chooses to make his aura visible, something which makes Akihiko incredibly difficult to fight while on the defensive, seemingly requiring Busoshoku Haki if one hopes to damage him in many sorts like a Logia, and even then with his defenses greatly taxing the Busoshoku Haki of those possessing it. Due to the unique nature of this particular Devil Fruit, the consumer of such an ability first gains a notable resistance to most forms of solar energy, something which encompasses largely light, heat, and radiation, with the level of resistance granted by this Devil Fruit to heat being absolutely ludicrous and perhaps unmatched in the One Piece World. With the celestial power of the very sun coursing through his being at every second, Akihiko is capable of resisting the temperatures produced by his own body, temperatures which far outclass any earthly temperature currently known to man, and as a result, is known to be quite resistant to the powers of Logia class Devil Fruits such as the Mera Mera No Mi and the Magu Magu No Mi currently possessed by Revolutionary ally, Lieselotte of the Pretty Pink Pirates. As a result, Akihiko seems to have no problems walking through the most dangerous of flames, receiving the most blinding flares of light, and the most deadly forms of radiation being thrown at him due to his buffer, in the form of his aura. 


  • Svalinn: For example, through the emnation of this aura, Akihiko demonstrates the ability to render himself capable of resisting most, if not all attacks thrown against him due to an incredibly dense aura of solar energy which takes the damage for him and disperses it across it's being, shielding Akihiko inside of the solar radiation shield, which he can then strengthen or buff through the use of a layer of Bushoshoku Haki underneath it, effectively protecting him from some of the most powerful of attacks by his opponents, and making him a remarkably difficult enemy to actually put down. In fact, this incredible level of durability has often found him being compared to having the physical power of Charlotte Linlin, a former Yonko. Additionally, through the use of this field of solar radiation, Akihiko has demonstrated the ability to simply coat himself in this whilst attacking, allowing him to vastly amplify his already gargantuan levels of speed as well as his Rokushiki prowess, as Akihiko is known for being capable of reaching truly immense levels of speed by simply moving his aura along with him, in a similar manner to the effects of moving one's shadow according to former Shichibukai, Gekko Moriah's Paramecia Devil Fruit, the Kage Kage No Mi. Easily using this power to completely overwhelm and blitz those of lesser speed, Akihiko has used this to appear both untouchable and invulnerable to many of those who surround him. However, as powerful as the raw conscussive defense of this aura is, there are several other aspects to this aura which help to vastly supplement it's power, working as a deterrent. Due to it's nature as "solar energy''', to attack Akihiko without being compared for incomprehensible levels of pain is considered to be an incredibly retarded, yet ridiculous maneuver. Within his aura, Akihiko is effectively a star, his aura and body emnating enormous amounts of heat and radiant energy that can theoretically erase the limbs of the attacker if not covered in Haki, and even then greatly tax the Haki of one not expecting such a vigorous reaction from a mere melee attack. As one attacks Akihiko, the closer one becomes to his body, the hotter the field becomes in turn, meaning that Akihiko's core is immeasurably hot, something which makes striking him physically an incredibly risky maneuver. With just the most outermost regions on Akihiko's aura being the temperature of the very surface of the sun, Akihiko may potentially be the World's Hottest Man, demonstrating a temperature around his body of that which may very well be that of the core of the sun. However, like Magellan before him, Akihiko does have enough control to not melt everything around his hand when he picks it up, cooling down and reducing the intensity of his aura to say, pick up a Den Den Mushi.
    Solaris: Therefore, it should not have to be said, but it will be said anyways, that Akihiko's physical attacks are incredibly devastating, and for good reason, as a strike from Akihiko is known to be able to seemingly disintegrate an ordinary human being when enraged, his physical attributes being amplified and enveloped by an aura of solar energy. This level of solar radiation, when combined with say, his fist, allows Akihiko the ability to strike an opponent and have it land with explosive levels of force as well as ripple throughout the sky itself.. Upon impact, the bare minimum amount of damage this strike would infuse any form of physical attack with is incredible, igniting an opponent before even actually touching them and blowing them away due to the sheer light intensity behind the power of his aura. As a result, Akihiko is capable of superheating the air into the shape of a massive fist due to the combination of his attacks and his aura's capability to enable him to superheat the air it comes into contact with. Despite Akihiko having the ability to create solar discharges from his aura with training, this in particular is not a solar discharge, but rather, is the result of Akihiko's fist generating so much heat and light that it greatly charges the air around him, and when combined with the smallest of forward motions from, say, a fist, Akihiko is capable of then firing of a massive fist construct out of combusted, superheated air travelling at incredible speeds, something which terrifies his opponent due to vast number he is capable of producing. While not as hot as the sun's surface usually (as if he needs it to be he can simply condense his aura), it is usually well over hot enough to incinerate most targets and at bare minimum is well above the temperature required to melt iron at 2800 degrees Celsius. This particular fist when impacting an opponent is usually known for igniting his opponent on impact and melting through most objects that come before it, especially those that could be considered metallic, and being so ridiculously bright that everything else would actually appear dark when compared to it. As a result, this fist is often compared to former Admiral, Akainu's use of his fruit to create a fist of molten magma.
  • Huracán: A unique technique Akihiko has spent many years of training with his Devil Fruit to attain, by moving the heat from the base of his aura upwards, Akihiko can create a convection current as well as a powerful updraft of superheated air, something which perhaps sounds far more innocent than the actual result, for out of the seemingly relatively innocuous technique a more powerful attack is formed, a strange amalgamation of fire and wind, some form of blazing tornado being formed from the area around him, referred to as a dust devil, or fire whirl. An incredibly terrifying, as well as devastating natural phenomenon, while most natural fire whirls tend to dissipate quickly, with the use of his Devil Fruit abilities, Akihiko is capable of creating an unnaturally large and powerful firewhirl for an apparently indefinite time span, causing massive collateral damage if he so desires on the level of a natural disaster. Combined with the fact that the heat of his aura is that of the very sun itself, Akihiko is capable of creating truly massive firewhirls that may capable of destroying large numbers of ships upon the surface of water itself through sparking it from his aura, rather than the ground. As this technique is generated by his aura, for the most part his aura protects him from the immense spinning force generated by such a technique due to the imitation of the sun's mostly immobile core in this particular technique. With this technique, Akihiko is capable of easily drawing things towards him if used on a minor scale and seemingly then incinerate them similar to the pull of the sun's gravity if one happens to be too close to it, or alternatively, can simply use the overwhelming destructive power of this technique to destroy entire cities or island sized structures, for example Marine bases, in nothing but a single move before troops can be fully mobilized. In addition, due to his Awakening, Akihiko is capable of summoning several of these monstrosities simultaneously to raise havoc across multiple bases or islands almost instantly, as well as have them clash as if some deadly form of spinning top toys. Finally, by colliding, Akihiko can generate such a powerful effect that for the most part, it appears indistinguishable from the gravitational pull of a black hole, pulling and stretching beings apart in the direction of every storm simultaneously before being consumed by the power of this particular fruit. In addition, by utilizing this technique around his arm, Akihiko can draw opponents down into his physical attacks as much as they may attempt to get away, while being protected by his aura, easily melting through his opponents and using Solaris to finish them off.
  • Shango: 
  • Od Iyesi:
  • The Light of the World: By heating up the bottom of his aura well enough, Akihiko is known for being capable of creating a small surface of vapour between his feet and the seawater beneath him, allowing him to effectively walk on water should he so desire it, as well as skate across the face of said water with the utmost of ease. Alternatively, however, Akihiko has also shown the capability to evaporate water in his direct presence, completely removing the threat of being kneedeep under sea water for the most part as by contracting (and simultaneously compressing) his aura, he can evaporate and melt most, if not all things that happen beneath his knee in height. Having learned to do this ability instinctively, Akihiko has stopped himself from sinking underwater many a time when learning how to get the hang of his particular abilities, this technique being a lifesaver to anyone with a Devil Fruit. Through using a small object on the backs of others with the use of this technique and the Golden Fleece technique, Akihiko has prevented his allies from sinking underwater several times, as well as prevented the needless expenditure of stamina by their resident fishwoman, Amaya, codenamed The Tides.
  • Golden Fleece: Through the unique phenomena known as Awakening, Akihiko has managed to vastly augment his ability by converting objects into an aura as well as an extension of his own aura simultaneously, allowing him to vastly extend his range and therefore his total capabilities. As a result, Akihiko, by turning a nearby object, anything, into his aura, can utilize his ingenuity to create an incredible defence that combines the properties of his aura with that of Bushoshoku Haki, only serving to even further increase his defensive powers. However, unlike his aura's defensive nature through Svalinn, this particular application is much different. By creating an extension of his aura, Akihiko then shapes this extension of his aura to generate a circular formation of solar energy bounded by his aura, intensely concentrating the full power of a star within it's confines which makes this particular shield even more powerful. Through a unique effect, Akihiko is in fact capable of moving and repelling objects through nothing but the masterful use of his own aura, something which separates him from most of the others who use light and heat based powers. By simply creating a sufficiently intense light or heat source, Akihiko demonstrates the ability to actually push objects away from him. On a lesser scale, Akihiko could use this power to effectively access a unique series of techniques which would in turn enable him to stop attacks from touching him, or atleast greatly reduce the speed and acceleration of a given technique, therefore greatly reducing the force behind a given attack, something which only extends further curiosity into Akihiko's apparent immunity to harm. Additionally, by extending the size of this technique, Akihiko can seemingly repel attacks such as arrows back at his opponents, and, when done intelligently, Akihiko is known for replicating telekinetic-like abilties through a complex series of Golden Fleece applications thanks to his Awakened Paramecia. However, in any regards, Akihiko is actually capable of (Incomplete)
  • Bia: A unique technique derived from the technique known as Golden Fleece, Akihiko is capable of releasing his aura through what would appear to be his mouth, his first known application of a technique to the solar discharges he would later be capable of. By forming his aura through his lips and releasing a powerful discharge, Akihiko can superheat the air to such levels that an opponent is pushed back in a burst of truly awesome concussive force capable of shaking entire islands and larger areas, or simply being concentrated on completely annhilating the opponent it was meant to target, something which has many fear this technique. While not much radiant energy may come out with it, it comes accompanied by the power of just enough heat to easily spark a forest fire and combust flammable fluids (liquids or gases). Much like a man who once managed to split a sea, Akihiko can channel his aura through his lips to push back the very oceans and split them in two, as seen when he and his crew use it against Aqua Laguna at Water 7. A technique that takes little to nothing out of Akihiko despite it's devastating power, Akihiko tends to use this technique and his Haoshoku Haki interchangeably to deal with lesser foes, and can use it to great effect against the strongest of foes as well.
  • Zhulong: An evolution of the Bia technique, Akihiko can use his later attained mastery over solar discharging to generate an incredibly powerful blast of fire from his mouth in addition to the sheer concussive force of Bia, almost as if breathing fire. As a result, this has given Akihiko a dangerous and draconic representation, with many an upcoming Marine and Pirate fearing the power of the Sun Dragon's' Zhulong lest they be burnt beyond ashes, the potential of this technique potentially boiling persons alive before even striking them. (Incomplete)
  • Ayao: (Check Wikipedia, Idea'll come back)
  • Caliburn: (Note: If you forget what this is future me you don't deserve to live)
  • Erebus: ''(Notes for future write up, has hole, blocks it)
Ptah: (Notes for write up, Sunspot technique)
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Martial ArtsEdit

The man codenamed Helios, is known for being multitalented in several areas and aspects of combat, training on several occassions, especially with the crew's resident Fishwoman and the First Mate, a woman known as the Blood Queen and a grandmaster in the usage and manipulation of material energy/vital energy. As a result, Akihiko is known to be one of the few individuals who consistently demonstrates an uncanny ability to fight in unarmed combat, as well as a complete appreciation for the powers of his Devil Fruit by transforming his overwhelming furit into a force that enables him to combat some of the greatest of martial artists. This is especially so when combined with his own physical attributes, on top of a limited knowledge on how to utilize qi acquired during his training with the Blood Queen. Though perhaps not unparalleled, to clash with Akihiko for the most part in a battle of hand to hand combat is not something that should be taken for granted, lest one forfeit their very being. The Captain of the Regal Pirates, apart from his skill with the usage of Rokushiki, or the Six Powers, has created a completely unique fighting style he refers to as "TBA."


The Six Powers, are a powerful mysterious superhuman Martial Art taught among the World Government's CP9 agents and the more powerful Marines of the Marine Organization, allowing a master of these arts to pull off feats considered completely impossible and perhaps even magical by any not a user of this form, with even the most basic usages of this martial art proving to have tremendous potential in every way they can be applied. With an enormously high Doriki Akihiko's usage of Rokushiki is definitely above that of your ordinary master of these techniques. With his brilliant mind thinking up applications many could never conceive, Akihiko has proven that he is a true martial artist.

  • Geppo: An enormously important ability to Akihiko despite his capability to fly, Akihiko has proven to possess the ability to jump off the air itself seemingly indefinitely, crossing vast distances never touching the ground. [3] He has been noted to have done this quite a bit during his younger and much more inexperienced days of pirating, as once while captured by the Marines and seastone handcuffs placed on his hand, Akihiko simply stood up, and used Geppo on the unsuspecting Marines all the way back to his ship while deftly avoiding cannon fire, breaking it, and escaping capture, acting like nothing had ever occurred to him, as they had not yet restrained his legs. Akihiko can utilize this ability to kick off the ground to effectively undergo deadly and intense aerial combat with the best of flyers, as Akihiko has proven to be capable of subconsciously doing this with a single leg, even switching to the other leg should something suddenly occur to one of his legs and continuing to keep going due to his superior physical strength, as well as combine it with the incredible power of Soru for incredibly fast three-dimensional movements, an application becoming popularized by the Rob Lucci of the New Age's CP9. However, Akihiko has proven to do quite a bit more with his Geppo. As Geppo already grants one the power to have such powerful legs that one can kick off of air, Akihiko can kick off of buildings themselves to scale them in single bounds, and gain enormous height, proving useful in some situations, and even allows him to bounce on the very clouds themselves, allowing him to seemingly replicate cloud flight. Even then, however, this results in nothing compared to the true applications of Geppo by him. Utilizing Busoshoku Haki's ability to be projected as invisible brute force and his ability to utilize and solidify it in the process he calls hardening, Akihiko applies his abnormal jumping ability by hopping onto a platform of Busoshoku Haki, vastly amplifying the force with which he leaps upon the "air", allowing him to rocket around the battlefield at incredible speeds considered vast enough to assume he was utilizing Soru, and with his ability to move incredibly quickly, he has even demonstrated a technique he refers to as Geppo: Baizō Chōyaku. 
    • Geppo: Baizō Chōyaku- Not an amazingly creative, or creatively named ability, but by slamming his feet down so as to propel himself as one would normally do to jump, Akihiko then applies the principles of Soru which enables the user to kick an amazing number of times before they even actually move, the resulting kinetic energy then driving them forward. Instead, Akihiko concentrates this into his Geppo, seemingly producing a teleportation-esque effect, seemingly disappearing and reappearing upwards, or even simply utilizing it to transverse much vaster distances at a greater speed than most, the incredible speed allowing him to move faster than most users of the Geppo technique, and even utilize his incredible affinity to such vast speeds to turn quite rapidly in midair. With no fear, of falling like a true Rokushiki user should have, Akihiko has demonstrated the ability to Leap while upside down, effectively allowing him to come down upon terrestrial enemies like a meteor, vastly increasing his striking power.
  • Tekkai: As a result of an incredibly powerful body and a similarly high Doriki, Akihiko's natural level of Tekkai is inhumanly powerful, which is in fact the technique that Akihiko has shown to utilize in dispatching the avid Busoshoku Haki using New Worlders who come over to his turf in the Grand Line, demonstrating a prowess that often has pirates and Marines alike feeling as if their willpower enhanced fists are completely worthless. Akihiko’s enormously powerful muscle fibers from both his heritage and his training grant him an even greater defense when actively utilizing this technique, allowing him to take an enormous amount of physical damage from his opponents. In fact, since unlike Haki, Tekkai has no limit in it's application except for maneuverability and its ability to be used to defend against non-physical attacks, Akihiko has been seen applying this overwhelmingly potent ability to his ability to coat his body in solar radiation, often surprising lesser pirates with his seemingly indestructible body in both intangibility and apparent resistance to his usual nullification of abilities. This Tekkai power results in incredible power behind all of his attacks, as suddenly stopping actual movement and activating Tekkai results in incredibly terrifying levels of force.
  • Shigan:
  • Rankyaku:
  • Soru:
  • Kami-e:
  • Rokuogan:


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit


The Kenbunshoku Haki of eight year old Aki.

Kenbunshoku Haki, Mantra, or the Colour of the Observation Haki, is one of the three major types of Haki and serves to grant Akihiko a wide variety of immensely potent supernatural perception capabilities he would have never demonstrated prior, as Akihiko's complete mastery over the art of wielding this particular form of Haki is one of a kind, and considered completely amazing. One of the, if not the greatest users of this form of Haki whose talent is underestimated, Akihiko first developed this particular Haki at a very young age, explaining his unmatched experience with it, with Akihiko's claims as to having this form of Haki from birth perhaps not being too far off from the actual truth, if not the truth itself. Akihiko's covering up of one eye is actually a trick to continuously train this particular form of Haki. Akihiko possesses such amazing talent with this form of Haki, that unlike most individuals who can only see the presence of others utilizing this particular form of Haki, Akihiko can see where there light silhouette bounces off and reflects towards, his powers of Light manifesting in his Kenbunshoku Haki and enabling him to perceive even the surroundings around him using Kenbunshoku Haki, and as one's aura "reflection" is not bound by the laws of physics, Akihiko can in fact see deep underground, under the sea, and through walls over incredible distances, these distance and Akihiko's incredible perception allowing him to see traps as well as other minor objects that might be of potential importance to his adversary, and it is these reflections that enable Akihiko to tell illusion from reality. In fact, Akihiko's usage of traditional Kenbunshoku Haki is noted to be so incredibly potent that when combined with his impeccable Devil Fruit enhanced eyesight that it can pick up the particular aura signature of the person or life form being observed, even if mechanical (an android's directive must be carried out and therefore technically speaking they have a will completely directed on filling that out), allowing him to track particular persons over great distances as well as notice the presences of particular persons. In fact, usually Akihiko is even capable of determining one's species, though this becomes much harder to do once one's Lineage Factor is manipulated if one is barely their original species or it is now incredibly concealed.

Akihiko's prowess with Kenbunshoku Haki even extends to the point that he can notice minor alterations in the movement of one's aura to better predict his opponent's next move than most users of this Haki type, as well as mimic basic physical movements, for example, observing someone write a document and copying it exactly without ever actually looking at what was written. However, Akihiko does not only extend his ability to observe to his eyesight only, as by applying Kenbunshoku Haki to, for example, his sin, Akihio is capable of feeling the air currents and as a result, movement around him in tandem with his eyesight, allowing him to perceive things even his Kenbunshoku Haki may not have usually. However, back to applying it to vision, Akihiko gains the ability to quite frankly see an opponent's attacks before they even occur, an almost precognitive ability that when combined with his already vast speed allows him to seemingly evade indefinitely, the attack being given to him as a premonition of exactly what the opponent will do and the damage it will inflict. Though more killing intent causes the aura to shine more vibrantly and sizzle, Akihiko is talented enough to see even minute changes in the glow of the opponent's aura, allowing him to predict future attacks with or without the intent to murder. The ability to sense one's level of strength also counts, but with an incredibly advanced level of enlightenment in the art of Observation, it begins to be possible to see the power of one's mind and soul.

Most pirates, upon awakening Kenbunshoku Haki, are capable of witnessing the strength of the spirit and ego combined, otherwise known as one's power with Haki and without Haki combined to form a full total, as well as detecting spiritual energy when manifested into the form of Busoshoku Haki. However, very, very, very few have been able to take this a step further, but to utilize their ability to see the very nature of one's being and combine it with the ability to see the strength of one's being so as to gauge the limits of ambition of whoever they gaze upon, or perhaps, better explained as seeing the inherent spiritual energies through the mind's eye. This enables Akihiko to quite quickly tell whether or not his opponent/acquaintance is capable of utilizing the power known as Haki, as well as the types of Haki they are capable of using, their nature standing out for particular regions for those who specialize, for example, those who Observe better than they Armament, but as he goes up in power observation, when fighters become more powerful, they tend to improve across all the boards, slowly balancing and evening out the differences. Therefore, while Akihiko cannot directly gauge the power of each individual Haki, a user of say, all three, on a relatively proficient level or even playing field, is usually something to look out for, as such beings tend to be awfully powerful.

However, even this is not the true terror of Akihio's prowess with Kenbunshoku Haki. In a manner similar to the man known as Enel, one of the most masterful users of Kenbunshoku Haki in the known world, as combined with Akihiko's capability to see all forms of light in every wavelength, as well as, due to his solar Paramecia, connecting his light to the light in the general environment, Akihiko can see over an incredibly vast distance with the same precision as all of his Haki, allowing him to see even what one might have considered hidden or invisible by allowing him to perceive the aura and therefore the person from over a vast distance even if they are "concealed from view", to the point that Akihiko himself does not know the limits to his vision, encompassing everything over the distance of about twice the size of the Bagnara Kingdom, including the underwater portions. Even more similarly, though to a much more limited extent due to his preferred sense not being hearing, Akihiko can combine Observation with his hearing to produce the ability to hear conversation spoken at very low tones out of his earshot. However, the most unique part about Kenbunshoku Haki is that Akihio can see completely the true emotions and nature of others in his presence, from detecting an aggressive or abrasive personality, to absolute tranquility from an infant, though he has been shown to occasionally gain a premonition of what their nature may be in the future should it involve his own future. Strangely enough, unlike many who demonstrate prescience ability with their advanced level of Kenbunshoku Haki, Akihiko possesses an ability arguably even more dangerous, which can be simply put as the ability to observe so closely that he can, for all intents and purposes, gain knowledge of an object's past. By having an object be within the range of his Kenbunshoku Haki and mildly concentrating on it, Akihiko can feel the traces of those who touched the object through the use of his Kenbunshoku Haki, the heat it had been smelted in, and a variety of other factors, and upon placing his hand upon it to have it feel the full force of his Observation, Akihiko is able to accomplish these feats without concentration, as all the information that Akihiko can gather that his Observation deems important is stashed in his incredibly powerful mind. This enables him to effectively see who last came into a particular area by walking in the general area, becoming even more effective if done barefooted. It is said as a joke amongst his crew started by Amaya that when Akihiko takes a bath, he sees the history of all things, like a light peering back against the history and darkness of one's past, due to bearing himself free and technically touching all.

This ability has enabled him to assist many individuals, as well as detect the full backgrounds of individuals regardless of his ability to sense their emotions, a power which has made people believe that he can read their memories. With his mind working side by side with his Haki to pt together everything his Observation had detected, Akihiko is often capable of being able to tell the backstory of an individual of up to two to three weeks in the past, and even longer should he be making contact and concentrating, rendering him incredibly efficient in terms of interrogation, said to draw information from persons whether they wanted him to know or not.

In addition, Akihiko is even capable of sensing resentment or even just plain dissatisfaction, and this ability to perceive all things enables Akihiko to , at times, and with the necessary amount of concentration, work as a human lie detector, seeing and picking up on the subtle changes a liar makes with his enhanced Kenbunshoku Haki. In actuality, by sensing one's aura output, Akihiko is even capable of sensing the relative strength levels of those within his vast eyesight range. As Kenbunshoku Haki allows one to sympathize with animals, Akihiko has shown himself having a natural affinity to sympathizing with those from the sea (Bagnara Kingdom heritage), as well as birds and insects. While predators are also capable of being sympathized with, Akihiko usually does not, and with Akihiko being able to see even inanimate objects, he can harness this power to observe things about the object he may not have detected otherwise. And to top it all off, Akihio's mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki grants him the ability to absorb incredulously vast amounts of sensory information simultaneously on repeat and even new for incredibly extended periods of time, and through his Haki, Akihiko can quite literally comprehend the movements and future movements of nearly any opponent that goes against him, making it incredibly easy to evade, his senses already being precise enough to sense and detect the beating of one's heart, the rate at which it is going with a single beat, and the ability to distinguish between heartbeats in a crowded area.

Additionally, while, technically not bypassing any weaknesses, Akihiko's ability to see inanimate objects with the utilization of Kenbunshoku Haki enables him to simply converse with the aura reflections of the ground and area around him in order to learn and predict the trajectory of otherwise "unpredictable attacks", seemingly avoiding all forms of damage with the utmost of ease, as for example the targets will be immediately avoided due to the fact that the mechanism which enables Haki wielders to bounce their fists off a wall and hit his assailant will simply not work. Due to his Haki detecting the angle at which the fists are coming back in precisely as well as the object's readings telling Akihiko the trajectory of other attacks, effectively nothing is random to Akihiko any longer.

  • Kenbunshoku Haki:In- Akihiko, by utilizing the fact that his Kenbunshoku Haki sees his aura as light, is capable of concealing his life-force to the point he becomes incredibly hard to detect by other wielders of Kenbunshoku Haki, though a user of the same type of Haki with similar prowess has a higher chance of actually detecting him.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku Haki, or the ability for one to generate an incredibly powerful aura around oneself, usually for defensive purposes, though at times also for offensive purposes, is yet another field that Akihiko proves himself incredibly talented in, almost as much as he is in the art of the utilization of Kenbunshoku Haki, as Akihiko is quite skilled in utilizing this to combat Devil Fruit wielding users, among others. Through the application of Busoshoku Haki, Akihiko gains the ability to generate what is effectively a tremendously powerful shield that protects and bolsters his personal durability to incredible heights, heights considered to be so mind-numbing that it is said that his regular applications of Busoshoku Haki as an invisible force rival the darker colouration of less powerful yet skillful practitioners of Haki wielders, even from the New World, and has demonstrated the ability to utilize this power to constantly protect himself from any and all forms of his damage he may have perceived with his uncanny Kenbunshoku Haki. This armour, naturally being aura, also is directly sent to his body and toughens his naturally denser fibres than most humans, augmenting his physical prowess even further apart from the bestowal of the quasi-mystical properties of this form of Haki. Akin to an enchanted armour, Akihiko is known for taking vast amounts of injuries that seemingly never stop coming towards him.

However, it appears to Akihiko that while Kenbunshoku Haki's power is the power to observe, Busoshoku Haki is the power to weaponize or augment that which may or may not be considered a weapon, something that Akihiko has clearly made use of. By expanding a large amount of Busoshoku Haki from his body during combat, Akihiko enables himself to tap into the vast reserves of Busoshoku Haki he has currently flowing around his body at will, and by practicing this technique, enables him to instantaneously erect a defense of Busoshoku Haki on reflex, as his ability to accumulate Busoshoku Haki only grew further as he progressed in his journey throughout the oceans.

Utilizing his unmatched prowess over his natural aura so far, Akihiko constantly demonstrates the power to focus his aura in specific parts of his body. Examples of such tremendous prowess come in the form of Akihiko's ability to flow aura through his own circulatory system throughout his body as if it was his blood, and literally have Haki flow through his veins, a unique technique that unlike most applications of Busoshoku Haki which focus on forming the armor around the body, Akihiko instead becomes the armour himself, his entire body completely hardening without showing the signs of this form of Haki to begin with, as well as forcing his internal body systems to work on a level far beyond what they might have ever worked at before, and instead of having the Haki quasi-mystically augment his striking prowess, Akihiko causes it to actually modify his physical attributes and characteristics, displaying an actual enhanced musculature, respiratory, and circulatory system, resulting in strength and speed levels said to be near unstoppable, a mere finger swipe causing the effects of his previous punches, and with an actual punch causing the air around him to compress extremely quickly and heat up as well as cause the wind to produce an incredible shockwave of even grander proportions than prior, having shockwaves be seen from across an island. Akihiko can then recoat the external portion of his body in Busoshoku Haki, allowing him to then destroy his foes with both of the attributes of the internal and external styles of this Haki form, strengthening not only his inner systems but also his outer systems.

Anything imbued with Busoshoku Haki gains the ability to strike enormously harder than it could before, and is magnified by the potency of one's Haki to begin with, as Akihiko's arms impact the air at such a force they cause friction and at times on impact with is opponent, immense levels of combustion, especially when considering the fact that force is also dependent on acceleration and momentum on velocity, as an incredibly potent combination of a firestorm, windstorm and an explosion erupts at the point of impact of Akihiko's attacks. Alternatively, Akihiko can project this Haki in front of him, erecting an incredibly powerful barrier to cover him from all angles, as well as guarding others at the time. However, Akihiko is also capable of projecting his Haki downwards, creating an invisible platform to allow him more angles to utilize his power of Geppo on, a technique of Rokushiki. In addition, also in an evolution of a Rokushiki technique, Akihiko is capable of gaining and channeling his aura to a point on his body, for example his finger, and then release an immensely powerful swarm of energy that attacks and even seemingly eviscerates whatever it impacts, a technique he jokingly referred to as Spirit Cannon, a technique which should perhaps be called the Flying Shigan. By injecting his Busoshoku into the area around him, Akihiko can generate a similar presence of aura to his own for the sake of naught but intimidation and escapism, but he has consistenly proven that he can do much more than simply that. By utlizing this invisible force and shaping it to suit his desires, Akihiko is capable of generating a vast arsenal of invisible weaponry, from kunai to full blown swords, generating a large channel of aura in between his arms, and with enough concentration, can cause it to become a solid blade seemingly inherently capable of cutting through any and all forms of Devil Fruit based defenses. However

As Haki is directly dependent on the power of one's ambition, a concept on which it is based on and thrives upon, Akihiko is capable of creating masses of Haki which he then infuses his ambition within, technically conquering the masses, though more giving them the ambition and will to fight, and causing them to take up arms, the true power of Busoshoku Haki. As Busoshoku Haki's true purpose is the infusion of one's ambition to the environment around them, Akihiko is capable of effectively creating powers that allow him to generate spiritual weaponry utilizing Kenbunshoku Haki to guide the flow of his aura perfectly. Most, however, can simply only utilize this Haki with the ability to infuse the particular ambition of helping them win a specific fight, a power that results in things only becoming more durable and strengthening, etc. But by imbuing an object with the desire to simply assist in combat, Akihiko can for example, turn water solid under the power of his Busoshoku Haki, trapping the water within his spiritual armor and walking on it like nothing ever happened and as if he was not a Devil Fruit user, as well as seemingly more minor abilities such as applying a blast of Busoshoku Haki in opposition to his opponent's limbs to halt their movements. Additionally

But wait, there's more,Akihiko can also utilize his uncanny ability to see aura to attack extremely precisely, and for example, Akihiko can condense all of his Busoshoku Haki going into a particular impact into one singular area, allowing him to, for example, stop his opponent's heart by projecting and the concentrating the force of Busoshoku Haki ahead of him, and while blast or beam like attacks are possible and have been demonstrated by Akihiko, some of the truth of Akihiko's Devil Fruit negating Busoshoku Haki prowess will be revealed in his Rokushiki section, and it is suspected that should Akihiko reveal the ability to channel Haoshoku Haki, his threat level will only increase from there on out, as Akihiko's power, intellect, and propensity to combine his abilities proves amazing.

  • Busoshoku Haki:Asura- Akihiko, as a master of manipulating the flow of his aura due to his incredible perception of his aura to begin with, Akihiko can expand the size of his invisible armour at will, before generating a formation which appears to be almost exactly like those of his arms with the invisible force, which he then solidifies, producing an extremely powerful technique that Akihiko refers to only as Asura,not even saying the type of Haki used to create it to begin with, the size of these arm constructs being truly colossal, almost as if he was becoming a Bodhisatta of surprising devotion. This ability enables Akihiko to accomplish what he considers a miracle of combat, the attack rate and speed of consecutive attacks far beyond that which any two-armed combatant could possibly hope to achieve, te technique often allowing him to overpower even those thought to be a great deal stronger than him, as well as pretty much as greatly bolster his actual superhuman physical strength.
  • Buso-Kenbunshoku Haki: Sitting Duck- As Busoshoku Haki is the ability to condense and imbue one's aura into inanimate objects or one's body, Akihiko is capable of applying his Busoshoku Haki on nearby objects, before utilizing the resulting increase in aura concentration to see utilizing Kenbunshoku Haki, extending the range of his vision to even further heights, often considered terrifying, as even if Akihiko may not be able to track a target usually, which is perhaps the rarest occasion he has run into, he can sense them based off, for example, a slight amount of Busoshoku Haki placed on their clothing, with the reflection and imprints eventually touching their skin, marking them in his eyes. This means anything that Akihiko places his Haki into can be used as a conduit for his Kenbunshoku Haki, a technique that makes him truly dangerous indeed.

Haoshoku HakiEdit

The rarest form of Haki and the Haki hid under spiritual enlightenment that one can only naturally possess by birth, Haoshoku Haki refers to the spiritual awareness and enlightenment of kings and conquerors, only possessed by a special few the universe believes are worthy of such incredible power, one in several million people. As a young man who considers himself at bare minimum as a man who has the self-perceived title as a Prince of the Sea, Akihiko's usage and manifestation of this Haki are directly linked to and confirms his belief that he has truly royal qualities, allowing him to impose his will on that others. Truly possessing the spirit of a Conqueror, Akihiko has continuously demonstrated the ability to treat all who come up against him and those who dare to oppose him as the inferior beings that they are for going up against his crew, demonstrating to them that what they are battling against is, in fact, a King and his family.

Similarly to many of those who possess this power, Akihiko does not come from a family of royalty, but rather, is currently determined to make a family of such royalty. Akihiko, while known to be quite generous to those who do not wrong him, as well as those he deems to be generally good, is far more merciless with those who either wrong him, or anything he considers his family, or his Kingdom. This is expanded to and includes each and every member of his crew, the pirate vessel built for him by "Black Metal" Nathan; brother of a member of his crew, his homeland, and his territories. As the "Prince of the Seas", Akihiko sees it as his duty to actively punish those who would dare defile his Kingdom, an action which has resulted in his awakening of Haoshoku Haki in the past.

Due to the very nature of Haoshoku Haki not being the power of a mere king, but that of a warring king or conqueror, in the current day there has been a great misconception as to the true nature of this power of Conquerors. As mentioned prior in Akihiko's Kenbunshoku Haki section, in this world, every living being has a unique aura. However, the aura of every living being comes in three natural shades, or colours, akin to the three primary colours that form the basis for all visible colours. Each individual has a special mix of these three colours, with many not having the third primary colour at all, something which, much like the colours of the regular senses, makes the entity a secondary, or tertiary colour. These shades are based on the nature of the being possessing this aura in question, their nature defining their auric hue. With the line between king and warring king being so close, many individuals portraying the nature of a conqueror never live up to their full potential. Haoshoku Haki is the mythical third primary colour, and is a power meant to be used specifically for conquest.

Whilst one can use their power for quelling an internal conflict or rebellion, or for disciplinary action, what great conquest lies there? "Conquering" one's own people is no true conquest. No, this power is the inherent right of a conqueror to conquer in the first place, to force others into submission and expand his personal territory. In fact, to test the worthiness and tenacity of an ally in the position of a ruler, the captain sometimes may release a quick burst of Haki to determine whether or not the individual possesses the fortitude to resist the force of a conqueror/invasion. Akihiko is not a king, but a vanquisher, who aspires to become an Emperor. One's empire, at least in the mind of Akihiko, does not need to be a dictatorship, but rather a large area which supports you and your beliefs entirely.

From a very young age, Akihiko was known to be an exceedingly charismatic figure, easily riling up the children or the people in his village, and becoming a figure known to all. Indeed, this was exactly how a child of such common heritage could rise up the ranks of popularity within his village and among his own people to be regarded as one of the Kingdom's two golden children. As if the invested ruler of his little village, Akihiko went around, often surveying his land blindfolded due to the active practice of Kenbunshoku Haki, something not many knew about, and therefore assumed that the young lad simply had supernatural powers. Uniquely enlightened from the moment of his birth, Akihiko would take care of the surrounding populace, encouraging them to come to him with their problems, as well as simply talk about their situation. As a result, Akihiko was considered a friend of everyone in the village, and upon becoming an adult, would become a viable candidate for the ruler of the Dorado after the death of the current, more sickly leader. As if running surveys on his subjects, this would continue for a while, inspiring others with his knightly generosity. In fact, especially due to his chivalrous nature, if one were to think of Akihiko within the village, many considered him to be more of an incredibly young knight based on legend, as his maganimity firned the very definiion of nobility. As a result, it is this very same chivalric nature that Akihiko subconsciously believes makes him capable as a King, and this nature that allows him to find the strength to punish those who go against that which he has built.

During the attack on his village by the Marine Organization, the young lad would watch in horror as the village he created was destroyed, caught ablaze in a siege sanctioned by the persons he formerly held as persons he wished to be like when he was younger, the World Government. Infuriated, and forgetting of his own powerlessness, going so far as to ignore that fact as naught but a young child, a superhuman child but still a child nonetheless, he stormed directly to a Marine ship, an overwhelming sense of duty overtaking him as he desired to protect that which he called home, that which he called his own. In fact, a sigh of relief could be heard as Akihiko marched through the village, only to find out that it was his parents, among other marines, who would do such a thing. However, the young lad was having none of it, easily attaining his first kill while driven by a rage and grief ofprecognitive properties, throwing a spear he had practiced with before over some distance while hiding, his childhood friends supporting him along the way. However, as the Marines came closer to his position, Akihiko revealed in utter panic the ability to halt the advances of mere men, the ability to defend his Kingdom, albeit temporarily. his new drive to protect his friends vastly supplemented the perhaps normally weaker will of a child, enabling him to knock out several Marines in his area, though even Akihiko himself had no idea what exactly it was that he had just done. Regardless of the fact that he would later reluctantly join the Marines, it was this power that would truly render him a force to be reckoned with as his inner conqueror would have him break free of the World Government's shackles.

Concealing his ability to manipulate such a power when "in" the Marines lest the World Government might use him as a weapon, Akihiko slowly developed his prowess.  While at first, Akihiko had the traditional will of a Bagnaran child pre-incident, the will to become a Marine (and even then he showed incredible levels of determination, sucking up knowledge at rates that would put even the most advanced of scholars of shame due to how much he was to determined to learn), or an upholder of justice and put his Kingdom on the map, the young Bagnaran would have never awakened his true kingly powers without this tragic occurrence. However, it was not till he established a position as a Marine Captain did his life become clear to him, that what he wanted from a young age was to conquer. When so young and so idealistic it was easy to believe what the Marines did was conquer pirates and destroy them, but after coming of age Akihiko realized that they were just servants defending another man's Kingdom. Further learning that his nature was never to become a Marine, but something different,  Akihiko realized the true flaw in becoming a Marine. The difference, between a Marine and a Pirate, was that the Marine defends another group's kingdom, another group's systems, their practices; a Pirate builds his own Kingdom and defends his own.

To have someone join a Pirate crew is to have one be accepting of your Kingdom and the ideals of your Kingdom, and a statement that one would be willing to live in your Kingdom. In a burst of Haoshoku, Akihiko immediately dropped his current Marine facade and stole a Marine vessel, desirous of rebuilding a new Kingdom. As of right now, Akihiko demonstrates the traits of being a true King, rather than a tyrant, (sentence to be finished in a minor edit. Move sentence while at it.). With the latter having appealed to Akihiko from his childhood, Akihiko named the crew both after his foster brother's play crew and this epiphany. As skilled as Akihiko is in his other forms of Haki, he is similarly skilled in this one, accomplishing amazing feats such as combining this incredibly potent form of Haki with his lights in order to conquer the mind in vastly more versatile manners than the regular usage of this would allow.

While those who know the story of the Baganara Kingdom would be of the belief that the Regal Pirate's Helios has simply been building the empire of his brother, Akihiko is instead building their empire, his empire being one that he believes his foster siblings would accept, being one of liberty, fraternity, and equality, creating an empire of freedom, a prospering utopia (or the closest thing possible) under his watch. This is something which perhaps screams of toGreat Kingdom those who know the full extent of his ambition. The World Government has attempted to bring about order, and has failed, is failing, and will continue to fail. As such, Akihiko has founded a crew to rectify the complicated situation.

Having made his plans for conquest before even crossing the Grand Line, Akihiko, son of Marines, has demonstrated the unique capacity to see conquest on a much larger scale. Conquest, is not simply the procurement of territory from other bonafide pirate crews, the World Government, or any other faction. Conquest, is the vanquishing of former control and the erection of newly established command through force, on a total level. This includes the economic, social, military and territorial aspects of a given society. However, Akihiko believes in a thing known as noble conquest, and for the most part will not conquer lest he is spurred on to by an individual hailing from the territory, or by seeing first-hand a situation he considers reproachable. Fuelled by a desire to start what would appear to be a personal empire free of the influence that the World Government possesses whilst being full of willing inhabitants, it would appear that Akihiko's ambitions go beyond simply being a King, but creating a powerful empire that will be chronicled in the sands of time themselves. Members of his crew are those who believe that his ambitions will come to fruition and will fight tooth and nail for these ambitions to be realized, the most esteemed and privileged members of his new society, individuals who helped found it. As his crew expands, an ever-increasing number of persons pledge their allegiance to such a man, slowly expanding his empire. For a true Conqueror cannot sit idly by and guard another man's Kingdom without attempting to expand it themselves, or cannot simply consider himself satisfied or content with merely removing the presence of the World Government. The captain of a crew who's individual power, skill, influence, and at times status makes them capable of being considered royalty, if not bonafide royalty to begin with, Akihiko in turn must demonstrate such a power to rule and conquer.

Akihiko has demonstrated the ability to use his potent will to dominate the will of other creatures, causing them to fall beneath him and grovel at his feet, dominating the wildest of animals and subjugating them, as well as other people. In fact, as the precursor to his light and Haki combination, Akihiko at first demonstrated the incredible ability to use his Haki to control the level to which it affects the opponent, as well as use Kenbunshoku Haki to see exactly how much Haoshoku Haki is required, allowing him to effectively turn those in his presence not unconscious, but dominate their wills to an extent where not much needs to be said in order to force them to listen to his command. By releasing his Haoshoku Haki to sufficient levels, Akihiko can release an aura of overpowering royalty, forcing opponents with a will too weak to fight against it to treat him as a King, listening to his every word and every command. With the utterance of a single phrase, Akihiko is known for having once convinced an entire ship of Marines to jump overboard in the name of their "King", and can even choose exactly who he wishes to direct his Haoshoku Haki towards.

This Haki is a manifestation of his indomitable will, and Akihiko is known to apply this to safeguard his mind from the temptations of others. However, all of this is fun and games assuming a lesser willed individual has not sufficiently pissed Akihiko off. For if one has, they should perhaps be prepared to face the consequences, as Akihiko consistently demonstrates the ability to utilize just enough Haki to cause an effect that can only be described as will shattering, possessing a Haki so utterly powerful that no longer does it simply dominate, but if continuously applied and focused on an individual in tandem with Akihiko's own natural levels of killing intent, shatters their will in a similar manner to the Negative Hollows of the Horu Horu No Mi. Easily smashing apart objects in his presence by simply releasing bursts of his Haoshoku Haki, Akihiko has also proven to be capable of developing different effects for those who willingly submitted to him, to begin with, as well as release waves of Haoshoku Haki on an enormous level that seemingly causes the very skies to tremble. This level of Haki has even stopped projectile attacks from heading his way, though with the downside of potentially damaging or rendering unconscious those around him.

Training on Karate Island in the arts of meditation related to his desire to master the martial art that he most proficiently utilizes, Akihiko has proven to gain such incredible skill with the natural manipulation of his spiritual energies and their capabilities that he has demonstrated the ability to dominate himself, or rather, dominate and clear his mind of his ego, subjugating every part of his body under one will and goal. With this, Akihiko's thought's become extremely clear and his mind becomes even more accepting of everything going on around him on a level that appears to be completely ridiculous, his body taking in full sensory information despite being in constant motion, not even losing a beat. It is said that this particular technique involves him taking on the true selflessness of a good King, as without his ego, Akihiko can now properly fight without him holding himself back, increasing his already phenomenal skill with Haki to levels both untold and unknown, as with the power of his Haki to begin with it is considered extremely terrifying, to the point most dismiss this particular application as a potential ability of Akihiko's, but it is as real as any, and its full-scale is still unknown, even by himself.

His Haki is known to be powerful enough to effect his aura, which allows him to  (To be continued).


Akihiko possesses quite the amazing bit of intellect, harnessed from years of snooping up on and extracting information from the Marine Organization and World Government on everything from history, to sciences, to even the secrets of the ease of Marine navigation. As a former Marine Captain, Akihiko is quite accustomed to the military strategies and ways of thinking of his opponents, the Marines, and how they would regularly react to most Pirates, and is even aware of whatever forms of experimentation that the Marines may be up to. From knowing where the Marines keep and store their food outside of the Headquarters as well as even learning how to cross the Grand Line safely without ever touching Reverse Mountain, having his crew build a ship with a concealed base of seastone to allow for safe travel through the Grand Line in a manner that avoids all Sea Kings and unnecessary beasts. Time after time, Akihiko has proven to know some small obscure bit of information, and at times, such a quality has proved advantageous and has actually led him to earn victories against numbers and more powerful opponents. Akihiko's intellect in fact is so vast that he can detect the power of Haoshoku Haki in persons by simply observing their personalities or backgrounds until they match up with what he expects, though admittedly it is nor always correct, and even at times guess the talent and future heights of persons he faces accurately, determining whether or not they should be killed there and then. In addition, Akihiko is also capable of seemingly utilizing any weapon he places his hands on.

To top it all of however, and what makes the world truly admire his intellect, is his knowledge of exactly how Devil Fruits work on an intimate level, from all of their powers to their weaknesses and to even the categorizations and relative rarity of each category of Devil Fruit, and more specifically, his own, Akihiko's Devil Fruit as light itself and how light itself works. Knowing an extreme amount about light and how light actually works, this makes Akihiko incredibly talented with the usage of his Fruit, for several reasons detailed in his Devil Fruit section.

Scientific ProwessEdit

Akihiko, possessing incredible intelligience, specilaiizes in the arts of science, including medicine, biology and anatomy, as well as physics. Capable of utilizing this great knowledge to revolutionary effect, Akihiko was known to be capable of treating patients while he was as young as eight, as well as learning the types of medicines to give his parents from strange situations when they came home, vastly expanding his knowledge. However, through studying quite a bit of the sea itself, Akihiko learned all about a vast number of the medical condiitons and deficencies one was likely to fall to without the necessary care, such as scurvy and other well known diseases, things that could quite easily wipe out an entire crew when combined with how active and aggressive a life of piracy truly was. Having his knowledge shine in several areas, Akihiko has demonstrated the ability to create incredible powers out of that of his own Devil Fruit, enabling him to accomplish such incredible feats like utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum in combat, as welll as harnessing the colour of his lights with his ability to conquer to create incredibly potent mind-warping effects in the hearts and minds of those who observe them, and is known for seeing the "feelings" of body parts, allowing him to detect injuries his crew might face, which ten enables him to heal them with incredible accuracy, even perceiving the danger that might come to his friends if he might do an incorrect action, enabling him to pull off what would appear to be the most perfect of surgeries and stitch up persons incredibly quickly, apart from being able to constantly keep them revitalized with his incredible powers over light. However, he usually lets his medical talent fall backstage to specialized doctor of the crew, only coming to help when they require additional assistance as their powers of revitalization are in fact even more powerful than his own.





No, we're not just friends, we're a family. Now c'mere.
— Akihiko to the first two members of his crew, pulling them in for a hug.
There are many strong reasons for Akihiko becoming a pirate, but most memorable is the fact that he no longer held the Marines in such a fine light, and that his family or adopted siblings who had suspicions about Marine behaviour were killed suddenly. It was quite terrifying to observe of course, but Akihiko would gain such a level of hate for the Marines that he would subject himself into their organization, only to learn some of the deepest secrets of the Marines. When he left, Akihiko took the hopes and dreams of everyone that died with him, combining the lingering feeling of vengeance and "justice" that his people had felt the desire to become a pirate of Michael, his youngest brother, as he began to believe that the only justice one actually had existed in liberation, with Pirates being perhaps the freest individuals on the seas, not restricted by any laws or rules of the World Government.

Upon the formation of his crew, Akihiko has always treated each individual member as if they were both his friends and his family, enjoying himself and having a good time with them like a Peace Main Captain, Akihiko is deeply infatuated with the crew, treating them as the family that he had lost for an extended period of time, and is known as the captain of the crew for putting himself in incredibly dangerous situations to protect a member of his crew, taking on an entire crew of New Worlders by himself to save a certain young blonde-lad from captivity, obliterating their crew members, taking the boy back to his ship, while simultaneously robbing them for the sake of adding insult to injury before they could even blink their eyes for simply a second. Having no real favourites amongst his crew, though there is definitely some amount of chemistry between him and his fellow Golden Child (as well as many other people for them both), Akihiko is considered to be an impartial Captain and disputes amongst the crew are often brought before him to be settled as head of the family. The head of the family, though not exactly a father to any member of the Crew in any sense, simply to some extent a role model and trailblazing sibling, Akihiko has for all intents and purposes revived the spirit of his past friendship and embedded it into the crew. Akihiko is known for dancing and partying along with his crew when there is a chance for great jubilation, as well as give insight into their techniques and powers and methods for improving them.

Believing that one day his crew will cause ripples across the face of the waters, Akihiko has complete faith in his crew and has an apt knowledge of their capabilities, at times being greater than their own, allowing him to plan and strategize accordingly.


The two individuals that for the most part, destroyed his childhood and indirectly molded him into the person he would become, Akihiko now hates his parents, and now consequently the Marines due to his parents blindly following the orders fo the Marines, who immediately went into the hiding as quickly as they heard of their son's defection from the Marine Organization, fearing for their own lives. While Akihiko, in fact, knows where they are, Akihiko has chosen not to pursue them further than he already has on his past occasions, only leaving them injured and hopefully to rot away.






  • Inspiration for Akihiko's incredible mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki is a derivative of Daredevil, a Netflix show that the author should probably get back to binging, and a singular application is based on an advanced technique of Nen, a similar concept in the show Hunter X Hunter to Haki in general, so much so that several techniques from such a universe can be applied to Haki if elaborated on sufficiently.
  • Akihiko's appearance is based on an artistic rendition of the Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and while not done intentionally, some portion of his origins, as well as his incredible charisma and perceived handsomeness is a derivative of that.
  • The names of several lore related concepts in Akihiko's backstory are directly taken from concepts and locations related to the author's home country, as the author's home country itself has been indirectly referenced by the plot line of One Piece, and the author thought it would be interesting to put in quite a bit more information. While Bagnara refers to an Italian municipality, Akihiko's home kingdom came from an Island Resort, situated amongst 365 islands within a single river, and has also derived a bit of it's epithet from this basis. However, the concept of the Dorado came more from the fact that the author's country was said to formerly be the home of the fabled treasure known as El Dorado, the City of Gold, as explorers homed in on the particular country as time went by. This City of Gold, referenced both in the One Piece: Gold film, as well as in the story of Montblanc Norland, formed the basis for the name of the lands of the Kingdom, said to be quite rich and similarly perceived as lucrative. The waters are named the Osimiri due to the presence of the Urusirima village, and the author basically just played with the sounds of the village name to make the Osimiri (which, apparently happens to be a real river).
  • The author of this page would like to have you believe that the inspiration for this character did not come from Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. but that'd be a lie. The author admits that the song is perhaps the character's theme song.
    • "I'm burnin' through the sky yeah
      Two hundred degrees
      That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
      I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
      I wanna make a supersonic man out of you"


  1. Operation: Elbaf:Akihiko can be seen in his element, winking at random women, potentially from a different crew inside the bar.
  2. Polarized Light:Akihiko demonstrates the ability to fully perceive Sakura Kingdom over quite some distance, as well as the emnations of various forms of EMR, the same radiation that makes up solar radiation.
  3. Polarized Light:Akihiko casually employs Geppo in a conversation with the future navigator of his crew over the Drum Rockies.

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