Chosuchi Akimichi
Name Chosuchi Akimichi
Romanji Akimichi Chosuchi
Personal Status
Birthdate November 14
Age 31
Gender male
Height 181
Weight 24000 kg
Blood Type B-
Hometown Konoha Island
Home Sea North Blue
Affiliation Stripes and Stars Pirates
Previous Affiliation Akimichi Family


Chosuchi is an abnormality among the akimichi, as most of them are quite rotund. His skinniness is directly a result of a unique mutation that was extremely rare among the akimichi that caused his reserves of fat to compact to extreme densities. This results in him being able to weigh more than virtually any other ninja in existence without having to deal with all the fat flopping around, as it is all concentrated in thin layers around his body.

Overall in looks his heritage is obvious, with the Akimichi's red hair and strength. He weights in at around 24 metric tons, and is roughly 6 feet tall. His body has the look of someone much thinner than he would normally at that weight. He tends to run around in a white suit with gold trim., with his dark red hair hanging loosely around his back. In times of war he drops the jacket for a much cheaper suit with Konoha's standard flak jacket modified with Anbu bracers.


Chosuchi is a jovial man by nature. To an outside man, he might seem carefree, but to the few who know him well, know just how carefree he can be. As a rule, he only does work when he absolutely has to, and rarely becomes serious no matter how dark the situation is. His entire life's philosophy can be summed up by him simply enjoying it as it comes to him. He wishes merely to be able to enjoy the peaceful times with his crew and family. On missions he acts slightly more seriously, being somewhat careful solely in regard to his crewmates. He doesn't really bother to be careful with himself, as his sheer durability makes him essentially immune to all but the most dangerous of traps.

His use of the ton-ton fruit to move around has done things to him besides make him lighter, it also has made him lazy when not training. He doesn't have to worry about carrying his massive weight, meaning he doesn't have to expend much if any effort, which translates into his carefree nature.

That being said, threaten either of those things and Chosuchi is not someone you want to be around. The last time someone seriously threatened his crew or family, he spent nearly a month tracking them down. He won't back down, he won't hold back, and he won't show mercy.


Chosuchi was born to one Choji Akimichi and his newlywed wife Kurotsuchi roughly 19 years after the acension of the king of pirates along with his twin sister Chieko Akimichi. The couple, having only been married for 6 months at the time of his birth, had chosen to remain on the island Konoha with Choji's family versus going to her home kingdom as Kurotsuchi was the granddaughter of a neighboring island's king. Despite the hurried circumstances, the Akimichi were a noble clan within their own island culture. This made the marriage unorthodox, but not a loss of honor for Kurotsuchi.

Chosuchi was a rambuncious young lad, always finding some way to get into trouble or into the family's well stocked larder. However, unlike the other Akimichi children, he did not grow fat. He would eat and eat and yet never get larger. His weight would go up, but his body stayed as skinny as the day he was born. After looking through the Nara Family's, a friendly noble family on the same island, Encyclopedia they discovered he had an extremely rare mutation that was latent in the Akimichi clan. Roughly once every ten generations a child was born who would not grow fat. Their body fat would end up incredibly dense and layer tightly around their body, leaving them skinny but still perfectly capable of using their family heirloom fighting style.

Since his body was unable to grow to a significant width, Chosuchi was free to gorge himself as he pleased, as the balance between fatness and skinniness that was required of the Akimichi in order to be an effective soldier did not exist for him. To help him train with his weight, his mother gave him a Devil Fruit, This would allow him to move as if he was much lighter than he actually was, but also to use his own weight as strength training when he needed to. Under this regime he graduated the base . His skill with weaponry was also decent, albeit nothing to brag about. He was a phenomenal success on his early missions, his strength based speed allowing him to complete any d-ranked task almost effortlessly. While he weighed in at around 500 pounds by this time, due to his lightened rock technique his weight seemed like it was no more than fifty pounds. However he obsessively trained his body, leaving him able to walk at even the added weight rock technique. This made his fifty pounds seem like he was almost weightless. He was not only quick but incredibly strong as well.

He went through, and passed, the the final testing to become a soldier of his kingdom at the age of 12, relying on both his durability inherited from his bodies adaptations from his weight and his physical capability more so than his Devil Fruit's abilities. His father was concerned on this, and chosuchi had his training regiment switched from simply bodily training, and more to the familiarization of his abilities.

His weight had skyrocketed again during this period, leaving him at around 7000 kilograms, which lead to the construction of a specifically designed building in order to house him, as no normal furniture or flooring could support him without the use of the lightened rock technique, which with that entire branch of techniques, he became so proficient at it was essentially a second nature.

He achieved the rank of Senior Guardsmen by the age of 19, and took on numerous missions at this rank. He was simply the vanguard of every team, as his body's natural durability let him walk into even the most dangerous of rooms with out the slightest worry. His skin was incredibly tough and the rest of his body was even tougher.


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