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The Marines are known to be the good guys? wrong. In this world, the good and bad people of the world aren't decided by us humans, they are decided by the actions we do. How can people just think that the Marines hunt pirates, so they are heroes. Whatever has driven the Government to a state like this, Whatever had created the horrendous tortures I have seen, they are only done by the actions of people.

Burning Dragon Bryan, best to shorten to Aluburn, is a pirate that travels across the entire oceans. He has eaten the rare Cilva Cilva fruit, a move that alters the human force and gravitational movement, although the Devil Fruit powers and abilities aren't very well explained. He is the main antagonist in The Sword's Shadow. Bryan is confirmed to have been hitting one of the Celestial Dragons, so his bounty would have gone up, but this currently stands as Unknown. He use to be a cult leader for the cult The Dark D., which the D. in the cult name means dimension.


Alburna D. Bryan wears a brown jacket over a white shirt. He has red hair and has a weird hairstyle. He is very tall and has many different features, such as his piercing red eyes. The picture of him right now is a smiling kind, when he is happy to see his friends alive and well. There are times when he shows his true feelings to the world and what he thinks of the people. Alburna sometimes wears blue to show what he thinks of the oceans, but he always sticks with his jacket, because of how much the jacket means to him.


He often comes out with a nice attitude, talking politely to everyone around him. This may seem like something positive, but inside is a hatred to the World Government and the Gorosei who commands them. Bryan will always kill mercilessly to those who appreciate their governors. Bryan secretly works for the Revolutionary Army, who opposes the World and wants to change. Bryan always has this depressed sadness on his face as he kills someone, even against the people he hate. He thinks that life is horrible in this world, and when good things arise, the government will ruin them. Bryan always knows that the government has gone corrupt, so has the Navy. His attitude and determination will always stay the same.


Bryan came from a family in the South Blue. But when he became 3, he got lost and was taken in by the Navy. There, at the Marine HQ, he experienced what the marines were doing, and what they have become. Escaping from the HQ, Bryan vowed to take down all those with the World Government. Bryan has used to live with his two older sisters and his younger brother, Alburna D. Celica and Alburna D. Maelstream, plus their nice mother, Rose G. Spring. There is also the younger brother, who is called Alburna D. Orios. Bryan's father is a wide mystery, who left before even Bryan was born. His sisters and his mother has always said he was a good man, but kept a secret from him. Almost all of his family have red hair except for his mother, who has black hair.

Red hair Alburna D. Celica

Devil FruitEdit

Although the meaning is the sound of Moving Force and the type is not yet confirmed, the Cilva Cilva Fruit is a mysterious fruit that alters the forces of a human and the human's gravitational pull on the Earth's surface. The Devil Fruit was named after a person who saved Bryan, and who died long ago, because there are no records of what the fruit is really called. The fruit has the powers,as said before, to alter the forces and movement of people, so this power can push others back. Some people even think that the fruit has similar powers to those of the Ope Ope no Mi, but the way this is used is a bit different. Bryan has never actually used the Devil fruit powers before, because after being in the Navy for so long, he learnt to use the Six Powers and Haki.

Impact Fall: This move is used by blocking a punch, then pushes the attacker back using force, altering their body movement.


Bryan's impact fall

Six PowersEdit

Stated by a Marine, Bryan is said to have mastery over all of the Six Powers. Although these abilities are from the World Government, they have been of a lot of use. After escaping from the Navy, marine soldiers complained to the government that the Doriki of Bryan is large, and he will become a threat to the Navy. Bryan was taught Six Powers by a Vice Admiral, who had cared for him while he trained in the Navy. People called Bryan a monster, because after he saw what the Vice Admirals and the others were doing, he killed the Vice Admiral who had cared for him so much, then he escaped, not shedding a single tear. The use of of the Six Powers works well against Haki users, and gives a better advantage against Devil Fruit users.

Story of the Burning DragonEdit

Back before, everything had gone down, back when the Navy took me in, this is my tale. When I washed ashore of some island I didn't know, a marine saw me, then took me in. I remember seeing the face of him, arguing with someone whether to throw me out or not. Either way, I was already knowing what death felt like. The Marine soldier cared for me through out my years, and until I became 5 years of age, he was already a Vice Admiral. He didn't stop caring for me, and sooner, as I reached 7, he taught me how to use Haki. I was a kid at the time, but learning Haki took 2 and a half years. As I grew 10, he taught me the Six Powers. I remember his smiling face, talking about how he only knew 4 of them. I learnt the other two by myself, Shigan and Soru. I learned the Six Powers so easily, that all the other marines were a bit afraid. Some relaxed as my caretaker told them I was going to use my powers for the good of the people. He was wrong, very wrong. Throughout two years, he taught me how to fight, and trained me to become strong. I thought working for the Navy was going to be great. When that day happened, everything I knew of him fell apart. I remember him telling me he was going to clean up some mess, which I thought was yard duty or something. I waited for a bit in his office, but then I sensed two lifeforms, then they disappeared. I walked to where I last sensed them, and was shocked at what I had seen. My caretaker was with a few soldiers, who were standing in a pool of blood, two elderly men were slumped on the ground. I ran back, scared at what I saw, trying to think that was an illusion. No, that was no illusion. At dinner, when I tried forgetting that scene, two soldiers walked past me. They talked about how two elderly men needed something to eat, and then they said how my caretaker killed them both. I suddenly realized the truth. I ran into his room, searching through his notes. I cried when I saw " Execute elders" at the back of his sheet. I turned around, he was standing there, arms crossed. " Someday, you will be doing something like that", he said, smiling, like that mission was a dream job. Through my anger, I had killed him. Before he could react, I put out my finger to him, then used Finger Pistol at him. He was hit in the chest, spitting out blood. He looked at me, angry, then kicked me in the stomach. I felt nothing, and didn't even fall back, because that was nothing compared to what the two elders has suffered. I jabbed my finger to his forehead, not giving him enough time to look, then fired as many finger pistols as I could. The once I knew man, who I thought was the nicest man I have ever met, was instantly slayed. I ran across the hall, ignoring the people I passed, killing all those who tried to stop me. I should have never came here. That was how I escaped the Navy, then after something like that, I found my own crew. This is the Burning Dragon story of why he hates the World Government. His name is Warhorn Cilva, and he was my hero, the man I looked up to.

The Dark D.Edit

A group of only 8 people, the cult contains Alburna D. Bryan and Alburna D. Celica, a group with goals and members are currently unknown, because all the meetings are attended by wearing masks at a hidden place. Bryan used to be the cult leader of this group, when one of the members thought that Bryan was too soft on the government people. Wager Rygor was then appointed as the new leader. Formed by Bryan, there is only one suspicion of what their goal is. To take down World Government and all of the people with the in Marijoa. Alburna D. Celica joined the group after they had 4 members. Bryan has mentioned that most of the people who joined the Dark D. are powerful devil fruit users, so only a few people will be revealed in Bryan's history.


The ship Millenium Red sailed across the seas, the jolly roger flailing everywhere. Bryan stood there, watching as the waves passed by the ship. You sad or something? a voice said. Zaking Alvin walked over. Bryan nodded, then asked if Valenta was still steering on the wheel. Then the ship crashed into a iceberg. Sorry, my bad! Valenta called from the other side of the port. Alvin ran to the side, muttering how they should never allow her to steer the ship. Brryan chuckled, she was the navigator, and she couldn't sail the ship. Bryan had already assembled two crew mates, both were Devil Fruit users.

The ship tumbled forward, throwing Alvin and Bryan off the ship. Bryan panicked, thinking they were going to fall into the ocean, when they landed on sand. An island, but how did that appear? Alvin stared at the landscape, a mountain way up above. Lets explore this, hey, Valenta, take care of the ship! Bryan yelled. Bryan used Geppo to jump up to the top of the mountain, Alvin followed with his Boost Boost Fruit. They arrived, and was surprised by what they saw. An entire village up in the mountains, filled with tons of people. Alvin was shocked, he stepped forward a bit. The village instantly transformed, becoming one small house in the middle. This must be some sort of illusion trap! Alvin said, alarmed. They walked to the door, then knocked. No one answered. they knocked again. Still no one. Then, a sword came flying out the window, Bryan grabbed the blade and crushed the weapon into pieces.

Mountain King SagaEdit

This person is trying to kill us! Bryan shouted. Without warning to Alvin, who quickly ducked, Bryan kicked a Rankyaku at the house. The rooftop was cut off, that part fell off the mountain. They then opened the door, ready to use their powers against whoever they were facing. An old man was sitting on a chair in the middle of a bedroom, a book he had been holding had the top half cut, and the Rankyaku seemed to have shaved his head. The old man stood up. Swiftly, two warriors pointed their spears at them. Alvin sighed, realizing they intruded the house. Then he muttered how the captain needs to control himself a bit more. The old man asked why they were intruding their village. Alvin punched the two spear men, then threw them on the ground with the powers of the Boost Boost fruit. Bryan quietly explained they just wanted to explore, and he would attack anyone who throws a sword at him. The old man sighed.

He explained that their village was taken over by the Dark Eyed Pirates, who have been ruling the village for 3 years.They had been rolling rocks on them. He said that the pirates live on top of the mountains to prove their status, and the villagers can't even revolt against the pirates because they have Devil Fruit powers and a Celestial Dragon on their side. Bryan thought of this for a moment, then looked up the mountain, where a base, and pirates coming out and in. He then looked at Alvin, who saw Bryan's face and started shaking his head constantly. Bryan didn't listen. He walked out the door, then walked to the mountain. A big one, about 1800 meters, how did they get up there?

Bryan gripped the hard mountain rock, then looked up again. Impact Fall. The mountain rumbled, as if trying to run away. He heard confusion and loud noises above, wondering why the mountain was shaking. Bryan gripped harder. Just as he was about to destroy the mountain, an hawk appeared, who charged at him. Bryan jumped, dodging the hawk's dive attack. With his finger out, he quickly blasted the hawk with flying Shigans, sending the bird tumbling to the ground. The bird reverted back to a man in his 30's, and he looked very angry. " Why are you trying to destroy this mountain?" He yelled, annoyed. The old man appeared, placing a hand on the hawk man's shoulder, although he was surprised by what Bryan had just did. " This here is Questar, our strongest warrior, he has been hiding all the villagers underground," the old man explained," I am Indrew, the elder". This all make sense now. The pirates up above were hurting the people down here, by throwing boulders. The villagers are nowhere to be found because they were, hiding underground. But what was that illusion where there was a scene of all the houses, then they appeared to be just one? what is going on here in the village?

A man with a sword jumped down, his face was red with anger and hatred. " I am Vice Captain Walmorn, and what was that just now?" he asked, he pointed his sword at the four of them. Alvin had said nothing through all of this, but he and Bryan knew this was one of the Dark Eyed Pirates. " Did you guys do that?" he asked again. The elder stepped back while Questar transformed into a Hawk-Man. Walmore the Vice Captain laughed, then said that no one could defeat him. Alvin stepped forward, muttering how he hated people who think they were invincible, but Bryan stopped him. " Let me do this, go call Valenta, both of you will infiltrate their base," Bryan said, calmly. Alvin nodded, then ran off. Walmorn chuckled, saying how he loved to bully newcomers who arrive on this island.

Bryan ran froward, Walmorn raised his blade to slash. Bryan used Kami-e to dodge the upcoming slashes, then placed his finger to Walmorn chest and fired a quick finger pistol, the shockwave sent him back crashing into the mountain. He got up, the dark glare appeared from his eyes. Bryan smirked, then the swordsman charged at him, inputting Haki into the blade. Bryan got a stance ready, then grabbed the sword by the blade, shattering the weapon into pieces. " No Way! But I used Haki!" Walmorn said, confused. Bryan took this as a chance to quickly place his palm to Walmorn's forehead. Bryan used his Devil fruit ability and sent Walmorn flying back, then he sent a Rankyaku flying at Walmorn. The Rankyaku was speeding forward, and Walmorn knew that he couldn't die just like that. He grabbed out double blades, then blocked the Rankyaku with both of them, then destroyed the wave. Bryan started to walk towards Walmorn, who suddenly felt himself trembling with fear.

Walmorn tried to get rid of the fear, raising both his swords to strike. But Bryan was there, a fist on the other, just three quarters of a meter away. Walmorn struggled to look brave, then tried to bring both swords down on his foe. Before he could do that, he was sent back with a force not normal or superhuman. Rokushiki Ogi:Rokuogan. Walmorn spat out blood as he flew away, crashing to mountain after mountain, leaving a hole in every one he crashed into. Bryan breathed a bit, looking a bit sad at what he just did to that pirate. Indrew the elder and Questar watched with shock and fear, both knowing that wasn't even half of Bryan's strength in ability. Bryan looked up the mountain, then looked at Indrew, who nodded. Bryan used Geppo to jump up to the mountains. Indrew said to Questar to go help them, who nodded, then he flew up too.

Meanwhile, Alvin had already called Valenta, both were yawning as they were smoking on the top of the mountain. All they found were bases, with very weak pirates that charged at them with multiple plans. Alvin was already yawning, choking on his cigarette as he kicked a pirate off the mountain. Valenta acted no different, with the powers of the Core Core fruit, she would punch an enemy, and they would start sweating and get really tired. When Bryan came up, he was surprised at how both his crew mates were sleeping, not doing their job. " Hey, wake up!" Bryan yelled, annoyed by what his lazy crew mates have been doing while he himself was fighting someone. He then sensed a large power, someone at the other mountains. Bryan used Geppo again, jumping to a fairly high mountain, thinking the strong power was hiding there.

As Alvin and Valenta slept, a young man in his 20's appeared out of the tents, smiling and holding a knife. This was fortunate, because Questar had just arrived up the mountain. " Oh, a Zoan, but I am a Paramecia," the boy said," my name is Todoro, my father is the captain". The boy opened his hand out, a steel gun appeared. The Steel Steel Fruit. Todoro started shooting, bullets fired everywhere. But Questar was still fast, flying through the air in his beast form, dodging the bullets. He found an opening and charged at Todoro, who formed a steel blade and slashed at him. Questar yelled in pain, then flew back. Todoro smiled with glee, then created a steel cannon and started firing at Questar. The steel cannonballs were very slow, making Questar dodge them with ease. Then before he could react, Todoro formed a bow and arrow and then fired at Questar, which struck through him and he fell on the mountain, reverting back to his human form, a hole was in his stomach. Todoro laughed, then formed a steel gun and pointed at him. That was when Todoro felt a cold chill.

A cold hand was on his shoulder, someone with a lot of killing intent. Todoro felt weaker, he dropped his gun and fell on the ground. " Goodbye, kiddo," a voice whispered. Questar also felt the chill. Valenta was standing there, Todoro at her feet. She yawned, then walked over to Questar and asked how he was feeling. Questar was still too scared to talk. " Who are you people?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the unconscious Todoro on the ground. Valenta shrugged and walked over to Alvin, who was stretching. " A bright morning indeed," Alvin yawned. Questar was still not moving on the ground, him, the greatest warrior on the island, could not defeat someone the pirates could easily defeat.

Bryan had landed on another mountain, where mist was everywhere, but not too much so the eye can't see through. A man was standing there, talking through a Telephone snail. He stopped talking when Bryan appeared, then turned off the snail. " How are you walking so freely here? this place had the gravity of 15 times than normal," the man asked, looking confused yet excited. " Plus, this is my training mountain, get off before you die," he said, just like what the villagers will experience soon." Bryan still said nothing, but realized this was the captain of the Dark Eyed Pirates, Ergor, whose face appeared in many news articles. Ergor waited for Bryan's reply, but got none. He sighed, then a cloud formed on top of Bryan. Lightning Cloud. A blast of lightning struck at Bryan. He reacted, then sent a Rankyaku at the lightning, both clashed and exploded. The mist cleared, and there were clouds forming Ergor's hands.

The Shroud Shroud Fruit user. A logia type. Ergor threw a black mist cloud, which extended like smoke and charged at Bryan, who sighed like he had already won. He never used his Devil fruit powers that often, but he should against this cruel man. The cloud had electricity, so Bryan put his palm out. Impact Fall. The cloud instantly perished, all that was left was the electricity left in the air. Ergor charged, with double cloud fists, like that would do any additional damage. He then formed, a Acid Shroud on top of Bryan as he charged. Bryan used Geppo to dodge the acid rain, then used his powers to force the cloud to Ergor. Ergor jumped back, dodging the acid by just a millimeter, then glared at Bryan who was jumping in the air. Ergor disappeared into clouds, then flew to the natural ones, camouflaging himself. Bryan put out his finger, then shot at the clouds. His flying Shigans went through most clouds, but he had input Haki into his fingers, so the Shigans started to deal damage to one of the clouds.

Ergor formed back into human form, then landed on the ground, bullet holes in his body. Bryan told him to start giving up, but the man just shook his head. " I had always wanted to rule a town, to prove to my brothers that anyone can be a royal!" Ergor cried, slamming his fist on the ground. Then swiftly, Ergor tried to punch Bryan. But all Bryan did was block the punch, then put his palm out. " We are the Alburna Pirates, remember that," Bryan said calmly. Impact Fall. The entire mountains up ahead exploded at the powerful force, and Ergor was nowhere to be found. Nothing left of him was here on this island, an island they don't even know the name of.

As Bryan descended to the village, the house and the elder had disappeared. Alvin and Valenta were already there, their eyes sad. When they saw their captain, they had to tell him what happened to the village. Bryan was shocked at what he was about to hear. There was no village to begin with, no Indrew, no Questar, no anything that they thought they had seen. All they saw was an illusion, even the village. Bryan looked around the land where the village used to reside, then saw something. Indrew stood there, now his clothes were looking really expensive. " Indrew!" Bryan yelled out. Alvin and Valenta stared at Bryan, confused, then looked around. "They can't see me, I am nothing more than a soul, killed and used to fool others," he explained, then pointed to the sky, " The answer is up there, and right when you fell for that man's trap, this island will rise". That man? what did he mean? and was everything they did an illusion? no, the Dark Eyed Pirates were probably real people, fooled for years. If these villagers were illusions, who could create such powerful illusions?

Sky Island Grandora SagaEdit

The island lifted up, Alvin and Valenta were surprised. " Wait, what is happening?" Valenta yelled. She and Alvin both screamed as the island and the ocean around them flew up into the sky somehow. Bryan looked towards the soul of Indrew, who nodded gravely. " You will meet new people up there, new foes, and that is the place where the log pose is pointing to". Bryan nodded. " Hey Valenta! Check the log pose!" he yelled. Valenta grabbed out the log pose, grabbing a tree to stop herself from falling off the island. " Why is this arrow pointing up?" she asked, confused. Alvin looked at Bryan, who sighed and laughed. " Our next destination, Sky Island Grandora!" Alvin shouted as they moved up.

Bryan was about to ask how Alvin knew the name, when the island came to a halt. They looked around and gasped. There were beautiful trees and lakes that glittered like silver. There were waterfalls around them. " Paradise!" Valenta cried. Alvin mumbled something about girl stuff. There was a lot of trees on the island, so Bryan decided he had to clear themselves a path. Bryan put his leg out, and just as Alvin yelled a no, he kicked, sending 3 Rankyakus into the forest, destroying all the trees and lakes. A path did clear, but Valenta was angry, slapping at Bryan's face and yelling why he had to destroy such a beautiful place. Meanwhile, Alvin was staring at a girl about 20 standing on a tree with a boy, both of them had spears and some sort of dial. One of them took out a Telephone Snail and said something. Then they both ran off. Alvin had a feeling they were intruding another person's territory.

"What you see?" Bryan said, his face had bruises and slap marks. Alvin explained that he was sure they were intruding on somebody's country. " You don't say," Bryan replied, pointing at a bunch of angry villagers. They wore white clothes and had wings on their backs. They each held spears and swords. " Now we are trapped because someone had to ruin another person's island," Valenta complained, holding out her blade, which she says that was for used to hold back. Alvin said he will take care of these guys. Bryan told him to hold back like Valenta, so he shrugged and looked towards the approaching people. Alvin charged at the people, who they also charged at him. Alvin input Haki into his fists, and boosted his speed to the max. He then punched the charging men. One by one, the people fell down quick. " These guys are Grandorians," Alvin said, looking at the fallen people. Bryan and Valenta walked over.

" You intruders will never get away with this, wait until out boss comes!" a Grandorian yelled, lying on the ground. Valenta crouched on the ground. " Who is the boss around here?" she asked. The Grandorian shook his head, then banged his head on the floor to put himself out of consciousness. Valenta sighed, then stood up and started kicking the him. " Valenta, stop, we should just find out ourselves," Alvin said, pulling her away. Bryan looked at each of these fallen men. One of them had a piece of paper in their pocket, which Bryan grabbed out. " This is directions to somewhere," Bryan exclaimed. Alvin came for a closer look while Valenta searched the guards. " The map leads to some sort of village," Alvin said. They called Valenta over and then walked, looking at the directions of the map.

The walked and walked, Alvin and Valenta was slowly getting thirsty. " Water....need that!" Valenta complained. Alvin was no better, he stuck out his tongue, then tried to smoke cigarettes to get his mind off. Bryan held the map, then looked around the landscape. In the distance of the destroyed path he had created, a village was there, full of the Grandorians like the ones attacked them earlier. They had wings on their back. As they approached, some of the villagers shouted dismay, and soldiers appeared. A few were holding what seemed like dials from Skypiea. Or they probably were dials. " Hey, you people speak the English?" Bryan yelled from a distance. As they walked closer, one of the guards yelled at them to stay back.

" We are pirates, we come in peace," Alvin said. One of the guards scowled, " Pirates that come for peace? never heard of that! You probably work for them!" The guard yelled. Bryan was confused, them? another pirate crew that just arrived here? who could they be? " Just a week ago, a pirate named Gladios arrived with his crew!" A guard said. Alvin looked very shocked, because he wondered how another crew got here, but then one of the guards pointed a dial at Bryan. Impact Dial. A force hit Bryan in the face, but he didn't fall back. They stared at Bryan as he yawned, the hot heat energy steaming off his face. " Alvin," Bryan said, then nodded. Alvin smiled, then punched the guard in the stomach, boosting his strength, sending the guard and the other guards behind him flying off.

" Seize them!" A guard yelled. They advanced on them, Spears and swords ready. " Stop, you all will die!" A voice shouted. A blonde Grandorian kid was standing there. " a kid? stay back!" the guard yelled. The kid didn't move, but he ran through the guards, then grabbed Valenta and started running. " Wait!" Bryan ans Alvin yelled, following. The guards didn't move but stand there. Why? the kid led them through a forest, then took them into a plain land. A house was there, and the kid stopped in front of the house, breathing hard. " Thanks, who are you?" Valenta asked. The kid looked at the three of the pirates, then backed away. " Uh, um, don't touch anything in the house!" the kid said, then opened the door. two adult women were there, cooking up something. " Mother Ludrean and Sister Carly, I am home," the kid said. Both women nodded. Then one of them turned, and gasped. " Pirates!" She shouted. Then another set of voices appeared. A bunch of little kids came out of a room, they began talking. " Pirates? really?" One asked. " Teach me how to become one!" another said. The two women quickly hurried out of the room. " Tewa, please be a bit careful," One of the women said to the kid, then closed the door. Tewa or the kid, sat on a chair to relax.

" Chikara: 70,000, Chikara: 50,000, Chikara: 30,000," Tewa explained. Bryan and the others were confused. " What is Chikara?" Alvin asked. Tewa sighed, then watched them with fear. " An average human Chikara is 5, an average fishman Chikara is 50, and a average Devil Fruit user is 180," he explained," I measure these with my powers, and out of all my power measuring I never even met someone with a Chikara over 10,000". Bryan nodded, thinking back to when he himself was in the Navy, he learnt of something called Doroki, a measuring of human powers. " So why didn't the guards go after us?" Valenta asked. Tewa looked sad. " The people of our sky island is being ruled by King Gladios, who reigns over the Silver Garden," he said, " our leader, Ruin, has been fighting them for years, and although he isn't even a Grandorian, he had not given up fighting for us". Bryan listened carefully, another crew has invaded this sky island, a human is helping them revolt.

A noise was coming outside. " Ruin is here!" Tewa said. He went to open the door. A man appeared, smiling. " Hey Tewa, mind giving those kids some of this candy?" he said, holding a bag of Cotton candy, " you look bright today." just as he looked beyond Tewa to Bryan and the others, he disappeared. Something grabbed Alvin by the neck and threw him outside on the grasslands. Alvin jumped up and boosted his speed, then the two clashed, faster than the eye could see. But Bryan and Valenta could see very clearly. A man, probably Ruin, in a sort of suit of armor that covered his face with some headgear, clashing fists with the boosted speed Alvin, both fighting equally in the sky. Tewa was shocked, and the two women who took care of the kids came out to see the noise. Bryan wanted this battle to last a bit more, but they were in a hurry to defeat King Gladios. Bryan pointed out his Shigan, waiting to fire, aiming at where the two were fighting. Then he shot. Ruin fell down, now visible.

" Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model Ryuki," Alvin said as he landed on the grass, huffing and puffing, " That is the Zoan type he has". Ruin was also breathing hard, then he transformed back into a his human state. " Tewa, you shouldn't let pirates in the house, they aren't trustworthy," Ruin said, calmly. Bryan walked over to Ruin, who backed off with surprise. " Hey, we may be pirates, but at least we have the courage of wanting to help this kid and his village," Bryan replied, " unlike someone who hasn't been able to defeat them for years." Ruin looked sad, filled with shame. " Ruin has been helping, stop that!" Tewa shouted. Bryan ignored him, then stared at Ruin. " If you can defeat me without my Devil Fruit powers, we will leave, but if I win, take us to the rebellion base and tell us the next plan," Bryan offered. Ruin nodded, not being able to say much. He quickly took a drink of something, then transformed into the armor with the headgear thing again, which was probably his Man-Beast Form.

The gush of wind appeared, and Ruin was already near Bryan. 20 Dragon Cannon. A orange bomb made of some powerful energy appeared and hit Bryan, sending him back. Tekkai. Bryan used Tekkai to block most of the attack, but was impressed how strong the move was. Ruin was already moving, whirling around Bryan in just a second, but Bryan was ready. Bryan, kicked behind him, sending a wave of Rankyaku towards Ruin, who put out his arms to block. Bryan used Soru to go behind Ruin, then shot him in the back with a Shigan. The shot hit Ruin in the back, which sent him flying off in the distance, then he landed on the grass. Ruin jumped up and smashed the ground with Haki. Wyvern Demolish. A wave from the ground started to crawl towards Bryan, who used one hand to block the move, then sent the wave into the air. That was when Ruin, punched Bryan in the face with Haki, who was hit out of breath.

Bryan smiled, knowing that this person is very strong indeed, to be able to match up against Alvin is very hard. Ruin was very angry, looking at this pirate who is smiling down on him, like he was pitiful. Ruin punched again, but he now knew he did something wrong. His fist didn't have Armarment Haki, and worst of all, he didn't even hit Bryan, because he was shaking with a lot of fear at him. " You should have given up when you could, facing someone you can never defeat even if you trained for years is not so possible," Bryan said. Ruin was back in his human form, he then sighed. " Please help us, even if you are pirates," he replied. Bryan nodded, then turned his head back. " I am Bryan."

Ruin was riding some sort of wax trail, and he was surfing even on his own two feet. Bryan and the others stared. " This is a wax dial, be careful," Tewa said. Alvin and Valenta nodded, but Bryan shook his head, smiling. Then they jumped on the Wax trail. " Check me out, this is so fun!" Alvin yelled, surfing on the trail. Valenta smirked, then did a back flip on the trail. " Wait, you are athletic?" Bryan asked. Valenta then punched him in the face, saying she was always athletic. Ruin was up ahead, muttering how these powerful pirates aren't even taking the Grandorians against the Gladios Pirates. " Up there, where all the warriors are gathered," Ruin yelled so the others can hear, then pointed at a 5 big houses up ahead. soldiers were walking in and out of the place. As they landed, all the soldiers lined up in order. " Sir Ruin, good to see you!" The warriors yelled. Ruin nodded, then put his hand up. " Today is our 50th attempt to destroy those pirates!" All the soldiers yelled with delight. Ruin then looked at Bryan. " Here is the plan, you will go with me to the front of the gate to fight King Gladios, those two friends will be going to fight the Second division Commander and the Third Division Commander, the First Division Commander is already dead, don't worry about that, and my soldiers will defeat the Second and Third Division soldiers."

" Nice, so where will this plan take place?" Alvin asked. Ruin pointed at a tower in the east. " Tower of War, and the top floor is where Gladios will be." Bryan and the others nodded. Ruin went to talk to the soldiers while Valenta grabbed Bryan by the shoulder. " Captain, don't show all what you can do, I don't want you to tumble sown that tower," she said. Bryan nodded. If Impact Fall was needed in a battle, the entire tower with the people inside will come tumbling down. The tower won't hold such powerful force.

" Charge!" Ruin yelled, then all the soldiers rode on a wax trial, heading towards the tower. Ruin jumped on one as well. " Bryan, are you ready to face Gladios?" Ruin asked. Bryan and his crew nodded, and they were ready to go to the last battle. When they arrived, dozens of pirates that were part of the Gladios Pirates were guarding the tower entrance. " Attack!" Ruin yelled, then the soldiers and the pirates started to charge at each other. " Leave those pirates to them, we are going inside!" He yelled, then took a bunch of soldiers with him into the tower, Bryan and the others followed. The room was very huge, there was a staircase that led to the next floor. A woman appeared, holding a huge sword. " Greetings, I am the Fourth Division commander, Wraids," she introduced. Valenta took a step forward, saying she will take this girl, then muttered on and on about how women shouldn't act like that.

" There shouldn't even be a Fourth Division commander, unless he recruited a strong person from the lower seas," Ruin said, as they ascended up the steps of the tower. They arrived on another floor where a man drinking beer was at. " Morning, I am Desolom, the man with the Drunk Drunk Fruit and Third Division Commander," the man said, then hiccuped. Alvin walked towards the man, saying he will knock this drunk off his feet. Then as they descended to the next floor, Ruin said he will take the Second Division Commander Qaurd, when Bryan was suddenly hit by something. A Shigan, no doubt. A man jumped in front of them, who was probably Quard. " Ruin, let me take care of this Six Powers user, he can't get away with hitting me," Bryan suggested. Ruin nodded, then ran up to the last floor.

" As I was told, you heard about me, I am also a Six Powers user," Quard said, and then used Soru to disappear. Bryan spun around and shot out a Rankyaku, where Quard also shot out one, both Rankyakus clashed, then exploded. Bryan used Soru and hit Quard in the chest with a Shigan, who coughed out blood. The Quard used Geppo to jump into the air, then shot Shigans from above. Bryan dodged all of them, but Quard came low with a Haki punch. Tekkai. The punch didn't hurt at all, then Bryan punched Quard in the face, sending him into the ground. Quard jumped up, but Bryan was already there, with his two fists out. Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan. Quard was hit, flying out of the tower, spitting out blood. But Quard didn't want to die yet, so he used Geppo to try and get back to the tower. He didn't see a that no matter how he tried, he was facing an enemy who was very strong, and hard to defeat.

In the tower, Bryan watched out of the hole he made sending that man off, he watched as Quard tried to jump back. Bryan sighed, then pointed a finger at Quard. He focused his Devil fruit power into the Shigan, then fired. Far more quicker than a bullet, or even the speed of sound, the Shigan pierced the man through the heart, the went straight to a mountain in the distance. A second later, the mountain exploded, the tower rumbled at the noise. Bryan looked as Quard's body fell, down to the a lake streaming. Bryan looked up to the villages on the island, then started thinking back to when he was in the Navy.

" That Bryan, never listening," Valenta said, as she swiftly blocked Wraids' greatsword with her bare hands, annoyed by the rumbling. Valenta punched Wraids in the stomach, who instantly felt pain and began feeling tired. Valenta blocked another attack from the greatsword with her arm, then kicked at Wraids and then punched her in the face. " So much for being a Dvision commander," Valenta said. Wraids looked angry, then chuckled. She grabbed out two greatswords and charged. Valenta yawned as she smashed the greatswords into pieces with both her hands, then she punched Wraids almost a thousand times with Haki. She fell down, Valenta yawned, then ran up the steps to help Bryan and Ruin.

" That really is the best you can do? the one who traveled the blue seas and made a name for himself called Dragon Knight, disappointing," Gladios said as he walked towards the tired Ruin, who was in his Man Beast Form. They were up 800 meters in the air, in an open space. Gladios formed a sword, then formed a giant monster soldier behind him. Ruin stared, then put out his palms. 20 Dragon Cannon. A blast of orange and yellow light sped towards Gladios, but Gladios wasn't even surprised by that move. He used his sword and cut the blast in half, while the soldier behind him was running towards Ruin, sword ready. Ruin blocked the slash with both hands, then kicked the soldier in the face, the soldier fell on the ground. That was the last of his stamina, Ruin fell on the ground. Gladios lifted his own sword up into the air. " Goodbye," he said.

Gladios felt a push in the air, then he himself was sent back, crashing into a pole. Bryan stood there, smiling. " New friends you brought?" Gladios asked Ruin. Ruin said nothing, because he was thinking that Gladios will never be able to win. Gladios studied Bryan, then formed another soldier, this one was more giant than the other. The soldier charged at Bryan, but all Bryan did was put out his hand. Impact Fall. The giant exploded, some of the force even went to Gladios, who felt a gush of wind and used all of his strength to stand still. " You are a pirate?" Gladios asked. Bryan simply nodded, then kicked a Rankyaku at Gladios, who was sent flying off into the air, but he stopped flying off and broke the Rankyaku into pieces with his bare hands. He opened out his palm, where a metal device appeared. He pointed the device at Bryan, activating. Bryan was sucked forward, wind blew as the device opened the lid, absorbing everything like a vacuum. Bryan was getting absorbed, flying towards the machine. Gladios formed a sword and was ready to stab.

Gladios stabbed the approaching Bryan with his blade, blood coming out of him. With a quick stab, the blade pierced Bryan. Gladios smiled, then started to laugh. Bryan grabbed hold of the blade and crushed with his hand, shattering the blade into pieces. " You have the Paramechia Illusion Illusion fruit, but you made a mistake, I am not a Paramechia like you," Bryan shouted. He put his palm leveling to Gladios' face. Impact Fall. With a mighty push, Gladios was sent back again, coughing out blood as he landed on the floor again. " Wait, how come you aren't bleeding?" Gladios asked with surprise. Bryan's stomach, which was supposed to have a wound from the sword, just looked normal, but there was a weird current waving through his body. " Do you want to continue?" Bryan asked. He used Soru. Gladios looked surprised at the technique and was quickly kneed in the face. He jumped back up and formed two giant soldiers with blades.

Bryan walked towards the soldiers as they advanced on him. As one was about to strike, Bryan shot the soldier in the head with a Shigan, the soldier dissolved. The other tried to attack as well, but was knocked out by a punch from Ruin. " Bryan, let me finish this, I will return back to the village with my mission accomplished," Ruin suggested. Bryan looked at Ruin, he could see determination coming from the man. " Please, you helped me a lot through all of this," Ruin said. Bryan sighed, walking back. As he passed Ruin, he whispered," This isn't all he can do, be careful." Ruin nodded, then as quick as lightning, he punched Gladios with Haki. Gladios flew away from the room, coughing out more blood. " This is what you get for invading another person's island and stealing their money!" Ruin yelled, putting his palm out. 80 Dragon Cannon. A red blast shot out and headed towards Gladios, who as the light came, smiled.

The tower rumbled, and Gladios stood there, uninjured. Ruin looked shocked, then he saw why. When he shot the cannon, Gladios had put on a armor. " This armor is a very sturdy one, but can't compare to powers such as that guy, what did you call him, Bryan?" Gladios spoke. The armor was almost broken because of the cannon, but that was enough to block the attack. Gladios moved, creating a bazooka in his hand, then shot at Ruin. The explosion shook the tower as Ruin was sent back. When Ruin tried to block himself for the next shot, he felt a punch in his stomach. Gladios had appeared in front of him. He fell. Gladios laughed out. He created a pistol. " Our fight has lasted for so many years, so we will finish this," Gladios said, pointing the pistol at Ruin. Ruin was about to give up, there was no way for him to drive this pirate off the island.

A Rankyaku appeared above Gladios, bouncing off Geppo clouds and heading straight for him. " But how? Geppo can only work by the human body, not anything else!" Gladios yelled as the Rankyaku came at him. " True, only people who trained their bodies can do Geppo, but what if I can train my moves so well the powers combine without me having to do them?" Bryan said, walking from behind Gladios. He pointed a Shigan at Gladios, as the Rankyaku hit him and sent him through the floors of the tower, making the tower collapse. Ruin jumped out of a window, landing on a soft bush. Bryan used Geppo to jump above.