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Alden Virkov is a pirate and a member of the Fang Pirates as their Marksman, he hails from somewhere in East Blue. For a large part of his life until his teenage years he lived with his parents going day by day as normal, or at least until Alden's talent for marksmanship became apparent. He trained as a hunter from that point on until the call of the sea came to him, he at first ignored the calls. He received several years of training from his mother and father, by all means he most likely possessed the traits of one of the greatest hunters in the world. After the unexpected deaths of his parents by the hands of a world noble, he learned this from one bragging about it at a bar while using his status to get what he desired with no care in the world. Angered by this he shot the noble in the back mortally wounding him before fleeing to the sea. During his travels he discovered his bounty and the given nickname, Noble Hunter. After readying himself he set out on one goal to be regarded as one of the greatest hunters in all of the sea.


Alden's most distinguishing features are his long, vibrant red hair and a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask on the right side of his face. He has a goatee and eyes the same shade of red as his hair and wears wire-framed glasses. He often sports light but incredibly durable clothes, black in color with strips of gold around certain areas of his outfit. He also wears a hat, although he is not afraid of losing them as he has more somewhere else. He bears the jolly roger of the fang pirates on his back, it is tattooed onto his back as to show his dedication to the people he joined up with.

Alden's battle gear largely revolves around his hunting gear, he wears the same outfit only the holsters for his pistols on his leg, along with a hunting knife, and a rifle with no scope on it. His belt holds various balls made up of different herbs and when applied to the skin of his opponents either by being ingested or hit by them, they tend to possess various effects. They are contained in containers in his belt.


Alden Virkov has lived a often calm, or as some would describe an exotic life style. He usually keeps a calm, patient, serious demeanor about him in most situations. At other times he gives off a very carefree vibe, or just fun loving enjoying the company of friends, and potential rivals of love. For the most part he treats his comrades with the utmost respect, as a rule he follows from his parents allies have to stick together when the world all seeks their destruction. He treats his foes as equals and does respect what they stand for whether they be marines, revolutionaries, or other pirates he treats any foe he meets with respect just as he would any other. He follows a code taught to him by his parents as it was beaten into him very well he can in no way disregard them easily. He refuses to hurt those that have not wronged him in anyway, although his anger may get the better of him at times he refuses to strike an opponent down in rage, this is one of the only rules he has broken unknowingly or otherwise. Another rule is that he cannot discriminate people just because they are of a separate species or gender. He also refuses to hunt near extinct creatures. He personally refuses to hurt females, he does not exactly explain this but he generally refuses to fight women but will defend himself to a degree. He is willing to kill people depending on what they've done, he has mortally wounded a world noble but did not kill him as the world government would hunt him regardless of what he did after, as hurting a world noble breaths sever consequences. Alden possesses the odd talent of solving disputes no matter how silly they may be. The only hatred he possesses in his life is that of the world nobles, as a good number of them abuse the powers they possess for their own selfish gains. As a custom of his he mourns the loss of his parents in solitude, even going as far as to erase his presence from the world for a few minutes using his hunter experience, along with his stealth talents he is very hard to find when he wants to be alone. He oddly enough has a greedy side to him when it comes to money or valuables, often influencing his actions a bit. At times he views the pirate label that has been cast onto him like that of a role in a play and will often play the role as he sees fit utilizing his exceptional stealth abilities to sneak valuables or money from people when they least suspect it. He is at times classified as a thief as well as a hunter. He only has one notably rival, a marine known as Baron Rytika who almost killed him when they first fought.




  • Exorcist- Alden's prized pistols, it was passed down from his father when he died. A six shot revolver with a cross pattern on each side. It is Silver and gold in color it is most notably when used by Alden's hands. With Alden's sniper skills even with a pistol he can hit a small target from a great distance away. He often uses it for mid to close range combat with great ease fighting hordes of marines before they can get a bead on his location.


  • The Game-Alden's rifle that he got from his mother. It bears a similar pattern and color as his pistols. It has no scope. It is a very dangerous tool in Alden's hands. He can easily take down targets from a great distance away with ease. He has also notably used the rifle as a melee weapon whenever he is caught off guard.

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  • Appearance largely resembles Cross Marian from D'gray Man