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Alfred Glave (アルフレッド グレーブ, Arufureddo Gurēbu) was among the three Admiral-ranked Marines of the World Goverment, and had been under their service for well over 40 years, becoming a well-known Marine among his own ranks, as well as in general among the public. Glave was renowed as an accomplished fighter, even at his old age, granting him titles such Old Monster (旧怪獣, Kokaijū), for his advanced age that doesn't seem to hinder his performance at all, as well as Kairō (灰狼, Grey Wolf), due to consuming the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf, and his old age, which he is commonly addressed as.

In addition, thanks to his advanced age, and experience, Glave managed to gain phenomenal skill as a Martial Artist, being a master of his own unique fighting style, in addition to others, a prime example being his experience in certain Rokushiki techniques.



Glave's muscular build and scars

As expected of his advanced age, Glave is an elderly man, possessing distinct wrinkles on his face, as well as spikey white hair, formerly black in his younger days, and thick eyebrows and a thick mustache, and has blue eyes with black pupils. In addition, despite his old age, Glave possessed a very muscular build, in addition to many scars around his body, most commonly on his torso, and overall upper body.

As a Vice-Admiral, Glave wears the traditional white coat over his shoulders, but tends to take it off during moments of combat. Underneath it, he wears a black, long sleeved shirt, white pants, as well as black sandals.

In his younger days, Glave had black hair, and always possessed a spikey appearance. He also lacked any mustache, or much facial hair to begin with, and always wore the black and white shirt and pants he does today, rarely ever changing his fashion, unless certain events called for certain clothing. 


On the outside, Glave seems like the stereotypical old man character, always taking his time when not performing his duty. He always speaks fondly of his younger days at the Marines, and the various tasks he performed, though he can become rather talkative about the subject, even when no one wants to listen anymore. Glave is essentially a carefree old man who is easily sociable, but very talkative at the same time. However, when he is called on duty, Glave instantly removes any trace of his carefree self, in favour of being serious, as it is more appropriate, and has learned and realized that it he must do so at all times when performing his duty, no exceptions

When on duty, Glave never smiles, keeping a serious and intimidating aura around him as a result, never flinching or hesitating in his actions or words. Years of experience and serving under the World Goverement and Marines has made him incredibly loyal to them, and at the same time, more appreciative towards the innocent lives he must protect. He performs with the best of his ability, never questioning the orders he is given by his superiors. In addition, Glave has learned that not all people are inherently good, heavily affecting how he typically views people, and judges people often about their alignment, of course classifying Pirates as the "evil force" that he must stop with the best of his ability.

He views the world as a "grey slate", that can be easily twisted in anyone's favour with the right words and actions. As such, Glave believes that anyone can easily change the world when enough "force" is put into it, for good or bad, and views the Marines as a force that keeps the world from changing to the worst, and oppose other known as forces, such as Pirates and the Revolutionary Army. Because of this belief, Glave is convinced he must perform his duty without any incompetence, and has kept a record of successful missiosns as a result of his efforts in keeping peace and order as best he can. Yet even so, he doesn't see a future where neither of these forces exists, and is convinced it is something that will continue for eternity, because of how they are born because of humanity itself, which is in itself, a force that cannot be changed 100% to the Marines' advantage.

Glave only kills when his orders would allow it, and in any other situation, would simply capture and subdue his targets. However, it is because of his ruthless nature in battle that he has gained the title of "monster", because even if only to capture, he would leave his target severely injured, potentially broken and crippled if given the oppurtunity. Glave doesn't have mercy for criminals or anyone who would harm civilians and the peace he is trying to maintain as best as possible. It is because he has learned that putting any kind of faith or trust in criminals, they would only use said trust for their own ends, thus forcing Glave to take on a more brutal approach, one that isn't shunned or called out on by other Marines, since it is only directed towards criminals.

While both feared and loved, Glave doesn't really care for what the public thinks of him, be it positive or negative, sincc he puts himself as the lowest priority, compared to innocent lives and his comrades. As such, Glave doesn't give much attention to what is said about him, be it calling him a monster or a hero, and mostly focuses on reading on far more important news on the world.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

"There is only one real way to maintain a strong healthy body...push ups, squats and plenty of juice."
—Glave "explaining" the secret to his strength

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Despite his advanced age, Glave has been mentioned many times to have gotten stronger with age, with very little deterioration to his performance. Glave claims this is mostly due to constant exercise and keeping a healthy diet, despite others believing such a thing to be impossible. However, Glave still stands by his word that it is how he reached his peak human condition. He has relentlessly trained, and still does to this day, in order to improve himself, and stay in shape, in addition to making sure he eats healthy more than he does anything harmful to his health. It is thanks to this long and painful training period that Glave is as strong, fast and resilient as he is today, much more than one would expect of someone his age. 

On his own, Glave has phenomenal strength, capable of crushing stone, denting metal and overpowering other, much larger foes with relative ease. His leg strength is especially noteworthy, as his kicks are noted for being destructive, shattering bones with a single strike. In addition to that, Glave is very quick on his feet, and possesses remarkable agility and reflexes overall, only further augmented with the use of his Haki, allowing him to run and catch up to a fleeing target, in addition to leaping high enough to reach the roof of a house. 

Glave's body is his absolute achievement, something he still thrives to improve. His body is incredibly resilient, capable of taking a beating and still continue fighting afterwards, in addition to possessing remarkable stamina and endurance, allowing him to fight for prolong periods of time, always surprising his opponent every time. 

All of these attributes contribute to his fighting style, which focuses on all of them in seperate situation, at times using more speed over strength, or even using defensive maneuvers against a foe, as opposed to simple attacks, or use more power, and use his momentum and speed to deliver a devastating blow to his foe. 

Fighting StyleEdit

"Humans may have alot of potential, but it's undeniable that animals certaintly surpass us. Well, physically. For the most part. "
—Glave talking about his fighting style
Glave's trademark fighting style is known as Jūōken (獣王拳, Beast King's Fist), which is unique martial arts he himself created and eventually mastered in over 30 years. According to Glave, it is a martial arts that harnesses the "power of beasts" into his attacks, which is done using different stances that each have their own advantages and openings, but each possess a different method of attack and varying degrees of power behind them. 

Glave utilizing hand to hand combat

The fighting style utilizes different attributes, some more than others, in certain techniques. For example, one technique may require more strength than speed, while another would need Glave to be have a more defensive stance, with less strength but more speed. In addition, the fighting style can do more than merely kill, as Glave has demonstrated the ability to use it solely for guarding and protection.

Using Jūōken, Glave manages to achieve superhuman feats, from tearing stone using his fingers as the main striking force, rip apart his foes using his bare hands or with his kicks, and with very little assistance from his Rokushiki techniques, if any at all. Haki also place a factor in the fighting style, since they do allow certain techniques to be executed with the best possible results, mainly utilizing Busoshoku Haki to do so.

So far, Glave is the only practitioner of this fighting style, being the creator of it, and hasn't shown any intention on passing on the fighting style to anyone else. 

  • Shiryūkei (撕 龍頸, Rending Dragon Head): Glave curls his fingers against his palm, with Busoshoku Haki surrounding his arm, and strikes his foe with great force and speed. At the moment of impact, a powerful shockwave is emitted as a result, one that can tear through metal shields and armour with ease, tear the earth, and with its force, send the target flying. The strength of technique can be augmented, by using Busoshoku: Koka, as opposed to the simple form, making the impact even more powerful than before, with the strong possibility of killing the target, rupturing their organs from the shock. In addition, Glave can use both hands, causing even greater damage than before, with the end result being a shockwave that is comparable to a small explosion. 
  • Gōshi no Kyōen (轟獅の饗宴, Roaring Lion's Feast): A kicking technique, in which Glave places both arms behind his back, and when an opening is granted, proceeds to deliver a brutal barrage of kicks to his target's body. The kicks are delivered in succession, and as fast as possible, with the goal of striking the foe as many times as possible in the short window granted for them. If successful, Glave could potentially shatter his foe's bones to bits, but even if not successful, he would still manage to deal an acceptable amount of damage.
  • Tossaikaku (突犀角, Charging Rhino Horn):

    Glave using Tossaikaku on a single target

    One of the few techniques that utilized Rokushiki in order for it to be executed. It involves primarily the usage of Soru to its fullest, with the intention of attack, rather than dodge as it usually does. Glave bends his knees, aiming at a single target or group, and uses Soru, with more leg strength than usual, and by imbueding his entire body in the invisible armor of Busoshoku Haki, charges at his target with one single rush. At the first few seconds of firing, Glave shoots like a bullet, and an enormous shockwave breaks, emphasizing that he broke the sound barrier, and at the moment of impact with the intended target, creates an even larger, more destructive shockwave, that creates a small crater, with his target being in the center. Tossaikaku is also effective against groups, since when he is still moving, Glave is said to strike with the force of a train, knocking anyone foolish enough to stand in his path, essentially clearing a path after he's done. In addition, the moment of impact is when Glave strikes a strong enough target, or when he chooses to, which is when the shockwave erupts. However, Glave can only shoot forward, being unable to change his trajectory once he's fired, making it rather simple to dodge by skilled enough users of Kenbunshoku Haki. It is also possible to face the attack head on, since it allows an easy way to get a hold of Glave, if the target can endure the hit, that is.
  • Hyōsō (豹走, Leopard Run): A similar technique to Tossai, only with more emphasis on speed, rather than the offensive. With the usage of Soru to its fullest, Glave rapidly uses it to get around his foe, creating afterimages as a result, and every once in a while, attacks his foe when an opening becomes available, striking with blinding speed with his fists or kicks, quick and swift strikes that aren't lethal, but the constant barrage of afterimages makes it an incredibly useful technique when used correctly. The technique is only effective if used against a single person or small groups, and much like Tossai, skilled users of Haki would have a far better time defending against the technique, compared to a regular person. 
  • Samemō (サメモー, Shark Maw): In his many years of fighting as a Marine, Glave recieved the luxury of watching Fishmen utilizing their trademark fighting style, Fishman Karate. However, he only bore witness to a single technique, one used on land, and has spent 5 years trying to mimic it as best he could, being among the few Humans known to utilize Fishman Karate in any shape or form. Samemō isn't a single technique, but a seperate fighting style that Glave managed to achieve in his attempts to muster the skill neccesary to use the technique he witnessed in his younger days. Samemō is essentially the use of punching the water vapor in the air, which as a result, creates shockwaves. Glave does so using his incredible strength, as well as Haki to achieve this effect, however, despite meaning to mimic the power of Fishman Karate, he cannot utilize it underwater or with actual water, unlike Fishmen, mostly due to being a Devil Fruit user. Glave displays the ability to create a shockwave by striking a foe with a punch or open palm, which is powerful enough to send them flying and break through a building at the same time, but he has shown being capable of also emitting a shockwave by punching only a few inches away from his actual target, with the subsequent shockwave still being fairly powerful. 
  • Ōkumasō (大熊爪, Great Bear Claw): A much more fierce and brutal technique, which according to Glave involves the usage of his "claws" to tear apart his foe. And he does so indeed. By using Busoshoku Haki, even lightly, Glave grants his fingers the neccesary strength to be capable of shredding the human body, stone and even break weapons, using his fingers as if they were claws, which is typically done with him conjoining his index and middle finger together. He exhibits the ability to even break armor when given the chance, and easily tear through his foe's flesh, at times, using his physical might to tear his foe's limbs off even. Truly, Glave's fingers do indeed become "claws".
  • Mōko (猛虎, Fierce Tiger): Glave imbues Haki to his palms and fingers, until they eventually turn black as if he is using Busoshoku: Koka, gets close to his foe, with both of his hands clapped together, then, as he is about to strike his foe, Glave seperated his hand, slowly opening them as they travel closer to his target's body, until they eventually open with both hands cupped, with the ends of the hands touching, as his fingers pointing forth like claws. With that, Glave strikes his foe with incredible force, enough for all his fingers to dig through his foe's flesh or defense, breaking any armor or shield, and delivering a powerful shockwave as a result. The impact of this strike is powerful enough to cause severe damage to his foe if hit successfully, not only sending them flying, but also causing severe internal and visible damage. The technique is also executed much quicker than expected, with Glave giving little time for his foe to react, especially since he needs to be near his foe, though there is a small gap after the attack is finished that Glave is open for attack.
  • Yōkai (鷹喙, Hawk Beak): Glave holds his hands in a knife-hand position, imbued with Haki, and from there on, uses them as if they were an actual blade. It is the simplest in execution, but is still deadly in its own right. The simple execution forces Glave to change his fighting style, since his usage of his hands changes from striking into "cutting". Glave only truly "cuts" with his hands when enough speed and momentum is gathered, allowing him to more accurately tear through his obstacles, rather than actually cutting them in the proper manner, but the speed that it is executed in, gives the illusion that he is indeed slicing his targets. This has made people believe his hands have truly become blades, but anyone who pays close attention, or has experienced the technique first-hand, can tell that is false. 
  • Shirozō Kōgeki (白象攻撃, White Elephant Strike): A simple technique that utilizes incredible force and arm strength, in which Glave strikes his foe with his arm, imbued with Haki or otherwise. After striking his foe's body with his arm, he performs a full swing, which results in his sending a concetrated blast of air pressure, similar to Rankyakua, which can either slice or impact his foe, bursting into a explosion of air pressure. While it does indeed draw mostly from Glave using his arm, it is possible to execute the technique with a wider range, using his kick in place of his arm, doing so allows him to create a large, more powerful air pressure, pushing his target, and spreading wide enough to strike other bystanders that face it.
  • Jūōken Ōgi: Hōen'yoku (獣王拳・奥義 - 鵬炎翼, Beast King's Fist: Secret Technique - Phoenix Flame Wing):
  • Jūōken Ōgi: Gurifin Bōkō (獣王拳・奥義 - グリフィン暴行, Beast King's Fist: Secret Technique - Griffin Assault):


In his 40 or so years of services for the Marines, Glave managed to, in addition to his own martial arts and fighting style, learn certain techniques from the powerful and superhuman fighting style known as Rokushiki, which only a select few have actually managed to learn in their lifetime. Glave managed to learn all six techniques, thanks to his devotion to the Marines and World Goverment, as well as his ever growing experience, however, he is most experienced when it comes to Soru, Rankyaku, and Geppo, utilizing said techniques in his own way, but also does so in conjuction with his usual fighting style, and Devil Fruit, creating more powerful techniques as a direct result of this. 

In addition to these three techniques, using the rest of the Rokushiki techniques, Glave can pierce the human body using only a finger, become nearly untouchable, and turn his body into an unmovable mass. While not as favoured or mastered compared to the rest, Glave still uses them when the oppurtunity shows itself without hesitation, and even developed some techniques for some of them.

Glave shows great skill in utilizing said techniques, and has managed to create his own techniques, but has shown the most experience when utilizing Rankyaku, with Soru coming second, and Geppo third, with everything else falling after them. He often resorts to using the Rokushiki techniques quicker than he would otherwise do with his Devil Fruit, or even his trademark fighting style.

  • Soru: Shinsoku (剃:神速, Shave: Godspeed): 
  • Rankyaku: Tenpen (嵐脚:天変, Storm Leg: Natural Calamity):
  • Rankyaku: Tetsuwan (嵐脚:鉄腕, Storm Leg: Strong Arm):
  • Makai Garou (魔界牙狼, Demon Realm Fanged Wolf): 

Life ReturnEdit

At some point in his life, around his late 30's, Glave came across a user of a not-so-known ability known as Life Return (生命帰還, Seimei Kikan), which allows one to control their bodily functions. Glave was determined to learn this ability, and was eventually accepted by the user, and trained for over a decade in order to use it, alongside his normal training, until he eventually reached the point where he became a proficient user of Life Return. 

While the ability to manipulate his bodily functions may appear useless at first, it does have its perks, and does have the potential augment and give Glave an advantage in battle. So far, he hasn't shown extensive use of Life Return, unless the need calls for it, nor did he display many techniques with it. He has only used said techniques in conjunction with his Devil Fruit.

  • Ooinuza (大犬座, Canis Major lit. Greater Dog):

    Glave using Ooinuza in his Human-Beast Form

    By manipulating his bodily structure, primarily his muscles and cells, Glave forces his body to become physically stronger, but also heavier and thus slower. When performing this technique, in either his hybrid or full wolf form, he becomes much more bulky in appearance, a stark contrast to his appearance from before. In addition, muscle expansion also occurs to his body, as well as increased hair growth, and in size, becoming larger than prior. The primary, and obvious, advantage of this technique is the added boost to Glave's physical prowess, enabling him to strike with even more force than before, that even a simple Shigan can be destructive to his foe or any obstacle standing in his way. He also becomes capable of gaining an advantage if his foe was previously more physically capable than he was, thus allowing Glave to fight back with more force than before. He is even capable of almost coming to close the strength expected of a giant, since his punches and kicks become powerful enough to break down buildings and create craters. His body also becomes much more resillient and durable than before, which only increases if the likes of Tekkai or Busoshoku Haki are added into the mix, allowing him to recieve harsh punishment and barely budge, continuing to fight. The glaring side effect, however, is that Glave sacrifices speed, in favour of strength, even with the use of Soru, he is still evidently slower than he was before. Since this does leave Glave more open for attacks, it does force him to take things more carefully, and not recklessly attack his foe.
  • Koinuza (小犬座, Canis Minor lit. Lesser Dog):

    Glave employing Koinuza in his full Beast Form

    Essentially the exact opposite of Ooinuza, in which Glave manipulates his body to make himself lighter and skinnier. The end result becoming a much small form than before, which sacrifices strength and durability in favour of incredible speed. Simple movement in either form can allow Glave to create afterimages of himself for diversion, allowing him to gain an opening to attack his foe with his claws or fangs. The use of this technique is done against foes who are too fast for him, so much so that even his Soru is no longer enough, forcing him to sacrifice his power in favour of survivability. The usage of Soru becomes less frequent as well, since his movement is fast as it is, allowing him to counterattack his foes, and escape otherwise dangerous situation using his own boosted speed. But, when employing Soru and Kenbunshoku Haki, Glave becomes virtually untouchable, since his Soru becomes even faster than before, and his body moves many times faster than it normally would. But again, he must adjust to this new body, and change up his method of attack, since he also loses his durability. It would only take a few powerful hits to cause severe injury to Glave, even with the protection of either Busoshoku Haki or Tekkai. With that, Glave's method of attack becomes mostly to avoid his opponent's attacks and strike them only when an opening presents itself, using either his fangs or claws to achieve the needed desire. In addition, masterful users of Kenbunshoku Haki prove to be a greater obstacle, since they can sense his presence, and thus react accordingly, the same way he can react to them, making the battle needlessly prolong itself if neither can hit the other.


Glave has mastered the two primary and most common Haki, Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki, utilizing both in order to further augment his abilities in combat. Glave first showed the ability to utilize them in his mid 30's, and after proper instructing and training, slowly but surely became more and more proficient in utilizing them. It is for this reason that Glave is still a capable combatant, even at his own age, thanks to Haki being a major factor in allowing him to remain standing in prolonged battles, and increased his survivability, especially after entering the New World, which he claims he would have died before making it to Captain-rank if he didn't know Haki back then.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku Haki allows Glave to create an "invisible" armor around him for protection, and also to make his attacks more powerful, giving them a greater impact than before. However, the true value of Busoshoku Haki is how it allows Glave to strike Devil Fruit users, bypassing the defenses granted to them, even if they are Logia. This does not negate their abilities, however, meaning he can still be harmed if he isn't careful. 

Glave utilizes Busoshoku Haki solely for combat purposes, and rarely for defensive use. He uses it either lightly or heavily in order to augment the strength of his attacks, and it even factors into making some of his techniques possible. Even light use can make a single strike have 10 times more power than before, with much heavier use only further boosting his power. When combined with his Rokushiki techniques, or even his Devil Fruit, Glave can augment his power even further, if not moreso than before. Indeed, Busoshoku Haki is a valuable asset for Glave, especially in tough battles. He is also somewhat forced to use it strategically, because overusage of Busoshoku Haki can lead to exhaustion and a 10 minute cooldown before he can use it again, albeit not as effective.

  • Busoshoku: Koka (武装色 硬化, Busō-shoku: Kōka, Color of Armaments: Hardening): By concentrating Busoshoku Haki onto his limbs, Glave creates a blackened armour around his body, which grants an incredible boost to his physical defenses, as well as the impact of his attacks. Glave is capable of employing Busoshoku Koka to all four limbs at once, with very little hindrance on his performance being put. A single punch that would normally shatter bones now becomes capable of denting metal doors, and even damaging other Devil Fruit users, even Logia or Paramecia, thanks to the ability of Busoshoku Haki to allow to touch the intangible and bypass most defenses granted by Devil Fruits. All of Glave's attacks are boosted significantly by this simple application, even more so when used together with Rokushiki. It is only when Glave utilizes it alongside his Devil Fruit's hybrid form that he truly becomes a fearful and formidable foe. While usually Busoshoku: Koka increases the attack power significantly, combined with his Devil Fruit, Glave's power becomes unfathomable, allowing him to tear down buildings with a single attack, take down entire Pirates crews alone, and even sink entire ships with ease. The only limit present for him is the time limit itself, which if over used, can lead to Glave incapable of using his Haki for a certain period of time, 10 minutes at best, and also leave him exhausted for a while.
    • Hakkinjin (白金神, Platinum God): The technique Hakkinjin possesses two different "forms" Glave uses. The first is a "full-body Busoshoku: Koka", which covers Glave's entire body in the hardened Haki, turning him pitch black, which is the largest increase in power he can gain. His defenses and power make it so he can be barely hurt, and strike with incredible force at the same time. However, it also shortens his time limit, due to the large usage of Haki needed for the technique. In addition, actually achieving the full-body armour is difficult on its own, and requries one whole minute of concentration, meaning Glave must not be interrupted at all for a minute, otherwise, he will only gain a half or barely finished product. Thse second form of Hakkinjin is when Glave utilized his Busoshoku Haki in conjuction with Tekkai, creating a unique fusion of both, a two-layered defense that makes Glave almost impossible to wound. However, when using the second form, Glave's movement is heavily limited, because of the drawback of Tekkai being the inability to move. However, he has managed to quell this by using Soru for instant movement, but it is significantly slower than normal. In addition, while his movement is limited, if utilized in his hybrid wolf form, Glave moves much better, but still slower than normal. Regardless, it doesn't seem to be much of a bother to him, since he adapts accordingly to said weakness, making his fighting rely less on speed and more on his strength and defense as a result.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

With the use of Kenbunshoku Haki, Glave is capable of sensing the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view, or too far away. By sensing an opponent's presence, he is capable of predicting their movements, shortly before they actually execute them, and effectively dodge out of the way, or use it to his advantage to gain and upperhand and counterattack, or just cancel out the attack all together. That is the basic usage of Kenbunshoku, using its "premonition" ability to avoid certain death or severe injury.

However, Glave uses it in combat whenever possible. Since Kenbunshoku Haki doesn't neccesarily have a time limit, unlike Busoshoku Haki if overused, Glave uses it more often when entering a battle, leaving Busoshoku Haki as more of a "reserve" in comparison. In addition, Glave uses it to "lead" the battle, since he is capable of predicting his opponent's moves, he uses it to his advantage to make the battle go in his favour, until he can gain an opening to strike. 

In more intense battles, against foes who prove to be more challenging and difficult to lead, he uses it for the main reason he mastered it to begin with, survivability. He admits that while his reflexes are excellent, it was always thanks to his Kenbunshoku Haki that he survived so far into the New World, and against especially dangerous foes in his lifetime. As such, Glave views Kenbunshoku Haki as a great neccesity in combat, that if he is unable of using it, he would be on his guard much more than ever before, keeping a strict on his opponents movement in order to not get killed.

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf


Glave in his Human-Beast Form

Glave has eaten the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf, a Carnivorous Zoan-type Devil Fruit. By sacrificing the ability to swim, and gaining weakness to water, it allows him to transform into a hybrid or full wolf. Since it is a Zoan-type, the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf is perfect for a martial artist such as Glave, since transforming into his Human-Beast Form boosts all of his already superhuman attributes to an even greater degree. Thanks to being in possession of the fruit for over 20 years, he has mastered it to the degree that he has achieved "awakening", making him much larger and more powerful than what an average user of the fruit would be, as well as having his ability to transform be almost instant and without delay.

When transformed into his hybrid form, Glave becomes much larger and bulky, and possesses white fur all across his body, reminiscient to his white hair. He gains claws and fangs, as it would be expected, and his appearance is overall similar to that of a werewolf, even being called so on occasion. Glave's overall performance improves drastically, allowing him to become a deadlier force than before. However, Glave doesn't instantly go for his Devil Fruit, only savouring it when the time calls for it, and when he does transform, he considers killing his foe the only outcome. And he does stay true to this, as his fighting style becomes much more brutal, even resorting to his fangs to maul his foe, with the clear intention of killing them. It is unknown if the transformation affects Glave's mentality in any way, though it is heavily implied to do so.

Any and all of Glave's techniques, Rokushiki included, become significantly more powerful than when they are used in his human form. Glave claims that his hybrid form makes his power grow "100 times" more than before. The simple employment of Soru allows him to vanish much faster, and reappear, almost as if teleporting, while utilizing the likes of Shigan becomes much more effective with claws, allowing him to easily skewer his foe's flesh upon simple contact. The use of his Haki is also much more efficient, thanks to his enhanced senses, making Kenbunshoku Haki less needed, and allowing him to focus on Busoshoku Haki, favouring it more in combat, making all of his attacks even deadlier than before.

He has exhibited the ability to cause buildings to collapse with a single technique, lift objects many times his own size, and even go against other Devil Fruit users who would technically possess more power than a mere Zoan-type like him. Truly, simply entering his hybrid form makes Glave a force to be reckoned with, that only the strongest of fighters have managed to force him to use.

Remarkably, Glave's full wolf form is much larger than a normal wolf, approximately the size of a full grown bear, and possesses formidable strength and speed, and thanks to achieving "awakening", he is also capable of standing on his back legs with no issue, and still fight using martial arts without a problem. He seems to be far more powerful in his full form, strangely enough, but is also more animalistic in nature, hence he rarely resorts to it. When fighting in his wolf form, Glave's fighting style focuses heavily on kicks and punches, as his arms remains paw, even when standing, his only options becomes palm strikes. However, the sheer power and force of his attacks becomes phenomenal. It is noted that a single strike can gather enough air pressure to destroy several buildings, blasting through them and causing their structure to collapse. Even his tail becomes like an extra limb for attack, as he describes it, allowing him to hit his foes with it, with Haki or otherwise, and still hit with great force, using it as if it were a whip, even with its limited range.

His senses also reach their peak, allowing him to properly react to his opponents, and strike when he finds an opening. In addition to that, Glave can identify his foe through scent alone, meaning that even if blinded, he can still trace their presence using his nose, and his hearing, being capable of hearing their footsteps, distinguish between them, and even listen to the rustling of their clothing and their breathing. 


  • Glave's appearance is based off of Bang from OnePunch-man.
  • Glave's name is a pun on "Grave", as it sounds somewhat similar when pronounced in Japanese.
  • According to Glave, when he first started, he took on a Doriki test, and possessed only 500. It is unknown how much his Doriki increased as of the current times.