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Alyssa had trained during her life to strive to be one of the strongest sword users in the world much like many other who had worked their lives to come close to such a level. She had gone through tragedies of her life such as the loss of her crew and had only realized Raven D. Sora was alive when he had become a Shichibukai. She currently is a member of the infamous group, Kokuban and had gained the rank of "Queen" which can also serve as a rank showing her status as a technical co-leader of the group. She had gained such a rank to only prove it with her capabilities such as her mastery over her two sword style and her mastery over Haki that had left many in awe. She is also the possessor of the devastatingly powerful fruit of the Hiku Hiku no Mi, that allows her to manipulate the pull of gravity of what she touches or to what she can extend her Haki towards. Despite her frightening capabilities, the world government had considered her dead and unimportant due to the tragedy that had befallen Raven D. Sora's whole crew.





The tale of Alyssa begun within the West Blue, living in a much populated island where she had lived with her father and mother. Alyssa had been at the age of 10 at this point of her life. Her parents had lived a comfortable life within the city where both her parents had worked within a office where they had payed off bills for such housing and food. Alyssa had grown bored with life however, where then she had adventured within the island on a daily basis to see what she could do. She had one day been attacked by thugs, having been beaten down and severely bruised, Alyssa had managed to escape barely. They had attacked her to attempt to kidnap her, however she resisted and had ended up being a punching bag. She had been able to escape due to the assistance of a local shop keeper who had driven away the thugs with nothing except a shovel in hand. Alyssa, distraught, had fled home only to come to the shock and outrage of her parents.



Physical CapabilitiesEdit


To be able to wield two swords in fast motion would force one to have superior strength to that of the average person. This had been the case for Alyssa, she had proved her self to have great physical power in each sword strike despite her main attribute being in speed. Her speed however, only amplifies how much power is put into each of her strikes which allows for her to be one of the strongest members of the group, however is beat by few other high ranking members of the group.

She had displayed such great power when she had showed ability to be able to cut down a ship utilizing her sword style during her time within Kokuban. This had been shown as quite as an accomplishment as not many swords users are capable of such feats which only makes her seem much more dangerous and lives up to her rank within Kokuban.

Speed and ReflexesEdit

Furinji Miu 05

Alyssa displaying her acrobatic-like movement.

Her speed is astonishing which had also been the case for Masamune to have recognized her for her incredible speed and reflexes to be used along with her Nitoryu style. This would have been the case for to keep up with regular sword-combat as it is one of the main attributes for a swords user to master. Alyssa's speed during her time within Kokuban had been said to nearly match that of even Masamune's incredible speed that he had gained from mastering his fast sword style. Her reflexes also mirror her large amount of speed, allowing for her to quickly react to a situation no matter how unexpected it is. This allows her to almost never be caught in ambush which can prove extremely useful given her position in Kokuban.

She has also shown herself to be quite acrobatic, where she utilizes such movement in conjunction with her sword style. This allows for her to be difficult to strike in mid of combat due to her ability to gracefully evade techniques while slashing both her swords at the same time. This alone makes her a difficult person to fight due to her strong sword style and her fast acrobatic-like motions.

Sword StyleEdit


This particular way of wielding the sword is a style that revolves around utilizing one's mastery over the use of two swords simultaneously in combat. This is a difficult style for some to master due to the inability to provide enough strength to each sword with the use of only one arm each. However, once mastered, one would be able to fully use each sword as if wielding one at a time with twice the effectiveness, as well as allowing for one to combine flexible and fast movement into every strike. Alyssa in particular had been one of the few capable of mastering such a style to fit her fast movement. From her childhood, she had been trained under a teacher hired by her parents so she would gain the ability to be able to defend herself in the future if needed. Such training had resulted in her mastering a style of using a sword known as Nitoryu, or Two Sword Style. Since she had learned this from her childhood, she had kept up with such training to even the present day allowing for her to be quite masterful and skillful in this art to be able to hold her own against most swordsmen in combat. This skill level in this style of combat had made her recognized as a well known pirate within the marines sometime in her childhood, which had eventually led for her to be arrested until Raven D. Sora had saved her. Since then, she had continued her training which resulted in her skill level to rise even further than when the world had believed her to be dead and within Kokuban.

Her mastery over this sword style had made her especially unique within Kokuban as no one else utilizes this kind of combat. Despite it's common use within the world she happened to be the only one and had been shown to be quite the master over it. She is capable of wielding each sword with one hand with the same strength as if each sword were being used with two hands, only clearing defining how skillful she is and power.

Her acrobatic way of movement allows for her to navigate through a crowd of people in efficient and fast ways with minimal damage to her and to cut them down as fast. This also proves very effective on one vs one combat as well as she is capable of tripping up her opponent by utilizing this odd fashion of sword combat while being able to cut her opponent in positions normal people would not be able to strike.

Yūrei No Me RyuEdit

During her time in Kokuban she had learned a style developed by Eraldo Coil and (Not yet Decided Name) that had revolved around utilizing fast arm movement as well as both attributes of Haki, Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. This had allowed her to basically multiply how many swords she had used to such that she could use her two sword style in different directions at the same time allowing for her to be quite dangerous. She however, is not a master in this art like Masamune and can only make two illusions as a limit due to her focus in utilizing her other style as well as Devil Fruit.

Utilizing her Kenbunshoku much like other users of this style can memorize one's fighting style, however unlike Masamune and Eraldo Coil she would take longer in combat to fully memorize a style. This however is made up for her regular mastery over Kenbunshoku than rather utilizing it to master this part of Yūrei No Me Ryu. This makes the case that she becomes more of a difficult enemy to fight as the battle progresses especially with her mastery over Haki and her incredibly fast reflexes and agility.

Devil FruitEdit

Gravity Manipulation

Alyssa utilizing her devil fruit ability.

This devil fruit had been what made her very powerful and one of the main reasons to her rank within Kokuban. The Hiku Hiku no Mi is a Paramecia type fruit that gives the ability to manipulate the pull of gravity of things she touches or with things she connects with this ability, such as her sword. This allows for her to push down people down to the ground using the force of gravity if they clash with her directly, slashed or even hit by her, she can push gravity down on the target allowing for the gravity field to be amplified or even negated. The reason her devil fruit can extend to her sword is due to the power of this devil fruit being expanded by use of Haki. She had founded this fruit during her time drifting the sea and going island to island after the marines had believed her to be dead due to the incident that had wiped out most of Raven D. Sora's crew.

She is capable of fully manipulating the pull of gravity fields that come into contact with her, whether it be an inanimate object or a living being she can multiply the amount of gravity in the specific area allowing for her to crash foes down to the ground. She is also capable of sending people flying or create floating objects by nullifying and utilizing such abilities to launch them. She is capable of floating a huge boulder with ease and launching it utilizing her control of gravity, this specifically makes her a difficult enemy to fight in combat. Since this is indeed a Paramecia type fruit, this reflects her physical capabilities, however that can be shown to be quite monstrous due to her capabilities used by this fruit. Such capabilities reflect her physical abilities such as being able to lift a ship into the air or crashing it down into the ocean by simply utilizing her devil fruits to effect it.

She is capable of effecting her own gravity field to practically soar through the sky at high speeds by controlling gravity in specific areas which can lead to her to have complete flight. This can prove quite useful in combat as she can do this to move much faster with her swords at people and then being able to cut them or strike them quicker which would lead to her being able to effect them with her devil fruit as well. She is also capable of going to places rather quickly as she can travel island to island utilizing this method, as well as traveling from the New World to Paradise on some occasions. With such flight capabilities she can amplify her own basic strength due to the immense speed brought by such movement. As such, she is also capable of effecting her own gravity by increasing it in specific regions of her body to amplify sword strikes at sharp moments to provide for an immense power boost to her already powerful skills.

She had mastered Busoshoku Haki to the point where she could utilize the invisible force of it to launch it in small fast amounts at fast paces as well to be able to attack foes from afar, however does not do that much noticeable damage due to the small amount in use. This relates to her devil fruit because since she is launching her own Haki to hit an object which can allow for her to connect the power of manipulation of the pull of gravity to effect what ever the Haki is capable of hitting. This can be the case for if it hits a foe it can launch them as such with gravity or even capable of hitting a whole mountain to force it to collapse under the weight. This can only show how far her mastery over this devil fruit had come as she tried to make it a priority to train the devil fruit once she had gained it as well as training her sword techniques on the side.

Advantages to this devil fruit is it's capable of effecting substances of all states such as liquids, solids and gasses by simply touching them with one's Haki or self. Another advantage would be effecting light such as the ability to even bend it due to the immense force capable of gravity. A weakness to this devil fruit would be that this devil fruit requires more stamina to be used the larger or heavier the object, however Alyssa possesses enough stamina to be able to maintain such a powerful devil fruit. The normal devil fruit weaknesses apply as well.

Such use of this devil fruit can be transitioned as well as Alyssa is capable of shifting the direction of which the gravity field she touches goes. She is capable of reversing such to go sideways which could be used to practically repel or attract things utilizing this method. This also can prove her to be quite a fearsome opponent as she can also push the direction of gravity to go upwards which could momentarily send one flying upwards at the fast rates due to being able to increase the pull of gravity as well.


Busoshoku HakiEdit

She had learned her Busoshoku Haki shortly after receiving the traumatizing defeat of the entire crew she had joined with Sora. This had been similar as to how she was able to awaken Haki as such as when Sora awakened it as if they had done it simultaneously which currently to day is either that of a coincidence or their specific connection to one another when they had first met. Alyssa had mastered such a skill to the point where she could utilize this form of Haki to amplify the damage of her attacks by a lot due to her strength in this ability. When she had trained in Kokuban she had further developed such Haki allowing for her to completely utilize it to fight against that of even Logia types with her swords. She was also capable of hardening parts of her body with compressed Busoshoku Haki to create a black metal-like substance. She had finally become proficient enough in this skill to actually coat her dual swords black with Busoshoku Haki, allowing for her to make her attacks devastatingly more powerful, however this drains her energy slightly faster than a master in this technique like Masamune.

She had soon learned how to use her Busoshoku Haki to actually launch the invisible force in small amounts to attack from a far. This however, does not do as much injury inflict as it does for Alyssa to connect her devil fruit to others without having to go up close or even inanimate objects. This only shows her full mastery over Busoshoku Haki as to be able to even detach it from herself to be able to launch it, even in small amounts. She is forced to launch this however, from her fists rather than her sword due to it having to be connected to her as it is her Haki.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit



Raven D. SoraEdit




The name of the devil fruit may be subject to change when the author discovers a better word for the pull of gravity in the two syllable range.

This character's appearances and some physical skills are based off of Miu Fūrinji from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi