Amico D. Caspyr (アミコ・D.・カスピア Amiko Dī Kasupia) also known as "Squash and Stretch" Caspyr but was referred to by many as Loki, is an Archaologist and wanderer. He was formerly a short term member of a pirate mafia group known as the Delfino Family against his will. He was labeled missing for a number of years due to his assumed death when the Temple of King Sketch collapsed in on itself. However, he had miraculously survived due to eating a devil fruit. He ingested the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Manga, a Mythical Zoan that grants the user the ability to take on the appearance and abilities of a human cartoon character. Now seeking revenge against the Delfino Family, Caspyr is currently wandering the sea looking for anyone who would help him on his quest to defeat the Delfino's.

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Caspyr is a tall handsome looking man who is rarely seen without his sly goofy grin. He has iconic light brown/orange hair that is short around the crown of his head apart from the centre part (which usually falls in front of his face) and the back that seems to trail along his neck barely scraping his shoulder. He has light blue eyes and also wears a black hat with a red/brown band around it. The outfit he usually wears consists of a white buttoned up shirt and a black choker around his neck. He also wears a black bolo tie (hel together by a silver buckle) and a open black jacket that usually has it's sleeves rolled up. He also wears a grey vest under the jacket with black slacks and a black belt. The outift finishes off with black shoes and his other longer black coat which he wears on his shoulders.

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Caspyr is one of the goofiest people that you'll ever encounter. He never has a joke far from his lips and he never seems to stop with his unusual antics. Whether it's due to the effects of the Devil Fruit or whether he was always like this is a mystery to everyone that meets him. He's extremely light hearted, usually resorting to a happy-go lucky attitude when a plan isn't in place or a plan has fallen apart. Despite this he can choose to be very empathetic when the situation calls for it.

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To be developed....

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Initially as a full time archaologist, Caspyr wasn't that strong as his work never really required him to fight (something he verbally expresses regret for). He usually had people that were capable fighters surrounding him on his expeditions.However, this isn't to say that he was weak per say. Caspyr was physically fit and quite the athlete because he needed all of his wits about him when he traveled around the sea. But, he had not actual fighting style..

Ever since his near death experience at the hands of the Delfino Family and almost getting killed during the collapse of the Temple of King Sketch, Caspyr made it a requirement for him to become stronger and learn how to fight properly. He was able to develop his own unique unamed fighting style which works directly with his Devil Fruit abilities.

Devil FruitEdit

Caspyr has ingested the Hito Hito no Mi, Model Manga a unique Mythical Zoan that turns Caspyr into a ancient powerful mythical creature from another world called a Cartoon (or Toon for short). When activated, his appearance doesn't change drastically. The only thing that changes outwards is that his body seems to have a thicker black outline around his body, this seems to be the only indication that he is in his "Toon Mode" as he likes to call it. When in this mode he gains the ability to alter reality to a limited degree, he can also alter reality of the people around him to a limited degree also.

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