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Lancia Angeloni (ランチア, Ranchia Angeloni), or better known as the Angelo (アンジェロ, Anjero) is a famous member of the Revolutionary Army. He comes from a small uninhabited island in West Blue called the Beer Island, where he was thrown by his deceased father; who was also a revolutionaty in the time of Monkey D. Dragon all in order to get stronger by himself.. Ever since he left his home island, he has grown not only in strength, but he has also gotten quite a reputation as a one of the most dangerous of the current Revolutionaries. Trough the years of constant fighting along with Revolutionary Army against Marines, he has gotten the epithet as the Schemer (スキマー, Sukimā) due to remarkable tactics displayed on the battlefield while analysing his opponent and creating very effective strategies against him.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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