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To be honest, I don't find myself to be superior to any kind of life form...I just prove that I am indeed superior!
— Aosame prefers acting rather than talking.
Mr. Draco

Aosame (青鮫 Aosamei) is a Greenshark Fishman and a crewmember of the Dewdrop Pirates.[1]

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Aosame's full body look.

Aosame is a muscular bigeye sand tiger shark fishman with a build similar to that of a gladiator, his face being almost completely human in appearance. Said face of his has a triangular shape, being quite long for sure, fins substituting what would be ears on his head. Additionaly, his eyes are quite sharp and his mouth not that big, something considered odd although his teeth are sharp. Unlike the rest of most of his body, Aosame's face has a deep white color, with his lips being quite purple and some orange marks appearing near his eyes. Aosame is shown to be quite a big fishman, having nearly the same size as the late Jinbe. His weight hasn't been revealed but other of his kin say that he is quite heavy, mostly due to the immense muscles he got.

True to the meaning behind his name, or at least one of them, Aosame's skin-body is almost completely green, with some areas being more dark colored than others. The exceptions being, his face as mentioned before and his torso, both having a white tone to them. Oddly, Aosame doesn't seem to have any nipples seeing how there are pink hearts imprinted on where they should be found. On his forearms, there are fin-like structures hanging out, which can be quite sharp as demonstrated in certain situations. Unlike his fingers, Aosame's toes are more fish like, therefore making them webbed.

Unlike most Fishmen and Mermen, Aosame is almost completely naked, sas from his private parts which are covered by single tight and red tonned underpants. He also seems to wear some kind of wide, fur-trimmed red cape that is tied by some kind of Fishmen medallion, said coin supposedly being given to him by his late father. Matching and fitting with the fur-trimmed cape, Aosame is also shown to possess a big crown on the top of his head, said object being red inside with golden details around it. It's currently unknown why he wears these kind of clothery.

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  • He is based on Sea King from the OnePunch-Man Series.
  • Aosame can mean either Green Shark or Blue Shark.
    • Despite this, the character is a Bigeye Sand Tiger Shark Fishman.
  • Aosame is shown to share some similarities with Jinbe:
    • The name Aosame got its origin from Jinbe's name.
    • Similarly their english names ends with an ei.
    • Both also have the name Shark in them.
    • Both of their species are shown to be rare.

  • He is the author's first Fishman.

References Edit

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