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​​Shizuko, known by the name of Ares, is a rookie pirate and Martial Artist of the Silver Scarf Pirates. He is the son of William Nero & William Darcy, two infamous pirates of the Black Steel Pirates, making him the younger half-brother of the world renowned Revolutionary Zeus. As a former test subject, he spent the early years of his life a captive of the Marines. He sought freedom and eventually broke out to be free of the Marines clutches. Growing up he dreamt of exploring the world, which lured him into living the life of a pirate. As he explores the world, he searches for the truth of his past and how he came to be a Guinea pig of the World Government. For the crimes he's committed the World Government has placed a Beli 55,000,000 bounty on his head.

History Edit

The Groomed Soldier Edit

Shizuko was born to two infamous pirates that sailed the Grand Line in search of the legendary treasure, the One Piece. At the tender age of five months old, his parents ship and crew was raided by the Marines. While each and every member of his parents pirate crew were more than competent in battle, the Marines overpowered them with superior numbers. The battle was nothing short of a massacre, leaving every single pirate dead or dying. Shinzoku's life was spared as he was a mere child and he was brought back to Marine Base, being renamed Ares.

The Fleet Admiral made the decision to make Ares the first test subject of the newly instated Perfect Soldiers Programme, a top secret programme that focused on breeding an obedient super soldier capable of carrying out any mission assigned to him. The first four months of his time there he was pampered and fed luxurious healthy foods, in order to get him into the best of health so that they could inject him with the serum. The serum, known as Alpha-Six (or A-Six/A-6 for short), was a delicate concoction designed to remove the natural limitors of the human being in order for them to access there hidden potential, which would in turn grant them what is known as the Perfect Human Body and the Perfect Human Mind. As this model of the serum had never been tested before there was no way to tell if it would be successful or not and failure would result in the infant Shinzoku's death. Fortunately for him this was not the case, the serum was a success and he was blessed with the chance to obtain a perfect body and mind. However, he would have to undergo loads of intense training to achieve such power. 

From that day he was put through an intensive physical and tactical training program, where he would learn how to effectively fight and how to be an elite combatant. On top of his basic academic studies and physical training. At the age of five years old, Ares was as smart and strong as a fully grown man, and he also knew more ways to kill then he could count. The speed of his progression was nothing short of a surprise to the staff of the Perfect Soldier Programme

Enemy of the World Government Edit

Throughout his whole time with the Marine's, Ares had never liked how they treated him. He felt as if the treated him as an object, nothing more than a weapon, just like a sword or a gun. This, along with his never ending feeling of Loneliness brought about large amounts of depression that Ares kept bottled away. What he wanted most was to explore the rest of the world... to be free.

One day, Ares was pitted against a squad of armed Marine's in a sparring battle. The outcome was inevitable, Ares successfully disarmed and beat all ten Marines single handedly. However, while throwing one of the punches he underestimated his own strength which resulted into the breaking of one of the Marine's nose. After this, each of the Marine's engaged in simultaneously verbally abusing Ares. Saying things like "Your not even human" and "You monster", as well as other dehumanising insults. Ares became enraged to the point he couldn't control his anger, he attacked the Marine's leaving eight of them critically injured and the remaining two in coma's.

Due to his actions Ares underwent disciplinary measurements, he was tasked with cleaning out the Vice-Admiral and his Lieutenants toilets everyday for a month. He thought this to be a harsh punishment but what little did he know that each of the ten Marine's were discharged from the Marine's. The Vice-Admiral had made it explicitly clear to all that anybody who provokes his weapon would be sorry. Since that conflict, Ares had realised that all the World Government want is to use him for their own selfish purposes and from that day he schemed to break free from their wretched clutches. However, he remained compliant and trained until he was confident that he had what it takes to do what was required.

A entire year later, now eight years old, he was ready. Ares was confident that he had the power required to defeat the Vice-Admiral and escape the base. He began his plan at lunchtime, the majority of the Marines were in the lunch hall. Before anyone could notice he'd thrown several poison gas grenades into the marine filled canteen, killing off all of them within minutes. He then made his way to the power room at blinding speeds, eliminating all in his path and the power room guards swiftly and easily. With next to no problem he shut down all of the Bases' electricity causing a blackout.

Before Ares could leave he had realised that he had to dispose of the scientists responsible for the creation of the Alpha-Six serum, as well as any documentation of ways to recreate it. Upon confrontation, the scientists didn't put up much of a fight so there deaths were quick and painless. Since Ares required a regular dosage of the A-Six he gathered as much of it he could carry, as well as the formula to its creation. He set ablaze the entire laboratory, with the last of the serum in it. On his way out of the base he planted timed explosives, enough explosives to the level the whole base. As he was leaving, he was confronted by the Vice-Admiral. With little time until the bases destruction he engaged in all out combat with the Vice-Admiral. It became apparent that despite the shear difference in raw combat experience, he was no match for the child Ares. Within moments he was defeated, Ares fled leaving the base to blow in his wake.

He had successfully killed the Vice-Admiral and destroyed the Marine base, escaping into the forests of the remote island. Ares swore to explore the World and live free. From then onwards he became an outlaw and enemy to the World Government, one who would forever have to look over his shoulders. For the crimes he had committed 15,000,000 would be awarded for his capture, dead or alive.

Personality Edit

Brave, Determined and Stubborn. These three characteristics easily define the intriguing persona of Ares. He is a head first, bold teen who speaks more with his fists than his mouth. Ares is known for his selflessness and bravery throughout the East Blue. He takes on impossible odds in order to ensure his villages survival. As well as protecting people, his bravery comes from his over competitive side. He views every challenge and obstacle in his way as a mere game. This unique mind set is what is said to be what led to his ice cold composure. Under the most intense situations, he remains dead calm and nearly never panics.

Ares inherited the trait that defined his mother, her stubbornness. Much like his mother, Ares will do nearly anything to get what he wants whether it be being assigned to a particular task or something more subtle like convincing his crew to take detours. This trait acquired from his mother also ties in with the traits passed down to him by his father. His indomitable will and iron determination. Ares stubbornness fuels his determination and because of this he will simply never give up. Once his mind is set to something, it is set and will not to be changed by anything. This determination also factors into his development as a fighter and as a person as a whole. As if he wishes to stop a bad habit or perfect a certain fighting technique he will not stop until it his done.

Another important characteristic, is his unwavering loyalty which he inherited from his father. His loyalty lies with his pirate crew, on many occasions he has proved this. One of which was when he was captured by Marines and torchered for days because he refused to compromise his crews whereabouts. As well as his loyalty to his crew, Ares is loyal to his friends and comrades outside the crew and would rather die than betray any of them.

Due to his time as a captive of the marines, as a youth he became victim to discrimination and both physical and verbal abuse by the soldiers. From this rather tormented upbringing stemmed a strong hate for injustice (which is ironic since he lives on the wrong side of law) and those who pray on the weak. Ares demonstrated this when he single handedly slaughtered a pirate crew that was responsible for constantly terrorising a village.

Ares portrays himself to be a serious person, so to those that don't know him that's what he is. However, those who get to know him learn his true self. Ares, in reality, is a person who loves to have fun. Despite his traumatic life experiences and exposing to Alpha-Six, he is still just a teenager. He jokes around whenever he gets the chance. While he is indeed a fun loving person Ares knows when and/or where this fun is and isn't appropriate, even though he does occasionally insert quirky jokes to lighten tense moods.

Despite being a generally joyful person, Ares has a side to him which he admits to not being proud of. However, at the same time he needs it. This side is a rather cold hearted, evil side to him. This is the side that slaughters anyone who endangers his homeland or comrade. It is the number one side affect of the Alpha-Six serum amplified result of built up anger and insecurity over his years. This side generally comes out in battle or when he subjected to large amounts of emotional trauma, such as anger/rage, sadness or depression. Ares tries to fight it when he feels it taking over. He refers to this side only as The Reaper. When he is in grave danger or hasn't the power or will to protect what is dearest to him he succumbs to the reaper and allows it to vanquish all that threaten him. Ares and The Reaper are said to be two different people, with separate ideals and personalities but with the same goals and mind sets. The reaper is pure evil and has no heart, he slaughters without remorse. On many occasions, has he said that the bloodshed fuels him and relieves him. Ares and The Reaper have a love-hate relationship, but overall The Reaper wants only to protect him and will do all he can to do so because if Ares dies as will he. When the reaper takes over he emits a unique presence that makes weak hearted men cower in fear. It is a killing intent said to be similar (but not comparable) to those who Conquer Wills.

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Abilities and Powers Edit

Alpha Six Edit

At the tender age of one, he was injected with the Alpha-Six serum. This was a delicate concoction designed to remove the natural limiters of the human being in order for them to access hidden potential, which would in turn grant them a chance to obtain what is known as the Perfect Human Body and Perfect Human Mind. While it does grant them the chance to acquire this, it does not simply give it to the consumer. Extensive training, both physical and mental, must be done in order to gain such power. It is true that this gives the user tremendous powers only a handful of humans will ever get, it comes with fatal side effects. The first of which are the headaches, at any given moment the user is likely to become victim to headache said so be a tenfold as worse as a migraine. They come in short bursts, however, they are extremely painful. The second is the constant need of the Alpha-Six serum. Twice a day, Ares needs to take the Alpha-Six serum. While the consequences of not doing so are unknown, it was theorized that they would be far from good and could possibly result in death. The third and final side effect is the random anger outbursts which, in Ares's case, would eventually lead to the creation of a second personality (Multi Personality Disorder). This side of Ares, known only as the Reaper, is an evil selfish person that only cares about protecting itself and inflicting pain upon others. Ares deeply hates this persona as it puts his allies and friends in harms way and he generally tries to supress it with all of his might. However in dire situations he has to succumb to it in order to live. It is because of these side affects that this gift has been deemed a Cursed Blessing.

Perfect Body Edit

Ever since he was injected with the Alpha-Six serum, Ares has become capable of utilizing his body to maximum efficiency which would eventually lead to gaining what was deemed as the perfect body. With training he was able to surpass the physical limitations on the human body. At the tender age of one years old he was subjected to intense training which would help him bypass the capabilities of the average human body. As he got older he would do a hundred and fifty push ups, sit ups, star jumps, squats, burpees, crunches a day. On top of twenty laps of the Marine Base. At the age of five, his strength and speed were on par with that of a standard marine. At the age of six he would undergo more intense training, training that seemed inhumane to onlookers. He would do more extensive body weight resistance exercises and now begin to do weight training. From the beginning of his training he was kept on a strict diet, to maintain and keep him in his immense physical condition. After setting his mind to escaping the base, he would maintain this diet and still train but more intense than ever before. During his years training with ________, he had truly honed the blessing bestowed upon him. His durability, stamina, reflex's, agility and especially his killer strength and blinding speed became a force to be reckoned with. It is because of the vast capabilities of his body that he is able to perform the Six Powers.

  • Incredible Durability: Ares is largely recognized for his durability amongst other things. Rumors has it that Ares is incapable of being damaged or injured. Although these are merely rumors, Zeus is extraordinarily hard to damage or to inflict any form of wounds upon. While he is still capable of being damaged, he his naturally resistant to injuries and wounds. His muscular tissues are abnormally dense, allowing him to be able to tank in more damage than the average warrior. Couples with the Iron Body technique, he can become essentially invincible. Ares has been described as having Bones of Steel due to having such a solid skeletal structure. In fact, despite all of the combat he has been in he has only ever broken two bones. As well as this he has firm skin tissues making his skin especially hard to slash, cut or pierce. While it is hard for any individual to do this, exceptionally talented swordsman have been seen to cut the skin of Ares. Propelled objects barely dent his skin, let alone his muscular tissues. Ares is more a less immune to basic levels of Martial Arts and physical attacks. Due to his durable body, he is able to go full force at any object without fear of serious injury. For example, Ares can punch through rocks and other dense objects completely obliterating them due to his inhuman strength and coming out unscathed. Generally, this does draw blood but nothing his regeneration prowess can't handle. Ares durability is probably one of the main reasons that he is able to emerge victorious in so many battles.
  • Remarkable Endurance: Due to being rarely injured or damaged, Ares gets few opportunities to truly demonstrate his remarkable endurance. The Marines knew all to well of what Ares was capable of. It was because of his endurance that they trained him so vigorously in hand to hand combat. While in Martial Arts training with his instructor, he would receive punishing blows but still manage to continue. To most it would look like child abuse, however what most didn't know was that his instructor was developing and enhancing his Ares's already large amounts of endurance. By the age of seven, he had learned how to nearly ignore pain and continue on to fight. This inhuman endurance is said to be what makes Ares such a formidable foe. Ares is able to take the most punishing of wounds and still persevere. As well as standard endurance, Ares has received praise for his impressive muscular endurance. It is because of his muscular endurance that he is able to keep up an unrelenting martial art combo's without tiring his muscles.
  • Inhumane Strength: In addition to incredible durability, Ares possess monstrous strength. His strength has been said to trump even the likes of _______ strength. The potent Alpha-Six serum that flows through his body enables him to do things formerly believed to be out of human reach. With a mere jab his destructive capabilities are beyond nearly all men. One jab from Ares is capable of smashing through solid rock and easily breaking bones of an opponent. While being significantly harder, Ares is capable of creating fissures in the ground with a mere punch. His strength extends far beyond his biceps, triceps and deltoids. His muscular strength in all of his muscles are in peak physical condition. Meaning even his kicks are tremendous destructive capabilities, and it is because of this he is capable of executing moves such as the Temporal Kick. A kick that sends out a sharp compressed air blade, utilizing speed and strength. Also, the strength in his legs allows him to utilize the Moon Step. Even the muscles in his hands and fingers are in peak condition, he can turn small stones into dust by simply applying pressure to a grip. Ares's strength enables him to lift extremely heavy objects including boulders and even chuck them a considerable distance.
  • Endless Stamina: Ares is well-known for his gigantic amounts of stamina. Thanks to the Alpha-Six, Ares has always had a lot of physical stamina. Over years and years of training and battling his stamina has improved at alarming rates. Thanks to the laps he underwent from a child his current stamina has reached levels through humans have ever got close to. Aided by perfect breath control, Ares can continue to battle far longer than the average man. Ares has stamina that could last him in battle for days on end. His tremendous ability to battle without reaching fatigue has been compared to the likes of _______ and has even been said to have surpassed it. As well as being able to fight for long periods of time, he is able to fight for those extensive time periods while still maintaining his peak physical and fighting condition. Through years and years of trying, he has learned to inhale more oxygen and exhale more carbon dioxide than usual for optimal lung usage, enabling him to go on for longer than ever.
  • Unmatchable Agility: Another attribute under Ares's sleeve is near unmatchable agility. Due to the durability of his muscle joints and connective tendons, possesses naturally good agility as they can bear more stress so that he can move them faster and move them in a multitude of ways without fear of injury. Also because agility requires a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance, Ares would undoubtedly have agility many could only dream of having. His agility enables him to instantaneously shift motions, which is handy for dodging and evasive maneuvers. Also, he is able to perform various acrobatic feats including; backflips, somersaults and cartwheels. When this agility is implemented into his combat, he becomes a target that is nearly impossible to touch and can perform the most unorthodox movements making him extremely hard to predict or anticipate.
  • Blinding Speed: Ares's perfect body allows him to run at speeds unattainable to the ordinary Marine or Pirate. Due to the Alpha-Six serum Ares was naturally fast, and with specific training he would become much faster. During all of his training with the Marines, he would be wearing weighted clothing, heavier than what most men could carry. While he found it increasingly hard to carry and move with at first, he then began to get used to it. To the point where he could sprint and leap with it on and not complain. With the weighted training clothing on, he was capable of running 100m in nine seconds at the age of seven years old. When he would take off the training clothes his speed would exponentially increase, he describe himself to be feeling "as light as a feather". As he grew older his speed vastly increased and was said to be inhuman. His current, unaided, speed is roughly the same as the Six Powers Shave technique. When using Shave, Ares is able to kick off the ground twenty times in the blink of an eye, as opposed to ten or fifteen, in order to obtain a superior speed to the other users of the technique. When he run from Point A to Point B, the time of his departure and the time of his arrival generally have around a time difference of less then a second (when moving short distance, 100-150m). This small time difference his incredibly hard for the human brain to perceive, which creates the illusion that he is teleporting. In fact, his speed is so immense he is capable of leaving behind an after image to all that view his rapid movement. While the after image is intangible, it can serve as a distraction which could him the slightest edge in battle. Those with an exceptional perception wont be able to see this after image. It is incredibly hard to track Ares while he is moving, however it is not possible. But even if one is able to track him they may not be physically able to anticipate such speed. Only few men alive have been shown to anticipate his speed. The speed of Ares extends from running, he is able to move his other body parts at extraordinary speeds as well. Including his hands and feet. Due to most humans not being capable of perceiving his speed, to them he appears to be standing still when in reality he is throwing a barrage of super speed kicks or punches. As well as his Durability, Speed is Ares's most powerful physical capability.
  • Astounding Regeneration: As well as his physical prowess, the Alpha-Six serum enhanced his regenerative prowess. Wounds inflicted on Ares (whether it be cuts, burns, stab wounds etc) have been seen to heal in literally a matter of seconds. No matter how serious or how deep the wound is, his body is more than capable of healing them. His regenerative capabilities allow him to even heal broken bones also. While it has only been put into practice once, Ares is able to regenerate severed limbs (not including his head). There are two ways of making this possible. The first of which is reattaching the limb and then mending the sever point. And the second way is outright regrowing the limb, which takes a few months at minimum. Due to these advanced prowess, it is difficult to say the least for him to be killed by normal means. Internal damage is able to be healed as well, at an albeit slower rate. What makes this ability so mind blowing is the rate at which the regeneration occurs. Small cuts and what not take mere seconds to heal, whereas a broken bone or severed limb take a minutes. This regeneration happens by Ares's body recreating lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs. How this is possible is by recreating/reanimating the lost cells and/or repairing the damaged ones. At first, the scientists believed this was possible by mere rapid mitosis, however they were wrong. Seeing as it is not rapid mitosis, there is no Hayflick Limit. Which in turn means that there is no limit upon the amount of times he can put this regeneration into effect. Every time his body is damaged, the affected area becomes stronger when it is healed meaning that the more wounds he receives the stronger his body gets. On top of regenerating wounds, his recuperative abilities allow him to regenerate his stamina at an amazing rate. Also, his regenerative prowess make him resistant, and more a less immune, to viruses and diseases. His body produces a larger amount of more potent white blood cells that quickly dispatch of any form of toxins. Ares's body also produce more antibodies which can target and destroy any foreign chemicals in his body. While this ability is impressive to say the least, it comes with a few drawbacks. One of which is that his body is incapable of rapidly regenerating damage dealt by certain materials, the only known materials are lead and seastone. Due to this the majority of firearms will damage him. Also, these materials have been proven to weakening his physical prowess in battle. Another drawback is that this rapid regeneration takes quite a toll on his stamina, meaning all damage dealt will affect his stamina levels and it is directly propotionate to the damage dealt.
  • Gland Control: While only an ability he had discovered in the last couple of months, he is quite skilled in its usage. His supreme control of his body enables him to control the secretion of hormones from his glands. Currently he is only able to control the Adrenal Gland, the other glands he can control are currently unknown. Ares is able to manipulate the secretion of Adrenaline (commonly known as Epinephrine) in his body. Adrenaline is a hormone and neurotransmitter produced by the adrenal glands that participates in the sympathetic nervous system's "fight-or-flight response" (or "acute stress response") to situations that are high-stress, dangerous and/or physically exhilarating. When it is released, it raises heart rate, increases respiration, dilates the pupils, slows down digestion and -- perhaps most importantly -- allow muscles to contract. These changes enhance Ares's physical performance, while allowing him to take in more information and help to use more energy. Each of his (already enhanced) physical abilities are further increased by a two-fold, also during his Adrenaline Rush he feels no pain at all. This ability is perhaps Ares's trump card, only being used when in trouble. Once the rush has ended, he suffers fatigue (proportionate to how long it lasted) and all the pain inflicted on him hits him at once. Despite his inhumane pain tolerance the accumulated damage may even cause him pain.

Perfect MindEdit

Upon being injected with the Alpha-Six, Ares was granted with what has come to be known as the Perfect Mind. This gave Ares superior intellectual prowess than the regular human being, as well as advanced capabilities only to be described as godlike and inhumane. It is said that humans on average only have access to around twenty percent of their brain, whereas the Alpha-Six enables its consumer to unlock the full hundred percent with the right training. As of now, Ares being sxiteen years of age, he has seventy-five percent of his cerebral capabilities unlocked. To get to this point, he underwent loads of mental training and exercises in order to challenge his brain. Which in turn would unlock its true prowess. Due to excessive mental training Ares has abilities few could ever dream of obtaining and next to none could boast. Such abilities enable him to swiftly defeat opponents in battle, simply by out maneuvering them or turning their own abilities against them. While some abilities are more useful than others, it is nothing but a fact that he utilizes each and every single one of them with maximum efficiency. People that get to know Ares properly, which isn't many, have noted that his brain works like a computer but even better than that, referring to him as a Supercomputer.

  • Intelligence: Ares is known as a very intelligent person, his vast amounts of intellect are thanks to the Alpha-Six. When he was injected, the natural limiters on his comprehensive and intellectual prowess had been lifted allowing them to reach untold levels. With various mental training it was evident that they were both rapidly developing. Due to these prowess he was capable of understanding and deciphering the most complex things with relative ease. During his schooling in the marine base he would get through heaps of work and learn at a faster rate than the average human. It is because of this, as well as his own thirst for learning, that his knowledge and wisdom is so large. At the age of eight, he was as smart as the average sixteen year old. While his knowledge is incredible vast, he is always seeking to expand it. As his intelligence grew, other skills also grew. Such as his problem solving and deductive skills. His deductive skills are impressive to say the least, he is capable of deducing any given situation and generating multiple possible outcomes of said situation along with the chances of them actually occurring simply by making predictions utilizing any and all information/facts available to him at the current time. Along with this he can formulate the appropriate counter measures. It is actually thanks to Ares's superior intellect that he is able to prevail in his battles.
  • Accelerated Perception: Thanks to the inhumane speed at which his brain process's information, Ares has gained an ability few can boast. As he is interpreting and perceiving information at such a rate it gives Ares more time to think and plan/act accordingly. To Ares it is literally as if time itself has slowed down at the particular moment. This rather unique ability enables Ares to evade things that are seemingly impossible to evade. For example a speeding bullet or arrow, or even things like a barrage of punches.
  • Observational Skills: Ares's prowess in the field of observation are top notch. He is able to spot the slightest movement of any being or object. Utilizing this he is able to pick up on subtle details, enabling him to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movements and a variety of other things. Over years of training this skill he has taken to a further level, it has been referred to as Body Language Analysis. With this , he has some amount of predictive capabilities, allowing him to see the image of an attacker's next move from the slightest muscle tension in their body and counter-attack or dodge without any wasted movement. Another ability granted by his advanced observational skills is called Visual Comprehension. Essentially, this technique is just copying. He only has to see a technique once to completely replicate it and make it his own. His ability doesn't stop there: he copies the technique, but uses it with more power and speed than the original. This mean that when his opponent makes a move, he can transcend them easily. This is limited to acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts.

Hand to Hand Combat Edit

Ever since a child in the Marine Base, Ares has excelled in hand to hand combat. As he has grown up he has made a reputation for himself in its usage. Coupled with his strength, speed, agility and equilibrium he is not to be taken likely. Growing up he admired martial artists which inspired him to make his own body become a deadly weapon. He is one of the last people anyone would want to take on alone in one on one combat for many reasons. One being his stamina, he can fight for hours on end not weakening. Another being his durability, he can sustain large amounts of physical damage and still continue to fight. The last two being not physical but mental abilities, his intellect was one of the two; with it he can formulate strategies and plans of attack quickly and effectively. The last being his accelerated perception, with advanced computing prowess he can process information faster than the average human brain which gives him more time to think about his next move.

Although he learned all of the basics of hand to hand combat during his time in the Marine Base, when he moved to Karate Island he started from scratch. He started his training all over again as if he was a novice in the art of hand to hand combat. The training he under went was significantly harder. He would punch and kick trees to increase his power, then eventually moving onto things like boulders. After half a year, surprisingly fast, he had completed his basic training. Ares then went on to begin his actual training in Martial Arts. Having already known boxing, he mastered his use in it first. Ares went on to learn many different martial arts, such as; Muay Thai and Taekwondo. It is this versatility that contributes to his overall success as a unarmed combatant. Despite being a master of so many different martial arts, he seeks to learn more and more as his goal is to master every possible martial and then become the Worlds Greatest Martial Artisit. Ares is already perhaps one of the greatest Martial Artists of his age group in the entire world. His skills allow him to go toe to toe and even best fighters that have triple his experience and training time. The world top fighters recognise and acknowledge him as a true martial arts prodigy as well as an opponent not to be taken lightly under any circumstances.

Boxing Edit

Ares Brawler Gif

The first style of fighting Ares learned was the art of Boxing. A Martial Art style that used only the fists to inflict damage on the opponent. Soon after learning to box he was able to throw every single type of punch to the best of his ability; Jabs, Crosses, Hooks and Uppercut (as well as less unconventional punches such as; Bolo Punching & 'Sucker Punching'). Before he escaped the Marine Base he had essentially mastered every Boxing Style known to man. This included the three main styles; Outside Fighting, Brawling and Inside Fighting. It is because of this mastery that he is such a versatile and formidable boxer.

Against stronger or more practised boxers (or martial artists) he tends to use outside fighting. He seeks to main distance between him and his opponent and eventually wear them down with his movement, throwing long ranged fast punches such as jabs. His strategic mind and superior patience is what defines him out of most other outside fighters. Being kind of small he has a shorter reach than most other outside fighters, however his speed, reflex and footwork make up for it.

As good as he is out fighting, he is in the inside fighting style (also know as pressure boxing). This is a close range style that Ares favours as it focus's on flurry punching and non-stop aggression. To Ares this style is primarily about dishing out more than you are given. While fighting on the inside he generally has to tank in a large amount of punches. In order to make up for this he bombards his opponent with different combinations of punches to overwhelm them. Due to his speed and endurance he is a monstrous inside fighter to say the least.

Brawling was the first of these three styles he had learned. It is the least 'controlled' style of boxing, it favours power punching over combination punching. While throwing less punches and slower punches, each punch makes up for it with sheer power and destructive capabilities. Punches of this style are generally easily to predict which makes them easier to dodge, even with Ares's superior speed, which makes them subject to counter punches. Due to this Ares generally uses the Brawler style in combination with the aforementioned styles.

Ares Dodging Gif

Dodging to create openings

A style he sometimes uses in combination with Outside fighting. Like the latter style Counterpunch boxing is a more defensive than offensive style. Ares capitalises on his opponents mistakes in order to land hits of his own and gain the advantage. Using a multitude of defensive techniques (Such as; Blocking, dodging and bobbing & weaving) he avoids punches and immediately catches the opponent off guard by landing a well timed and accurate punch. This style is very psychological and tends to throw off those with a very ill temper causing them to lose composure while making more mistakes. With good reflexes, a high level of prediction and awareness, pinpoint accuracy and speed, both in striking and in footwork, Ares becomes a lethal fighter.

  • Gisei Genko (擬勢拳固, Deceiving Fist)

One of the first techniques ever developed by Ares. As the name suggests it is a sneaky and deceptive attack. To initiate this attack Ares generally switches to a left handed stance, if he has time. He then throws a left jab, however immediately before it connects he retracts the punch. While simultaneously throwing a right hook at the bewildered target. The feint jabs purpose is to make the target raise their guard to protect their face, leaving the real target exposed and unprotected; the temple in the side of the head. Depending on the strength of the opponent it is generally a one hit knockout if it connects with the temple. Due to his inhumane speed, the transition between the two punches happens incredibly fast giving. Only those who's speed rivals Ares can dream of dodging. In essence, this is just a high speed and highly destructive feint attack.

  • Kijuu Genko (機銃拳固, Machine Gun Fist)

A common technique used by Ares in hand to hand engagements. Some say this is perhaps one of his signature moves. While in close proximity of his target, Ares releases a barrage of rapid jabs with both of his hands. Using this move Ares sacrifices power for speed. Despite doing so, each punch is far from weak. Although the speed of the punches are perceivable by most trained fighters, not all are able to anticipate each and every single one of these punches. The main purpose of this attack is to overwhelm and tire out the opponents. Using this, he is able to throw around sixty punches in under eight seconds. On many occasions, Ares has displayed the ability to use this to effectively take out multiple low level targets at once.

  • Sogekihei Genko (狙撃兵拳固, Sniper Fist)

A technique Ares created after perfecting the Machine Gun Fist. This punch takes his speed to a whole new level. Ares throws a regular jab, however he performs this at top speed. The speed of the punch is so fast it is generally to fast for the brain to perceive, creating the illusion that Ares barely even moves his fist. To the unlucky target Ares has only begun throwing the punch when they are suddenly hit with a crushing blow. Even those capable of perceiving such speeds, would need to have incredible reflexes (to say the least) to dodge this punch. Ares's sniper fist is referred to as the "Undodgeable Punch", while it isn't literally true to its name it is a powerful technique to say the least.

  • Kami Genko (神拳固, Gods Fist)

Once mastering boxing, Ares accidentally created a technique that would go onto be one of the strongest in is Martial Arts arsenal. While on a trip away from Karate island in a nearby inhabited land, he stumbled across a group of power abusing marines. Ares became enraged and engaged in combat with them. Going all out, he demonstrated his unrestricted strength on the marines with one punch. While the punch is performed all martial art related defence is generally dropped, it falls into the brawling style. This one punch Ares now calls Gods Fist. All of his strength is put into the one jab and a power shockwave is emitted. The power is so immense that it is capable of killing an average person and seriously wound the strongest of pirates if it connects. Ares later discovered that even if the punch doesn't connect it is still capable of producing the destructive shockwave. The shockwave is describe to be a "powerful blast of air" and is compared to the likes of a hurricane. Its immense power is able to take people off their feet, rip trees from the ground, destroy buildings and even lay ruin to entire battleships. As well as an offensive technique, Ares employs it as a defensive manoeuvre by repelling incoming attacks.

Jae Kun Do Edit

Seeking out a leg-attack based martial art during his time on Karate Island, Ares stumbled upon Jao Kun Do during his research. It is an offensive art that heavily depends on the use of kicks. Before he was able to begin his initial training in Jao Kun Do he learnt and eventually mastered the basic kicks and fundamentals of kicking. Ares was taught by the sensei's of Karate Island that no matter what the martial art is there are four stages of any kick. These are; the fold action (where the leg is raised), the kick it self, the refold and the recovery. Mastering these four stages would build the base foundations of this Martial Art and any other leg-attack based martial art. He then mastered the basic kicks which were; front kick, back kick, side kick, axe kick and the round kick.

Once this was achieved he was able to learn the ways of Jao Kun Do. This martial art slightly differs from other leg-attack based martial arts as it focuses on leg motions so swift that foes cannot predict where a kick will land. The teachings of Jao Kun Do stress speed more than anything. Balance is also a crucial factor as the main attack stance of this martial art revolves on balancing on one foot. While balancing on the weaker foot Ares waves his folded knee around in an attempt to confuse the target(s). This stance is the foundation for the infamous unpredictability this martial art is known for. From this stance Ares is able to perfectly execute any of the basic kicks at blinding speeds in rapid succession, as well as some advanced kicks such as the Crescent Kick. The strength of his kicks are capable of easily splitting boulders.

Muay Thai Edit

After mastering Jae Kun Do Ares wasted no time studying the next martial art. This was Muay Thai, an intense fully body style. It is renowned world wide as The Art of Eight Limbs due to the fact practitioners incorporate "eight limbs" in the martial art. These "eight limbs" are the two fists, two elbows, two knees and two feet. While already being a competent puncher and kicker because of the teachings of his previous training, Ares had to learn a few to knew types of strikes. These were elbow attacks, knee attacks and palm thrusts. Much like punching and kicking he trained the technique and fundamentals of each against trees, then eventually mountain sides. The style of Muay Thai revolves around rapid attacks in many different places, in hope of eventually overwhelming the opponent(s).

Before long Ares had also mastered this martial art. With this mastery he became a deadly combatant capable of inflicting grievous bodily harm or worse with more a less any part of his body. Couple with his skill in acrobatics and speed he can attack multiple places from multiple angles at blinding speeds. Although Muay Thai is a primarily offensive style, defence is also stressed. Ares is able to move from an opponents attack range with relative easy while also positioning himself for the counter. If evasion is not on option he uses the same eight limbs to block or parry an incoming attack.

  • Mouhan (盲斑, Blind Spot)

This was a useful technique he created and perfected during his many sparring matches during training. It is a powerful reverse elbow strike aimed at ones blind spot. Only with Ares insane speed is this technique made possible. While at a considerable distance he sprints to behind the opponent at a considerable speed, as a soon as arrives (with his back to the target) he performs a reverse elbow strike to the back of the head. Due to the sheer power in the strike it is generally a one hit knockout capable of fracturing skulls. Ares tends not to use this because of such brutality however he won't hesitate if the technique is required.

Haki Edit

When he was only a mere baby, Ares unknowingly awoke his Haki. While seemingly impossible this was made possible by the serum he was injected with. It stimulated the dormant Haki in his body causing it to unleash. Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess. Throughout the majority of his life Ares had no knowledge on the existence of such power, let alone knowing he could harness it. It wasn't until he became the disciple of Kami Ryuga that he learnt if Haki. It was then that he realised the mysterious powers that he had displayed on occasions. At the age of 15 and a half, Ares began his training. In the six months he had trained he had yet to master either forms of Haki. As of now all he can do is sense auras (consciously) with Kenbunshoku Haki and coat one body part at a time with the invisible armour of Busoshoku Haki for no longer than 11 seconds.

Equipment Edit

Seastone Knuckleduster Edit

During his travels Ares had a tailor made pair of knuckledusters created for him to augment his martial arts. They were crafted with Seastone so that his martial arts could be effect against Devil Fruit users, but more specifically Logia-Types like his brother.

Trivia Edit

  • Some of Ares's Martial Arts techniques are largely based and inspired by the anime History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.