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— Alex.
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"White Planet" Armstrong Alex

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Alex clad in his suit.

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Like many characters, Alex has a unique laugh, expressed as "Shirororororo!".[1]

Alex seems to be a very dutiful person, shown when he quickly went to show the latest news to his captain, knowing it was something related to him, albeit in the slightest.[2] When speaking, Alex tends to get carried away and raise his tone, though without secondary intentions.

He seemed to be surprised at his captain's reaction at the ex-Shichibukai Salazar's death, hinting that him more than anyone should know death isn't anything new to them.[3]

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Devil FruitEdit

While its name is unknown, Alex's Devil Fruit is said and shown to be a Paramecia which allows him to control Gravity.

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  • He is based on Thirteen from the My Hero Academia Series.
  • Alex's names has two origins, both of which are non-pirate:
    • His surname Armstrong is a direct reference to the astronaut: Neil Armstrong.
    • His name as a whole references Alex Louis Armstrong from the Fullmetal Alchemist Series.

References Edit

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