Arrowhead Kristoval is an article prescribed by The Outlandish

I will hold the weight of my comrades without a second thought, and I will cross the bridge of bravery if it stands before me.
— Kristoval

Arrowhead Kristoval (アローヘッド・クリストバル, Arouheddo Kurisutobaru) is a leader of Tencho and weapon maker. A former Pirate, Kristoval was once known to lead the famous White Light Pirates. After being imprisoned for years, Kristoval was released and trained to become a Marine. However, he had fooled his enemies and attacked the Marines, doing a considerable amount of damage. He escaped and was recruited into Tencho, later becoming one of it's key leaders. The Marines are still searching for him after the White Light Pirates were disbanded.





Kristoval's general appearance.




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