Arthur (Azure Pirates) is an article presented and written by Steven-kun300

Arthur is the chronicler and strategist of the Azure Pirates. He is the eighth member of the crew, the seventh to join, and the crew's first recruitment after arriving in the Grand Line. A member of an unknown insectoid race, he is also the first non-human member of the crew.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arthur is in terms of overall combat potency is by far the weakest member of the Azure Pirates, his extremely small frame not offering much in physical strength or endurance. However, despite his drawbacks, he is not the least valuable member of the crew. Utilizing the powers of his Devil Fruit which allows him to expel and manipulate ink from his body, not unlike a squid or octopus, he has gained supplementary use in battles by creating distractions and traps. Arthur is also the most analytical member of the crew and since his recruitment has taken charge in guiding his crewmates in combat using his knowledge of both their abilities and assessment of their opponents and surroundings to do so.



Major BattlesEdit


  • According to the creator, if Arthur was from a place in the real world it would be Victorian England.
  • His name is intended to poke fun at his profession which is that of an author.