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The apsect of Deity is legendary technique which whilst can be used by any one only a small handful only does with the potential to become true master of their fighting style have been unlock it. The legend goes that every living entity has a deity which looks over them and at times can provides them with blessings in the form of their own fighting strength. For example swordsmen such a Roronoa Zoro can take on the aspect of the deity of Asura gaining the ability to wield up to nine swords and gaining a deathly black aura. The very ground shook when Zorro first used this technique which just signifies how powerful this technique is.It has been shown that Roronoa Zoro use of the aspect of the Deity is simply an extension of his Santoryu.

Zoro's Technique (Cannon Techniques):Edit

Asura: Ichibugin (阿修羅 弌霧銀 Ashura: Ichibugin) literally meaning "Asura: One Mist Silver") Zoro's first technique with this style, holding the swords so the blades are pointing towards the victim, Zoro leaps towards them, powerfully slashing them with all nine of his swords at once afterwards ending in a position where all the swords are held in a way to make them look like they are fanning out. 

Asura: Makyusen(阿修羅 魔九閃 Ashura: Makyūsen,literally meaning "Asura: Demon Nine Flashes"):Zoro approaches his target and slashes them up using all nine swords and ends with a stance where all nine swords are in a wheel shape with his Kyutoryu a few metres away from the opponent, the wound is similar in shape to the sword stance, it is similar to Brook's signature attack in that the actual effect is not seen until a few seconds later.

Asura: Ugui(阿修羅 穿威 Ashura: Ugui), literally meaning "Asura: Drilling Force"): Zoro uses this by activating Kyutoryu and rushing his opponent, slashing through them while holding his swords at different angles.

Ryouta Akashi's Techniques:Edit

Amaterasu:  In the case of Akashi he is able to take on the aspect of Amaterasu  the Goddess of the sun. He becomes endowed in a dark aura but at the same gives a golden light and intense heat. He experiences and incredible increase in strength and his attack become empowered by golden flames. Akashi see a total increase in his strength and gain power which would be unattainable under normal circumstances. It is said that this power is what cemented him as one the leading figures of the Zodiac Pirates. The impact is so great that his strength whilst using amaterasu that there are certain protocols within the navy for officers to retreat if they are ever in the presence of Akash as he uses this technique.





I have clearly taken Zorro's technique from the cannon wiki please give thanks to them for the lovely compilation of techniques!

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