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Auberon Theme
Those who wander, are not always lost.
— Crim

Auberon Muicetach hails from an Isle in the new world that remains secluded and un-involved in both piracy and the world government. Auberon has stated that his only affiliation is to the world itself and assuring that the balance of power is maintained.


Personality Edit

Auberon is a sworn protector of the balance, between the three powers of the world. Having raised in a isolated monastery since birth to be an "Ally of The World." His duty is simplistic in theory, assure that one group of the three powers does not become vastly more powerful than any other, in essence he serves as a check to their power.

Being raised in such a unique circumstance, Auberon was taught to avoid conflict at cost's unless it serve's as the best course of action in obtaining his purpose. This has resulted in Auberon becoming somewhat of a pacifist, avoiding conflict unless he deems it worth necessary to engage.

Background Edit

Tales speak of a Monastery hidden away in an Isle in the new world. A monastery that was dedicated to protecting the balance of the three great powers, ensuring that no faction gains significant power over the others. It is at this monastery that the various races of the world lived in harmony with one another, eating, training, living in peace with one another. It is here where the story of Auberon begins. A young human boy who was raised in the monastery since his parents had been deemed unfit. It was here that he learned the teaching of the monks and underwent training in both physical and mental aspects. Due to the blend of species that live in harmony in the monastery the monks were able to train the disciples in a variety of styles ranging from fishman karate to the rokushiki.

The training of the monks consisted of extreme physical and mental conditioning regimens created by the monastery in order to ensure that the younglings would be ready to fulfil their duties when the time came that they were able to see the world on their own and maintain the balance. The training took place on a frigid winter island the logic behind this was that the cold would allow their mind to “wake up.” The rigorous training included running throughout the island of ice in very in very little clothing, as well as various amounts of combat training in order to ensure that the would be effective in almost any situation they were pit in. As gruesome and taxing as the physical training was, the mental training was worse. The recruits were often isolated and left alone for several days on end, with very little food or water, in order to simulate real world capture. Auberon however excelled in all aspects of the training, receiving praise from the monks and disdain from his fellow trainees.

Auberon was then allowed to roam the world in order to perform his duty of protecting the balance of power amongst the three great powers. Early in his task the horrors that Auberon had witnessed had shook him to his core, disgusted with the atrocities he witnessed caused Auberon to swear of combat entirely, unless the all important balance that he had sworn his life to protecting was threatened. This realization had caused Auberon to develop a lone wolf complex, spending much of his time alone, honing his skills away from civilization in order to ensure that his powers would not harm an innocent, or worse, kill them.

During his travels around the world Auberon discovered the Henka Henka no Mi, granting him the ability to perform alchemy. After he had been blessed with things, he isolated himself once more, as he began to hone his newfound abilities. At first his ability’s were only sufficient to change the physical appearance of an object. However, as he became more and more insightful into his new found abilities and as his skill with them grew he found himself able to alter objects at both the atomic and subatomic levels.

Abilities Edit

Despite his pacifistic nature, Auberon is still regarded as an extreme threat by both pirates and the world government, due to his allegiance to seemingly neither. In terms of physical capabilities Auberon's strength rivals some of the fiercest warriors sailing the seas, as he has been shown throwing canon balls and other heavy objects with strict ease, as well as punching through walls. The speed of the wanderer rivals his strength giving him a great balance in combat, as well as allowing him to switch his styles flawlessly in order to best match his style with that of his opposition.

Fighting StylesEdit

The Monastery that raised Auberon was home to a varied group of of spices from Giants to Fishmen, all who lived in harmony with one another sharing the secrets of their fighting styles as well as training others in this fighting styles. Upon hearing this, it should come as no surprise that Auberon is capable of employing various style's of martial arts. Although he mainly sticks to utilizing the two his his most proficient in, those being the Hasshoken as well as Fishman karate.


Fishman KarateEdit

Trivia Edit

According to Aga, Auberon's theme is Halo by All That Remains.

References Edit

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