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Ayame is a Vice Admiral and Doctor, stationed within the South Blue. At the age of 11 she ate the Hito Hito no Mi Model: Dryad, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

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Energetic, Vibrant & Full of life. Words that are commonly used to describe this woman. Since a toddler, Ayame has been filled from head to toe with energy. She would wake up early in the morning before her adoptive parents and wake them up. Laughing, screaming and playing were the things she tended to do non-stop from day to day. As she grew up not much changed, her vibrancy remained. When assigned a task, no matter what it was, she was always rearing to go. She would always give 100% into all she did, showing good ethics regardless. Not many on the island had nearly as much enthusiasm as she did. A perk of this trait was one she became known for and one that gave her such credibility as a leader. This perk was the ability to motivate people using her unparalleled enthusiasm.


Those close to this spectacular female never fail to credit her kindness. Many have said and many believe her heart to be truly made from gold. She never fails to help those in need, whether they are pained physically or mentally. Ayame has said that she suffers from terrible pains in heart when she ignores pained people. Her caring and sympathetic nature has led to her being slated as a particularly nosey person as she is always questioning peoples depression. Ayame often sheds tears for other peoples pain and dilemmas because of her sympathy. Being one with a very troubled past, she knows the true understanding of suffering. It is because of this her compassion as reached such levels. She has stated she would rather die that allow any human being to experience what she has experienced.

Ever since she was brought into this world, she has been described to have a fiery nature. This characterisation has been brought about due to her quick temper, Ayame can be angered relatively quick when people directly insult her homeland, cause or loved ones. Her temper can be easily translated as impatience as she is can become slightly agitated during long waits. As she has grown older she came to realise that these traits weren't the best to have so she desperately tries to contain them. On the other hand, her fiery nature isn't all bad. It also displays something few nowadays possess. Passion. Her passion is the source of all the intense feelings. This passion fuels her devotion to her beliefs. Her passion shows her deep care towards the things she loves. One such thing would be her partner. This passion brings out her lust and ardour as she seeks to portray her intense feelings towards him through sexual activities.

She is known throughout the Marines and South Blue alike for her keen sense of humour. Ayame never fails to insert a quirky joke in her current situation to lighten a tense mood. Unlike others, her jokes tend to make people laugh. Those who are constantly with her, say they enjoy her company because of her comedic entertainment. Ayame has a rare gift that makes her naturally funny. Her hysterics go even further, thanks to her clumsiness. By breaking things accidentally and other clumsy acts, she has people laugh to the point tears shed from there eyes.

Beyond her kind hearted and jokey side, there is a side to Ayame known and feared by nearly all. This side of her portrays independence, individual strength and her serious demeanour. Ayame, while this side of her has surfaced, extinguishes all traces of her other more positive characteristics. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, no matter who it may be and fears no-one. The first time people bare witness to this side of her it takes nearly all by surprise. In the space of no time, the seemingly innocent women switches to a powerful, decisive combatant. In the heat of battle or things involving her role as a Vice Admiral of the Marines is when this more serious side of her is seen.

From the latter trait branches another more serious characteristic. This characteristic is referred to as merciless. She has more a less no emotion towards those who are not allied to her or fighting for the same cause as her. Despite hating pointless waste of the human life, she will by all means end one if it results in bringing her and her comrades a step closer to peace. Ayame will never hesitate taking a life to save plenty others. During a pirate brawl on an island in the South Blue, she single headedly vanquished over fifty pirates without thinking twice. This demonic side to her abides by and follows one simple ideal... By Any Means Necessary.

Similar to the Will of the D possessed by certain people, Ayame possess a will of her own. This will was passed down to her by her former instructor. It is the source of her undying allegiance to Justice and all incapable of defending themselves. It has an unwritten law. To never lose hope. Hope is everything to the those who fight for justice and peace, as they believe hope to be the source of recovery and self-perseverance. Ayame has taken it upon herself to name this will, and has named it the Will of Justice.

As well as her loyalty to her cause, Ayame has displayed her loyalty to her comrades and friends on multiple occasions. She often says she would rather die than sell out one of her own. Unlike a lot of Marines and Pirates alike, she follows the Leave no man behind principles as she would risk her own life to recover and injured ally. Despite not being on good terms with every single one of her fellow Marines, she can even feel the strongest of comradery with people whose guts she hates, such as_____. She believe this is possible because both individuals follow the conducts of the Will of Justice, and fight only to protect their the innocent.

Despite growing up in a rich, spoilt background she has maintained her humility. To her, everyone is equal, regardless, because at the end of the day they all breathe the same air. Ayame, herself, knows she has far more power than the average person, however she does not go around bragging about it. She hates people to do so. To her, arrogant people are insecure people who seek others opinions of themselves to make them feel important. Even upon her promotion Captain to Vice Admiral, she remained humble and demanded to be treated no different. Ayame bares a controlled hate towards nobles that abuse their power.

Living up to the moniker The Alluring Witch, Ayame uses her irresistible charm to sway the odds in her favour. Due to being in a serious relationship with ______, she tends not to show this side of her because of her sole loyalty and love for him. However, she will if she has to. Ayame uses several techniques to seduce those who wallow in her beauty. One of which include, using her perfect figure to entice the man by slowly easing herself into the mans grasp. She ever so slightly alters her speech pattern and body posture into a more flirty one leading the man into thinking she wants to engage in sexual activities with him. Her large breasts and tender bottom render the man totally helpless. As well as physical contact, she can orally seduce her prey. These seductive techniques are useful for intelligence gathering and for softening up a target for an assassination.

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From birth, Ayame has always been a girl with unparalleled beauty. At a young age she attracted the attention of hordes of lustful males. So much so that, at the age of seven she was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave at the Sabaody Archipelago. She has lush, ginger hair which finishes at the midpoint of her back. Its tone reflects light and gives it a colour than can be referred to only as heavenly. Her hair has taken the colour due to both her parents and there respective clans having hair of that colour. Courtesy to good treatment, her hair is in optimal condition. It is strong, thick and glossy at the same time. Like the majority of her family from her Kitamura heritage, she possess crystal blue eyes. However her eyes are slightly different due to the fuse of her Isei heritage. On the outskirts of her eyes she has a whiteish silver border with slight traces of pink. Ayame's face has a rather creamy complexion similar to that of snow. The surface of her face has been said to be as soft as silk and even softer than the skin of a new born baby. To top off her beauty, she wielded a smile that was said to stop men dead in their tracks. It was described as a smile to die for. For the most part of her life, her smile was the source of her beauty and unrivalled seductive power.

As she grew older and reached her teens, her stunning face became even more attractive, however it wasn't what all the males focused their attention on. Upon becoming a teen Ayame's body started to become more lady like. Due to her constant physical activities her body had no excess fat, granting her a slim waist grown women would die for. Her waist was not the only thing women die for, Ayame's physique had far surpassed the average females. At the age of only seventeen, her body had reached the figure '8'. Her breasts were at a mind-blowing size of triple D, a size few women ever came close to. As well as her top half, her rear end was also larger than almost all of the women she knew. As well as just perfect curvature, Ayame's strength and training were evident. Her biceps and triceps, while not bulky, were perfectly toned. Additionally, another piece of evidence of her hard work was her stomach. Her stomach had eight fully formed packs.

Being what is known as a "girly girl", Ayame has always been concerned about what she wore. As she was the adoptive daughter of a Noble family she generally got what she wanted. From a young age, she was interested in clothing and fashion. Her mother bought her loads and loads of Kimono's, skirts, shirts and about everything else you could think of. In terms of style and colour, Ayame generally tended to wear clothing with bright summer colours (such as pink, light blues, oranges, yellows ect.) as she saw them to be reflective of her vibrant personality.

While off-duty, she tended to wear things that would provide more comfort than aesthetics. She generally wore sports crop tops to expose her stomach and short shorts to expose her thighs. As she has matured she has gained more self respect an has nearly stopped wearing clothing that exposes to much of her body. Even while off-duty she now dresses rather formally, with tight skirts down to her knees and blouses underneath cardigans.

During official business as a Vice Admiral she wears her favourite attire. This outfit his her iconic clothing. It is a Black Kimono with a white undergarment underneath. Her Kimonos slightly indent in the bosom are because her "babies need space to breathe". None of her She has each Kimono made with a special synthetic silk like material for extra elasticity. She carries her sword behind her back. Like most females, she has a lot of accessories. She switches up her earrings and bracelets constantly to keep her look "fresh". However, she always wears her necklace because it was a gift from her mother and keeps it as a memento.

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Being essentially Ayame's main forms of combat she is a competent sword user. Although she is yet to reach a level of mastery she is close. In one on one combat there aren't many alive that can best her in swordplay. When she enrolled in the Marines training in the infantry division she chose to specialise in swordsmanship rather than marksmanship. Her flare for the art was evident from the start. Ayame would even train after her required training with the Marines to further develop her skill. As a swordswoman, she is free form and practices no particular style of swordplay. Although she is free form she does have a methodology to her sword play. Seeing as she hasn't got similar raw strength and brute force as other swordsman, Ayame utilize an evasive and counter-striking fighting style. Due to conscious knowledge of this weakness she employs this style sub consciously. Ayame uses her superb agility, balance and reflexes to make up for her lack of monstrous strength by quickly capitalizing on an enemies mistake. As oppose to many of the worlds greatest swordsman, Ayame's swordplay solely relies on her perfect execution of the fundamentals instead of displaying "flashy techniques". Despite being nowhere near one of the best swordsman in the world, she has been described as one of the best the Marines have to offer.

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Hiyōkai(氷妖怪, Ice Demon) is a legendary sword used by Ayame. It is a straight-bladed katana with a cross guard in the shape of a cat's head. This sword has been in the Kitamura Clan for centuries and centuries, being passed down throughout the years. Due to the Kitamura Clan keeping this sword a secret from the world it hasn't been deemed as a Meito, however it has on many occasions been mistaken for one of the Twelve Saijo O Wazamono. World renowned blacksmiths have said that this sword even surpasses some of the twelve. Hiyōkai was kept a secret due to its rather unique ability. It is said that only those with qualities of a conqueror may unleash Hiyōkai's full potential. This ability is the complete control over the ice element and Ayame is one of the few people in history to unlock this power. Legend has it that those capable of utilizing Hiyōkai's full potential hold the power to bring the entire Blue Sea to a stand still, freezing it over with ice. Whilst using these ice prowess, Ayame has been compared to that of the former Admiral Aokiji and thus has based many of her techniques on his own.

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Hito Hito no Mi: Dryad is a rare Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit. While visiting the remains of the temple of her since extinct clan she found the fruit locked in a chest. Knowing exactly what it was, she consumed it to gain the power to avenge her fallen clansmen. The powers granted to her from this fruit enable Ayame to transform into a hybrid or full form Tree Nymph. These transformations drastically increase her physical capabilities. As well as this, it grants her what she likes to call "A complete control over nature". When exercising this she is capable of essentially bending the nature around her to her will. This includes plants, trees, wood and soil amongst other things. While she can't create these out of thin her like a Logia user, she is able to rapidly accelerate the growth of these plants or trees which can make up for this. Due to this she is somewhat limited to where she can grow her plants. Once grown these plants can be manipulated anyway Ayame commands.


Hybrid Form: When taking making this transformations, Ayame's physical appearances doesn't change as drastically as other Zoan fruits. Her skin turns completely green as the chlorophyll is spread through out her body. This essentially the only thing that differs in her appearance. While in hybrid form her physical abilities are increased drastically. Upon transforming, Ayame gains a deeper connection with nature which in turn grants her a higher degree of nature. She is able to influence the growth of plants at a faster rate than before and on top of that she gains a manipulation of pheromones and pollen. These can be used in a number of ways, but are more utilized for offensive and supplementary usage.

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