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Baghatur Atraxias, known more simply as Xias (ジアス, Jiasu), is the leader of the Asha Kingdom Military's Independent Vanguard Unit, a covert agent working to subdue internal threats, and the current holder of the sin Pride (プライド, Puraido) among the Seven Deadly Sins.[4][5]

Currently, he is pursuing Draco D. Damon following his encounter with Mengis and Carter Pine, taking a vow of not allowing the former Sin of Wrath to do as he pleases.[6]

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Atraxias has shown to be a composed, but somewhat prideful man, introducing himself by his title.[7] While eloquent with his speech, his intentions are very obvious through his expressions. In fact, his very gaze can convey far more emotion than his words ever would.[8] Nonetheless, his manner of movement is highly composed, and exudes incredible self-control.[9]

Atraxias, from the words of others, has always been isolated when it comes to his duties. To this end, even his fellow Sins, who have worked with him for years, have very little understanding of how he acts, much to their chagrin.[10] However, despite this anonymity, he appears to be regarded as highly dutiful among his comrades, and would never betray them. This is despite not being directly involved in trying to apprehend Draco D. Damon from escaping Asha.[11]

Despite looking calm on the exterior, Atraxias has a well of emotion stored within himself, primarily relating to the very idea of pride. He finds himself angered at the fact Al Rauf Najeem would make use of holograms to fight, calling that act, and Najeem himself, quite cowardly. To this end, he finds himself irritated when he cannot convince people of the importance of pride, at which point he often lashes out by shouting regardless.[12] His strong belief in pride comes from the fact that he has been taught pride is the mark of someone who will stay true to themselves till the very end.[13]

Said talk of pride extends to his allies as well. Those who fight well, and with pride, receive praise and acknowledgement from Atraxias for their pride.[14]

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Although he is the leader of the sins[15] there is an apparent disconnect between himself and the rest of the sins due to his isolationist personality. This is shown with Regin stating that Atraxias did not assist them on the day Damon escaped from the Kingdom.[16] Nonetheless, there is enough trust between them for at least three members to confidently say that he would not betray the kingdom.[17]

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Atraxias holds Damon in contempt for his sins during his time in the Asha Kingdom. The moment he read the news of Damon's notoriety increasing, Atraxias immediately left the Kingdom to pursue the former Sin of Wrath, despite these sorts of decisions normally requiring a conference.[18]

Notably, despite Damon's reputation as Asura and his expulsion from the sins, Atraxias still refers to him as Wrath, despite the presence of a replacement, indicating a degree of attachment.[19] This is further cemented by the revelation that Atraxias did not pursue Damon on the day of his escape from the Kingdom.[20]

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Atraxias is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, therefore, he naturally possesses authority over all lower-ranked subordinates in the Kingdom's army. In addition, his combat prowess as one of the sins outstrips any lower-ranked individuals.[21] Furthermore, being the leader of the sins, he possesses authority over the other sins and can assume command over the Kingdom should the King die.[22] Atraxias is very confident in his own abilities, as he single-handedly decided to pursue and capture Damon following his bounty increase despite first-hand knowing of his strength and ability to escape the Kingdom and the sins' pursuit,[23] albeit he was not a part of this initial pursuit squad.[24]

Two years ago, Atraxias proved to be skilled enough to fight off, and cause permanent scarring to, Al Rauf Najeem, who is one of the Xros Pirates' heavyweights. To this end, when rescuing Draco D. Damon and Regin from his attack, the Xros Pirate opted to retreat because he knew he didn't have enough manpower to fight off the Sin of Pride.[25]

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