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Bakugou D. Erharde, more widely known as Shiva (シヴァ, Shivu~a) is a Super Rookie and the Captain of the Dii Consentes Pirates with the alias Chaos. His crew is world renowned for the locations they explore and being one the few crews that has explored beyond the planet and mapping it accordingly as well as claiming the moon as their base of operations.

Always living in the shadows of well known Pirates, he finally achieved the respect he so longed for by colonizing the moon and using it's advanced technology to threaten the World Government. Due to this, Erharde is considered to be one of the most dangerous and most wanted men in the world as he is one of the few Supernovas to be recognized as the next generation of Yonko or even Pirate King.

Erharde ate the Heki Heki no mi thus becoming a Rupture Human(破裂 (パンク) 人間 Panku Ningen). Some describe Erharde as a pioneer for Paramecia devil fruit users as he attained powers that rival that of a Logia. With this power, Erharde was denounced as a global terrorist by the World Government, the Marines, certain Pirates as well as the Revolutionaries alike.

Erharde's dream is to become as close to a god as possible as he wants serve as the very epitome of freedom and to reach that goal he aims to be the next Pirate King.


Erharde is a very short person which usually works to his advantage as people tend to underestimate him. He has a skinny build and although he doesn't look physically intimidating, his physical limitations were improved beyond human capability through his devil fruit and constant training with his crewmates. He always wears goggles strapped on top his messy blue hair which serves to focus his eye sight when utilizing his devil fruit abilities.
His captains jacket is the antithesis of an admirals with his being mostly blue with a red fire pattern at the bottom possibly referring to his own destructive capabilites and the Jolly roger of his crew at the back. He does not wear any shirts underneath his jacket preferring to show the scars he attained during all his numerous battles. His face usually has a delinquent expression on it to showcase his disregard for fear.

All three of Erharde's transformations drastically change his appearance as well. By utilizing Full-body: Nuke he gains immense amounts of muscle mass. The Haki he coated himself to contain the explosion seemingly looks like its about to crack giving off the appearance of a ghoulish figure while his eyes turn pure white. All his clothes except his underwear is disintegrated while transforming. When he activates his second stage Full-body: Supernova, the outcome is the exact opposite of that from his first form. Erharde's body becomes skinnier and a tad smaller than his original height. Now his haki containing the explosion around his body turns pure white while his eyes are pitch black. Erharde's third and final form Full-body: Big Bang finds the perfect equilibrium between his previous forms. When he activates this power while his body is fully equipped with his Haki, he gains small amounts of muscle mass with eyes turning completely white. As an after effect from containing the Big Bang with his haki, Its color changes, but its overall appearance is that of the universe itself.


Erharde is described as being the very pinnacle of optimism. When he was a child he witnessed the lowest levels of the Navy and decided to aspire to the rank of god for it was his choice to rise above the darkness of the world and to be the beacon for all pirates. He is rarely seen without his delinquent smile on his face, and that is due to this natural optimism he exudes even when faced with the prospect of death. Most people would say that his arrogance will be his downfall, but Erharde begs to differ. This is just pure confidence in his and his allies' abilities. The fires of his youth encourages him to constantly improve where he even humbles himself to ask for guidance and training from the Yonko.

Erharde holds deep meaningful connections in high regard. He said that if he were to become Pirate King, it would be due to his nakama that pulled him through even if the pits of despair were too deep. He highly respects the current Yonko and does not think of himself as their superior but as teachers and milestones for becoming a god.

Although optimistic, Erharde's personality can take a drastic turn if something horrid were to happen to his crew. He has a burning hatred for the Marines and the World Government and openly declared to wage war on them. In his journey to become a god he wants to be a beacon for all pirates as to show that the seas belong to them and that they are truly free. When angered, Erharde exudes an immense aura of killing intent and in a rage assaults his opponent relentlessly although he is fully in control of his body and thoughts. This is just his choice as to adopt such characteristics. In his rage, Erharde wiped a vice admiral off the face of the earth. Both the marines and his crew were shocked at this prospect and when questioned about why he did it he simply replied 'Because we're Pirates'. He may not admit it but that killing haunts Erharde till this day.

Another side of his character is that he absolutely adores knowledge. Even if learning something won't help him in his journey, He has an ecstatic vibe around him because its still something he doesn't know. On every island he visits he buys at least ten books to further his knowledge. As a result of his constant studying he turned into a jack of all trades but a master of none and with it he can assist his crews doctor with medical procedures and help as an additional shipwright. It is this trait and his will to succeed at any cost that his crew respects him at the utmost.

Having Full-body: Nuke equipped, Erharde's demeanor changes to that of a silent berserker although he retains his normal intelligence subconciously. Erharde relentlessly pursues his opponent and does not give them any chances for a counterattack. It took Erharde 3 years of training with this form to be able to use basic primitive speech.

Switching to Full-body: Supernova, Erharde's personality is the inversion of his first form. Due to the massive amounts of explosive energy fluctuating throughout his body it also damages his brain by giving him a god-complex. He believes that this power of his cannot be contested and sees himself as this world's creator and destructor. After receiving encouragement and a fist in the face by a comrade, Erharde is slowly but steadily learning humility while in this form

Erharde absolutely despises his Full-body: Big Bang form and only uses it in the most dire of circumstances. This is due to his corrupted Haoshoku Haki that kills instead of knocking out individuals. Erharde tries with all his might to contain this power and it is mentally taxing on him. His crew members encourage him to constantly train and meditate as to fully master this form. In this form, Erharde becomes sadistic to the point of wiping away an entire archipelago without regards for innocents or his crew as well as exuding an immense killing intent. Many people usually are confused by these personality traits so Erharde has confirmed that he doesn't just have one personality but approximately three different types that stems from is transformations.


Erharde was born on an unknown island in the new world and it's harsh environment shaped him as he is today. Erharde grew up as the firstborn of his family of four. His life was that of a normal citizen and he had standard dreams. His family was very poor as his father couldn't find any workplace that would hire him as he didn't have much qualifications. Even through such hardships, Erharde aspired to be a successful architect as to provide a home for all. All of that came to a bitter end not too long.

One day Erharde noticed his mother hasn't returned from her daily maid duties so he, his little brother and their father went to go look for her. As they were scouring the city streets they walked into an alley with Marines having their 'way' with her. Seeing such atrocity, Erharde's father rushed towards his wife in hopes of saving her. All did not go well as one of them was a vice admiral and so he bludgeoned Erharde's father in front of his and his little brother's eyes. Horrified by what they witnessed they tried to run but the vice admiral was too fast for them. Describing both the boys as slum rats he ordered their execution. Erharde was to be first but before the officer could pull the trigger of his rifle, Erharde's little brother Johan jumped infront of the blast. With his little brother struggling to breath, his father dead, his mother unconscious Erharde released a massive screech out in despair. As the Marine was reloading his rifle with the vice admiral laughing, Erharde subconsciously released his corrupted version of Haoshoku haki for the first time. As it was tainted it did not make the marines pass out but they exploded from the inside with the corpses of his family suffering a similar fate.

As the guards of happened on the scene, they saw a young unconscious Erharde covered and laying in a ocean of blood but with a sinister grin on his face. After being woken up with amnesia, he was told all that what happened was just a dream and that he was a mere cabin boy for a merchant ship. This was the cities' way to cover up the story as the boy was the only evidence, and with Erharde gone on a merchant ship, the marines couldn't track his whereabouts or knew who he truly was. And thus Erharde sailed all the seas not knowing who he truly is, and looking for what he would call home. This eventually led to a life of piracy and the discovery of the Heki Heki no mi early in his career.


Our base is the Moon?

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Devil FruitEdit


Erharde utilizing the Heki Heki no mi

Erharde ate the Heki Heki no mi thus becoming a Rupture Human. Although simplistic in its execution, Erharde's mastery over his devil fruit has caused the world government to label him as a global terrorist and should be approached with extreme caution. Erharde's devil fruit allows him to make any part of his body and inorganic object he touches to swell up, which will then rupture and explode violently as well as incur no damage what so ever. It also makes him immune to all explosives and he can discern between gunpowders. He is the only person in history to survive a buster call by deliberately standing in the middle of the island and subsequently destroy the entire fleet one by one after their assualt, all due to his devil fruits survivability.

The true power of this fruit lies within the scale of explosions Erharde can conjure. From simple grenades to harnessing the power of the Big Bang, he constantly learns new ways to utilize his power. It is said that with just from one of his punches he can swell up and wipe out an entire Navy war ship scattering the debris as tons of shrapnel. He can swell up the soles on his feet and explode them allowing him to move and fly at tremendous speeds giving the appearance that he is a rocket. Erharde also constantly emits an invisible explosion that has a radius of of 1km and works in conjunction with his kenbunshoku haki as a type of echolocation or as per his wishes a psuedo gravitational crush towards the earth.

It's because of this versatility that some recognize Erharde as a pioneer for Paramecia users as with this type of fruit the possibilities are only limited to the users imagination and coupled with Erharde's vast knowledge he continues to extend these possibilities to near god-like states. People who witness his display of power are usually awe-struck at his capabilities if they are allies, and cower in fear and fall into despair if they are enemies.


The biggest drawback for the Heki Heki no mi is its lack of range and swell up time. It is only possible for the user of the fruit to make their own body and inorganic objects he touches explode. It could be countered by closing the gap between enemies and reaching melee distance by exploding the legs and feet to move at incredible speed, but it is still not good enough. Erharde learned of this inherent flaw in a very hard way and decided to seclude himself and meditate in a cave for a year without any outside interference to understand the true capabilities of the fruit.

While he meditated he encountered the devil of this fruit in his spiritual world. One day in the real world felt like a hundred years in the spirit world and both fought each other for eight months. After the eight months the devil decided to surrender as he saw the fire in Erharde's eyes and drive to succeed. As a special reward the devil taught Erharde how to utilize awakening. The awakening of the Heki Heki no mi allows Erharde to make explosions from anywhere he desires without the need to make contact with them as well the power opposite that of explosions, that being implosions. It also sped up the swelling time needed to cause said explosions.

At first Erharde struggled to switch between explosions and implosions but with constant training from his crew he managed to control it only with extreme concentration. Erharde also trained in the ways of rupturing the very air mimicking that of a shockwave catching his opponents off guard and gives Erharde a sense of unpredictability in his fighting style. It also gave Erharde some sort of intangibility similar to a Logia's as he could compose his body out of explosive energy. After his awakening, Erharde unlocked the transformations Full-body: Nuke, Full-body: Supernova and Full-body: Big Bang.


Implosions are a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing (or being squeezed in) on themselves. When the difference between the inward and outward forces are too large, an object collapses inward or into the available space if said object is not solid. Erharde usually uses implosions as a secondary means to close in on enemies by imploding the air itself. Erharde had trouble gaining mastery over this technique as he had used just explosions since he ate he fruit and implosions were the polar opposite of them.

Physical CapabilitiesEdit

Although Erharde is the Captain of his crew and the strongest power wise, physically he is the weakest in the Dii Consentes Pirates. This flaw is what he believes makes him human and his crew does not disrespect him for that. As such Erharde constantly trains with his combat trainers Mars and Minerva as to improve on his already weak physique. To increase further in power Erharde constantly needed to improve his technique and that was achieved by unlocking his transformations. He concluded that if he were to become stronger it was paramount to increase the scale of his explosions.

Fighting StyleEdit

Erharde utilizes a free form fighting style not adhering to any principles. While the Mars and Minerva of his crew constantly trains him, Erharde usually ignores their teachings and just randomly throws punches and kicks filled with explosive power. But he isn't dim-witted in that regard, as he is constantly analyzing his opponent. Erharde is capable of noticing the faintest mistake and capitalize on it, unleashing his teachings in full force equipped with his devil fruit abilities. With this combination he is slowly able to outclass even the most adept of fighters with slow and steady progress.



The scale of the Heki Heki no mi

Erharde has a tendency to say the name of his techniques out loud while he is in battle. Erharde does not have a vast arsenal of different techniques, but those he has he utilizes to the fullest. Every time he becomes stronger the destructive scale of his techniques increase as well.

  • Heki no Boom: The most basic and strongest technique developed over the years by Erharde. It allows him to explode his entire body on any scale he wishes. This scale ranges from a simple smoke screen for cover or unleashing the full power of a Big bang.
  • Heki no Bang Fist: Erharde throws a punch and explodes his hand or arm on various scales. This technique is his most used thus far. After deliberately surviving a buster call he approached each ship of the fleet and used this technique to annihilate them one by one.
  • Heki no Rocket: A supplementary technique where Erharde explodes his feet. The real technique behind it is the explosive force being pushed downwards as to propel Erharde like a rocket. He has trained with this for a while and learned to change his course and maneuver with no effort at all.
  • Heki no Bang Kick The kicking version of Heki no Bang Fist, Erharde lands a huge kick and explodes his leg/s. He may not use this technique as much as Heki no Bang Fist but when he is rocketing through the skies he prefers to use this ability. He can also adjust the scale of the explosion accordingly.

As being physically weak Erharde sought to increase his physical capabilities with augmentation from his devil fruit. He reseached various ways to achieve this and received an idea from the exploits of the former Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy. He soon discovered that when Luffy used Gear Fourth, he coated himself in Haki in conjunction with his Devil fruit to enhance his power. His haki also became rubber as result of this as Donquixote Doflamingo couldn't harm him. Erharde experimented with this idea in mind after awakening the Heki Heki no mi. Thus he mastered a technique called Full-body. This power allows him to coat his entire body in Busoshoku Haki before he ruptures his swollen up body. By pressurizing and condensing his body to his normal self, Erharde releases the explosion within his coated Haki form. The technique produces various forms depending on the scale of the explosion used and if an additional Haki is applied.

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Full-Body: Nuke

  • Full-Body: Nuke: The first transformation Erhard achieved. This ability is when Erharde channels the power of a nuclear warhead or buster call and unleashes it after he coated himself with Haki. Erharde gains massive amounts of muscle mass due to the massive amounts of pressure that his body contains and although people might mistake this form as a simple brute, Erharde is in full control. One of his punches almost destroyed a city as it left a huge crater of about 3/4 of the island. His speed is increased to the point of having the appearance of air walking and only the strongest of enemies can match the explosive speed but with considerable effort. This form also allows Erharde to manipulate his Buso Haki in ways never imagined. When he throws a punch he is able to open a hole with his haki in his elbow to allow some explosive energy to escape thus increasing said punch's speed and power immensely or swelling up his arm imitating the appearance of being punched by a wrecking ball. He can also apply this technique to his legs for increased power and speed. The ultimate technique of this form is to open two holes in his hands and channel the pressurized explosive energy into a ball and unleashing it in a massive energy blast with the full power of a buster call behind it.


Full-Body: Supernova

  • Full-Body: Supernova: The second of Erharde's transformations. The procedure is similar to his first transformation but this time channels the power of a supernova with additional Kenbunshoku Haki poured in. Some mistake this form as being his weakest and a downgrade from the first form but appearances can be deceiving. This form is stronger than Full-Body: Nuke as Erharde used a shigan type technique and it obliterated the landscape. Erharde enjoys using this form as to showcase some of his strongest explosions. With just a flick of his wrist, Erharde exploded an entire island by swelling it up and popping it like it was a balloon. He was once assaulted by three Marine fleets and by raising both his palms he swelled up the very air thus creating a chain of buster call size explosions and annihilating the fleet in mere seconds.


Full-Body: Big Bang

  • Full-Body: Big Bang: The third, final and strongest transformation Erharde has achieved. Here he channels the strongest explosion to his knowledge, the almighty Big Bang. With the power of creation at his finger tips he is able manipulate and bend space-and-time to his will and alter reality in extraordinary ways by using invisible explosions and implosions seamlessly and in conjunction with each other. When Erharde fell into a pit of despair knowing he would die before becoming Pirate King, he infused his corrupted Haoshoku Haki and activated the form. He retaliated by grabbing into space itself and wiping away an entire archipelago) off the face of the earth with her and her crew as well. The destruction of an archipelago had such a negative effect on the ecosystem that all four seas and their islands had heavy repercussions. Both Marines and Pirates had to counter this catastrophe together as they believed this to be the end of the world. Erharde can also distort the space between him and his target where people mistake this technique as teleportation. By using this he can constantly catch anyone off guard and even if they were too amount some defense he would easily counter it by warping that away as well. Example of this is when an opponent tries to block with their arms, Erharde can easily distort their arms and get a clean punch in. With this power he achieved the title of Shiva.


Busoshoku HakiEdit

It is said that if a users life force is strong enough, he/she would be able to manifest it the physical world as a transparent armor. Erharde learned to harness this Haki as a secondary means of fighting if his devil fruit abilities were nullified in anyway. As such Erharde continuously evolved it by training and meditation.

  • Busoshoku: Koka

The true power behind Erharde's lies in its durability as it can contain the power of a Big Bang. To Erharde's amusement, the color of his Koka changes depending on which transformation he activates. Not only does his transformations increase his power each time he progresses but the power of his Koka scales with the increase aswell. This has left seasoned veterans flabbergasted as they could not comprehend Erharde's sudden burst of power.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Kenbunshoku Haki acts as a 6th sense for Erharde as it allows him to react to threats before said threat happens. It also allows him to detect hidden things and pinpoint their exact location. Even without this Haki Erharde has exceptional senses although he has a deteriorated eye sight for which he has his trusted goggles and the Boutou Boutou no mi granting an invisible explosive field. But when Erharde does make use of his Kenbunshoku Haki, nothing can get by without him noticing. These range from the slightest wind changes to when islands are moving due to tectonic plates beneath the earth and ocean. Erharde uses this Haki in conjunction with his Busoshoku Haki to activate Full-Body: Supernova

Haoshoku HakiEdit

Haoshoku Haki is an exceptionally rare form of Haki that can only be bestowed if the user has enough willpower to take action without worrying about the repercussions. It is said that only those destined to be a King is able to wield this Haki. Erharde first activated this Haki when Marines killed his family in front of him and again when he faced death. His Haoshoku Haki is special, in that it is corrupted. The pressure Erharde exudes is enough to not only knock out individuals but also violently kill them as they explode from the inside leaving only a puddle of blood. Stories are told of people who has the ability to be a King but when they see Erharde, they do not see a king, but that reminiscent of a Demon. Erharde constantly contains this power and does not use it willingly as he fears even for his own crew.

Other SkillsEdit

Erharde is a jack of all trades but a master of none when it comes different types of labour. He is able to assist his crew with their tasks as he was exposed to these as a cabin boy.


  • Erharde is classified as a schizophrenic.
  • The Heki Heki no mi is based on the Pamu Pamu no mi which was eaten by Gladius in the canon story.
  • The appearance and personality of Bakugou D. Erharde is inspired by Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • The author intended Erharde to have the Bomu Bomu no mi as to have the character being closer to canon as possible but couldn't and instead opted for something similar to the Pamu Pamu no mi.
  • Shiva is the god of Creation and Destruction in Hindu Mythology relating to Erharde's ability to manipulate the big bang.