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Baltazar, more commonly known as The Crooked One, is the despicable pirate captain of the Halberd Pirates, holding a menacing bounty of Beli Small300,000,000, and a former slave of a crude family of World Nobles. He is the bastard child of a Marine soldier and prostitute, and sold a slave at the Human Auctioning House, into the family of World Nobles. He later on slaughtered the family gaining him his initial bounty of Beli Small80,000,000. He fled and became a pirate, shortly after world-renowned for his ruthless destruction. He first appeared as a competitor for the Yami Yami no Mi.


Baltazar possesses a muscular and lean build with a slightly tanned skin, and is relatively tall for his age (standing at the height of 5'11½"). He has spiky and long pale-blonde hair, that reaches down to his lower back, and has a pair of crazed red eyes. He wears gladiator armor painted in gold and black with a red ribbon tied on his waist. Etched on his right pactoral, Baltzar exposes a tattoo which was placed on him during his time as a slave. He often shows a psychotic grin flashing his white teeth across his fact. He walks similarly to Doflamingo, with the bow-legged waddle trait.

He has a pitch-black Halberd (a two-handed pole weapon, consisting of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft with a thorn on the back side of the blade) that rests on his back and on his left arm he wears a black wrist guard with gold plating.



Zehahaha! Yes! The agony, the blood, the cries! Music to my ears!
— Michael Balthazar yelling among the dying citizens of Sabaody Archipelago

Like many of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece characters, he has a recognizable laugh, being"Zehahahahah".

Baltazar portrays himself as an arrogant psychopath, believing nothing can limit him and does whatever pleasures him. He has an unquenchable love for spilling blood, and the suffering for others...


Abilities and PowersEdit

As captain of the Halberd Pirates, and a terrifying powerful member, he has complete authority of his crew. He managed to kill his World Noble masters despite being at a youthful age.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Baltazar is seen as a combatant capable of masterful play. During his confrontation with the marines, he fought thousands of opponents bare-handed, disarming and dodging attacks incoming from multiple directions. He is seen able to overpower individuals possibly three times his size, and strike all his enemies with precision. He shows unimaginable reflexes, dodging a bullet without looking at it. He has also gained a huge tolerance for pain, seen able to endure a slash from Zhāng Bǎo without wincing.


He is seen carrying a


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