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— Bambina.

Bambina (バンビーナ Banbīna) is a Marine, who is also a Commodore and the Instructor responsible for new recruits.[1]

He was Draco D. Damon's teacher,[2] and is Stark Freya's father.

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Oi, wha's wrong? Interrupt'd somethin' or wha'? How's goin' for everyone?
— Bambina greets the Marines at the reunion.[1]

Bambina is rather laid-back and easy-going, speaking in an odd accent.[1] He can be rather casual, greeting everyone while in the middle of an important reunion, and asking what's been happening.

Like many characters, Bambina has his own laughter style, which is "Bahahahaha".[1]

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Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Commodore, Bambina has authority over Marines who rank lower than him. Individually, Bambina is respected within the ranks, and has trained many new Marines as an Instructor. He is reputed as having done quite a lot of contributions to the Marines.[1]

Bambina is strong enough to catch five thousand Pirates and get them back into Impel Down, although he destroyed an entire island in the process.[1]

Physical Prowess Edit

Ways of Combat Edit

Bambina is regarded as a formidable fighter due to the many applications he uses from various Martial Arts.[1]


Life Return

Great Demon FistEdit

Great Demon Fist (大魔拳 Daimaken): Bambina is considered a Master of this fighting style,[1] which focuses on using ferocious movements while maintaining a calm mind.[3]

Haki Edit

Bambina can use Haki (),[2]

He employs Busoshoku Haki,[2]

Bambina also uses Kenbunshoku Haki,[2]

Miscallenous Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Stark Freya:

Ernest: Bambina is rather casual with Ernest, calling him with a suffix.[1]

Valentine B. Carter: Bambina is shown to be quite casual with Carter, similarly to Ernest, however, he calls him by his family name instead.[1]

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Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Senzaemon Nakiri from the Shokugeki no Soma Series.

References Edit

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