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"You still have too much to learn!! Bahahahaha!!"
Bambina as he one-shots a child Damon.

Bambina (バンビーナ Banbīna) is a Marine and well known Vice-Admiral from the Marines, both inside the Marines and in the public view, that mostly because of his amazing skills, charisma and the time he has been up working for the Marines. That since his early ages, back when he just turned into an adult, the age of 20 to be exact, meaning it's over 30 years since Bambina joined them. He would then train many of the young recruits that entered the Marines, although that didn't only apply for Marine-related as he would also pick up many children out there without a home and train them so they can survive. Apparently, he is the biological father of Freya Stark.

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  • He is based off of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg from the Fate/stay night Series.
  • He is shown to possess one laughter style, Bahahahahaha. Oddly, it is quite close to Vander Decken IX's Bahohohohoho.

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