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The Bandit Pirates(バンディット ピラテス Banditto Piratesu): A pirate crew formed in the South Blue. Currently there are no crew members yet for this pirate crew was named by its captain Tiger D. Alec before finding any members to join. As the name suggests this pirate crew will rob anyone they find and don't care for and take materials they will need for their adventure.

Jolly RogerEdit

The crew's Jolly Roger is a cartoon-like depiction of a tradition skull except it doesn't have a bottom jaw but 3 fangs sticking out and the usual cross-bone like an ordinary flag, instead it has Alec's trademark bandanna on the top of its heads but in a different color.

Crew MembersEdit

Bandit Pirates

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Tiger D. Alec Zora Reed Juli

Crew StrengthEdit

Although the captain, Tiger D. Alec is only one member in the crew, he has proven to be a formidable and powerful pirate who is capable of defeating countless enemies who stand in his way with his monstrous physical strength and will even go as far as destroying an entire pirate crew on his own.


Since Alec has committed no crime as of yet since making his pirate crew he hasn't received any bounties yet.


Member's dreamsEdit

  • Alec's dream is to find and locate the legendary and hidden treasure One Piece and become king of the Pirates. Although the reason for this dream is unknown, he has made this dream an obsession of his. Alec also has another dream he wishes to fulfill but that has yet to be revealed.