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Barrett Roland (バレット ローランド, Baretto Rōrando), otherwise known as Aowani (青鰐 Cyan Crocodile?), is an Vice Admiral of the Marines. He is a powerful figure who has risen through the ranks on his own merits, eventually gaining a fearsome reputation as the Arm of Leviathan (レビァーサンの手 Rebiāsan no Te?) among both his allies and enemies. However, given his (relative) youthfulness when compared to his companions, Roland is often referred to as Roy (ロイ Roi?). His personal assistants are Captains Kelebek Lyndis and Mallory Hector.

Appearance Edit


Roland's general appearance.

Roland bears the appearance of a middle-aged man with a tall stature for an average man, standing at a full 185cm. Roland has no highly distinguishing features. His hair is colored an almost obsidian black. It travels down the length of his face and hangs at his neck. His fringe does not have a distinctive part, but locks of hair seemingly converge at the center of his forehead. They only sit slightly above his light grey eyes. Given his serious expression, these are rarely seen as "beautiful" by others, contrary to what most would believe. Roland, in addition, has notably defined facial features. He has a sharp nose, angular jawline and pronounced lips. He does, however, have creases on his cheeks as a result of becoming older. In addition to his facial features, Roland's physique is very becoming of a Vice Admiral. His training as a Martial Artist since a young age has enabled him to gain a very muscular and defined build, which he normally keeps secured with the use of Life Return. His muscles are well-spread, with highly developed and defined biceps, triceps, chest and abdomen in particular. 

As a Marine Vice Admiral, one would expect Roland's attire to be a given. However, his own preference causes him to wear a drastically ornamented variation of the typical uniform. The most distinct aspect of Roland's outfit is his long, white cape. It is approximately ankle-length and is white for the most part. Its collar is flared significantly, with grey hemming across it and down the center of the cape. Over this cape is a smaller grey mantle, with two black pauldrons: the one on the left has no distinct features, while the other has a curved spike protruding outwards from its position. At the bottom of both shoulder-plates are bright blue etchings, with a notable gradient from navy blue to sky blue. Underneath, Roland seemingly wears an elaborate military jacket of-sorts with trench-coat characteristics. It is a turtle-neck, with the front of his throat exposed. It is primarily white with grey hemming across a myriad of geometric patterns above his chest. At the center of his chest area is an orange tie-like design, with black around it in a diamond shape. It is also long-sleeved, with the sleeves folded up at his wrist significantly, while he wears white gloves complementary to it. At its center is a long zip, which goes down to the waist where it is kept fastened - in addition to the rest of his attire - by two intersecting black belts. For his lower body, his trench coat extends all the way down to his ankles. It has notable folds at its center, showing its white coloration while its exterior is a darker grey, with light grey across the bottom. Underneath he wears a pear of black baggy pants and white, calf-length boots.

Personality Edit

Roland is a man who has grown up witnessing the strength of others and being compelled to follow in their footsteps. It is these experiences that forged Roland into the man he is today: a man of strength. He is an individual whose existence is devoted to leading those who are incapable of following the correct path. A man of the straight and narrow, Roland is an exemplar for all those who serve the platform of justice...

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Weapons Edit


Roland clad in his Seastone Armament: Leviathan.


One half of Leviathan's wings.

Seastone Armament: Leviathan (海楼石武装・レビァーサン Kairōseki Busō: Rebiāsan?)

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