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Valefor Bashura, or simply Bashura, nicknamed "The Queen Pin", and commonly referred to as "The Godmother", is the Boss of the Valefor Family, a powerful and resourceful Underworld crime syndicate that deals heave with Devil Fruit trade as well and the producers and traffickers Sugar Spice a extremely powerful stimulant. She is one of the most prominent Broker of the Underworld and operates under the alias of "Don Pearl".


Bashura is a tall and voluptuous beauty whose towering, statuesque looks rival to that of the former Empress of the Kuja. She wears a hat which is a gypsy lady hat adorned with a ruby in place of an insignia. She has long, black hair and has a lock which usually covers one side of her face. She is wearing a white strapless gown with a sheer slit up to the thigh on her left side, revealing a long, shapely leg ending in a pair of tall, pointed heels on each foot. On her shoulders, she wears an open chested jacket with a collar that extends down to her arms as sleeves with frilled cuffs. She wears a single ring on her right index finger, her only jewelry in addition to a pair of small hoop earrings with a hollowed-out crest with a long mantle that has two layers, lined with fur at the collar, it splits into an outer layer going to her hip with a WH symbol and outer edge decorated in gold, and a long blank layer that drapes to her ankles. Her chest, in addition to her white gown, is covered by a black zippered bodice, with three metal studs linking attachment strings from the left to a single stud on the right. The bodice ends just under her large breasts, which are displayed with little modesty: majority of her sensuous cleavage is uncovered, with a broach displaying some sort of family crest over it attached to her gown.


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