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"What purpose does a Goddess serve if all her subjects despise her? Your people will have you and your family crucified - mine will build statues in my image and name their children after me."
—Elizabeth towards other World Noble's

Elizabeth Bathory de Castilla y León, also known as the Countess of Skeletons, is a Celestial Dragon and inhabitant of Mariejois. She, unique among World Noble, possesses a considerable amount of martial prowess alongside a frightening ability; which has shown to cause other Word Noble's to fear her tremendously. It is believed that her dedication to power stems from a belief that rulers should be able to lead an army. Even Gods among earth must wield the power to smite enemies before their people, in order to gain their unwavering loyalty; regardless if bone trembling fear or infatuation. Beyond her abnormal approach to battle, Elizabeth Castilla y León is also famed for her inhuman beauty and enchanting persona. She is always the epitome of youth surrounded by skeletons.

Elizabeth Castile is the current head of the Castilla y León family, a descendant of two of the Twenty Kings who established what is now known as the World Government. However, despite their extremely potent royal lineage, the Castilla y León family has remained secluded from the outside world and inner circle. Rather than integrate with other World Noble's, members of the house choose to focus upon maintaining the purity of their blood. Children of the Castilla y León household are taught a philosophy they regard as the Sword's Right to Rule, a Machiavellian method of ruling through power. While other Celestial Dragon's rule through inherited rights, Castilla y León heirs believe that it is their might which grants them Heaven's Mandate. This ideology has been constantly proven, since other Celestial Dragon's have attempted to dethrone the Castilla y León and failed due to their lack of power. Whereas the Castilla y León household would once interact with other Noble's, house members have begun disregarding Celestial Dragon's due their declining might and increasing reliance on the power of others, mainly Admirals, to rule. Should a rebellion ever occur, the Celestial Dragons would lack necessary power to defend themselves and subjugate the world once more, similar to how their ancestors done so before. The Castilla y León family's focus upon self preservation and personal prowess has played a pivotal role in their rise to one of the purest yet unshakable rulers of the realm. But such dedication is not without its downfalls. Other Celestial Dragon's have grown to fear their enigmatic atmosphere and even fear their supposed allies; which leads to constant fighting within their inner circle. Yet other Noble's choose to simply ignore the Castilla y León household, for they are powerful allies in case Mariejois is besieged once more.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth's interaction with the human world is quite different from other Noble's. While she inherited the average holier-than-thou attitude of Celestial Dragon's, the Countess of Skeletons even considers herself beyond members of the other families. Instead, her time is spent monitoring the human world for promising warriors to subjugate. She desires to create her own kingdom of beings capable of purging the world, thus investing countless funds into the production of deadly weapons and devil fruit research. She neither despises pirates nor marines, but admires strength and unwavering determination. The desire to reach the highest plateau and surpass the boundaries of the realm.


Elizabeth Castilla y León is the epitome of royal beauty, one whose often noted as the enchantress. Celestial Dragon's across Mariejois desire her hand in marriage, and consider her heart the key to an unrivaled rule. Perhaps the biggest difference in her appearance is the lack of an oxygen tank, for she believes that such unsightly suits would tarnish her beauty. Elizabeth Castilla y León was a beautiful child with fiery red hair and blue eyes which rivaled the sea, even when her visage remained unbothered and bored..


Elizabeth Castilla y León grew up without compassion or empathy for organic creatures. She also inherited a condescending view from the elders of the House, who taught that the other Celestial Dragon's ruled through imaginary power. Instead of birthright, Elizabeth learned that a ruler should exhibit both power and nobility while standing as Gods capable of destroying heathens and pagans. And such, the young countess obtained a unique trait from her lineage - a thirst and admiration of power and disgust for those who use empty holds for ranking. She continuously berated other World Noble's, even looking down upon elders more than thrice her age who behaved like spoiled children. Elizabeth, a trait she retained to adulthood, was not above using horrendous methods to achieve her goals or enact vengeance against others. She lacked sympathy and the childhood innocence most children are born with innately. Her only desire became to surround herself with the strongest of every race and to find those capable of standing on equal footing. Soon she obtained an eye for precious items and could spot the slightest impurity in a tiny gem. Elizabeth was given a unique form of education. Tutors taught her both the average World Noble education as well as an unaltered version of the same events followed by intense study sessions of her family history. She also received special lessons regarding warfare and the process of unifying the world under one Government. Her family imbued a certain appreciation for knowledge regarding both noble life and the human conditioning under wartime.

Elizabeth's purpose for disregarding the silly oxygen tank is due to her belief that the God's of the realm should breath the air of their creations. For she should be the example of her followers.

The Lady of Castilla y León grew into a ravishing Madame who can capture the heart of any Noble. While she is able to act as a Lady would, she also possesses the heart and spirit of a warrior. A mad queen who will lead her army into battle without hesitation. She regards the Celestial Dragon's as weaklings who rely on inherited power and lack the necessary means to actually defend themselves. In fact, she has continuously voiced a secret respect for the Yonko's who combat the Marines. Her slaves are only those who exhibit an unbelievable will or potential that is seemingly limitless, freeing them through forcing them to serve her. She despises the methods used by other World Noble's citing that bullying and intimidation - even when used upon slaves - is a sign of insecurity and weakness. However, Elizabeth is aware of the importance of a unified Government and will behave accordingly, even going as far as actually attending their meetings. Elizabeth's views on the human world are a complex mixture of unrivaled nobility and holiness. She displays the holy attitude that was taught to her by her elders in her belief that she is but a Goddess among men. The Lady of Castilla y León states that goddesses should lead through fear but retain the loyalty of her people. And such Elizabeth, a merciful and fair being, also wields a frightening, tranquil temperament others compare to the unpredictable nature of the sea. One who protects her slaves and allows them to live peacefully among her property as long as they worship her accordingly. Alternatively, she despises when humans choose to deny her divinity, an act that will release the bloody queen. Of course, as a Celestial Dragon, she possesses their high-class culture and believes heavily in the importance of knowing one's place. However, Elizabeth is not above back-handed praises; admitting when someone has surpassed her expectations. She refers to kind words as an honor that should not be taken lightly. She is lead by only one desire, which does not include the persevering or destruction of the World Government. Her only duty to the Castilla y León is to produce powerful offspring and expand their household beyond the previous generation. She gathers powerful beings as slaves and offers them divine protection under her unbreakable sword. Elizabeth is not one afraid to blackmail those she feel should worship her.

Elizabeth cares little for the progress of the human world and will even ignore World Noble's who are undergoing traumatic experiences. After brandishing Salazar as a slave and granting him freedom as a Shichibukai, her brother noted that Salazar lacks the ability to submit to those with a higher authority; to which she responded such a trait matters little as long as the dog never bares his teeth to her.

Secretly, Elizabeth Castilla y León has developed a sick infatuation with battle. She enjoys a good sparring match and believes that the greatest moment of life is near death. In accordance with her special power, Elizabeth has an enjoyment of battlefields where numerous bodies have piled. She is also keen on skeletons and keeping her enemies alive while she tortures them, in hopes of breaking their mental resilience. This method of torture is often seen on people that doubt her divinity, for breaking them would mean an acceptance of her godliness.



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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elizabeth Castilla y León is different from other Celestial Dragon's, in that she is capable of defending her title of Goddess. She is a being whose own might has caused other Noble's to distrust and even fear her presence. Orchestrators of meetings between the Celestial Dragons often contemplate even inviting the Countess of Skeletons; doing so only in fear of invoking her calm wrath. While Elizabeth is a woman well versed in the art of chivalry, she hides a tranquil storm capable of submerging the island of Mariejois in chaos. Instead, she behaves as a noble woman would and surpasses expectations of those unfamiliar with her family. Numerous times have the ignorant overstepped their boundaries due to falling for the illusion she portrays - an innocent Lady without an ounce of experience. However, this illusion shatters when one witnesses the way she stands when at attention or her movement during sparring practices. She is a warrior at heart. Despite her monstrous atmosphere on Mariejois, Elizabeth has hidden her existence from the human realm; exposing herself to only a few who have actually made contact with her. She forges relationships with organizations she deem important to her family's rule and introduces herself to those who possess impressive power and potential. She has secretly funded members of the Gorosei and expressed her usage of a Shichibukai; granting him a certain level of immunity even from the Marines in turn for his unwavering loyalty.

In regards to combat, Lady Elizabeth despises the cheap usage of gunplay. To her, swordsmanship and other forms of combat is an intimate dance between lovers. One that requires the combatants to learn the body of their opponent intimately both physically and mentally. It also requires one to elevate their own being beyond the limitations of humanity and even Godhood. To be recognized as a swordsman means to possess the epitome of physical, mental and spiritual perfection. Elizabeth also believes the process of death is an extremely joyous occasion, one that should be orgasmic. Simply shooting a person for a swift murder is befitting for those who lack a true divine understanding of the beauty of humanity. She rather feel the last beats of a person's heart through the metal of her sword and watch their eyes lose color.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Elizabeth has spent countless years amplifying her personal capabilities, for that she would be able to conquer any opponent who stands before her and subjugate islands under the rule of her household. She possesses extreme strength, enough to combat against opponents who would normally tower over her. Even without the usage of swords, Elizabeth can demolish her opponents and deflect considerable damage with minimal effort. The Lady of Castilla y León has demonstrated enough power to match and bypass the invisible armor created by proficient users of the Busoshoku Haki. Her daily regiment consist of intense training under extreme conditions without access to food or water in order to adjust her body to torturous situations. Despite Elizabeth's physical beauty, her body has experienced unimaginable torment brought upon herself in a manner similar to self-mutilation.

Elizabeth is able to utilize near instantaneous speed to create a deadly fighting style. She notes that her manner of speed enhancement rivals that of Rokushiki users, particularly practitioners of Soru. She started practicing Soru after witnessing a CP9 agent use it to cross a vast distance in a short manner of time. Elizabeth then had a retired agent train her using special methods such as increased weights and actually skipping over the surface of water without breaking the surface. After decades of practice, Elizabeth reached a point where her compacted muscles released an extreme burst of power with a slight tap. She is able to perform Soru through various parts of her body, including her arms, legs and even fingers; creating a fighting style based entirely upon unpredictability and a three dimensional plane of movement. The process mimics teleportation, causing Elizabeth to seemingly shimmer out and into existence in different locations.

Warriors would consider Elizabeth a swordsman before an actual noble. And such, her endurance is extremely high. She is able to continuously combat enemies without fearing injury and has even threatened to enter the next war in her formal wear. Continuously subjecting herself to various training regimes boosted her tolerance towards mental and physical pain. She will harm herself without flinching, if it means dealing a blow to the opponent and remain utterly silence regardless of supposed torture.

Elizabeth has demonstrated extremely refined reflexes, allowing her to evade attacks at nearly point blank range. She demonstrates the capabilities to strike and opponent and defend simultaneously as well as follow the movement of other Soru users without losing focus. The Lady of Castilla y León is quite dexterous and well balanced, often boasting the ability to control every inch of her body perfectly.


Elizabeth is a practitioner of a form of fencing, one that resembles the art practiced by two other masters; stemming from her families origin on the island of Espania. She displays a mastery over the art of Sabre, possessing the strength required to easily wield a heavy cavalry weapon without wasting a step. Her swordplay focuses upon swift slashes and cuts as opposed to the thrust method practiced by other swordsmen. The unique curvature of her sword increases the cutting capabilities, literally sawing through her opponents with a single stroke. Her style of swordplay is based off a single-handed form, meant to force the opponent to open their defenses. The primary maneuver of her style of swordsmanship is based on the idea of deflecting and countering in the split second of weakness. For such reasons, her defense often possesses an equal amount of strength as her offense; meant to shake her opponents ground and infrastructure. The importance of wrist movement is seen in her strikes, as Elizabeth can cause massive damage with minute motions, limiting the openings created when a person attacks. Elizabeth focuses on speed and aggressiveness. She controls the flow of the battle, pressuring enemies without exposing a weakness within herself. The importance of physical conditioning is seen in her swordsmanship, as she is usually the first combatant to move - whether defending or striking down an enemy.

Elizabeth has shown a unique ability among swordsman and warriors alike, a skill in cutting materials much denser and stronger than steel. She is able to easily pierce diamond and has sliced Seastone on numerous occasions. Elizabeth notes that opponents rarely possess a weapon which she is unable to pierce, and thus is able to overcome ultimate defenses with minimal effort.

Elizabeth is an avid practitioner of the Flying Slash Attack (飛ぶ斬撃 Tobu Zangeki). The curve shape of her blade increases the sharpness of the invisible strike, which she couples with a powerful snapping motion, creating spinning projectiles capable of slicing through the hardest substances.


Devil FruitEdit

Lady Elizabeth obtained the frightening power to manipulate Rot after eating the Rotto Rotto no Mi (lit. Rot Rot Fruit), a rare and dangerous Devil Fruit said to possess the strength to end mankind. The Rot Rot fruit allows Elizabeth to rot both organic material through touch or a physical medium which she is in contact with. Elizabeth has an extremely fine control over her powers, activating it to induce various degrees of rot for differing purposes. Unlike other Devil Fruit users, due to the fatal nature of her fruit, the young Lady is keen on holding back during battle and other situations. She states that should she truly release the potential of her fruit, there would be not a man capable of withstanding her presence. Elizabeth's combination of her Devil Fruit powers with swordsmanship has created a form which requires slight contact to cause extreme damage. She is also known for limiting her powers as to hide the true limitations of her Devil Fruit. The power of the Rotto Rotto no Mi relies on physical contact, but can be spread throughout the area by different mediums. She can control the rate at which her powers induce rot; allowing her to both torture her enemies or seemingly destroy them with minimal effort.

The Rotto Rotto no Mi is not without its weakness. Her powers are unable to effect inorganic objects which do not rot, as well as targets capable of using overwhelming amount of Haki. The range of her Rotto Rotto no Mi is also extremely limited to the utilization of mediums, forcing her to rely heavily on her physical capabilities instead of actual Devil Fruit usage.


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