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"Crown Prince" Bathory McGhinnis[7] is one of the five war-priests of Blacklist[2] with a bounty of Beli Small1,280,000,000.[6] He is a former Celestial Dragon who abandoned his position for the sake of pursuing racial supremacy.[8]

Despite acquiring worldwide acclamation for his treachery, McGhinnis has managed to keep his true identity a secret from the World Government through the use of his Devil Fruit powers, which enables him to take the appearance of virtually any physical material so long as he has touched it with his left hand at some point in the past.[9] This shape-shifting prowess has ultimately produced a vast series of epithets by which he is more commonly identified.[10]

Due to his deceitful behavior, racial bigotry, and diabolical manipulation, McGhinnis served as the central antagonist of the Operation: Elbaf role-play.

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It pains me to say that we are all doomed! This isn't the first time he's gotten away with something like this; his renown as the 'Crown Prince' comes from the many nations he's toppled over! By taking the faces of countless princes in the past, he's brought whole kingdoms into war with one another! And after every instance, the World Government has been unable to do anything but watch...!
— Kaldor speaking on McGhinnis' constantly changing physical appearance.[10]

Due to the powers bestowed upon him by the Han Han no Mi, McGhinnis is able to take upon any physical form he pleases, so long as he has touched the given form with his left hand at some point in the past.[9] For this reason —more often than not— McGhinnis takes the appearance of another entity.[10] However, in the rare event that he is in his own form, McGhinnis appears as an averaged sized male with a rather lean build. He is light skinned with a narrow jawline, upon which a small stubble resides to form a thin goatee. He has emerald eyes and luscious, pink long hair that falls down his backside.[11]

Like the other members of Blacklist, in his true form, McGhinnis fashions in a long, white, double-breasted trench coat that falls down all the way to his ankles, with two white belts with golden buckles fastened around his waist. As a war-priest, McGhinnis' uniform is further fancied by the presence of various ropes and insignias across the face of the coat, alluding to the significant rank he upholds within the organization. Beneath this coat, McGhinnis sports a dark colored suit and tie that supports the collar of his pink dress shirt. His trousers are the same color as his suit yet are hardly ever visible due to the length of the trench coat; he adorns in trench boots as his choice of footwear.

In posing as Dario for the better part of the last 10 years, McGhinnis' appearance was completely reminiscent of the late Rear Admiral. While in this form, McGhinnis had long, blonde hair and dressed in the standard marine officer uniform, complete with the a suit and tie and a white coat with epaulets. He also wore glasses over his eyes which he constantly pushed up along his nose, much like the real Dario himself.[12]

While taking the form of "Ashley", McGhinnis appeared as a young, curvaceous woman with long red hair and a fair complexion. According to the pirates of Nassau, this form was quite attractive. While in this form, McGhinnis sported a tight, low-collared blouse —so as to further elaborate on his inflated chest— as well as tight fitted leggings that greatly emphasized his shapely thighs and rear.[4]

To form a rift between the Black Widow Pirates and Titan Pirates as the two factions awaited the royal wedding on Elbaf, McGhinnis posed as Foxpack, a member of the Titan Pirates, while launching an attack upon the base of the Black Widow Pirates. In this form, McGhinnis appeared as a mink resembling a humanoid red fox dressed in a long, black trench coat.[13]

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