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Benjermain Dupri was a slave on a pirate ship who was forced to make explosives for a long period of his life. He managed to escape their clutches and subsequently joined the Dread Pirates as their Powder Monkey. He is a Bomb Man who had eaten the Bomu Bomu no Mi, which is where his epithet Gunpowder came from.


Dupri is a lanky man who is taller than average. Underneath his clothes, he is actually quite muscular due to his continuous work as a slave. Thanks to his Devil Fruit, he had been the only slave to survive the multiple explosions that accompany the work of a Powder Monkey, but as a result, and in combination with his previous living conditions, his curly black hair is very wild. His eyes are dark grey, similar in colour to gunpowder. He has some scruffy facial hair and is missing a tooth from beatings he has taken. As a slave, he wore rags and chains. These days, as a pirate, he is often seen smoking. He generally wears a red tanktop with a pair of blue jeans, and without anything on his feet.


Due to spending so much time as a slave for a group of pirates, and the fact that his fellow slaves never lasted for very long, Dupri has lost any sympathy that he might have once held. Because of this, he has no problem with killing innocent people. He does cherish his crew mates though, and has been known to show respect to worthy opponents.


Not much is known about Dupri's early life, as even he has forgotten most of it himself, but it is known that he had eaten the Bomu Bomu no Mi at a young age. When he was twelve years old, his village was attacked by pirates. Being the only one to survive the attack, thanks to his Devil Fruit protecting him from explosions, he was found by the pirates during their raid and made into a slave. Being forced to work for these pirates, Dupri was forced to do a large variety of jobs, something that slowly allowed him to build up muscles. The most common job they had their slaves do though was to work as Powder Monkey's, creating the explosives they would use in battle. The reason for this being that the job is very dangerous, fraught will peril and explosions, as a result of minor mistakes. Because of this, their slaves never lived very long. But thanks to his Devil Fruit, Dupri survived these explosions, and made him the longest lived slave they had. He eventually became very skilled at creating explosives, never daring to use his power to help him as he didn't want it found out he had eaten a Devil Fruit. The reason for this being that he was still feeling defiant towards his captors and had every intention of escaping, so he wanted to keep any knowledge of how he might do so hidden.

Despite his continued defiance that he held onto, he wasn't sure how he should go about his escape. As a precaution though, to prepare him for any situation he might find himself in that might prove favourable for escape, he deliberately "planted" plenty of his explosive hairs throughout the different rooms on the ship that didn't see many explosions. One day, he saw his opportunity when they came under attack. Dupri wasn't sure if it was the Marines or pirates who were attacking, but he did know that they were causing mayhem amongst his captors. Him and his fellow slaves were all kept together in the Powder Room and told to make as many explosives as they could. When there was an abundant amount explosives made, and before they were taken out to be used, Dupri stomped his foot beside them all. This created an explosion that started a huge chain reaction, beginning with the Powder Room and moving outwards to all the rooms he spread his hair around in. This attack killed off all the other slaves, and several of the pirates, not to mention resulted in the end of the fight. As the attackers took the defeated pirates hostage, Dupri discovered that they were also pirates. He asked to join them, and after finding out that he was the one who initiated the explosion, he was taken on as Powder Monkey while the rest were killed.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the Powder Monkey of the Dread Pirates, has just about the least amount of authority in the crew, only just having slightly more power than the Cabin Boy, Calvin. Because of this, he technically can be given orders by anyone else, though he mostly only ever gets orders by the Captain and the Gunner. His job specifically puts him in charge of the creation, and maintenance, of all the explosives used by the crew. Because of his line of work, he works very closely with, and generally directly under, the ships Gunner, Anne.

Due to his years of making gunpowder and other explosives as a slave, he has become a skilled chemist, capable of creating destructive bombs without the use of his Devil Fruit powers. He has been known to make cannonballs as devastating as the Buggy Balls from 50 years ago. This being made with just his knowledge of explosives, and will occasionally add bombs from his body to his creations to make them that much more powerful.

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Devil FruitEdit

Due to his eating of the Bomu Bomu no Mi and becoming a Bomb Man, Dupri's entire body has become a bomb, as well as granting him protection from all explosives.

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Behind The ScenesEdit

  • His appearance is based off of Dwun from Hunter X Hunter.
  • His birthday is the Fourth of July, because it is common practice for Americans to fire off fireworks on that day in celebration.
  • The author has received permission to use the Bomu Bomu no Mi.