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Crane O. Berkowitz (バーコーイツ オー クレーン Baakooitsu Oo. Kureen?)[1] is a veteran member of the Sparrow Pirates[2], acting as a Hunter and the Navigator[2] for the Pirates. He was given the name of Quetzalcoatl (学の神 (クエトザルコアトル) Gaku no Kami?, lit. "God of Knowledge")[3] for his vast knowledge over many topics, especially artifacts of old.








Sparrow PiratesEdit

Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

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The Heki Heki no Mi (劈劈実? lit. "Burst-Burst Fruit") is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that has been eaten by Berkowitz O. Crane, and gives him the power to makes things burst and pop[14]. This makes him a Bursting Human (決水人間 (けっすいにんげん) Kessui Ningen?).

With the power of the Heki Heki no Mi, Crane has the ability to cause both organic and inorganic objects to burst like a bubble, and executes this depending on what type of material it is. If the object is inorganic, Crane has the ability to cause them to burst as long as they are within a 30 squared feet radius, and he is able to see the object. With his prowess over Kenbunshoku Haki, he is capable of bursting practically any inorganic object within his radius. However, with organic objects, Crane must have touched the object in order to make it burst. For example, if Crane was to cause a person to burst, he has to have had touched them within the last two hours, and he can cause them to burst as long as they are in his 30 squared feet radius. TBA


Different types of swordsmanship hail from many different places, and the Museihishō-ryu (無声飛翔流 (むせいひしょうりゅう) ? lit. "Inaudible Flight Style")[15] is no different. It’s exact origin is unknown, but it is most likely a style of swordsmanship hailing from somewhere in the Grand Line, and is a cold and calculating sword style meant to exploit the visual and auditory functions of another person in order to give off the illusion that this sword style lets its user teleport and make no noise with their blade.

The original progenitor of this sword style was said to have developed it in order to teach it to the military of her island, to make them all skilled and undetectable assassins. As such, this style was passed on through generations upon generations, always finding ways to improve itself based on new biological and psychological discoveries. In more recent times, practitioners of the Museihishō-ryu style of swordsmanship often project themselves onto their opponent, tricking the mind into becoming more susceptible to verbal suggestion and also slowly lulls them into a trance-like state.

Crane learned the Museihishō-ryu style of Kenjutsu from his time in the Luolan Military[16], serving as one of their special OP agents, tasked with sneaking into the islands of opposing islands, and execute their leaders as well as any guards they may have. Crane had truly made Museihishō-ryu an extension of himself, a kenjutsu style that allowed him to assassinate with a blade of any kind. Crane, to this date, makes practically no sound when utilizing Museihishō-ryu[17], which creates an eerie atmosphere for the rest of the fight. Combining this skill with his prowess over Kenbunshoku Haki, and he is one of greatest fighters in the Sparrow Pirates.

  • First Step (最初歩 (さいしょほ) Saisho Ho?, lit. "Beginning Step")[18]: This technique is the staple behind the Museihishō-ryu style of Kenjutsu, exploiting the visual and auditory features of all people. It results in what seems to be teleportation, when it is mere speed and trickery. When the other goes to blink[19], a feature everyone does every few seconds, the user launches forwards with great speeds, speeds easily outclassing that of Soru[20]. With that, the user will appear behind the target, and proceed to quickly execute them. However, Crane had noticed a flaw in this technique. If another was instead relying on their Kenbunshoku Haki to locate the user of the Museihishō-ryu, they could counter the attack. As such, when Crane executes this technique, he displaces his presence[21], making it seem as if he isn’t moving. And by the time the target opens their eyes, the target will have been either killed or simply damaged, as Crane’s can use this technique and execute another before they can even open their eyes from blinking.
  • Without Light (無光 (むひかり) Muhikari?, lit. "Zero Light"):



  • Ryūtsuno (竜角 (つのりゅう) ? lit. "Dragon Horn"): This was the very first artifact that Crane found, an artifact that has become part of Crane’s exclusive arsenal. The artifact is easily hundreds of years old, although its exact date of creation is still unknown to this day. It was supposedly made out of the teeth and horns of a dragon that dwelled in the far north. The teeth and horns were brought to the Wano Country, where hundreds of skilled swordsmiths worked together in tandem to create this blade. Although this blade has no exact grade, it is suspected to be of a high grade. The blade has been described as being cool to the touch, as cold or possibly even colder than ice.


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

The Colour of Observation; a form of Haki that allows the user to discern the presences of other people and objects, even if the objects are concealing themselves. Crane’s Kenbunshoku Haki is absolutely phenomenal, something he has honed over his many years as a Hunter for the Sparrow Pirates. It seems as if Crane is constantly using his Kenbunshoku Haki, and can have it cover great amounts of distance. As such, Crane is always able to determine what is in a room[22], and uses this prowess of his in tandem with his Devil Fruit to make things burst quicker and more easily. Crane is easily one of the more proficient users of Kenbunshoku Haki in the Sparrow Pirates, if not the Grand Line. He has displayed the ability to utilize Migatte, Kime, and Kyokan.

Busoshoku HakiEdit



A Visit to the DesertEdit

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  • Crane's image source is Kishou Arima from the animanga series Tokyo Ghoul.
  • January 4th is International Hypnotist Day.
  • Crane is...


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