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"War Technician" Bernard was a wolf mink who worked as a shipwright in Wrusha, under the label of his own company, Bernard Inc. Accredited to his epithet, he was the creator of the War Technician and Fire Fist Kenpo fighting styles, and was the man who taught Veno all he knows about Carpentry.

Appearance Edit

Bernard was a tall man with a large build; as a wolf mink, he was coated in blue fur. On most occasions, he donned a red outfit, as it was his favorite color.

History Edit

Training Veno Edit

"You won't be able to tell just yet for yourself, but this tree has a certain energy emanating from within. It may look smaller than the others, and perhaps to you much less worthy of constructing a hull with; but in actuality, it's far more durable than the others."
—Bernard stressing the importance of haki to Veno.[1]

At the tender age of 10, Veno was seen sitting on a tree stump pondering upon the happenings of haki. It was later explained to him by Bernard as the energy that composed "all of life", and the wolf mink demonstrated its usage in the form of Kenbunshoku Haki by differentiating a truly powerful tree from the ordinary. Much to Veno's surprise, the tree that Bernard had selected was able to withstand his attack far greater than the others; while the others were severed easily, the aforementioned tree sustained but a single scratch.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

While never fully shown, it is inferred based on Veno's own standing as a fearsome combatant that Bernard in his prime was himself quite the force, granted that a mink is said to be a warrior stemming directly from birth. He is the one credited for mentoring Veno in numerous subjects such as carpentry, haki, and self defense. He was also a very skilled shipwright, as evident by the success of Bernard Inc. Like all minks, Bernard was able to generate and employ electricity. [1]

Haki Edit

Bernard was seen utilizing both Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki to locate and sever a tree in preparation to use it for the construction of a hull.[1]

References Edit

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