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The Black Crown Pirates (黒位の一味 Kurai no Ichimi?) are a Pirate Crew who have their humble origins in East Blue. They are led by Dravolos Ashraf and consist of a highly diverse membership. While Ashraf's endeavor is to take vengeance on the world for the death of his family and island, not all of the members possess similar goals to this. Nevertheless, they all enjoy one another's company and camaraderie.

Jolly Roger Edit

Crew Members Edit

Ashrafcolor Sorey1 GrayTankProf NemerAllStars
Dravolos Ashraf Kazama Draco D. Damon King Nemer
Yueliang Persephone

Crew Strength Edit

Professions and Capabilities Edit

Bounties Edit

Profile Edit

Relationships Amongst the Crew Edit

Dreams Edit

Members' Dreams Edit

Trivia Edit

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