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When their banner is seen it is best to escape.
— A common marine soldier

The Black Dragon Society is one of the more infamous and most dominant groups of assembled revolutionaries in the world. Operations focused through organized attacks on government property and officials has made their name one to be trembled at by the World Government. Though their headquarters are located underneath the surface of Rubeck Island located in the North Blue, their influence and control stem across the world by having a network of spies and smaller but efficient safehouses. After the death of their former leader nearly a decade ago, Dao was appointed as the lead of the organization.

The higher ups usually reside in different locations around the world except when meetings are called, to prevent all of their "cards" from being on one table.

Power Edit

The revolutionaries as a whole could tip the balance of the Three Great Powers if they came together. The Black Dragon Society could prove to be a great asset to doing just that if they were to create an alliance with two more groups of the same power. Their mass amount of supporters and infantry of around a base amount of thirty thousand men on hand and ten thousand in reserve make them a force to be reckoned with. Their control over the Rubeck Island also gives them the access to be in control of its entire army.

The kokuryūkai as of now, similar to the Yonko, acts alone without the assistance of any other groups. The reason for this that each group has its own values and ideals and the leaders of the Society wish to not reach conflict with others while trying to come together. Though they wish to stay away from events such as this, they've stated that they will not hesitate to retaliate if they are targeted.

No one knows the true leaders of the Black Dragon Society by their real names (with the exception of Dao). Dao keeps the other leaders' names unknown so that they move freely throughout the world without being a high profile target to anyone due to them being involved. This however does not prevent them from being targeted due to their activities outside of the cause.

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Trivia Edit

  • This organization holds the same name as the real world Black Dragon Society, a historic paramilitary ultranationalist right-wing group in Japan that was formed in 1901. The group's ideals spread from its homeland to the United States as an influence on seditious black nationalists, aiming to foment racial unrest. African-Americans liked the symbolism of the black dragon fighting against the American eagle and British lion.