Black Flag is an article presented and written by Jakyou

Black Flag is an article presented and written by KontonMan


After Months out at Sea a Small one man ship finally docks in to the harbor of Loguetown, allowing a young man to step off onto dry land before turning around and setting the small boat on fire before walking away as people began to gather around the harbor.

"So this is Loguetown, The place where the First Pirate King, Gold Roger Was excited." Muttered the young Man as he looks around before spotting a Bar with a very peculiar Name that made him smile at the irony. "Gold Roger Bar"' Spoke the young man as he decided to enter the Bar.

Michael sighed in exasperation as he chugged down some ale. Mighty fine ale at that. He was in Loguetown, bored out of his mind. As an assassin, his life got boring quickly. Kill him, kill him, it all got redundant at times. Now all Michael yearned for was a purpose. Something to do with his life.

Another swig of ale, and a man approached Michael. Pulling out a flintlock, he aimed it at Keen. "You're dead!" The man roared. "You killed my brother!"

At this point, all eyes were on them. Preparing to fire, Michael easily slammed his glass against the mans face, cutting his eyes. As he dropped the flintlock, Michael caught it and put it away. "Screw off." Michael muttered.

Opening the Door of the Bar the young man watches as another man slams his glass in another face before pocketing a dropped pistol. Glancing around he makes his way towards the bar before taking a seat beside the man from earlier. "Rum" muttered the young Man and he rests his hands on the bar before glancing at the bar tender allowing his Crimson eyes to show.