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The Black Widow Pirates, also referred to as the Black Widows, are a notorious pirate crew originating in the Wano Country. Led by the Yonko, Daddy L. Legs, they are currently among the strongest pirate crews in the world, and are one of the four closest pirate crews to becoming the subordinates of the Pirate King due to their possession of a road poneglyph. As a Yonko's crew, the Black Widow Pirates are a crew of vast resources and are stationed in a variety of lands and countries that are under Legs' protection or within her empire; their base of operations are in the Wano Country where a majority of the crew resides to avoid being captured by the marines. Being one of the Three Great Powers that keep the world balanced, Legs' boast a crew whose numbers exceed two hundred thousand. Because of the sheer size of her crew, she has organized her fleet into eight divisions so that commanders can assist her in maintaining the entirety of her army.

History Edit

Following the prison-escape from Wano, Daddy L. Legs and Aoshin begun traveling the seas in efforts to raise an army capable of helping them break back into Wano.

Jolly Roger Edit

In reference to their name, the Black Widow's Jolly Roger takes the form of a menacing skull with blood dripping from its teeth that is shaped similarly to a spider's body.

Crew Members Edit

Black Widow Pirates
Daddy L. Legs Portait
AoshinTemplate IsshiNew1
B26c6c9b9fa317cf83e89105a62ec696a0c2eb38 hq MinnieTemp WolfgangTemplate2
AnnabethCrewMug ElimonaCrew PhoenixTemplate IndianaCrew
NazaryanCrew SonGokuTemplate ThatchTemplate QOS - Enya Blaise - Infobox
Son Goku
MuuCrew Soen Profile
Night Parade
NightParadeLeader6 FukuokaSorenTemp
Leader Fukuoka Soren
Subordinate Captains
Black Sea Pirates

Crew Organization Edit

The Black Widow Pirates are less of a Pirate Crew, and more important an empire. The territories they have amassed are extraordinarily vast, and unlike the other Yonko, Legs believes in ruling over her territories with proper administration is the key to an ever-growing empire and influence. To this end, the organization within the Black Widow Pirates has been adjusted to include those that solely operate within the confines of the crew, while others act on behalf of the empire itself.

The Hitorigami (独神, Single God) is the term referred to the Captain of the Black Widow Pirates, otherwise known as the supreme leader of the empire. They make all final decisions with regards to any administrative or military affairs, and are the supreme authority that can veto any decision made by the lower ranks. Due to the enormity of this role, the current holder of "Ame no Minakanushi" Daddy L. Legs has delegated most of her tasks to her subordinates, and only intervenes when she strongly disapproves of a decision, or if a military campaign requires her attention.

The Kamiyo Nanayo (神世七代, Seven Generations of the Age of Gods) are the individual heads of military and administrative operations of the Black Widow Pirates. They are responsible for the general overseeing of day-to-day affairs and are the final authority unless the Hitorigami personally intervene. The current holder of "Izanagi", Aoshin, has full authority over the military affairs in the Black Widow Pirates. Likewise, the current holder of "Izanami", Kosaka Isshin, has full authority over the day-to-day affairs in the Black Widow Pirates' empire and also acts as her representative.

The Kamiumi (神産み, Birth of Gods) are the primary military leaders of the Black Widow Pirates. They oversee military operations within the empire and also regarding territorial expansion. Each member of the Kamiumi has a personal army under their control and are expected to possess extraordinary fighting power. The current holder of "Tsukuyomi", Zanto, is the leader of the Military Police in the empire, enforcing the law and maintaining the peace in the lands. The current holder of "Susanoo", Diana Wilhelmina, is the leader of the defensive forces within the empire, ensuring that its citizens and the empire's core territories are protected from outside invaders. The current holder of "Amaterasu", Wolfgang, is the leader of their invasion force, ripping through enemy territories and conquering them on behalf of the Black Widow Pirates.

The Shichifukujin (七福神, Seven Lucky Gods) are the primary leaders of different facets of day-to-day operations within the Black Widow Pirates' empire. They ensure that the empire's citizens are able to acquire a good quality of life, and are also working to contribute to the empire's magnanimity. The current holder of "Bishamonten" is Zahara Annabeth, the overseer of medicine; "Daikokuten" is Gesualdo Elimona, overseer of food security and also an operator in the Underworld; "Ebisu" is Phoenix D. Red, overseer of transportation and "Jurojin" is Draco D. Indiana, overseer of education.

The Yokai (妖怪, Phantom) are subordinates underneath the Black Widow directly. They often act on her ship and are elites in their own specific roles, ranging from Doctor to Navigator. While they often only answer to the Black Widow alone, under certain conditions they follow the orders of her representative, Kosaka Isshin.

The Night Parade (夜行, Yagyō) are a subordinate division within the Black Widow Pirates that act as spies. They are a highly elite organization and possess very few members. Extended apprenticeship is required to become a fully-fledged member.

Crew Strength Edit

Professions and Capabilities Edit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Daddy L. Legs

  • Black Widow (黒後家蜘蛛 Kurogokegumo?)

Kosaka Isshin

  • Blade Thief (剣盗 Kentō?)


  • Black Panther (黒豹 Kurohyō?)


  • The Maneater (人食い者, Hitokuimono)

Thatch Vincent

  • Personal Doctor to Legs
  • Head Scientist
  • Omukade (大百足 Ōmukade?)

Gesualdo Elimona

  • Cook
  • Underground Broker
  • Witch of the Underworld (裏社会の魔女 Urashakai no Majo?)

Harlequin W. Heili

  • Kurokumo (黒蜘蛛 Black Spider?)

Bounties Edit

Profile Edit

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