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The Black Wing is the only known title to an unnamed and unknown Zoan user who constantly remains in his full animal form, claiming himself to be the "ruler" of Punk Hazard, taking residence there. The Black Wing is allied with Dressrosa, specifically, its current King, Longinus Niu, working in cahoots by mining Orichalcum for her kingdom, in exchange for equal sums of gold, jewels and various other valuables.

Nothing else is known about the Black Wing's past, or true motives, and seems to only desire living comfortably in Punk Hazard, and only has interest in gaining more treasures for himself, hence his deals and exchanges with Niu.



The Black Wing in comparison to an average human


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Devil FruitEdit


A glimpse of Black Wing's hybrid form


Black Wing surviving the environment of Punk Hazard, the weather and poisonous smog


  • The name "Black Wing" is a reference to the "Deathwing" from Warcraft lore.