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"Those who defy me will fall. They will have a slow, agonising death. I will bathe in the pain grafted into the world by their screams of agony and laugh. I will laugh as I dance upon their shattered bones and spray their life-force into the air. As I make sure that the last thing they see is a flash of crimson!"
Emilia's twisted nature revealed.

Blacklove Emilia (ブラックラブ 栄美利亜, Burakkurabu Emiria) is an extremely dangerous, self-affiliated bounty hunter, assassin and spy. She is infamous for her frightening kill tally and her incredulously powerful level of Haki that she regularly employs in battle. Over time, she gathered so many kills and bounties that she was dubbed as the Crimson Reaper (真紅 死神, Shinku Shinigami), referencing her brilliant scarlet hair.

History Edit

When Emilia was a child, her village was raided during the night by a band of Pirates, whom destroyed virtually every building and killed nearly every resident, bar the few that escaped, and Emilia herself, who had been kidnapped and presented to the Captain of the Pirates, who decided to take the young girl in as both a protegé and his "daughter".


The Crimson Reaper

Emilia had awoken her Haki that night when the attack occurred in her attempts to locate her parents, the very reason the Pirates kept her alive and took her. For many years, the Captain constantly trained and honed the Haki abilities of Emilia to turn her into an un-rivalled fighter that would turn the tide of battle in his favour. This ideal rang true, as Emilia's Haki eventually reached a level beyond any previously documented rates, blowing even Yonkos and the "Worst Generation" members out of the water in terms of both power and skill with Haki, figuratively speaking.

However, the Captain was killed on the field of battle, resulting in Emilia going on a murderous rampage; not one enemy escaped alive, or in one piece for that matter, on that blood-drenched day.



Emilia's usual, stern self glaring coldly at a nuisance

Emilia commonly comes across as a rather strict invidual, rather than a menace, even to those who know of her reputation. She is the type of person who does not act unless acted against. She also somewhat believes in the Bushido rule that a certain moss-head sword-wielding Pirate also follows; she does not attack an enemy with their back to her, but not because she wants a fair fight, but because she wants her enemy to have her face as the very last thing they ever see before they enter the eternal sleep. She is unafraid of saying what she thinks, and if something or someone is starting to bother her, she will not hesitate to make sure that they know that, and will obliterate anything or anyone that keeps on with it without mercy.


"As I make sure that the last thing they see is a flash of crimson!"

Speaking of mercy...Emilia has none. She will not think twice of ending an enemy's life if she feels that they will even pose the slightest threat to her one day, no matter the current situation. She will also stalk her bounty target for hours, even days, until the right moment; upon which she will strike like a blood-lusting Tigress, unforgiving and brutal.


Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned

If she misses the initial strike, she will relentlessly pursue her target no matter where they are, having even cruelly toyed with a target that ended up getting himself trapped in a set of ancient ruins; near-by witnesses, more like eavesdroppers, reported hearing Emilia's sultry, feminine voice delivering her words with a playful but vicious tone, and whistling as she walked slowly through the ruins, not even needing a second to think to deal the killing blow to the target the very instant that she spooked him out of his hiding spot with this particular behaviour.


Emilia toying with her prey

Despite everything, people seem to be more terrified of Emilia when she begans to act "playfully", mentioned above, as it usually means that she is about to make a kill; using reverse-psychological techniques as a method of flustering and distracting her targets or opponents to the extent that they make the mistake of breaking formation or leaving their safe spot. However, Emilia herself is aware of how this particular side of herself is perceived, and often amuses herself by using it in public areas just to get a kick out of everyone's reactions

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Emilia is one of the few people who solely focuses on their Haki in a fight, alongside her immense fighting capability.

Physical Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength: While not a one-puncher, Emilia does possess a notable level of strength that has been seen shattering walls by launching enemies and objects, lifting large vehicles, holding a 6'5" soldier off the ground by his neck with one hand, and cracking bones just by tightening her grasp.

Immense Durability: Emilia has displayed impressive rates of general durability, with even a falling building barely leaving a scratch on her body. She has been hit by cannonfire and even a landslide, and was hardly even bothered at all.

Immense Speed: Even for a non-Enhanced person, Emilia possesses an incredible level of speed that she often employs in battle to her advantage. She can also use it to cross distances in bursts to reach her opponent faster before they manage to react accordingly. Her greatest feat of speed was momentarily moving as a blur in a high-paced fight.

  • Enhanced Reflexes: Emilia has more than proven herself capable of fighting numerous opponents at one time, even Devil Fruit users. She has also avoided a spray of bullets from a relatively close
  • Enhanced Agility: Emilia is able to even make the most out of being in a small space when in a battle, able to leap from wall to wall to deliver quick and precise blows to her targets as she goes. She can even do this in forests and jungles; leaping from tree to tree, branch to branch, as if she grew up in the canopies.

Enhanced Stamina and Endurance: Emilia has previously been involved in multi-hour long brawls between herself and others, even continuing fighting when everyone was had either died or collapsed in exhaustion.

Enhanced Healing Factor: It seems that Emilia mysteriously possesses a strange, highly accelerated rate of healing, for both internal and external problems. Her healing speed is risen to the point that scratches and bruises she gains in a fight are healed almost immediately.

Intuitive Aptitude: Emilia has a highly gifted mind, to the extent that she is able to understand how anything and everything works after witnessing or experiencing it and paying attention to it in detail. She has exhibited this ability three times; learning how to fix the broken mast of a pirate ship in her child hood, realising how to effectively treat the wounds of an ally, and the most notable of the three; figuring out virtually everything about Devil Fruits (including their weakness to water).

  • Enhanced Mental Processing: As a result of Emilia's gifted mind, her mental performance operates in the most efficient and rapid manner possible, and is able to process the world in the most advanced and efficient manner. She possesses nigh-perfect pattern solving/recognition, incredible information storage/retrieval, perfect perception/observational skills, and logical/philosophical structuring. Her mind also processes information quickly, giving her an accelerated learning rate. Emilia can also quickly analyse multiple, limitless information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. She possesses an eidetic memory (she never forgets anything and has perfect instant recall), she has impressive deductive/reasoning skills, and can intuitively understand what's going to happen and how to deal with it. This effectively makes her one of the world's most deadly fighters.

Combat Style(s)Edit

Staff Specialist: Emilia is an extraordinary fighter using her long staff, able to combat multiple opponents at one time, and even some of the highest-skilled Pirates, even overwhelming them most of the time and dealing the death-blow. She has been training in wielding a staff (and similar weapons) since when the Captain first took her in around more than twenty years ago, and has thus become one of the deadliest fighters in the world. To add salt to the wound, Emilia will sometimes apply her Haki to her weapon in order to make it as strong as steel but still as light as a stick, making fighting her an event that virtually always leaves the other fighter crippled or flat-out dead. Emilia also often employs her incredible agility and speed in physical fights, overwhelming targets by striking them from multiple angles at high speed before they have time to even react. However, there is the rare time where someone stale-mates her in a fight like this, but that is usually only if said person is a specialist with their weapon, or when she simply is fighting for enjoyment rather than with a goal.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Aside from using her staff in fights, Emilia is also an incredibly talented hand-to-hand opponent; again having trained for over twenty years, in the event that she should become separated from her weapon for a longer period of time whilst in battle. Her usual unarmed combat style is focused on striking deadly locations on the bodies of others, such as nerve bundles and pressure points, or even visible wounds. It also consists of elements taken from numerous other styles of fighting, including but not limited to the likes of martial arts, capoiera, kickboxing, jiu jitsu and unrestricted brawling.


Emilia possesses an incredulously powerful level of Haki unseen in any before her, with the skill to back it up. Her Haki originally awakened in her childhood during an attack by a band of Pirates upon her village. These Pirates took Emilia, and left her to the will of their Captain; an advanced Haki user himself. For almost three decades, this man relentlessly, endlessly trained Emilia with her Haki to become his most powerful asset, a monster among monsters. Her Haki can be felt from large distances, even by those who have no training in actually sensing Haki signatures...if she allows them to, that is. Even now, Emilia still engages in daily training exercises to increase her already-terrifying Haki levels, sometimes even going to towns just to hone said ability.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit


Even Emilia's mere presence terrifies all on the battlefield

The first form of Haki displayed by a young Emilia. It was awakened after her village was raided, in her efforts to find her parents in the chaos, despite the effort being in vain as she was promptly taken by the invaders. Emilia herself is an incredibly potent sensor, able to detect the auras of her targets from miles away, allowing her to track them down in her own time, with this sub-ability manifesting in her eyes as a cross-like shape. She also uses this as an internal guide during night-time activities, allowing herself to see as clear as day by using her Haki to "scan" her environment. Another of Emilia's feats is essentially premonition; she can easily see the attacks her enemies will do before they even get the chance to move to do said action. Emilia is also capable of sensing the general emotional state of other people, as well as the nature of their personality, but by far her most potent use of Kenbunshoku is a more advanced form of empathic alignment; Telepathic invasion. She is able to actually, for a short while, enter the minds of her targets and do as she pleases, not unlike a burgular breaking into a home.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

  • Emilia activating her Bosushoku Haki...
  • ...during the initial activation process...
  • ...fully-manifested Bosushoku Haki "armour".

Something Emilia seems to excel in, she can easily make use of her Haki to harden her entire body to the point that it would feel like punching a solid steel wall, even for those with enhanced levels of strength. When fighting a "parasitic runt", her personal pet name for Devil Fruit users, she seems to particularly enjoy utilising her titanic level of Haki to super-charge her Busoshoku techniques to cause severe damage, as it is able to bypass even the defences possessed by those who have consumed Logia-type fruits. Emilia's Haki is so powerful, that when she focuses more than usual on her Busoshoku's "armour", it actually manifests a visible form that shifts her entire appearance for the duration of it's usage.

Haoshoku HakiEdit


Emilia warping the climate of an entire mountain range just by willpower

By far Emilia's most powerful type of Haki. Emilia's Haoshoku Haki originally activated in her preteens, a few years after her abduction, when the boat she was living on with the Pirates that took her was ambushed by a horde of Fishmen and began killing all they could, and they even went for Emilia herself; however in a moment of both desperation to live and raw courage, Emilia's unrestricted willpower was emitted from within her body and forced upon the sea-born invaders, rendering them all comatose, even knocking some overboard with how powerful the manifestation originally was. Nowadays, after over a decade and a half of training, Emilia's skill with Haoshoku is described by many as being almost God-like; while other users of Haoshoku simply influence the wills and demeanours of others, Emilia's willpower influences everything around her. Her Haki level is so vast and great that her willpower can be imbued into the environment and its inhabitants, with notable feats carried out by her, outside of the original forcing of willpower upon other beings, including the likes of shifting the entire climate system of a massive expanse of mountains, utilising techniques not unlike Telekinesis such as levitation and even flight, barrier and construct creation, and even elemental creation and manipulation (also seen to be Emilia's favourite method of dealing with Devil Fruit users) by applying her willpower to the very molecules and atoms around her. Alongside the basic usage of knocking out those with weaker willpower than herself, Emilia can also influence the weather itself, crafting storms over large areas (with some effort), shift the make-up of the landscape, and even redirect non-physical attacks due to strike Emilia (i.e. projectiles, elements, etc.) by "bending" gravitational forces along with molecular and material structure. Being able to force her willpower into even objects allows Emilia to essentially control their form; she can shrink a building to the size of a fork, she can alter the position of entire cities and so on, but there is one thing she still cannot directly affect; the bodies of other living entities. But by far Emilia's most powerful and dangerous Haki technique, both to others and herself (due to the extreme amounts of strain it puts on her), is creating what she personally calls "warp zones"; where she generates an amount of willpower so strong that it effectively grabs hold of the "strings" of reality and seems to pause both time and space, allowing Emilia to make a hasty escape if she needs to, but a drawback of this is that other entities are also paused, meaning that if she were to touch them, they would "unfreeze" due to her being animated while they are not. This technique usually takes so much willpower and incredible focus that Emilia cannot even get to use it in an active battle due to the amount of things occurring to and around her. Also, while Emilia can create and manipulate elements, that is all she can do with them; she cannot utilise complex actions with them, such as Ace's "Enkai" and Enel's "El Thor", another weakness to the woman.

Devil Fruit Edit

While currently not exhibiting any Devil Fruit powers, there have been rumours that Emilia does in fact possess one, having yet to actually consume the item.


Staff: Emilia employs a staff as her priority choice for a weapon, with which she is highly skilled. When facing powerful opponents, Emilia will often use her Haki to harden the weapon so that it does not shatter from heavier impacts. The staff itself is as long as Emilia is tall. The staff also has a retractable combat knife hidden in the bottom for dealing death-blows.

Gloves: Emilia's black gloves have had claws made out of solid sea-stone and bones grafted onto the fingertips, to be utilised as a secondary, sucker-punch-esque type of weapon, something that proves especially useful against Devil Fruit users; if they are scratched by the claws, the sea-stone temporarily enters their blood and thus messes with their ability to make use of their Devil Fruit abilities.

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"One does not die when they are killed; one dies when they are forgotten. That is why we will live forever; immortalised, as legends."

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