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Bogel Von Troope has displayed a rather impressive strength to have been made a rook level within this secret organization. This had been related to his skills within the marines where he had made it to Commodore rank before leaving which had led for him to master some of the skills of the Rokushiki style practiced by the marines. He had also mastered the skill of Life Return to the point where he could utilize such a skill to control his nose hairs and various other hairs for combat. This had made him a dangerous person and quite deserving of his position within Kokuban. His devil fruit quite relates to his position within Kokuban, since his rank is Rook and his devil fruit relates to that of a castle, the Shiro Shiro no Mi which gives the user the power to turn their body into a fortress which minimizes everything within it's range to size.


Troope carries a personality that is always eager to see what life has to show him next. He will always look towards to future which allows him to have an open mind to everything. His open mindedness is what had led him to quit the marines and join this group because of his belief to further advance their beliefs rather that of the World Government. His personality is what also led for him to understand one of the forms of Haki, Busoshoku because he had fully understood the training he had done within Kokuban after his departure of the marines. However, he never has learned Kenbunshoku which only shows that this personality has it's limits as well.

He also wishes to train to fight stronger enemies, this is the case where he had directly challenged Eraldo Coil as he had fought him and lost. This had led for Coil to choose him as a student and he had trained him while being trained under Masamune, despite Troope never being able to meet Masamune.



Troope's full appearance.



Life ReturnEdit


Troope utilizing life return to control his nose-hair for combat.

Through his past experiences and training in the marines he had come across a fighting style that had he had trained with at the same time he was developing his Rokushiki skills. Unlike other people introduced in this specific style, he had excelled into it rather easily. This has shown to be opposite to his training in Rokushiki as he had mastered Life Return rather quickly, while having difficulty learning more than barely two techniques in the super human style of Rokushiki.

The art of life return is one that allows the user of this martial arts to control part of their body to accordance to how they want it. For example, the art of manipulating one's muscles to fit a different sort of physical and potentially more efficient way could be possible through a master of Life Return. Manipulating muscle structure as well as literally one's skeletal structure can be possible through the art of Life Return which is one of the main reasons as to why the style is known to be incredibly dangerous, however hard to master for most people. As well as being able to control systems in the body such as the digestive system to speed up, much like how old masters of this art were able to speed up their digestive properties of their body for a small burst of time.

One of the most practical uses of Life Return is manipulation of one's hair to the point where it can actually be used as a weapon itself. Troope had mastered the art of Life Return to be able to utilize his head hair as well as facial hair for combat and even some defensive properties as well. One of the main uses of Life Return through Troope is his tendency to utilize his nostril hair to attack foes through life return.

Fighting StyleEdit

Obake Hanage Ken(Haunted Nose Hair Sword, お化け鼻毛剣): A fighting style derived through his advanced mastery over the arts of life return is his capability of continuously growing hair from his nose, concentrating it into thick strands and utilizing them as if they themselves were swords. Even without the use of Haki, Troope is capable of matching the strength of a regular weapon user simply by utilizing Life Return to strengthen his nose hairs and fight utilizing them. They are considered to be as strong as steel, however are incredibly flexible due to their nature of being hair. His master over Life Return allows him to strike with these using many different compressed groups of strands at once to elude his enemy while being able to maneuver each of these at impressively high speeds.

Fist of the Personalized Nosehair

Troope imbuing his nose hair with Haki.

He is quite able to further extend his grasp over the power of this ability by imbuing these hairs with his Busoshoku Haki, this allows him to enhance the power of these as well as being able to bypass the defenses of a Devil Fruit user, more specifically, some Paramecia and most Logia. When imbued with Haki, his hair is not destructible by anything except those with a superior Haki to that of his own.

Due to the nature of the nose hairs being apart of his body, they too are affected by his Devil Fruit's abilities. This allows him to discretely transport people with ease through his Nose Hairs, as well as being able to hide and utilize weapons from anywhere in it with ease. People have described the area within his nose hair to be one long winding tunnel with the regular fortress kind of inside, equipped with several windows where weapons can be used from such as cannons, machine guns and regular firearms. People are also capable of riding the top of the nose hairs and be almost completely unseen by the human eye which would provide much easier ambushing tactics in combat.


Physical CapabilitiesEdit


Busoshoku HakiEdit

Devil FruitEdit


Person shown to be in Troope's nostrils due to his devil fruit ability




This character is based off of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo