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Boudica (ボディカ, Bodika) is currently a Wild Card to the Monk Pirates led by the Yonko, Daikaku, and is currently charged with protecting her own family’s ancestral lands, the Oceani Archipelago. Descendent from a line of Giants whose names have been wiped from the annals of history, and whose lands have been destroyed and rebuilt by the World Government, Boudica’s very existence is an act of defiance against the natural order of the world. Thus, to the world, she is considered a member of those Evil Giants of which both Oars and Oars Junior descend from, whose reputation has been tainted by false rumors and myths the World Government have constructed about them. In truth, Boudica’s family were asked to serve alongside the Twenty Kings in their fight against the Great Kingdom, and promised portions of land that they captured during their battle.

However, fearing that this family would record their valor in battle through oral stories, and books, the World Government ultimately betrayed them, killing most, and scattering the few that did survive to the corners of the globe. As a child, Boudica was taught the basic history of her people by her father, and taught the ancient art of reading Poneglyphs, however they were discovered by the Marines and sentenced to death. Having escaped only because she was fed the Doa Doa no Mi by her father upon their sentencing, Boudica has strived to continue her father’s legacy and hopes to continue discerning the truths of her people, forcing her to the Grand Line in search for the poneglyphs that may contain her people’s history. During her ventures, she met Daikaku, and later learned about the land that her people were promised. With the Yonko’s assistance, she claimed the Archipelago in the name of her family, restoring their house seat for the first time in centuries, and proclaiming herself the Warrior Empress.

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  • Boudica is named in recognition of the Celtic Queen Boudica.
  • Boudica's main picture is a painting of her that she had illustrated, hence is why she's taller than the entire island itself.