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Bourgeois G. Antoine is the crown prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom, son of Bourgeois H. Louie and Bourgeois D. Elizabeth. The oldest of their two children he was always expected to be the most polite and chivalrous, a feat he does in fact live up to. Were he not the prince though he would most likely be feared by the people, for he ate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Shinigami. A fruit that gives the user great power, but causes like itself to reject him. Though he is plagued with the inability to really be near nature he still appreciates it, though it is his mortal rival. Antoine tries his best to live up to what his parents require of him and become the next great king of the Bourgeois Kingdom.

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Antoine at the Hito Hito no Mi, Model Shinigami. As a Mythical Zoan this devil fruit is extremely powerful, being considered the rarest type of devil fruit. This fruits biggest strength is that it allows Antoine to become a shinigami or god of death. This allows him to transform into what appears to be a death god, giving him a long black cloak and skeletal features as well as an increase in size. The strengths of this devil fruit are the plethora of powers it grants the user such as increased strength, speed, durability, the ability to create and manipulate bones, the ability to revive the dead around them, the ability to see and take souls, the ability to create and manipulate weapons, the ability to induce necrosis, and the ability to teleport. Antoine is also unable to die by any means besides drowning and seastone. Also due their abilities and being the anti life force or end of life the Antoine is immune to haki. He cannot be sensed by it or affected by it but in turn they cannot use it. This devil fruit does have some downsides though. Antoine is naturally rejected by life meaning any creature that isn't human will not come close to him without force, even then it will still attempt to get away. Even plants will twist and grow away from the him or anywhere he resides. He takes regular trips away from his home to make sure he doesn't kill the crops around his town. Standard devil fruit weaknesses also apply.

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