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The name of Brago the Magician is famous and feared, many say he is a wizard and is capable of doing anything, and the large number of deeds attributed to him suggests so. It's said that he has made entire islands vanish from the face of the earth, and that it is impossible to hurt him.


Brago is incredibly obese. He repeatedly ignores the advice of doctors and medical experts to go on a diet and has reached a state where he could likely die at any moment. He wears gold clothing and a bizarre piece of headgear, that is meant to sooth him and make him smarter.


Brago wishes to live life to the fullest, and intends to eat himself to death, he dedicates everyday to living as decadently as possible. He is a strong believer in acupuncture, wearing an acupuncture head piece meant to make him smarter and more relaxed. Brago is an intelligent man, if a bit stuck in his ways. Brago choose to work under Muu mostly as an excuse to rarely work and spend most of time on Whole Cake Island. Brago understands he is not strong, and makes up for it with intelligence and guile.


Brago ate the Illusion Illusion fruit, granting him the power to make illusions of anything he can imagine, however the illusions are incorporeal and silent. It should be noted that this ability isn't mind affecting, the illusions are there, just not solid. Brago uses this ability with creativity and intelligence. He can actively adapt his illusion to make it respond to interaction, e.g. make blows pass through them. Thanks to observation haki, he doesn't even need to be near his illusions to change and control them. Brago has also learnt to walk silently and throw his voice to make it harder to tell if he is an illusion or not.

Techniques Edit

The Great Magician: Brago creates an illusion of himself, and uses his skills in throwing his voice to pretend it's the real one, whilst he obscures himself even from observation haki.

Horror Show: Brago creates some horrific images. He rarely uses this ability as doing so often reveals the nature of his abilities

Trivia Edit

  • Polpo from Jojo's Bizzare adventure is the image