"Beast-Eyes" Brinstill Maya is the elder sister of Brinstill Aida, and was initially a member of the World Goverment, specifically, an agent of Cipher Pol, though what unit remains unknown, and is now a member of the Monk Pirates. Following a series of events, Maya became a notorious pirate, quickly becoming highly wanted by the goverment for her betrayal, as well as potentially possessing vital information that could be used against the World Goverment.

She later gained great infamy as the fearful Monster Woman (お化け女, Obake Onna), possessing inhuman power which brands her as a "monster". In addition, Maya is also an Underworld Broker operating under the alias "Crow", selling potentially valuable information she gathered in her years as a Cipher Pol agent for those who are interested, and on occasion, other valuables, such as weaponry or even slaves. In addition, Maya is the lover and fiance of Samuel Sark, having been in cahoots for years as a shared buisness in the Underworld and black market.



Maya's general appearance

Maya is a young woman, possessing fair skin, and a slender, voluptuous figure, with short blonde hair, some unkept, with bangs almost covering her right eye, as well as distinctive brown eyes, with black pupils that appear to be slitted. These eyes of hers are what gained her the moniker of "Beast-Eyes", due to her glare being unnerving to some. She also possesses a dark tattoo on her left calf.

As for her attire, Maya wears a dark-colored bandeau, with a light colored, flowery lining pattern, exposing her cleavage, midriff and shoulders, as well as a dickey around her neck with a matching dark-color. On her right arm, she wears a golden gauntlet covering her entire arm, and on her left forearm, she wears an ornament with a wing-like motif. She wears somewhat baggy pants with black and white pin-stripes, as well as a dark-coloured coat tied around her waist, which she usually wears, either during cold climates or otherwise, and finally, ends on a pair of sandals.

During her time as an agent of Cipher Pol, when still a part of the World Goverment, she wore varying outfits during different missions, depending on the location and requirements. This extended to casual clothing, to stealth gear, or attire more fitting for a buisness meeting, such as a black suit. Maya claims that her favourite attire to take during a mission was a "flowery shirt".


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  • Maya's appearance is based off of Dimaria Yesta from Fairy Tail.