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"My my...I just want to keep you locked up forever, you know?"
—Rena to something or someone she finds interesting.

Rena Buleche (レナ・ブレチー Rena Burechī?)

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Rena's general appearance.

Rena, despite her reputation as an infamous thief, is often regarded as an extremely beautiful woman; a sight for sore eyes, in other words. One of her most defining traits is her long and flowing blond hair. It is remarked to be quite wavy and thick by others, with Rena styling it specifically to be curled softly for greater volume. At the top of her head, Rena often wears a simple bow of dark colors: maroon, purple and black being her favorite, with the knot done in a manner which causes it to look like a pair of bunny ears. Her fringe is also styled rather uniquely, with a shape that closely resembles an "M". Specifically, the centre of her fringe is a small clump of hair that narrows down as it reaches her nose, while her bangs frame her face down to her cheekbones. In terms of physical and facial features, Rena is known to have a softly angled face. She often applies makeup to distinguish her jawline, blush her cheeks slightly and cause her lips to look slightly plump. However, perhaps her most distinguishing facial feature is her pair of eyes. They are a dazzling, albeit deep, pink, with an innocent allure that quickly ends up causing regret to those who are beseiged by them.

The feature that stands out about Rena, besides her eyes and hair, is quite obviously her choice in clothing. Given the amount of items she has stolen in the years of her piracy, Rena has a wide variety of clothing items she can choose to wear at any given time. Of course, given the woman's penchant for appearing as noble as possible, the clothing she does wear is far more eloquent than what would be associated with a Pirate. The attire is a long dress which, rather than flow outward, instead appears to be a dress which flares outward significantly. The dress' color scheme is rather dark when compared with Rena's outward cheerfulness. Its most significant color is purple, with various shades adorning the entirety of the dress from back to front. The region of the dress placed on the torso is shown to be quite bright, with the blouse fashioned in the shape of a V, flaring outwards from her chest with golden lining that both accentuates the dress and her generously curvaceous figure. Notably, around her collarbone is black fabric specifically spiked for the purposes of drawing attention to Rena, all the while giving her a witch-like appearance. This is further emphasised by the nature of the dress' sleeves. From her shoulders to the edge of her bicep, Rena's sleeves appear to be joined to the entirety of the dress. Following this, Rena's sleeves are noted to be of the detachable kind — hence their difference in coloration. They are a lighter, somewhat dull shade of the purple...

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