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Calen is an inventor in training on Iron Island in the first half of the Grand Line known as Paradise and is a member of the Gastro's Workshop. He works hard in order to create and invent technology designed by Dr. Vegapunk as according to the law of his home island, however during the night he works in secret to invent special inventions of his own design in the hopes of fulfilling his dream.


Calen is a young child with dark blue hair and large blue eyes. He has a strong lean build but he is underdeveloped for his age so he was quite short, shorter than any other child his age and has a lightly tanned baby face which (with the added feature of his short height) often make people underestimate him and even go far as to call him adorable which took a dramatic effect to his personality to.

He is always seen wearing a pair of red goggles with yellow lens that has a built-in light systems that he uses when he works at night as a light source. He also usually wears a necklace with a small drill attached to it that was given to him by Dr. Gastro. His outfit consists of a dark blue jacket with red stripes along the shoulders and sleeves along with a pair of brown shorts, white socks, and brown boot-like shoes. He also wears white bandages encircled around his abdomen.


Calen is a confident and kind child



Dr. GastroEdit

Dr. Gastro was Calen's mentor who took him in after finding him floating in the ocean and became a father figure to the boy despite what the other workmen think. They had a close relationship with each other, and had formed a deep bond with their love of technology and inventions.

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Gastro's WorkshopEdit

Calen was born in the East Blue. When he was very young his boat his family was on was struck by massive storm and he was swept off the boat by giant wave and was then awoken on Iron Island where he was founded and rescued by the brilliant Dr. Gastro who took Calen in and raised him as his own. Once Calen discovered all of Gastro's latest experiments Calen was fascinated and wanted to know more about his work. That's when Gastro taught him about engineering and science and helped him make his very first invention which were his goggles with a built in light system. Amazed by his accomplishments and widespread of wonderful inventions, Calen chose to study under him so he could create inventions like him on day and Gastro welcomed the idea continued to teach him.