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Prologue Edit

Several days after the Redbeard Pirates invaded Outcast Island and publicly announced their fight against the World Government, the crew continued on with their journey to find new members and allies. With three new additions, the crew has a total of seven members including their trusted "ship", a colossal beast of unimaginable proportions. With the new members adjusting to new lives at sea, another challenge awaits them in the days to come.

As the crew went about their day, Kiyoshi who had been navigating alongside Daikame, rushed to Redbeard's headquarters in order to recite unexpected news. Passing each of the other members on the way to the captain, he expected them all to follow as thew news would peak everyone's interest.

"Captain-desu!!" Kiyoshi exclaimed, rushing into the massive cathedral-like building with incredible speed. "I have pleasant news-desu. Daikame-desu stated that were nearing another island, I believe it's Water 7-desu.

Redbeard, who had been experimenting with his newly acquired powers for the past few days, welcomed his companion with a jolly grin. "Wonderful, there should be other promising pirate crews there, maybe we could recruit some of them." Redbeard responded, thinking of ways to expand their military might. "Though, due to the island's location, we'll probably run into a fair share of Marines and other government officials."

Staying silent as his captain pandered over the crew's next move, Kiyoshi turned around to see the remainder of the crew arrived.

"And what the hell are we supposed to do with this big turtle?" asked Spike as he arrived at his captain's quarters, still groggy from sleeping. "You can't expect us to just "dock" at the City of Water, its not very low profile. The government will definitely be looking for us here."

Feanor Low, the new Spy and Lookout of the Redbeards, had immediately grown fond of the Living Ship. Because his role entailed him, Feanor had made his home in the top of the Creature's back that allowed him to have a clear view of everything that happened in the surroundings. Occasionally, however, he would sit on the head of the Turtle, speaking in what happened to be grunts with the Giant's gigantic pet.

He did like the weather around him, but the constant banter of the tiny Dwarf in the ship made him irritated now and then, almost to the point of wanting to slice him with his sword.

When Kiyoshi shared his huge discovery, Low wasn't to be seen anywhere in or near the ship and only made his appearance after the commotion was dead, or seemed to. "I have discovered an suitable place underground in an sunken dock where he can halt Daikame, Barbarossa. Because of the way the the island as been sinking, we can surely find an abandoned canal to reach the main island. A certain someones abilities may help us navigate the waters within the island without affecting the cursed members of the Crew." Low reported, before leaving to reside to his spot. For him, he had done with job as a lookout and a spy, and given instructions based on his observations. He had no issues on whether the Pirate Crew paid any heed to his instructions or not, as he was just performing his part of the duties on board as lectured to him by his mentor.

Sitting in a Large and plush Chair with a glass of wine clasped in one hand and a stack of papers in the other Marié gently hums to herself as she turns her eyes to the screen in front of her that shows the faces of three other people all whom had their faces concealed somehow. "You should All know, I have once again took up the mantel of Piracy this time not as a Captain but a Navigator for a Man known as Redbeard, I'm sure you three already know of whom I speak of ?" Questioned Marié as the three figures nod their heads in what appears as amusement. "He has promised to help protect my Kingdom as well as Ensure Great-Grandmother's Blood line Doesn't go extinct, So from hence forth I want all available Information of the Yonko, Shichicukai, Revolutionary Army, Marines and all alike. You know I don't like surprises especially ones that are dangerous to my health". Ordered Marié as she took a sip of their wine before giving them a passive look "Oh and Keep and eye out for Gyoku, make sure she doesn't get her self killed." Stated Marié before the screen before went dark basking her in the shadows of the room.

With the entrance of two of the remaining three tardy members, Redbeard gazed upwards noticing the absence of the Red Queen. Through his mind's eye, which was recently enhanced dramatically, the titan detected Marié discussing her new affairs through a visual den den mushi with several unknown figures. Pretty confident that she'd be arriving late, Redbeard continued on with the meeting. "I'm glad to see you're taking you're taking job seriously Low-san. And I see you're concern Spike. But there is no need for such drastic measures. Despite what you may think, Desu, Daikame, and I have been around for quite sometime, and when we want too, we can be quite stealthy." Redbeard exclaimed as Kiyoshi took the lead in the discussion.

After taking a deep breath, a bright yellow aura surrounded the dwarf's body. Suddenly, the being no larger than the shoes worn by Spike, was the size of a human adolescent. "See-desu...With the power of my Daishō Daishō no Mi, I am able to completely manipulate the size of myself and others I touch-desu."

"With this ability, Daikame, Marié, and I will be shrunk to an appropriate size and we will ride out on one of our backup ships." Redbeard said, trying to remain as pleasant as possible despite not particularly enjoying the idea of being shrunk due to the several repercussions.

Spike jumped back at the sight of a larger Kiyoshi "What the-" said Spike. Despite there still being a size discrepancy between the two, a human size Kiyoshi freaked him out. After collecting himself, Spike turned to his captain and said: "This plan seems great and all and I definitely don't mind checking out Water 7, but remind me again what our goal is here. Though we are taking the necessary precautions and Water 7 is sort-of open to pirates, we don't really have the luxury of playing tourist."

Seeing as whatever business she had was taken care of Marié decided to maker her way to where the rest of the crew was located, figuring that Redbeard already knew what she was up to she just casually walked towards the group and gently leaning against The Red Titan himself, "Sorry I' late I had some important business to attend to, I hope I haven't missed anything too important have I Darling ?" Questioned Marié with a sultry smile on her face.

As everyone gathered around were amazed of Kiyoshi's newly acquired powers. Feanor just smirked thinking to himself, "He didn't inform me about that. Looking at the faces of the others gathered around, he eagerly waited for the Captains Orders.

With the entrance of his new mistress, Redbeard was clear to discuss the crew's objective in their voyage to the water island. "With our sudden declaration of war against the World Government, we are still on the minds of people across the Grandline. Thus, we must cease the moment and utilize our infamy to attempt to recruit more members." Redbeard explained. While he was more than confident that his main crew's powers were indeed formidable, to reclaim his homeland, the power in numbers is important. "Outside of this, we should enjoy ourselves there. It's a rather beautiful island from what I heard, we should make the most of it." he stated, before sending the rest of the crew off to make preparations for their departure.

Shortly after, Kiyoshi shrank Redbeard to about fourteen feet tall, Marie to around the same height, and Daikame along with all objects on top of him to the size of a large turtle. The remainder of the crew watched from a small ship that Redbeard had saved just for these missions. With all the preparations made, and the entire crew began their short trip to Water 7 with Redbeard chanting, "Onward! Next Stop, Water 7!!"

Water Paradise Edit

The God of the Deserts (砂瀑神, Sabakugami) was usually not a man to be in plain sight, yet Water 7 was the divergence. Pirates were allowed to be present as long as they did not cause any trouble and he was confident that he could keep himself under control. He sat at the bar and had been waiting for his lady friend to return from the restroom for three consecutive minutes now. As she returned, he managed a smile. When she sat down, he said nothing but only looked at her. The woman began to stare back but his gaze was too powerful, as it's been said that his gaze of lust was even stronger than that of his stare during the intention to kill. "What?" She blushed. His eyes stare into her and he began to speak. "I'd choose you over the one piece if I had the option." He lied. He'd used it twice before within a three month time-span between then and now. Using his Kenbunshoku Haki, he could determined that the woman wanted him as her color was that of golden. But he would not bed her tonight, he had a meeting with a man seeking to buy goods from Shinji and he could not miss it unless he was affected with the most urgent event. So he would do it now. He took her hand and walked out of the bar.

Leon Aux had recently arrived at Water-7, following an incident which had occurred three months previous to this. Leon had just finished a performance, and he had made quite the amount of Belly. Good enough. he thought to himself as he counted his spoils. Aux quickly hid the profits he had made in one of his hidden pockets, in order to conceal the money. He was on his way to the bar, a bar where he had another performance. As he made his way, he noticed quite the number of members of the revolutionary army scouting the area. Of course, they were dressed in casual clothing, but Leon was able to tell who they truly were by the pitch of their voices. What's going on here? he thought to himself as he continued on his path. As he approached a bar, he spotted a woman. A woman of pure beauty. She must have noticed Leon's looks, as she began to make his way over to her. "Hello." Leon said as the girl slapped him. "Perv." she stated, beginning to turn around. Leon quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her a bit closer. "That was rude." he said, mocking a sense of pain. "Then don't stare at me like that." she replied. "I couldn't help myself, you're rather beautiful." Leon answered, as she suddenly blushed. "P-Perv." "Am I the perv? At least I'm not holding on to you." Leon said, as the woman noticed that she was holding on to the man. She backed up. "S-sorry." she replied. But at this point, Leon's charm had won her over. Leon walked over to her and whispered something into her ear. As soon as Leon had finished, she smiled as she replied. "We can do it in the inn over there." Leon only grinned in response as she grabbed his hand and began to drag him to the inn.

"Did I ever tell you all about the time that I fought through an army of  Fishmen Pirates!" a drunken young man announced near the top of his lungs as he climbed up onto a table,

"Yes! You've already told us about this twice today!" another man, with green spikey hair replied. The drunken young man responded to this answer with his fist, knocking it on top of the mans head causing the latter to drop to the floor, out cold.

"It doesn't matter! I'll tell you it again! It was a beautiful story anyway!" The drunken man said.

It had been going on like this for a solid two days (according to the men he was drinking with) and Araika had personally had enough of this loud mouthed fool. The fool in question was a young looking man who was an orange haired lad with light blue eyes and a stylish looking outfit that made him look like a noble. Ironic for someone who acted like a buffoon. Apparently the man had walked in here two days ago and had paid for 20 bottles of Sake. It had taken him a whole day to fnish and with that came the noisiness the drunken tails and plenty of money for the owner of the bar. Probably why the man hadn't been kicked out yet.

Araika didn't know how people had put up with it for two whole days, but he wasn't going to put up with it for another two minutes.

The tall well defined man stood up abruptly, warranting a silence from many of the other drinkers and darts players. The drunken man, however, kept rambling on and on about the story that has been said over a dozen times the past few days. He eventaully stopped, when he realised that every was quiet, and looked at Araika.

"Hi there!" The man said gleefully. "I'm just getting to the best part! You should sit down for it!"

"No!" Araika thundered. "I am tired of your constant babbling and horrible stories! You have been talking non stop since I've enetered this bar, That was fourty minutes ago!"

The man looked blankly at Araika as the latter continued. "How are you even still standing, you've drunken so much sake that you should be unconscious by now!"

The man shrugged. "I don't know......but i'm still got room for more!" The man hopped off of  the table and strode towards the bartender where he asked. "Another bottle of Sake please!"

"Sure thing Loki," The bartender replied,

"Don't you dare get him another bottle!" Araika shouted, drawing out a pistol and shooting into the air.

"Oh dear," Loki replied as he turned around and looked at the man with his hands on his pocket. "You really shoudln't fire shots in a bar like this, especially since it's where people from the inn across the road come to!"

After about a day of travel, the odd island was insight. The crew would dock at the nearest port where they'd leave the temporary ship. Other ships nearby looked far more impressive than their own, but this did not concern Redbeard. "If you wish to join me let us go, if not, I will find you guys when needed." Redbeard stated, before leaping off the the ship with his new size.

"Catch you guys later-desu." Kiyoshi stated, before jumping off the ship himself in order to follow the Captain. As the two made some distance, Kiyoshi quickly turned and screamed. "Make sure someone tries to wake up Sarutobi before we leave!" The large mink had been sleeping for several days now. Redbeard believes that it is due to his lack of rest during his time as a slave, but Kiyoshi is concerned.

"Welp, I'm gonna go explore this place, maybe there's something fun somewhere." said Spike as he hopped off the ship and walked aimlessly into the grand city of water.

Several marine ships had surrounded the aforementioned island as at least two dozen marines began to scour the island for the Giant Red-beard as well as his crew. Their sources had told them that they had been heading to this location, although they knew not their reasoning. On the deck of one of the marines ships stood the mighty Sun Wukong as he oversaw the the island as well as the proceedings of his marines.

Leon sighed as he laid in a bed, beside a female which he had met only recently. He turned his head over towards her, before slightly chuckling. I should get ready for my performance... he thought to himself as he stood from the bed, remaining quiet so his femal companion did not notice his absence. Leon began to clothe himself. Once he had adorned some clothing, he slung his violin case around his shoulder, heading to the bar situated in the exact same inn. As he walked up to the stage, many began to stare at his now unsheathed violin. I don't blame them. They've never seen anything like her... Leon thought to himself as he usually did. As he took a seat at the front stage, he smiled. "Hello! I'm your entertainment for the night! I'll be playing a ballad which I composed myself, Midnight Star. Hope you enjoy." he finished, and immediately after, he began to play. The sound of perfection rang throughout the bar, music which could make even the deadliest of creatures calm. Leon's music leaked out of the bar, and caused many more to walk in to hear the ballad which Leon was performing. The ballad lasted five minutes and afterwards, Leon played the final note. As soon as he did, the entire bar broke out into a rowdy cheer, asking for an encore.

As the Redbeard Pirates, dispersed to do their own bidding, Feanor was unsure of what to do, as he wanted to spend some more time with the now turtle sized Daikame. It was then he remembered the words of his friend and mentor. The Elf, immediately began searching for a small map from within his belongings. Saying Goodbye to Daikame, Feanor made his way through the beautiful island, amidst the several marines that were on guard. Being a spy, and having the capability to hide his own presence among the crowd, Feanor managed to somehow reach the heart of the island. However, it wasn't his destination,as he made some cuts and bolts in the dark alleys to reach his target, the "Bar Kana".

For all you know, "Bar Kana", was one of the bars that served the best among the rich. Despite the big chunk of the customers being neglected, they provided the best service for their name. For a Bar of such stature, Kana had a big associate. The regular clientele of the Kana, were also a big part of their Underworld trade. This happened at the "Death Battles" organized by the Owners to add extra ingredient to their drinks. Currently one was going on and Feanor was aiming for that. As he entered the dark indoor stadium. The Champion of the Arena, "Dog Tail" Kent stood at the center, filled with blood of his 39 victims of the day, waiting for his challengers. Low, knowing the stakes of his identity being discovered, had adorned a Maroon mask and dying his hair blue, faking a identity plate given to him by Taiga.

Walking his way to the arena, the masked visitor brought the attention of everyone gathered. "My name is "Sovereign Paw", and I challenge the champion, for a Beli1,000,000,000" Feanor declared, as he put a stack of cash on the organizers desk, as they immediately did their business of counting the profits hidden in the stack. The Announcer made no haste as he made the big announcement. "Sovereign Paw, challenging the Hero of the day, Dog Tail, for the highest bid of the evening, Beli1,000,000,000. Will Kent get it or let it from his sight. Everyone, the voting polls are open, bet in with your best shot. Who will turn out lucky tonight."

The onlookers, immediately roared and started placing their bids. "Ha has, its the champ, no doubt," said some, "But the new lad looks promising," spoke the others. The crowd began shouting, trying to motivate their support and demotivate the other. Feanor who didn't bother about his surrounding atmosphere, felt a chill down his spine as he rested his nervous face inside the brave maroon mask. According to the rules, he had to surrender to the organizers all his weapons, while the Champion of the Arena could wield a signature weapon of choice, in the current case, "Dog Tail" Kent wielded a giant Mace. The Champion ready to face his new challenger, laughed his signature "Beymememememe". Amid the cheers and boos, Feanor got ready to face his first opponent, standing in a weird fighting style, full of holes that didn't match any known form of combat. The ringing bell, symbolized, the start of another Death Match in the underworld.

Parting from the rest of the crew, Redbeard and Kiyoshi wandered around the sinking fortress amused by the unique architecture. Usually, Redbeard enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze and enjoyed the sitting his feet in the water, especially when he's miniature size. But today, he was quite hesitant regarding the manner. While he attempted to mask his cautiousness, Kiyoshi easily detected his less aggressive nature.

"Just because you ate one doesn't mean the water is gonna bite-desu" Kiyoshi snickered. "If you really miss swimming why did you eat in the first place."

Redbeard refusing to respond to the dwarf, quickly changed the subject. "There it is..." he stated, before walking to the side of a building where he then pointed to a board of wanted posters. Gazing at the dwarf Redbeard commented, "Go check if you see our posters up there, I need to see if my bounty is at the point it should"

Unamused by Redbeard's somewhat childish interests in bounties, Kiyoshi made his way to the wall of shame in search of each member's bounty.

As Redbeard waited for his crew's shipwright, a pleasant sound echoed into his ear. "Where is that coming from?" he mumbled to himself, before following the sound, leaving Kiyoshi. While Redbeard was unaware of this, the music was coming from a tavern about two miles away and he was subconsciously accessing his heightened haki capabilities.

Once again left on her own, Marié decided to use this opportunity to get some shopping done as well as to gather some information about the recent movements of the world, Humming to her self Marié casually strolls past a group of Marine's while discretely ordering one of her numerous employee's that followed her to keep and eye on their movement.

Using his abilities to follow the sound of the pleasant tunes, Redbeard eventually made his way to the tavern. Standing firm in the back, he watched as the red-haired musician blessed the audience with his skillful touch. "A musician..." Redbeard thought, remembering the celebration in Outcast Island being dull due to the music. As if he were in a trans cause by the musician, Redbeard remained still, blocking the entrance of the bar. As pools of people wished to enter to see which renowned artist was playing, the crowd outside grew angry at Redbeard. One of the men who waited for his partner inside walked up to the shrunken titan, with his fist clenched.

"You better move out the way you big oaf, or I'll have to move you myself." the man said, not initiated by Redbeard's still rather large stature. With Redbeard unresponsive, the man lived up to his threat and proceeded to punch Redbeard in the gut. To the man's surprise, Redbeard remained unphased. Suddenly more people appeared in front of the titan, angry at him for disturbing the show. Then one man woman with a bounty in her hand yelled, "Oh My God, it's him....the one who declared war against the World, Redbeard!"

At that moment, Redbeard woke up from his trans, though not to confront the people who were afraid of infamy but to walk to the front of the bar in order to meet the musician. Making his way to the stage, Redbeard exclaimed, "Young man who has blessed me with pleasant tunes, what is your name?"

Back at the wall of posters, Kiyoshi had finally recovered the bounties of all the members. "Wow, in total, we're worth about..." he stopped suddenly realizing his captain was no longer there. "That bastard-desu..."

"Me? Name's Leon Aux. I recognise you, Redbeard. Big fan." Leon said, grinning. The red-head stood from his seat, holding his violin in a somewhat awkward handling. As he stood, a group of marines stormed into the bar, the squad fuming with anger. "Attention! Frederick Barbarossa, you are under arrest. As accordance to Chapter 18, Sub-chapter 2, we will bring you in...dead! Fire!" the leader yelled. Instantly, one of the men lifted his pistol towards the giant, firing the bullet. In Leon's mind, things had begun to slow down, as Leon's violin transformed into its true form. As the bullet approached, Leon fired an arrow into the bullet, colliding. A moment of confusion spread across the marines' face as they saw Leon holding his bow. "Calm down. Man's done nothing noticeably illegal." Leon began, taking a step forward. "Are you ready...Redbeard?"

The musician had now really peaked Redbeard's interest. "So he's a fighter as well...Call me crazy but I think I just found our crew's musician." Redbeard thought as a huge grin emerged on his face. Using his sensory haki, Redbeard located each of his crew members on the island, as well as the Marine who would now be searching for them. One marines stood out from the rest probably a vice-admiral in rank. While he was not currently at the bar, it would only a few minute before he would be. "Alright hot stuff, show what you can do." Redbeard responded, deciding to take the backseat in this little confrontation in order to see what the musician could do.

As the Marines rampaged the tavern, Feanor emerged victorious battle after battle, gaining more fans and cash prizes every minute. His luck ran out as Marines launched an attack at the place. Surprised at the attack, people fled the arena as a huge commotion caused the organizers to hide themselves. Feanor, surprised, was brought back to reality by a Feline Mink who caught hold of him and ran through an open space, he had prepared beforehand.

Fleeing from the spot, Feanor gathered the strength to ask Taiga the question. "Marines what were they doing there ? How did they know ? Let me guess, your doing ?" he asked. Taiga smiled, "Your friend is in trouble in town, I needed to decrease the Marines forces looking for him. Looks like all might be well for your friend, though, nothing to worry about. However, I did have an proposition to make." the Mink replied, as he opened a chest he had with him. "An offer you won't, no, something which I won't allow you to refuse. FEANOR."

Leon simply grinned. "You're in for a show, Redbeard." he said as he suddenly appeared behind one of the guards. Quickly grabbing a nearby chair, Leon lifted it before slamming it down onto the mans head. As soon as the chair made contact, it broke, sending splinters everywhere as well as the man collapsing to the ground. Leon jumped back, before his arrow flew into his hands. As a few more men approached him, Leon nocked the arrow before letting it fly. As the arrow was in the air, Leon used the Hindo in the surrounding area to duplicate the arrows, having ten men be pierced by the arrows. As the arrows landed, they all fused back into one, and that same arrow flew into Leon's hands. "Who's next?" he asked, tauntingly.

Nearing the center of the bar district was Spike, carrying a large keg under his arm. "Man! Whoever came up with these Water-Water Kegs™ is a genius. Not only are they huge, but a lot of the bars here will refill them for a really low price!" exclaimed Spike, raising the mouth of the large keg to his own mouth. After a few glugs the golden stream of liquid coming from the keg stopped, causing Spike to shake the keg a bit. With an unsatisfied look on his face, he began looking around for somewhere to refill his keg. He spotted the nearest bar and walked in at a fast pace.

Plopping down on the stools at the bar, Spike slammed the keg on the counter, grabbing the attention of the barkeep and a few of the still lucid customers. "You guys fill these up here, right?" Spike asked the bartender before him. "Why we sure do! Most all bars here in Water 7 do," responded the bartender. But before the bartender could even pick up the keg off the counter, a group of marines kicked down the door and entered the front of the bar, aiming the guns at the bar.

"Demon King Spike, former bounty hunter and Underworld Mercenary and current crew member of the unruly Redbeard Pirates, you are under arrest!" said a marine who had a suit under his coat. Spike could tell he was more important than the other grunts. The barkeep, who was now hiding under the bar, turned to the wall behind him and saw a wanted poster with the exact name the marine had just said. Not only that, but the same face as the man sitting before him. "Come quietly now, resist and we will use force," continued the important marine. Spike just kept sitting down at the bar, his back to the marines. "I will take your lack of action and silence as resistance, FIRE!" The marines all fired their guns at Spike. In a split second he half-turned and witha quick wave of his hand all the bullets were deflected in different directions, some hitting the marines. Spike turned his head so the marines could only see his uncovered eye. "Beat it," he said releasing what seemed to be a projection of his blood lust at the marines. The marines all began to scramble out of the bar while the important one desperately yelled: "REINFORCEMENTS, WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS!" into a baby transponder snail. After they had all cleared out, he faced the bartender and asked: "So are you gonna fill my keg, or what?"

"No!" Loki continued. "I can't allow to have your fill of blood lust by shooting up this bar!"

"Blood lust?" Araika replied looking very much confused. He let the comment slide and then pointEd his pistol at the man. "I hope none of you have objections with me shooting him?"

The crowd in the bar shook their heads as they stared at the scene. They had no idea what Araika was capable of with his angry aura, and when mixed with Loki's unpredictable nature. Lord knows what would happen.

"Well my friend," Loki said. "It seems that we have a good old fashioned sta-"

Before the orange haired man could finish his statement. A shot rang out and the bullet sank into his stomach. A flock of screams rang through the air and Araika smiled as he placed his pistol on his waist. Araika watched as Loki stood there motionless.

'"Any moment now and the drunken fool will fall down dead, the man thought to himself. Any second now.

Loki didn't fall.

"It's just like the great pirate Whitebeard!" Someone in the bar shouted. "He must've died on his feet!"

Yeah, that must be it, Araika thought to himself. "But you shouldn'the compare a fool like him to the great White-."

"I'm not dead," Loki replied calmly as he took a deep breath.

The crowd gasped in amazement and Araika pulled out his gun again.

"He's back from the dead!" a woman shouted.

"I was never dead!" Loki yelled, clearly frustrated.

"Then why we're you silent?" Another person spoke, a man this time.

Loki rested his chin on his fingers in thought.

"I was wondering why i've been wearing the same clothes for the past few weeks," he replied calmly.

The whole crowd face faulted, apart from Araika who just looked even more mad.

"Why won't you just die!" Araika said in frustration. He wrapped his finger around the trigger, ready to shoot again.

Loki put up a finger in front of him, as if to shush the angry assailant. He then something out at a high velocity. The small object hit Araika's pistol, causing him to drop the gun and grab his hand. The latter looked around wildly before looking at a wall where the bullet had sunk into.

"He spat the bullet right back out!" A man shouted.

"ThIs man is a Demon!" Another person shouted.

"Or a Devil Fruit Eater," Araika suggested.

"Gives a whole new definition to spitting rounds. Doesnt't it?" Loki joked with a grin.

With Water 7 slowly being invaded with more and more Marines and other World Government Officials, it was about time Redbeard began his preparations to vacate the island. With the musician handling the Marines for the moment, Redbeard located his crew through his mind's eye. Upon locating each and everyone of them, Redbeard gazed at the musician, who was putting on quite the spectacle. "I'm going to need you to jump." Redbeard told Aux, hoping that he'd obliged. Once he did, Redbeard released a surge of electricity, temporarily immobilizing the remaining Marines who were at the bar. "Dock Two if you're interested." he said, to the only man left standing other than himself, before vanishing with the sounds of static left behind.

After a few moments, Redbeard reappeared at the determined center based on all the locations of the other members. "Let's see if they remember." he thought before a literal bolt of lighting emerged in his palm. With arrow in his right hand he twisted his torso and raised his left leg before launching it into the sky. A certain flashback came to mind upon doing so: "If we're ever separated and unable to contact each other, I will send a signal large enough to grasp everyone's attention in a huge radius. It'll mean return to base.".

Not only did he hope that it would grasp each of the member's attention, but also that of the Marines. He wanted to be the distraction so that he crewmates could get out more efficiently. Fortunately, it did work. Marines began to flood in, surrounding Barbarossa. "I think you picked the wrong day to challenge me."

Kiyoshi, who was a couple miles away, noticed Redbeard's technique pierce the sky. "I'm guessing that's the signal-desu." he spat, before shrinking into regular size, and dashing back to the ship.

"Hmmmmm, this is getting rather boring"

The ever calculating Godfrey thought to himself, be he stuck his right arm in-front of his being and using the power of his Devil Fruit formed a cloud in-front of him that was dense enough for him to stand on. He than used to cloud to quickly transport himself to the cause of the lightning bolt, staying air born as to stay out of harms way for now. He had quickly deduced that the bolt was a signal of some sort, seeings as it had no target, before taking note of the giant who had launched it. He waited in the air until what he had assumed to be the rest of the Giants crew would be arriving. 

The sunlight danced on the golden spheres that it shined on. The eyes themselves gazed across the view of dozens of home sand other buildings. In an mere moment, a lightning bolt fired into the sky. "Hmm.. A warning of some sort? Perhaps a battle?" He had concluded that it could have been angry pirates fighting at a bar much like an event that he was previously involved in. Then using his Kenbunshoku Haki, he could see the men within the building. A cluster of marines. Without much more thought, he grabbed his sniper and aimed from tall building's balcony where he was. His lady friend had fell asleep after their talk and he'd rather not wake her. Have they found me?..Of course not..I've been doing this for a while now. Perhaps they were using the Bar Kana to gain intel on him. He could not be certain. But then he could see it. The marines had someone surrounded. The man's redbeard and height was a dead give away. Redbeard.... Why should Magyaku help him? He'd never met the man yet his reputation was not lowly in any form. The brown skinned man had heard of the giant's exile and felt a bit of sympathy for him. An object similar to a cabinet blocked a window which prevented Magyaku from being able to see through it using his scope. He removed the magazine and tapped the line of ammunition that lie inside. An unnatural chill coursed through the steel objects like electricity in a circuit. Using his Observation Haki, he could see that two marine were on the other side. He placed his hand on the bolt of the sniper and yanked back. He smiled as he heard the bullet enter the chamber. Then with one more glance, his left hand's pointer finger pulled the trigger and then leaped from the building, then propelling himself with the force of his flames expelling from his hands. Gravity sucked the bullet downward from Magykau's towering shelter and through the wooden furniture with comical ease. The bullet ripped through the skull of intended target one leaving a gaping fissure. Coming out of the other side of the head no trace of it remained yet the body that left was now frozen solid. The bullet was not yet done. The impact of the bullet had changed it's trajectory slightly and it penetrated the adam's apple of intended target two and it lost momentum after leaving it. Magyaku had only then been falling above the building. He pulled back his right hand and just before he collided with the roof, he punched with a Hasshoken enhanced fist and he broke through it. He landed upright on his feet. "I'm Magyaku." He said, not looking at the giant at all.

As soon as Leon had finished speaking, the rest of the men foolishly charged at him. Using his Cyborg Enhancements, he incapacitated the incoming men. He looked around, searching for Redbeard, but to no avail. "Giant must have escaped..." he muttered before making his way out of the bar, and looking up at the sky. He saw a strange beam in the air, and the loud echo of a bullet being shot. That bullet...Stuff's going down. Leon realized. He turned towards the bar, quickly scaling the large building before arriving on the roof. He began to jump from roof to roof, using echolocation to determine whether an incoming individual was coming his way. Leon made his way over to the dock, and hid, waiting for the next event to occur.

A few marines on yagaras and running alongside the canals within eye's distance of the dock everyone was meeting at seemed to be chasing some nonexistent object. Despite this appearance, upon closer inspection they seemed to be pointing their attention at the water itself. Before anyone could figure it out themselves, a bulky figure emerged from the water. "Uchimizu Frog Machine Gun!" the figure seemed to yell as a flurry of high speed droplets of water took out many of the marines in the water and those on land. The figure then disappeared back into the water.

As the sheer number of marines around the gathered Redbeard Pirates, who were sitting ducks waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, seemed to push them back, backup was soon to arrive. The same bulky figure from before leaped out of the canal and did a few front flips before landing next to the red-headed giant. The mysterious figure was none other than Spike, though the reason he looked so weird was because of the two barrels tied to his back and chest and the four kegs he carried under his arms.

"Sorry I'm late captain, I was busy getting all this booze for the journey ahead," said Spike as he threw the barrels and kegs into the boat and prepared to fight, all the while receiving confused looks and comments from the marines and new crew members.

Arriving at the current location that the crew was situated Marié could help but chuckle "There Never seem to be a Dull moment with you is there, Darling" ?, She questioned as she makes her way over to her crew while carrying numerious large bags and being followed by a tall, muscular middle-aged man with extremely short black hair and what appears to be a receding hairline, which exposes his very prominent forehead, upon which he has a small tattoo of a skull and noticeably lacks eyebrows, and has very small eyes with prominent dark circles; His nose is also considerably prominent, and his jaw is long and pronounced, offering much space between his chin and small mouth and also has high, shallow cheekbones, and features distinct five o'clock shadow. His attire wears Consists of black pants And a pair of black gloves, which feature oval designs on the knuckles, to go along with his black shoes.

Araika looked at Loki in fury. "How dare you make a fool of me!" he thundered as he reached to his right an pulled out a sword.

Loki's eyes popped out of his skull in a freakish fashion as the asailant charged towards him. "You don't need me to do that!" he exlcaimed as he dodged to the right and landed in a barrel.

"La-la, La-la, La, La-La-La-La!" Loki sung as Araika approached the barrel. The man swung downards in fury, chopping the barrel in half and emptying it's contents.

Loki wasn't in there.

"La-La, La-La, La-La, La!" Loki continued to sing as he popped his head out of another nearby barrel.

"You little!" Araika shouted as Loki brung his head downwards.

Araika slashed again, cutting the barrel in half. He let loose a furious grunt as he realised Loki wasn't in that one either.

"La-La, La-La, La, La-La-La-La!" Loki sung again. His voice could be heard coming from another barrel, near the entrance to the bar this time.

Araika whsipered for everyone to keep the noise down as he slowly approached the barrel with his sword in hand. He looked into the barrel, ready to stab it.

"Pop goes Amico!" Loki shouted as he sprung up from the barrel, letting loose a viscous uppercut that connected with Araika's jaw and sent the man flying into the roof of the bar head first.

"That's what you get!" Loki announced while tutting loudly.

There was a barrage of footsteps outside of the door and suddenly it burst open. A group of marines stormed into the bar and scanned the room.

"We're here about a complaint that there was someone causing a ruckus in here!" one of the marines shouted.

Everyone in the room pointed at Loki who looked at the marines nervously. He then pointed at Araika - who's head was stuck in the ceiling - and replied. "He did it!"

The marines looked up at the roof and then down back at Loki who was already out of the window and running down the street.

"Get him!" The marines shouted in unison as they chased him down the street.

The Marines rushing about where in for a shock, as Taiga stood on their tracks. Many Marines shooting the Cat, but in vain, as he disabled their metals via his cursed powers. "You Stinky Mink, have joined them haven't you ?" angrily spoke one of the Marines. "Oh that reminds me," Taiga spoke, "Tell this to your superiors, my friends in the Navy, a Cat does what he wants to do-nya." saying that he immediately reached the place where the RedBeard Pirates docked. Looking at the enhanced crew made Taiga laugh. Making his way to towards RedBeard, he said " You don't need to preplan any signals, Mr. Barbaroza, because I know exactly what you are planning. Your Spy is with me, because of a certain incident, he is out of commission for a while, don't worry, I will send him out to you, once you reach a safe island away from here.

Elsewhere , Feanor Low, bathed in Blood, layed on the ground covered in flames. Trying to recover his ground despite the breathlessness, he shouted , "This cursed power. A mob of pirates, sat nearby, mocking his current state.

With known and unknown allies flooding in, Redbeard was happy to see his signal had actually worked. Despite being a pirate now, he was a general in his home country for quite sometime, so war tactics are something he was rather fond of. Greeting both Marie and Spike, he was surprised to see his favorite feline mink. Upon hearing his explanation about his crew's Magician, he responded. "I swear, if you're just going to keep showing up like this, you should just join the crew Taiga." he snickered.

As the two discussed Low's whereabouts, several marine marksmen aimed directly at the downsized giant. As they pulled the trigger, the bullets pierced right through the giant. Usually, Redbeard would simply take the gunfire, as they would have no affect on him any way, but interested in mastering his new skills, he would utilize his fruit's heavily praised power intangibility allowing the bullets to simply pass right through him and hit the Marine behind him instead.

"Shit, there's no way."

"A man of his size, is a logia type..."

The marines whispered in fear amongst each other as they were aware that this was not the titan's usual size and the possibility of him having a logia devil fruit, an invincible one no less, was truly frightening.

"Okay, everyone is accounted for accept for..."

At that moment, the crew's notorious dwarf arrived, navigating through the fray between the feet of his enemies. Eventually reaching the shoulder of his captain, Kiyoshi yelled, "How dare you just leave me-desu. You don't just ask me to do something and then walkaway without giving me a holler-desu!"

"Alright Alright, I get it." Redbeard responded, soothing his ear with his index finger due to the dwarf's unnaturally loud voice. Turning towards the direction of the ship, Redbeard exclaimed, "Alright team, let's roll out". Suddenly, a navy shipped arrived and pointed its cannon at the crew's temporary ship.

"Fire!" a Marine captain chanted, completely destroying the crew's method of escape.

"Well shit, wasn't Sarutobi on that ship..." he thought to himself, searching through the remains with his mind's eye to detect whether his own son had fallen victim to the sea. Fortunately, the ape-like creature was not there but where his location was completely unknown to his father. "Daikame probably took him upon detecting danger." he thought before returning his mind to the battlefield.

"I guess we're going to have to fight them...unless one of you dimwits has a bright idea to get us out of here." Redbeard spat, directing his question to all his allies in the area. While defeating the Marines was something that was within the crew's skillset, Redbeard preferred to retreat for now, as his intentions we're not to increase their infamy at the moment.

Looking around and like Redbeard already knew that fighting the Marines was something the crew was more than capable of she would prefer to avoid causing to much of a commotion right now as it would dampen her plans "Darling If I may" Stated Marié as she turned towards Her beloved Captain. "Why Don't we use one of Sea Trains to escape and avoid direct confrontation for the moment ?" Questioned Marié as she pitched her idea.

He hadn't said much after him assisting the giant. After the navy ship destroyed he and his new allies means of escape, he became agitated. Forming a ball of fire into his left hand, he launched it from his palm and it took flight. The flame erupted into a large blaze after coming into contact with the cannon. The shooter fell to the ground of his ship and began to roll to attempt to snuff the flame. Magyaku chuckled as several marines ran to him and attempted to save their comrade. He turned his attention to that of the lady to listen. Right after her statement he turned his attention to Redbeard. His left arm hung at his side with his right hand holding it just at the elbow for a form of support. "I agree with her. I believe we could defeat them in battle but this isn't the best circumstance for my abilities to be put to use." He said, his eyes staring into those of the crew's leader and using his left hand to motion back at the city.

A confused look emerged on Redbeard's face as he had never even heard of the concept. "Sea train" he thought, as he attempted to imagine the construct in his mind. Despite living for over a century, the titan has never had the chance to see one due to his incredible size. While he was unfamiliar with the concept, he was more than willing to try it. "If you think that's a viable option, let's do it!"

Kiyoshi, who was more knowledgeable than Redbeard on the Sea Trains, but quite obvious himself, thought "Sea trains, I wonder how fast it'll go"

"Lead the way!" Redbeard exclaimed

Seeing as no one else wanted to take charge and Lead Marié decided to be the Leader "If you'd all follow me, I believe I know just the way to a Sea Train, It's thorough one of the many hidden passageways used by the Top Members of the Underworld" Stated Marié as she walks off towards one of the many alleyways surrounding their Location.

As the crew and their new allies followed Marie to the sea trains, the Redbeard titan released a surge of dominating will targeted all the Marines throughout the island. Using that chance to escape, the group exited swiftly. Two members would not join the group; Low and Aux. While Redbeard was informed of Low's absence, Aux came as somewhat of a surprise. The Titan was confident he had found the crew's musician but was clearly mistaken. And to top it off, a drunk managed to follow them, without even being detected.

Those who were on the train were headed towards St. Poplar, a territory of the notorious Fire Rocker Pirates, but this fact was unknown to the crew. A fierce battle awaited the crew, as they were walking right into the flames.

Caught in the Flames Edit

On St. Poplar, miles away from the current location of the Redbeard Pirates, in a dark room full of mysterious shadow figures. A man stood up knocking his chair to the ground and shattering it to pieces. "It seems some lost lambs have wandered in the fire." The man said with anticipation.

"What nerve. No pirate would dare set foot in our domain. We'll have to show them why." A small figure said leaning on his knee with one arm while sitting on his chair.

"The 'king' has given us permission to kill this time." Another one spoke out.

"But if we kill them quickly there won't be any fun for us when we're done." Another one spoke.


The Sea Train dashed through the blue at incredible speeds. The conductor, an awful drunk who probably should not be monitoring the massive transport, made an announcement. "We shall be arriving at,hiccup, our destination in a few minutes, hoped y'all had a great ride. Ride with All Blue Travel Again."

As the conductor made her announcement, Kiyoshi was worried for his titanic friend, Daikame. As the shrunken beast was on the ship during the Marine's attack, he could have possibly been harm. Sarutobi also came to mind, as Kiyoshi glimpsed over at Redbeard who was lost in thought.

"It seems we've peaked the interest of the Marines. For them to send a Vice-Admiral to our location just on some speculation, I wonder how high our bounties are?" he thought to himself, completely forgetting he had Kiyoshi retrieve the bounties during their time in Water 7. "Our bounties might increase again after that small confrontation. It's almost time I contact them." Snapping back into reality, Redbeard made his own announcement. "I've never heard of this Island, does anyone have any information on it."

"Urgh..." Leon muttered as he began to stand. Where am I? he thought to himself as he examined his surroundings. Sea Train? he thought to himself as he began to gain an understanding of his surroundings. He released a small sound wave, using it to echolocate. He noticed that a few train cars down, was Redbeard...and a few others. Leon made his way through the cars, using his ability to pseudo-teleport to arrive on the same train car as Redbeard. "Hello there. Sorry I'm late."

Magyaku had dozed off in one of the booths. As he opened his eyes, he heard voices. One voice was more familiar than all of them. Magyaku's body from the lower thigh up was hidden from view. Leon. He leaned up to reveal himself and he was faintly surprised. "Leon? I cant seem to get away from you, can I?" He chuckled. He looked at redbeard. "Where are we Red?" He said dazed. He grabbed a guitar case that someone left and placed his rifle inside of it and shut it. He wasn't a musician so it wouldn't fit his look. "Mind carrying this, Leon?" He asked, holding it out.

After taking a huge swig from one of the larger barrels he brought with him and placing it next to the four smaller, empty kegs, Spike wiped his mouth and said: "I think one of the guys at the bar mentioned Poplars. He said it was some small island with a bunch of trees, making it pretty important to Water 7 since they have to import all the wood for their shipbuilding industry." After his informative speech, Spike picked up his barrel again and began chugging it down.

"You again?" Leon said, chuckling. He took the guitar case and slung it over his other shoulder. "Cause I'm the musician? Makes enough sense." he muttered. He looked over at Redbeard, examining the large man. It was at that moment Leon decided. No matter what the Giant would say, Leon knew he would dedicate his life to serving the man as a member of his crew. Leon unslung his violin case and took a seat, and pulled out his violin. "Y'all wanna hear a song?" Leon asked. Before anyone could respond, he began to play a mystical sonata.

Sitting a bit away from everyone else Marié could be seen looking Lazily out a window while holding a class of wine, If one were to look closely at her eyes they can see that while she appears bored her mind was working obvertime. "Darling" Called Marié without looking over to her Lover. "The Island that we're heading towards St Poplar, Is it not a Claimed Territory ?" Questioned Marié before taking a sip from her glass.

Despite all of the people on this train being allies (or at least being acquainted with each other) there was one wild cars that was unaccounted for. The young man from before, Loki, was currently also on the train. However, he was fast asleep inside a barrel that was placed conveniently next to Leon. As the musician started to play his wonderful music, Loki started to slowly rise the barrel in a trance like state. Probably startling anyone nearby since no one saw him get on the train.

"Would make sense that a crew would want to claim this island as territory. They could put a tax on that wood you were talking about." he responded, as the musically inclined ally played a wonderful tune in the background. Redbeard then noticed another person, who was not one of their allies in battle. Despite not knowing who the man was, Redbeard could tell that he held no impure intentions. So he gave the idea little thought. "Wouldn't be bad idea to take the island for ourselves, start expanding our control over our own territories." he spat, not expecting a response from the remainder of the crew.

After the brief ride, the crew eventually made it to St. Poplar. Redbeard instructed his crew and allies to split up and gather useful info on the island and its rulers. Redbeard himself would prepare for his announcement to declare this nations as a territory of the Redbeard Pirates.

After wandering long enough Spike stumbled upon a town on the new island. "Maybe they've got good booze there..." Spike thought to himself, still distraught over finishing his final barrel on the train. Spike walked into a half full tavern and sat at the bar. "Your finest ale please." Spike announced to the bartender as he slammed some money on the bar.

"Coming right up!" responded the bartender. The bartender poured some liquid into a cup and slid it down the bar back to where Spike was sitting. After taking a swig of the drink Spike remembered his true objective on the island.

"So what's the deal with this island, you guys aren't really on the radar," Spike asked the bartender.

"Ah a tourist, welcome to our fine island. Don't know if you've heard but we're an island with many Poplar trees. The wood we chop is sold to the shipwrights over in Water 7." responded the barkeep.

"I knew that stuff, I wanna know who's in charge here," demanded Spike in a mild manner after taking another swig.

"Well, we do have a government of sorts, but we have been claimed by a pirate crew..." the bartender trailed off.

"Oh?" said Spike: "Now you're talking, and while you're at it fill this up please," said Spike as he passed the bartender his empty mug.

"A crew called the Fire Rocker Pirates, they give us protection from other pirates and those who do us harm in return for a tax on our wood. Their known for being very ruthless, having sailed the Grand Line and even the New World, but they aren't particularly oppressive to us," explained the bartender.

Glug, glug, glug was the sound that Spike made while chugging the mug of ale down. With a slam of the cup, Spike reached a into his pocket and took out what money he had left. "Thanks," he said, "And fill up a barrel with that ale, that stuff is great!" The bartender walked away and came back with a full barrel. As Spike walked off with the barrel he thought to himself: "I'd better get back to the Big Guy, this could get dicey if a pirate crew like that is here. I trust him and the dwarf, but I only trust the rest of the crew as far as I can throw them."

Magyaku stood quietly as they came to a stop. He waited for the big red giant to speak due to him obviously being the leader of this bunch. What am I doing here? He knew of the fire rockers reputation. Though he didn't feel as if they were any match for him, he wished to stray from trouble but it seemed as these people only wanted that. But he figured that he owed them since it was the Big Guy who had alerted him of the Marines closing in on Water 7, accidentally or not.

Once again seated away from her Crewmates Marié stuck to a dark corner surveying her surroundings and talking into a black baby Den Den Mushi while trying to gather as much information of the Fire Rocker Pirates as she could using her connections in the Underworld.

While everybody did their own thing after Redbeard had said his orders, Loki actually didn't budge from where he was. He actually had no idea who these people were and was quite confused. 'When I was in my Animated form I just hopped on this Sea train for no reason,' he thought to himself. 'I should go talk to the big Red Head.' He walked up the Big Red Giant, not intimidated by his large size but it was definitely on his list of questions to ask.

"Excuse me? But who 'are' you people?" He asked.

Upon his crew's departure, the stranger confronted the shrunken titan with a rather bizarre question. Redbeard was kinda surprised as he's been deliberately making himself more notorious every waking day. "What, have you been living under a rock?!?" he responded before explaining to the stranger who he was and his crew's motives. While Redbeard was unsure if he was being completely honest, the man definitely knew how to grab the titan's attention. But unfortunately, since they are in enemy territory, time is of the essence. "While I don't doubt we could exchange stories all day, I do have somewhere to be. If you're a fighter, we wouldn't mind a could of extra sets of hands." he commented before walking toward the main town.

When he finally reached the large town, Redbeard located its transponder snail station. While guards attempted to prevent him from entering, they were incapable of doing so. After taking a moment to figure the system out, he finally located the island wide communicator and picked up the mic.

"Wonderful civilians, I'm glad to announce your time of being held captive by these ruthless savages is over. I, Redbeard; captain of Redbeard Pirates, have now claimed this island as my territory. Anyone who a fucking problem with that can come suck my dick!"

While not the most poetic announcement, Redbeard definitely got his point across. As the announcement was clearly a declaration of battle against a crew he had no idea, it would also serve as a caution for those who did not wish to take part in the battle that was about to occur. Whether the civilians listen or not was complete up to them.

"Eh, I guess we can take master orator off of his resume." Spike sarcastically though to himself. Running very quickly he found his brutish captain in the town square standing next to a goofy looking drunk man. As he made his way towards Redbeard, Spike began to feel presences approaching at the fringes of his observation haki. "Hey, big guy! Ever heard of the Fire Rocker Pirates? Because they're coming at us right now. We'd better brace for impact!" Spike warned his captain.

"Wait whats going on?" A civilan nearby questioned.

"PIRATES! PIRATES ARE EVADING!" A cilivilan shouted running through the town.

"Hey you can't be here! we're protected!" Another one announced to the pirates.

"Shut up man just run!" another said to the man calling out to the pirates.

The pirates watched as the citizens ran from the near by pirates. Meanwhile somewhere on the distant part of the island a face of man shrouded by shadow spoke while lifting two fingers up. "Wisp Wisp." He spoke calm and softly as it also most sounded devious.

With Spike arriving, Redbeard was glad to see that his message was conveyed. "The Fire Rocker Pirates....I feel like I've heard the name, but not sure." he thought aloud. Suddenly, he could detect a formidable size groups of foes approaching their way. "Seems about the size of a couple navy platoons, this should be fun." he thought to himself, as he could also detect enemies heading to the other members who were not present.

Just then Redbeard heard a roar clear across the island, the roar sounded like a war cry but sounded more beastly. With his observation haki he could detect the approach of a large group of bizarre looking creatures as they dashed through the island at remarkable speed that in just a few short minutes they already reached the town the pirates arrived in and already swarm the entire town in them. Once these bizarre creatures saw their sights on Redbeard they attacked without warning or hesitation, not giving time for anyone to get a very clear look on them.

Redbeard was not impressed. As a warrior of Elbaf, Redbeard believes in true warrior strength, not depending on beastly creatures. It was a disgrace to see that this was the opposing crew's first line of defense. In Redbeard's eyes, this was a sign of disrespect and he would not tolerate it. "What are you some kind of coward, sending your pets to do your dirty work!" he yelled, before releasing a massive wave of his indomitable will. In Redbeard's eyes, these were simply animals who needed to be tamed and this would be a simple task for a man of Redbeard's caliber. Completely oblivious to what they truly are, he was susprised when each of them disburts upon his release. Due to his unnatural size, the technique's radius covered the entire island, whipping all the of their minions.

"Spread out, I'm still not used to my powers yet so collateral damage is still a possibility. Divide and Conqueror seems like our best bet to take down these bastard." he told the two men standing beside him. There was a distinct fire in his eyes, as if he were ready for battle. "Make sure to inform everyone else if you see them." he spat before walking straight ahead with no obvious destination in sight.

Upon the release of Redbeard's will, Kiyoshi knew what he had to do. It was time for battle and while he was not much of a fighter, he needed to grow a pair and prepare to fight. Using his natural senses, he to head in a direction where he believed an enemy may be.

Upon the bizarre beasts disburses it was not long until even more appeared, running out from the corners of buildings and attacking the enemies upon site. Despite the immense distance of Redbeard's power, it seems to have only paused their assault for a short amount of time until they returned in greater numbers.

With the second flock of unpleasant beasts emerging, it became apparent to Redbeard what these creatures were. "How tedious.." he thought to himself, before releasing another powerful exertion of his will. But, unlike the previous one, this one ceased to halt. By continuously releasing his powerful will, it would act as a temporary solution for the problem. Only someone of his life-force and his decades of practice, could complete such a task. As a result of the constant bursts, the island began to tremble, slowly doing damage to the architecture of the towns. While indeed slowly, the sky would start to darken as clouds emerged. "Hopefully, Desu will carry find the caster soon." he mumbled, continuing on with his path to an unknown location.

Meanwhile in a location unknown to others in what appears to be a large room made of stone, many of the Fire Rocker Pirates forces are gathered together. "Hehe I can the conflicts all the way over here." A man said with a grin.

"Is it almost time to jump in? We can't let these rookies defy our territory." Another man said

Just then a iron door behind them opened up and a man with red hair and stripped jacket walked through. The man was Crimson Avenger Maveric, First Mate of the Fire Rocker Pirates. "Ah Vice Captain Maveric!" A man said.

Maveric let out a breath of smoke from his cigar. "Feewwww. Listen up. Brace for battle. We launch our counter attack once i give the order." He said with a calm face. The pirates roared with excitement and ran off into several different direction. Once Maveric was done giving command he went back into the room he just out of. "Feewwww." He breathed out smoke once more. "Well their off. Shall I jump in as well?" He said apparently talking to someone.

Inside the room lied complete darkness when suddenly glowing white eyes opened followed by a huge smile. "Captain." Maveric continued.

Battle of the Swordsmen Edit

Before Redbeard had even responded to his previous comment, Spike was already wandering in a different direction. A mile or two from the town he was previously at, in a clearing between two Poplar tree fields, Spike was once again sipping some of the delicious booze in his barrel. Lowering the barrel from his face he said: "Oh crap, I wandered off again," feeling some of the presences from before fast approaching him he decided to sit down with his barrel and finish his drink.

On a nearby tree Spike heard the sound of liquid being poured as if someone was pouring a drink into a cup.

Spike put down his barrel. "Usually I'd invite you down here to drink with me, but I'm inclined to assume you aren't friendly." Spike said as he picked his barrel back up and began to drink, his back to the tree.

Above him was a beautiful dark skinned, blonde hair women wearing a short, white colored jacket with a high collar, which covers the lower part of her face. She was pouring herself a cup of tea while sitting on top of a branch on the tree Spike rested his back on. She took a sip from her tea without anyone seeing how she could with her jacket collar getting in the way and set the cup on a plate she had in her other hand. "Are you?" She replied to his question

"Anyone who interrupts my drinking is an enemy. Hopefully you make the right choice here." Spike said in between gulps.

Picking up her cup of tea and sipping it again she took another sip without anyone seeing how.

Meanwhile footsteps could be heard approaching as a beautiful women with long blonde hair with a revealing brown bandeau bra, and wears loose, pin-striped Capri pants with a dark jacket with a light border is tied around her waist walked towards the tree they were at. "Nano there you are I've been looking everywhere for you. It seems some rookies are making some noises in the town." She informed Nano while looking up at her on the tree branch.

Nano showed no signs of interest or even a reaction to the women's report and placed her tea cup on the plate again. She paused for a long moment "Thank you." She finally replied and picked up her tea again to sip it some more. A sweat drop dripped from the back of the other women's head by Nano short response.

Spike continued to drink, not noticing the newcomer's appearance. When the stream of golden liquid stopped flowing from the barrel, Spike tried shaking it then put it down. "Okay, I'm officially bored now," said Spike lamenting his finishing of the booze in his barrel.

Nano continued in her sitting position while sipping some more tea. "My apologies." She replied to Spike.

Catrina looked down and noticed Spike up against the tree and didn't look surprised to notice him there but instead just made a slight grin. "Who's your new friend." She sarcastically asked Nano.

Spike grinned as he stood up from his spot and faced the two ladies, tucking his empty barrel under his left arm. His instincts were telling him the two before him were very powerful, and a good fight awaited him. Spike reached towards his sword and unsheathed it in a swift motion, releasing a powerful, but harmless, gust of wind. He then moved his arm up to lay his blade on his shoulder. He then began to walk towards the two women before him.

"The name's Spike. Seeing as you're both swordsmen you may think not giving you my real name is dishonorable. I don't care. My name lost its honor a long time ago." Hearing a large crashing sound from the town which he just came from, Spike said: "Looks like the rest have gotten started. I'd love to chat, but the Big Guy's got a goal. If you're part of those Fire Pirates or whatever you better get ready."

Catrina grinned once again with her hands remaining on her hip, not moving an inch. "Is that a challenge big boy?" She said

Nano put down her cup onto the plate and set it down onto the branch. "Honor." She thought in her head looking slightly depressed then regained her focus back at spike.

Spike stood where he was before, his brow twitching. The words of his Fishman Karate instructors echoed in his head: "Patience is a virtue. There is no need to be hasty in a battle."

Spike gritted his teeth in anger. "To hell with patience! One Hand Style: Stone Splitter!" Spike yelled as he quickly slashed with his sword which was laying on his back, releasing a vertical Flying Slash Attack which sliced right through the tree Nano was standing on and sliced through the row of tree behind it cutting them perfectly in half.

Nano quickly leaped out of the way before the attack could hit her and landed safely on the ground and grabbed onto the grip of her sheathed sword but waited for moment to unsheathe it. While Catrina watched as he sliced perfectly through the trees. She let out a whistle signaling that she's impressed. "Wow not bad."

"Try and dodge this one!" Spike again slashed vertically in front of him, aiming at the two enemies before him. This time, though, there was no visible attack. Despite this, a cool gust blew towards the swordswomen and slashes on appeared on several trees between Spike and his targets.

Catrina quickly draws her sword and swung her sword at Spike launching a slash wave at him, clashing against his, resulting in a large eplosion. During the large dust cloud created by the explosion Nano leaped into the dust cloud and with the dust cloud to mask her pressence she was able to surprise Spike as she leaped out with her sword drown and swung her sword at him in an attempt to slice him.

The clever ambush attack would have been enough to defeat a regular man, in fact it caught Spike in a position where he could not dodge it. Despite this, when Nano's blade struck him it created a large clang. Where a cut should have been made in his skin, a dark black coating protected it. "Shark Brick Fist!" yelled Spike as he used his off hand to throw a very powerful punch at his attacker.

Nano watched as her attacked was useless which caught by surprise. Due to that she was unable to react in time to block his next attack and was struck towards the stomach. "UGAHHHHHH!" This caused her to hurdle back at extraordinary speed and slam into nearest tree causing it to topple over.

Catrina watched as Nano was sent hurdling back, block herself with her arms by the air pressure she felt as she flew by. "NANO!" She called out in concern. She looks towards Spike again. "Damn so this guy uses Fishman Karate too. He's seems to be just as skilled with it as "he" is." She mumbled to herself and braced her sword ready.

As soon as he knocked Nano back Spike dashed at an incredible speed towards Catrina with a single powerful impulse. Holding his sword high when he got in range he struck her with an extremely powerful downward thrust.

Catrina quickly blocked the attack with her own powerful round thrust. The collision created a large shockwave as she is able to hold his sword back.

Spike smiled as his blade was met. "Seems they aren't incompetent, but let's try this." thought Spike to himself as he prepared for his next move. Spike turned his blade and thrust upward pushing Catrina's blade and her arms upward, leaving her open. Capitalizing on this opening, Spike threw a quick roundhouse quick at his opponent's stomach.

Just then a throwing star came shooting in between the two with a smoke pellet attached to a string tied to the star. Once the star came in the center between the two the smoke pellet exploded into a huge cloud of smokescreen. With both Catrina and Spikes vision clouded, they were unable to see Nano come dashing through grabbing Catrina and shoving her down with her to avoid his attack. Behind Spike, however, Nano somehow came out from the smoke slashing him vertically.

Spike could not react in time to armor himself, but the light armament aura around him was able to reduce a lot of the damage to him. After being slashed, Spike spun around creating a gust of wind outward from his body in all directions which knocked his attacker back and clearing the smokescreen. When the smoke cleared, Spike could be seen with the top half of his robe sliced exposing his upper torso.

The intense gust of wind slashed Nano nearly cutting her in half. Once the attack settled Nano suddenly poofed and disappeared leaving only the Nano that saved Catrina left appeared behind Spike again. "Clone Technique." She said before swinging her sword once again to slash him.

Going on the defensive after the last attack by his tricky opponent, Spike was able to prepare himself for an attack from behind. He stabbed his sword into the ground and completed a half-turn, meeting his opponent's sword with a palm attack. "Shark Skin Palm Thrust," said Spike as he blocked his opponents slash by knocking her sword aside. Completing the turn towards his opponent with his other hand he delivered a pretty light punch to his opponent's stomach. "Shark Brick Fist," said Spike as the light punch was followed by a powerful shock wave that passed through his target's body.

Nano was struck by the blow of his attack and thrown back by the impact, however before she could land on the ground she was able to get control of her self and land on her feet while placing her sword on the ground to keep her balance. She then looked back up and glared and Spike as did Catrina bracing herself.

Spike pulled his blade out of the ground only to stab it back into the ground, though this time much harder. So hard that a large fissure was created and the ground beneath the swordswomen gave out. Spike took to the sky with a powerful leap, before he could get caught in the landslide.The cracked ground began to to collapse into the crack created by the giant fissure. From the air Spike to slash his sword quickly many times, sending sharp air attacks at his two opponents who had been caught in the landslide.

Catrina kept her sites on Spike, not giving any signs of concern for the fissure. A giant chunk of earth she was standing on fell off and began to fall in the cracks. Just before it got deep enough she hardened her legs with Haki that appeared a pitch black color. She leaped off the chunk of earth so hard that it caused it to crumble apart and shot towards Spike like a rocket slipping through the slash attacks he launched and shot up further in height then he was and stopped. She then held her sword out and swung down with tremendous force. "HAAAAAAAAA!" She screamed as the blade of her sword flung downwards towards Spike.

Trying get her footing, Nano leaped from falling earth to earth to get to solid ground. With hardly enough chance to get to solid ground, Nano held out her sword. Once she did cold steam began to seep out of the hollow gap the middle of her sword. "Wolf-Ice Style" She called calmly. She weaved her sword around unleashing a wall of ice between the cracks in the ground covering it nearly whole giving her a footing as she leaped to safety with the ice she made ceasing the collapse in the ground a bit.

Spike met Catrina's blade and was knocked to the ground slamming into the newly frozen ground. When the two swordswomen caught sight of Spike again they saw he had used hardened Haki to minimize the damage from the fall. Standing back up, Spike picked up a large chunk of ice with his left hand and threw it at Nano. Spike then changed his footing to an offensive stance.

Nano took one step and launched herself to the chunk of ice and weaved her sword to the side once slashing the chunk of ice. She then landed on her feet past the ice chunk. She spun her sword around and placed it in her sheath. Once she did the large chunk of ice shattered into multiples. She then glanced over at Spike ready to continue.

When Nano saw Spike it seemed he had covered some ground while she was cutting the ice. Moving at great speed, Spike reached Nano before she could make any large movement. He unsheathed his sword and rose it high, but this time he he gripped it with both his hands. "Earth Splitter!" said Spike as he swung his sword downward towards Nano with great force, unleashing an attack so great that it began creating other disturbances in the air around Spike.

Nano flinch back at the up coming attack with worry, "Uh!" Without warning the attack was unleashed upon Nano as something swooped in between them, the attack resulted in shattering the ground they were standing on and causing the rubble to shoot in the air by the force of the swords impact onto its target. When suddenly Nano was found sitting on the ground by the ferocious attack unharmed without a single cut, confused by what happened she looked towards Spike to see why she was unharmed and noticed Catrina standing between the two clashing swords against Spike, using every ounce of her strength to hold his sword back while glaring into his eyes. The collision of their two swords changed the very environment they were fighting on.

When Catrina met Spike's powerful strike, she deflected a slash attack that flew in two directions behind her in a "V" shape splitting the ground it traveled over in the process. Spike continued to push down on his opponent, eventually pushing her back. "Gotcha," said Spike. While his opponent was stunned, Spike did an upward slash aiming at the open space created by his maneuver.

This fearsome battle lasted for quite sometime. It was truly a battle between notorious swordsmen. But what allowed Spike to overcome his two opponents was not only his superior swordsmanship but his opponent's inability to make the most of the two versus one situation. Catrina nor Nano were individually capable of defeating Redbeard's first mate, but if they were to combine their power and truly assess the threat, the outcome may have been different. Displaying great skills with both a sword and intellectually, Spike demonstrated why he was chosen as Redbeard's fearsome right hand.

Attack on Titan Edit

Having once again separated from her crew an act she noted to have became accustomed to doing whenever she needed to ponder, Marié could be found sitting atop a large building with her legs crossed while she watched the horizon with narrowed eyes. "So the drums of war are once again being beaten". Muttered Marié as her fingers grasp harder on the saber she held within her right hand.

just then the bizarre looking creatures came leaping towards the top of the building and charged towards her to attack. Ready to swing their large arms and slash her with their long claws

Seemingly unaware of the impending doom that is about to befall her Marié continued to watch the horizon with out moving, however before the attacks could reach her, the claws of the creature was stopped just inches away from making contact with her by something the eye couldn't see. "The Flames of war continues to rage on after" Spoke Marié as she glances over her shoulder with a look of boredom.

Despite their attacks not working they continued their relentless attacks by attempting to slash her with their extremely long claws despite their attacks not having any effect.

Watching as the creature continues it's futile attempt to reach her Marié simply raised her index finger and flicking it backwards over her shoulder as if brushing dust off her shoulder which caused the creature to be flung backwards at an incredible speed before crashing through one of the many building around the area quiet hard. "Pitiful Creature, Foolishly attacking that, which cannot be attacked" Spoke Marié with and emotionless look on her beautiful face.

Just then an arm came crashing out through the building underneath where she was sitting and reached over to grab her by the neck and yank her down. The arm crashing through the building resulted in the top part to crumble and collapse apart.

Glancing down as an Arm came crashing thought the roof beneath her feet Marié continued to look on without an ounce of emotion playing on her face even as the entire roof top collapse bringing her down towards her attacker. "I was wondering just when you'd get involved" spoke Marié as she laid eye's on her attacker while standing in the middle of a perfect circle of debris.

"Hehehehe. My my this is one pretty fish i caught." A man standing near by said as his arm retracted enough that he was stilling holding onto Marie's neck while still standing in the distance away from each other. The man had silver spiky hair with blade sun glasses and black leather, unzipped jacket with no shirt and leather pants. "Please to meetcha, the names KILLER JONES! And your looking into the eyes of your executioner HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Without warning the hand grasping Marié's neck was severed by the same unseen force as before causing her to drop harmlessly to the floor. "So your the infamous Serial Killer Jones, the psychotic mass murder and key member of the Fire Rocker Pirates." Questioned Marié as she crosses her arms under her sizable bust and smiles in amusement.

Jones sever arm was retracted to its normal state. "Hehehehe you've done your homework pretty lady i'm flattered hahaha." He said with a sadistic laugh and grin. "But i'm afraid our time together will be quite short." He informed. Just then the arm that was laying on the ground after is had somehow been severed by the unseen force twitched and suddenly flew back up like a boomerang and grabbed Marié by the neck again. "I've always wanted to know what pretty neck like yours sounds like after i snap it in half HAhahahahahaha." He called out while his arm melted into a gooey substance and regenerated the severed part of his arm and regrew it.

Without warning Killer Jones was flung back hard against the wall causing the hand grasping her to be forcibly removed. "Indeed, I haven't the time to was with you" States Marié as she raises her now crossed fingers another unseen force slams into Killer Jones from above forcing him down through the ground.

As soon as the force dissipates Jones pops back out from the ground. "HAHAHAHA! It seems we'll both have our hands full." He said stepping his way out from the hole Marié forced him in. Once he fully steps his way out his body which was covered with dents and puncture spots from Marié's repeated attack puffed out like a balloon restoring the injuries he had by blowing out holes and dents to its normal state. "I dont know what kind of crazy power you got but i doubt its no where as crazy as mine is hahaha." He said adjusting his glasses back after almost falling out after the last attack.

"I Really hate Logia Users, their is one Fruit that comes to mind right now the Masshu Masshu no Mi, how annoying It seems now I have to be a little serious" Mutters Marié as her face gained a somewhat crazy expression before going returning blank "I'm unsure what kind of expression or emotion I should emulate right now" She mumbled as she settles into a odd stance.

"Hahahahahaha so you even know about my devil fruit power haI'm honored." He says with a sadistic grin. "But if its emotions you want to feel then stick with me, ill introduce you to this new feeling that will really send you for a loop. I call it the ground." He mocked while cracking his knuckles. "Now then." He held his hands out making his fingers look a gun. "Goop Goop MACHINE GUN HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He laugh psychotically, firing a near limitless barrage of his finger tips towards Marié at bullet like speed.

Without looking up a clear glass like structure suddenly appeared in front of Marié protecting her from harm. "Barrier" Spoke Marié softly before she gently taped her heel against the floor and disappeared in a flurry movement appearing behind Killer Jones swinging her now black colored leg towards his head with the intent to kill.

Predicting the attack coming Jones's head split apart before the kick could make direct contact and closed off once her foot was in side, thus trapping Marié's foot inside his head. "Hehehehe did you think I wasn't prepared against Haki Users?" He said as his face reformed on the back of his head. "Now that I got you close eough for your stupid power to protect you. Lets try this again." He said and raised his right arm as a large amount of gooey substance began to flow down and cover his entire arm. He then threw his arm forward causing it to extend greatly. As soon as the arm extended far enough it was soon retracted at extrodinary speed. "Now Goop Goop!" He called as his giant arm retracted itself. "SMASH!" He shouted just as the arm fully retracted and about to make direct contact with Marié.

Sighing once more for what she believe to be stupidity Marié twists her body is such a fashion that causes her leg to be dislocated if not broken in order to dodge the attack before following up by head butting Killer Jones causing his head to split open freeing her, before following up with a roundhouse kick infused with Haki to his stomach knocking his back and creating distance between them.

Before her kick could land Jones stomach ripped apart as well creating a large hole through his stomach to evade her kick and closing it yet again before she could return her leg thus trapping her once again. "HAHAHAHA! Theres no escape from me." He called out. He then turned his entire body into a gooey substance and attempted to cover her with his body like hitting her with a strong wave and then raising her into air and slam her into the ground.

With a sight Marié allows her self to be caught up in his attack after quickly formulating a plan in her mind. "This has gone on long enough I'm afraid" spoke Marié before giving him a bored look. "You have three Minutes to impress me enough to spare your life". Droned Marié in an emotionless tone.

"Hahaha playing hard to get eh!? I'm curious how will you survive and kill me at the same time?" He said with his gooey body still ensnaring her. on the ground from where they're placed dozens of gooey tentacles that was around the covered Marié were crawling on the ground away from center. When they got far enough they grew into long sharp needles all pointing directly towards the middle of the circle in which case Marié. The tips of the needles then coated black with Haki. "Heh I doubt your powers can still save you when you can hardly move yourself." He said and suddenly Jones's gooey body that were covering her limbs began to pull on them tight with the intent on ripping her apart.

Glancing towards Jones, Marié couldn't help but give him a look of pure pity before the goo covering her body explodes outwards as Marié slowly stands while surrounded by a translucent sphere. "You Talk to much" Spoke Marié as without warning Jones was trapped in a similar sphere that began to shrink ever so slightly with each passing second. "Bari Bari Prison" Muttered Marié.

The exploding goo splattered everywhere all over the field causing Jones to reform back to his original state followed by being surrounded by the barrier prison. He looked around the shrinking prison. "Hu what kind of power is this?" He wondered and punched the barrier to try to break out.

Without a word, Marié walked forward and touched the sphere coating it in Haki turning it Ebony and securing its strength before grasping the now palm size sphere ending the battle and walking away from the battle site. "Congrats Prisoner-Kun, You get to meet my beloved Captain". Spoke Marié in an upbeat tone as she creates another sphere surrounding the Haki covered sphere.

Before she could arrive at her Beloved captain A stray thought struck Marié as she glances towards the orb in her palm where the now unconscious Jones resides. "Hmm A rare logia Devil Fruit like the Masshu Masshu no Mi could be worth a lot on the Blackmarket and I know for sure that Stubborn old Man Jugram is looking for Logia Fruits" Mutters Marié as she stares at the orb while calculating her next move before enlarging the sphere allowing Jones unconscious body to fall to the floor. "Sorry Prisoner-Kun, Maybe you'll have more luck in your next life" Whispered Marié with an emotionless look before draws her sword and beheads him before tossing the body to the side and placing the served head into a orb and putting it away and continues walking towards her Captain this time pulling out a small Den Den Mushi.

Despite what Marie may have thought, Jones was not out. Quite the contrary actually. The slimy fiend utilized his devil fruit to escape from his enemy's clutches, and upon releasing his crew's defeat was inevitable, he abandoned them. Making his away from the island, what awaited Jones was unsure.

A Warrior's Cry Edit

A fight? What? Leon thought to himself as he made his way forward. Leon made his way through the bustling crowds until he spotted some carnage up ahead. What's going on up there? he wondered to himself. Transforming his violin into a bow, he made his way over to the location, wondering what was to happen next.

Above him on the nearest building a mysterious figure looked over watching down over him. The figure grabbed a long spear and leaped into the air. "Hult you vile man!" The figure called out tossing the spear infused with Haki towards Leon. Once the figure did the toss resulting in them doing a flip and while they did the flip they grabbed out a strange looking bow and prepared an arrow awaiting his counter attack and ready to fire.

With his deific reflexes, Leon nocked the arrow and fired it towards the incoming spear. Upon contact, the arrow began to vibrate, sending the spear flying away. As the collision ended, the bow flew back into Leon's hands. "Vile man?" Leon asked, offended. "I'm not vile...Usually." he joked.

Not amused by his borish jokes the figure fire its arrow infused with Haki before they had a chance to fall towards the ground.

Leon nimbly avoided the incoming arrow, instead using his own to knock the incoming arrow to the ground. Placing his own arrow elsewhere, he nocked the Haki-Infused arrow, and infused it with some vibrational capabilities, and launched it at the figure.

Before the arrow to hit the figure tilted back for the arrow to fly past them barely scrapping them and backflipped to land safely on the ground. The figure quickly pulled out another arrow and aimed it at him. The figure was tall women with long orange hair with a tribal style attire. "Your one of the attackers on this island arent you?" She shouted, demanding a response.

"I find the term 'attacker' rather rude." Leon began. "I merely came here with my captain. And to get laid. Mainly getting laid, but that's beside the point." he finished. Leon took a step forward, releasing an arrow from his bow. However, the arrow split into hundreds which began to descend down upon Elssa.

Unfazed by his technique, Elssa remained calm and kept her steady aim with her one arrow and fired it after infusing it with Haki. The arrow shot the ground just in front of the dozens of Leon's arrows busting threw the ground causing rubble to fly out knocking away most of them. She dashed forward, grabbing her spear as she passed by swung her spear with great force taking out the rest that she didnt take out and continued dashing towards Leon.

Leon observed as his arrows were knocked away, and grinned at the sight of the rubble, which would cause dust to fill the area. That should blind her... he thought to himself, quickly teleporting out of the smoke. He slammed his hands together, causing a wave of sound to shoot towards the dust. Upon contact, it would launch Elssa back by hundreds of meters, and would daze her for quite sometime.

Unable to see the attack coming, Elssa was shocked when she noticed the attack. "AH! Devil Fruit." She said trying to cover herself with her arms for she didnt have enough time to counter and struck by the attack launching her to a considerable distance. "UGAHHHH!"

"Blakka blakka!" Leon yelled as he fired eight arrows towards the mid-air Elssa. As the arrows soared towards her, he echo bounced himself behind the female, grinning. "Sorry, maybe we can get ale sometime?" he asked, before his seemingly human arm opened up to reveal a mini-cannon attachment. From three feet away from her, he fired the miniscule cannon ball at her head, to render her unconcious and have her fall into the sea.

Recovering from the previous attack her eyes was in a slight daze. "Ugh!" She covered her eyes to help. With her eyes closed she heard with her ears the in coming attack and launched herself backwards and held out her bow. With her eyes held closed she fire the haji infused arrow and was able to pierce it resulting in an explosion. Through the smoke another arrow was fired, shooting through it aiming straight into the mini-cannon sea.

 Leon sighed in exasperation. "I'm getting bored!" he called out as he saw the arrow. Quickly having his arms revert to normal, taking upon the appearance of regular human arms. He echoed away, landing on the dock. Leon grinned as he opened his mouth, releasing hundreds upon hundreds of Sound Spheres towards Elssa. Also, using sound to augment his speed, he fired three arrows in rapid succession. The arrows pierced her heart, and she was dead. No doubt about it. Leon landed safely on deck, smirking. "Now," Leon began to wonder. "Where's the captain?"

Elssa began running jumping avoiding the sound spheres and firing arrows to cancel them out as she made her way closer towards Leon.

Leon's ability to keep his opponent away played right to his strategy. Elssa was a close-range fighter and her inability to close the gap between her and Aux simply meant defeat. Laying unconscious due to Aux's devil fruit ability, Aux waited to see how the rest of the crew would prevail against their fights. Then the thought hit him, "I'm not even part of this crew." The idea made him giggle, despite not being an official member of the crew, he felt as if he were already part of the team.

ISpy Edit

Moving towards the reckless islands, Taiga and Feanor Low docked their ship right amidst the fights that roared the otherwise Holiday isle. "I did give you a report on the members of your crew before we left," Taiga instructed, "Take great care of your poweers and don't die, now go search your captain" He gave a last message before making his way to a massage parlōr nearby.

"Should I go meet Captain or the Enemy Boss," Feanor had his doubts, blue flames occasionally dissipating from his self causing a awry chill in the atmosphere as he walked through the dock into the dark alley causing the civilians hiding inside the nearby buildings to turn on their heaters. For some reason, Feanors mind was aware of most of the things happening in the island and was glad that the Crew he knew were all safe for now, although he had expected as such from them.

"Mmmmm. you lost little candy boy? You must be new here if you don't know your way around." A voice said not to far away. Low turned around to see a man laying on the grass near by looking out toward the sky. He turned over to his side to look over at Low and resting his head on his arm with a slight grin on his face.

"Yes...." Low answered, as he quickly analyzed the source of the voice, whilst adjusting his spectacles, "However, I am not that lost as to calling me a candy boy," Low further retaliated, " and.... I presume you are a native of this island ? or a jerk on vacation ?"

"mmmmm something like that." He replied. "Would you care for some assistance little..." He paused for a moment. "Candy boy?" He said squinting his eyes a bit. 

"Name's Low !" Low quickly stopped him, from talking any further, " Probably won't be the last time you hear my name,...well unless you won't be able to hear anything hereafter." Low grinned, "Assistance you say ? Sorry but I am busy in a skirmish you see and I don't have enough time to meet your needs."

"Oh a skirmish you say? How interesting." He said. His devious grin and squinted eyes facial expression remains the same.

"Yes,...and in a few minutes, Nothing will remain in this island, so I need to ask you to get moving your lazy ass and run away from this island." Low replied, as son as he said this, the air in the vicinity grew cold an slowly and steadily freezing the ground.

"Nothing will remain? Mmmmm how interesting, care to explain?" He wondered, apparently showing no effect towards the cold as well as the ice not freezing the ground near the man and made a half circle around him instead.

"You will see...." answered Low, "Nice to meet you, I need to move" Low continues, as he walked away, "I have warned you." he shouted after taking a few steps.

"Mmmmm have fun candy boy. Try not tricked by those Fire Rocker Pirate guys. " The man said with a devious grin.

"I wouldn't..." Low answered, pausing for a while in deep thought, "...if all of them are as cowards as the one in front of me, all my predictions said before would come true in second." Low laughed, as he unsheathed his sword, "Yorozuya" quickly switching the dial within its hilt. "Help me make my predictions come true, will you." His blue hair growing quickly to his waist and then he unleashed several hundreds of hair needles at Loke.

"Mmmmm now who said i was being cowardly." Loke said as his teeth began to grow into sharp fangs. He took a big inhale for a sigh but once he exhaled a breathed out a blast of blue fire blazing towards Low burning all the hair needles he unleashed. He then held out his other hand that he wasnt resting his head on. His arm ignited into blue flames and once it dissipated his arm was covered in blue scales with sharp claws. "Even if you had kept walking you wouldn't have made it out of my sites alive." He continued. Once he finished talking blue flames emerged from his hand blasted it at Low with a thrust of his palm that shoot towards him a incredible speed.

"Oh, destructive blue flames," Feanor grinned, looking at the brilliant display of destruction in front of him as the hair needles were destroyed. As soon as the second attack was launched, Feanor himself was covered in blue aura, as he spread it in vast directions in the form of flames. Feanor was able to avoid the blast, using Shunshin no Jutsu to move away from the blasts without harming himself. "You could do better than that, unless you want to destroy the isle."

"Mmmm now that sounds like a good idea Candy boy." He said as he stood up. "By the way. You may call me Loke. I am one of the main enforcers of the Fire Rocker Pirates" Loke introduced himself as blue steam emerged from his mouth as his breath.

Low was surprised at the revelation, yet he made attempts to hide it. "Made our job easier no ?" Low laughed.

Blue fire ignited onto multiple spots all over Loke's body including his forehead burning no bigger then a candle. "Hphm." He grinned while glaring at him. The glow of the fire on his forehead making him look more ominous.

As if in reply, Low himself got covered in blue flame like aura, however, his entire body was covered and he stood on his place. adamant. For Onlookers, it was a sight of a man cheerfully drowning in flames. Soon, Low flinged the flames that hovered in haste in multiple directions. holding his sword up front, pointing the blade towards his opponent, Low swiftly ran in circle, as if in orbit around Loke, while still maintaining a distance from him.

"Oooooo something on you have planed Candy Boy?" He said with one arm on his waist and the other just hanging down with a ball of blue fire ignited in his palm.

Just as he was about to deal a speech with the Fire Rocker Pirate increased the speed of his movements to confuse the ever cautious Loke. Minimizing the distance, behind his back, Feanor went for a sword strike, with a moment as a glancing hesitation that would befall on Loke, spikes of blue hair armōred by Busoshoku Haki, pierced Loke's skin, without striking with his sword, Low immediately jumped backwards to maintain distance, or rather, he was forced to do so as Cannonballs came flying from all directions towards the defender. The Cannonballs had an aura for blue flames covering them as if they were possessed by something or someone.

Loke definitely had advantage when it came to physical capabilities, being a legendary mythical zoan dragon. But Low is a man with many tricks up his sleeve, and with the newest addition of his devil fruit, Low was simply to clever for his opponent. In terms of abilities, Loke may have been the favored fighter, but Low was deceptive and clever, traits he acquired during his time with renowned mink, Taiga. A blank look took Loke's face, as Low has possessed him with his powers. Awaiting orders from his captain, Low meant up with the remaining members of his crew.

Squash and StretchEdit

Loki looked slightly puzzled as he walked away from Redbeard. The harrowing story and ideals of this crimson titan had Loki wondering how he was actually entangled in this mess.

Note to self, Loki thought to himself. Look before you leap on a random Sea Train.

The young man had no idea what was going on so he decided to walk towards the centre of town, hoping that he would find answers that would help his new found crew.

There he saw a man standing at ten feet tall with his hair combed into three spikes. The man was looking in horizon that Loki just came from.

Loki continued walking towards the man, assuming him to be a bystander as he continued his thoughts.

Though, I will admit that man is tall, he thought to himself

The tall man looked down and noticed Loki walking towards him. "All the other bystanders are fleeing in horror." The man called out. "Why aren't you?"

This battle never took off. The two ironically chatted the entire time as to why Loki was not intimidated by Cazzar's physique. Before they knew it, the battle between the crew's ended and both regrouped with their squads.

Raising the HeatEdit

After walking several miles with no destination in sight, Redbeard finally stopped, locating the base of the opposing crew's base which was the entrance of a cave. "This form...while handy it still has its drawbacks." he thought to himself, noticing the his conqueror's spirit radius has shrunken significantly. "Hopefully, Kiyoshi finds him soon..."

Footsteps were then heard echoing through cave. As the foot steps grew louder, a small stream of smoke could be seen being puft out of the entrance. Once Redbeard tried to figure out who it was that was walking out, Maveric emerged from the darkness and into the light with his hands in his pocket and jacket and hair flopping against the wind, inhaling his cigar and puffing it out once again. "Sorry you big guy but i'm afraid i can't let you advance any further." He said taking his cigar out of his mouth so he can talk clearly and putting it back in when he's finished and putting his hand back in his pocket.

As the man emerged from the darkness, Redbeard stopped once more. The smell of smoke brought back pleasant memories of his old friend. After taking a moment, he reconnected with reality, then Redbeard giggled at Maveric's remark to stop him. "Why don't you go outside and hangout with the rest of the kids. I don't have the time to play with you." he spat, continuing to walk forward as if the man would simply accept his request. "I'm pretty sure one my guys would love to fight ya." he snickered.

Maveric let out a puff of smoke in the form of a sigh. He then vanished and reappeared in front him once again, preventing him from going any further. He remained where he was, holding on to his cigarette in his mouth. "I won't ask again." He said putting his hands in his pockets again retaining a calm stance.

With the redhead appearing in front of the shrunken titan once again, a disappointed look emerged Redbeard's face. "Sorry..I know you're used to following orders, but that's not my thing." he responded. "As captain, I'd prefer to avoid meaningless confrontations such as this, but as a warrior of Elbaf, I would love to put you in your place. So next move is your's smoky, will you walk out to possibly see another day or meet an unfortunate end here." he continued, appearing to be susceptible to a range of different attacks.

Unwavered by Redbeard's threat Maveric remained unhindered. He let out another puff of smoke. "If you continue down this path, then I'm afraid i have no choice but to stop you." He said biting onto his cigar so it won't fall out. "No one is allowed to see the King unless their six feet under." He continued

At that instant, Redbeard's massive physique ceased. Moving at speeds unnatural for a being his size or for any fighter for that manner, all that remained was a brief flicker of electricity. About seventy meters away, the titan continued onward to his path to find the man's supposed "king". Despite not noticing, Redbeard's dimensions began to return back to it's original size, though only in fragments. "Faster than I imagined. Even with Kenbenshoku Haki, it'd take him a few moments to react to such incredible speed. And seems we have company..."

"Why ruin the element of surprise by alerting Redbeard? I'm sure the big guy knows I'm here." With that thought, the aerial Magyaku launched a trio of fireballs at the unknown man. With precise aim, one fireball was aimed at the head, the second at the torso and the last at the knee area. The small explosion from each fireball would give him enough cover to get to he ground. After his attack the man, who was propelled by fire, made a majestic landing next to the crew leader. "I apologize for the tardiness, I was looking for you all then I sensed you with the Kenbunshoku Haki." He spoke, his eyes not moving from the targets last known location. His cloaked body stood firm, waiting for retaliation.

Once Magyaku looked back at Maveric he noticed one of his arms was reached out and the fire balls he launched were reduced to steam being blow away by the wind, it was a mystery as to how he neutralized his attacks. Maveric took out his cigarette out of his mouth with his hand that was reached let out and held it just a few inches in front of his mouth, he let out a sigh while puffing out smoke. "Whether its two or two thousand makes no difference." Once he said this he vanished into thin air leaving behind his cigarette as it dropped to the ground. He reappeared beside Redbeard with a round kick.

Magyaku's speed was usually unmatched. His reflexes snapped into usage as he sensed the attacker's change of position with the Kenbunshoku Haki. He raised his body heat up to one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit while moving to protect his crew's leader. He attempted to use his arm to intercept the kick, deeming it worth the risk of injury to save Redbeard from the attack. The sniper was sure that both of the men could feel the hot, but yet still relatively cool (in his case), temperature emitting into the area around him.

As his attacker managed to fend off Magyaku's initial attacks and make his way back to him, Redbeard once again simply ignored Maveric and his meaningless attempts to slow him down. Despite barely know him, Redbeard seemed to be confident in his new ally's abilities. "Don't get your ass kicked." he thought to himself as he continued on to the end of the cavern.

With intense burning in his legs, Maveric pulled back his attack. "Ugrr!" He leaped back to gain some distance. He watched as Redbeard walked into the entrance of the cave. He reached into his coat and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and put one in his mouth, he also pulled out a lighter and lit the cigarette. He puffed out a cloud of smoke. "Very well, if your so eager to suffer a living hell i wont stop you." He said as final warning to the leaving Redbeard. He then turned his attention towards the new in comer. "I don't think I've gotten your name." He said calmly.

"I don't believe it's necessary to tell you. You're an enemy. But do tell me, what is your name? I think your family would like to know of your death." The brown-skinned man replied, quite simply. Not a hint of softness as adorned upon his face, his serious composure was something that could cause a platoon to cower with ease. Magyaku disliked smoking, and thought of it only as a mere addiction that government officials and pirates alike adored. Though it was something that they loved, it came at great costs. The particular cigarette that his enemy held would also cost Maveric something. Using the heat that flowed throughout the cigarette, he compressed it and caused it to become pressurized. The buildup could easily go unnoticed as controlling heat was much easier for Magyaku than cold and thus he was doing it without moving a mere muscle. And upon his will, he released the grip over the heat within the cigarette and it exploded with enough power to decimate the very skin from the man's face.

Before the explosion happened Maveric puffed out a final breath of smoke from his cigarette. "Shave." He vanished just before the explosion could happen. He then reappeared behind him upwards towards in towards the sky. He was standing still levitating high in the air as if he was standing on the air itself when below his feet the air was constantly vibrating. He looked towards Magyaku like he was looking down on him both figuritivly and litterally. While up there he heard the sounds of cannon fire and explosions. "Sounds like the navy is here. We'll have to settle this another time." He said and started flying off towards the mountain.

With Magyaku preventing Maveric from leaving the battle, this brawl was both intense and close. Both fighters have a great arsenal of his skills, techniques, and fighting styles that would usually give them the edge in battle. But what allowed Magyaku to become victorious in this confrontation was his ability to control the battlefield. Quickly changing from steaming hot to freezing cold, Magyaku was able to take control of the tempo of the fight, though not effortlessly. This fight was the second longest outside of the battle between captains. Mag watched from a distance as the crew's regrouped.

Brawl Between Monarchs Edit

As Redbeard made his way to the cave's exit, he found himself quickly augmenting in size. One of Kiyoshi's power's drawbacks is that the ability has a time limit, which Redbeard had exceeded. Fortunately, his size regressed prior to his battle rather than during, which could have caused some trouble. Upon exiting, Redbeard was confronted by a massive mountain that he had noticed when he docked on St. Poplar. But as he stood up straight, his enormous stature was enough to meet the mountain head on. Due to his tremendous size, he could easily be seen by people who were miles away. "He's on the other side...waiting." he thought, walking up to the top of the mountain.

While for most, the journey to the peak mountain would take quite sometime even for a speedy individual. But for Redbeard, it would only take a couple of steps. Making his way upwards the clouds grew even thicker, with darkness engulfing them. They let out a massive roar followed by the release of heated current rushing through them. Reaching the top, Redbeard gazed down toward a abnormally large ship with a skull at its nose.

"Tiger...D.....Korag....from this point on, this is a Redbeard Pirates territory. Today, you'll be forced to make the greatest decision of your life...As a captain, I respect your leadership and strength, but I do not appreciate arrogance. You have met your match, and if you wish to live to see another day I suggest you either leave this island or swallow your pride work under me. If you chose stay and fight instead...well..I wouldn't recommend such a foolish choice."

His voice echoed throughout the entire island. Redbeard made sure it was publicly known that this battle was about to start. Aware that pirates are usually not sensible when it comes to negotiations such as these, he still wanted to place offer on the table, in case Korag was willing to accept his defeat.

Every citizen on the island had to covered their ears from Redbeards declaration of war. "Ah man they done it now." One of the citizens said.

"The monster is coming this entire island is as good as dead!" Another said as he was freaking out.

"Everyone run! Get to the ships! Leave your luggage behind, flee your lives!" Someone cried out as everyone ran for their lives.

On the deck of the ship dozens of pirates, too many for anyone to count were seen all grouped up giggling and laughing by the giants cry awaiting for their captains response.

Within the giant ship that Redbeard found, inside a dark room in the middle of the boat. A huge smile was seen made in the pitch black darkness followed by glowing eyes. "Hmm." The mysterious figure waited for a moment. "HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Laughter roared throughout the entire island and beyond creating a powerful shockwave that shook the entire island blowing away almost everything. Many tree collapsed falling the direction of the shockwave and even tidal waves were created by the might roar. Many of the people had to fight the shockwave or else could be blown off the island. The fighting pirate crews also fought against the mighty shockwave. When the laughing stopped a door opened from the deck of ship and a man with spiky blonde hair and a long mustache walked out.

"Damn it Captain! Next time you feeling trying to laugh everyone off the fricken island warn us!" A pirate cried out as everyone was all lying on the ground.

"Hu? Oh sorry bout dat. But common guys we don't ya think the situation is to dire to be taking a nap on the boat?" Korag questioned after seeing his crew lying on the boat.

"YOUR THE ONE WHO CAUSED US TO FALL!" They all shouted with angry eyes and sharp devil teeth.

"Oh my bad. Hahahahahaha!" Korag laughed it off. He then looked over to see the towering giant and his face grew from joyful to series instantly. "Now then lets get this started." He said in a serious tone.

"Oh man i think the captains gonna make the first move." A pirate whispered to another.

"Keep your eyes peeled men this'll be the fight of the century here." Another said.

Korag then took a racing stance and leaped towards Redbeard so fast he vanished. He reappeared flying towards him. Obviously about to make his first attack, however he was suddenly seen sitting on the ground with a picnic blanket out with cups and bottles of booze spread out around the blanket he laid out. "Hahahahahahahaha! Alright lets have a celebration to our head on attack by this guy! leeeeeeets PARTY!" He cried out in joy as he held out a bottle of booze towards Redbeard "Cheers!" He said expecting a cheers back with a clank of cups however he started chugging down the bottle before he even had a chance to respond.

In shock by this sudden action the pirates on board the ship collapsed in disbelief as Korag just laughed it away like no big deal.

As Korag's laugh echoed in response to Redbeard, Redbeard adjusted footing as the shockwave caused the mountain to shift. It was hard for Redbeard to feel intimidated by any opponent, seeing how most creatures are significantly smaller than him. As Korag made his way to his ship's dock, Redbeard smirked, realizing that the time for battle was about to come. To the common by stander, Korag had vanished. But to Redbeard, his speed was nothing incredible, actually it was rather slow. As he stopped, Redbeard was surprised to see that he withdrew not a weapon, rather a picnic basket and sake. This surprising presentation was almost laughable. If this had not occurred on the battlefield, Redbeard would be dying of laughter. Unfortunately, due to the fact Redbeard was the one to declare war, this had to be interpreted as a sign of disrespect, which could not be tolerated.

"So that's how it's going to be...." he mumbled, raising his left hand up, his palm literately pierced through the dark clouds. The joyful looks on his face faded with a solemn stare. Suddenly, the sky began to roar more ferociously. A beast like no other emerged from the clouds, only peaking its head through due to its enormous body. A benefit of his devil fruit powers, due to his enormous size, he's able to produce massive constructs in matter of moments with minimal effort.

Only one word followed after; "Shenlong!" Redbeard chanted, instructing the dragon to rain down with a simple flick of the wrist. It stared deeply into the eyes of Korag before rising back into the clouds. With speed resembling a literal lightning bolt, the beast came down leaving long trail of lightning current. Its target though was not the captain, but his beloved ship that he had left so carelessly. Due to the speed of the attack, the ship being surrounded by a good conductor, the volts matching a real lightning bolt, and the constant stream of electrical current, stopping the attack would be suicide.

"I cease to be looked down on again..." he thought, remembering the dreadful day of his impeachment.

As the massive lightning bolt came down against the Titan Waver, Korag's jolly smile transformed into a fierce stare. "Do you have no shame?!?!? To target a captain's ship is to target a pirate's heart. The Titan Waver has been with us since we first started our journey and she was supposed to see it through to the end. For this...I'll never forgive you!" he yelled, as a pyro aura surrounded his feet and upper torso. "Frederick Barbarossa burn in hell!" he yelled as he dashed towards the titan using his devil fruit abilities to enhance his speed significantly.

"A fire logia?!?! This little conflict just got way more interesting." he paused, as Korag dashed at him. A grin suddenly emerged on his face. "Fine, I'll entertain the idea for a little while." Pulling his fist arm as he prepared to counter Korag's attack. "Let's me see why they call you king!" Redbeard chanted, thrusting foward expecting to meet Korag's heated punch with a punch of his own. But what was not obvious was the Redbeard planned to release a devastating waves of Haoshoku Haki to demonstrate his superiority.

Despite his size, Korag met Redbeard straight on without a single glance of fear in his eyes. "I'll show you why the call me King!" he said, planning to release his own conqueror's spirit upon the meeting to the two fists. As the two fists collided, a massive shockwave was released completely destroying the mountain in which Redbeard stood. It was not everyday two masters of the Haoshoku Haki met face to face. The entire island began to shake as the king began their monstrous battle began.

"So this is the strength of the King of Titans, truly a fearsome force." he thought, as he began to be pushed back by Redbeard's attack. Taking on his intangible form, Korag phased through the attack and dashed around the titan's arm. "Let's see what hotter my fire your lightning." Korag exclaimed, releasing a massive fire blast from his palms, attempting to severely burn Redbeard in the torso area. "You will not disrespect me or my crew!"

"Let's see indeed" Redbeard thought to himself, transforming his entire body into it's electric state. Kiyoshi spoke to Redbeard about fruit hierarchy prior to this battle, and Redbeard was curious to know if lightning would be a superior grade than fire and was willing to the damage if this unfortunately not the case. Thus as the attack pierce Redbeard's body they both watched expecting a different result. Fortunately for Redbeard, the attack phased right through him and did not revert him back to his substantial body, which caused a massive smirk to appear on his face. "Wonderful!" he yelled.

"You think that's all I got? Let's crack up the heat a bit!" Korag spat, as the color of the flames began to transform into a darker shade, black. Despite what he said, Korag was not making the flames hotter, rather he was coating his flames with Busoshoku: Koka, which would grant him the ability to bypass Redbeard's logia prowess. "Let's see how you like this, you giant brute." he thought to himself, still with a determined look on his face.

Without even considering the idea that one could coat their generated powers with Busoshoku: Koka, Redbeard faced the enhanced flames straight on. At that moment, his first mistake was made. The black flames attacked his substantial leading to second degree burns throughout his chest area. Leaping backward, Redbeard remained unfazed by the attack. "I'll have to remember that for the next time." he smirked, taking a deep breath. Suddenly, his wounds began to heal and in a matter of seconds, there was no evidence of the attack even occurring. "You humans have no idea how to truly use the overwhelming powers of Life Return." he commented, cracking his knuckles. "Know it's my turn to take the offensive."

At that moment, Redbeard's massive physique faded and re-emerged right behind the floating Korag. Surrounded by an aura of electricity, Redbeard prepared yet another fearsome punch. "Thirty percent.." he mumbled, upon utilizing Life Return to gain access to thirty percent of his muscles strength rather than the common twenty percent. Due to the lightning coat, Redbeard's attack came down on Korag at blitzing speed. And the last moment, Redbeard would could his fist in Busoshoku: Koka in order to pierce through Korag's own logia ability and deal massive damage. "Let's see you take this!"

Korag was baffled by Redbeard's incredible speed despite his enormous size. As Redbeard's fist came down on Korag, a quick premonition came to Korag foreshadowing a lethal blow due to Redbeard's sudden coat of haki. With no time to avoid the attack, Korag encoated his entire body in Busoshoku: Koka in an attempt shield him from the damage. As the punch connected, Korag was sent flying through the skies into the ground, causing a massive fissure. Even with entire body being coated, Redbeard possessed haki and strength that surpassed Korag's, thus the outcome was not surprising. "Son of a bitch!" he yelled in agonizing pain. With dozen of the bones in his body broken, Korag was fortunate to even be alive, much less moving. "I'm still not out yet, you cunt!" rising through the fissure by generating steady streams of flames from his feet and palms.

Korag took a deep breath and focused on his devil fruit powers. "Bear witness the true power of my devil fruit power, Flame Awakening..." At that moment, the island was met with incredible heat, making the air difficult to breath, and the temperatures unbearable. "I'm going to end this."

The battle went on for four more hours. And while both traded blows back and forth, Redbeard began to gain the advantage due to his inability to detect pain and awesome healing prowess. Korag possessed the superior Devil Fruit capabilities and experience but Redbeard's physique continuously divided the two. And with his crew slowly being overwhelmed by the Redbeard Pirates, the fate of the Fire Rocker Pirates became quite apparent. The exhausted and beaten up Korag slowly descended to the ground and admitted to defeat.

"Frederick Barbarossa, you truly are the King of Titans. I have faced hundreds of fearsome pirates throughout the decade I have been at sea, but none have compared to your abilities....And unfortunately I must add insult to injury to ask you, from one captain to another, while my journey may end here, let my crew live, they still have load of fight in them and I'd hate to see then all perish due to my defeat." Korag begged, swallowing his pride in order to save his crew.

Redbeard did not cease to stop grinning this entire fight, and only now did his smile fade. "Don't give me that crap that your road ends here and die trying to be a hero. It doesn't really suit a pirate. Continue to lead your crew another day, under my flag. The Fire Rocker Pirates will live to see another day, under the protection of me and my crew. Stand tall, the sea needs the Golden Tiger!" Redbeard responded, glad to add more promising allies under his wing.

Conclusion Edit

The remainder of the day was spent attempting to heal the wounded of both crews and the island. Through the help of Magakyu's powers, he was able to somewhat revert the island back to the what it once was despite Korag's devil fruit awakening. There was still some hostile tension between the two crews, but the captains demanded they both stood down. Redbeard ordered all his followers to rest as the cannot stay for long.

The following day, the Fire Rocker Pirates went to Water 7 in attempt to purchase another ship. Loki and Aux joined the Redbeard Pirates while Magyaku ended up disappearing before the crews regroup.. And the citizens finally returned home and began the reconstruction of they towns that had been destroyed. News that Redbeard had assimilated the Fire Rocker Pirates would travel throughout the grand line though various pipelines.