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Chauncey is the cook of the Azure Pirates. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join and is also the first adult, being thirty-four at the time of his recruitment. Chauncey is a member of a tribe of hunters who pride themselves on cooking whatever they manage to catch into their traditional dishes. Currently Chauncey is on a pilgrimage to gather the necessary ingredients for the ancestral meal of his people - a rites of passage for all chefs who want to be recognized as masters within his homeland.

As a fighter, Chauncey adds greatly to the strength of the Azure Pirates. While Gao Feng is the most skilled fighter, Chauncey is both the largest and the most physically strong thus far. He is an expert at an unique fighting style that centers on the wielding of large spoons and spicy sauces. However, because of his adamant anti-violent nature he often holds back in battle to avoid fatally injuring his opponents and getting his hands dirty.


Chauncey is a very tall man, his height of 6'4" making him the tallest member of the crew upon his joining. By comparison, Bakuto, the next tallest member after him at the time, just reaches his ear while he practically towers over the remaining members - Kenny, the shortest member, not even reaching his shoulder. To match his height, Chauncey also has a robust build that allows him to boast the most brute physical strength out of the entire crew. Other identifying traits include Chauncey's dark complexion, a square shaped face, filled lips, and wide blue-gray eyes which according to him are considered an oddity among his people.

Similar to his captain, Chauncey's outfit gives him a orientation towards the crew's namesake color of blue. It is also befitting of a chef as it resembles that of a restaurant worker's uniform. His outfit also bares resemblance to a gi typically worn by practitioners of karate, particularly his white and blue shirt. On his feet he wears a pair of open sandals akin to zori along with white socks. Covering Chauncey's head is his signature blue cap which has a white banding wrapped around it.






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  • According to the author, if Chauncey were from a place in the real world it would be Ghana.