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Cody(コーディ, Koodi) is one of Katsuo's assistants that follow him around and assist him in creating flashy entrances to whom ever he needs to do it to. He also trains under Katsuo as a direct disciple with his friend and partner-in-crime, Mark. His skills are shown to be quite advanced and are quite able to hold his own against even higher ranking officials within the government, but does not hold himself to a standard to near Katsuo's level. He wields two swords as his choice of weaponry and is dedicated to his job at Impel Down.



Shimaru's Debut

Cody's full appearance

Cody is average height for a human being, perhaps maybe slightly taller than some people. His unnecessarily large orange Afro gives him an extra 7 inches on top of his regular height of 6'5" which would put him well over 7 feet in total height. His orange Afro is also apart of his main appearance and refuses to cut it no matter the badgering of Katsuo's. He's been known to hold small objects within the mess of his Afro, such as a personalized Den Den Mushi and even needles.

He appears to have a very slim body structure, but his muscular state is actually quite compressed which would offer much more speed which benefits his desired fighting style. This sort of slim body would majorly assist him in his training.

His clothing revolves around a regular black jacket that encompasses most of his body and stretches down to past his knees. The outline is a yellow, golden-like streak that runs through the entirety of the jacket.


Afro Arc Gintama

Cody's frightening disposition