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Colby has a well toned and muscular body with spiky black hair facing downwards and pale black eyes, his forehead is completely covered by the bangs of his hair and is almost covers up his eyes. He is a rather tall kid with pale skin, so pale that he hardly gets any sun light. He always has a rather dull expression on his face with his eyes half closed.

His style of outfit is rather bland and worn out matching his care free and lazy attitude. He wears a dark black shirt with a ragged brown hoodie and old, black bagged pants with old, damaged, black shoes with brown lining on the bottom. He covers his hole body from head to toe (Except for his head) in dark clothing


Colby is a rather dull and lazy child that can easily bore people by his unenthusiastic attitude. He stays inside and sleep during the day and is tedious and dull during the night. He shows no interest towards anything that happens and considers everything to be a bore. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Colby has eaten the Kuro Kuro no Mi, a Logia type Devil Fruit which allows him to create, control and become shadow at will.


As a child Colby was both born and raised in a place called Yami the island of darkness located in the West Blue